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UVM Class of 1989 Links

This page contains links to things pertaining to Vermont and UVM, as well as members of the UVM Class of 1989. If you have a link to place on this page, send an email to steve@saltyrain.com.

Class of 1989 (Name, College, Department)

Dino F. Cappello, Arts and Sciences, Economics
Steve Mount, Arts and Sciences, Political Science


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Photos from the Ice Storm that hit Vermont in January, 1998
Index Vermont - an index of all things Vermont
The Vermont Constitution
The State of Vermont Site
Vermont, a Brief Overview
VTWeb - Directory of resources in Southern Vermont
Vermont Only - Mile Square Farm
Vermont Traveler's Guide
List of Vermont Internet Access Providers
Map of Vermont - Courtesy of Mapquest
Yahoo's Vermont State Page
GoSki's Vermont Ski Resort Page

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