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UVM Class of 1989 - Reunion 1999

The UVM Class of 1989 celebrated its 10 year reunion in June, 1999. The next reunion, 15 years, will be held in 2004. If you are interested in helping out or have any ideas for year 15, contact Alan Ryea at the UVM Advancement Office:


The UVM Alumni page has a photo album from the June, 1999 reunion. If you were able to go to the reuinion, take a look and see if you see yourself or friends! And if you missed it, take a look to see what you can look forward to in 2004! 1999 Photos

You can also check the UVM Advancement Reunion Page for information about how the reunions for the current year are being conducted. It is never too early to reserve a room in an area hotel!

The following alums from the Class of 1989 are missing... if anyone has any idea where to find them, send an email to alumni@uvm.edu:

Geoffrey A. Adams
Kelly A. Aherne
Catherine Stone Angsten
Yvonne Gray Bateman
Michelle A. Bellia
Edward Joseph Bianchi
Louis N. Bickford
Todd D. Boley
Amy Raymond Burger
Barry P. Catmur
Javier Closa
Dana E. Cohen
Deborah L. Cuddy
Rachael A. Cummings
J. V. Decker
Allen W. Delong
Tomas A. Dematteis
Mary Marden DeNucci
Marc A. Desjardins
Jeffrey Cate Desjarlais
R. A. Dworschak
Lisa J. Emerson
Keith Paul Ambrose Flaherty
Margaret Perrin Flaherty 
Lynn M. Fontana
Patricia J. Foy
George W. Gage
Amy L. Gamble
Jane E. Godfrey
Lisa Goluskin
Eva-Maria S. Goy
Gwen B. Grant
Lindsay Green
Marc-Andre Gutscher
Denise LeMay Hamilton
Regina A. Henderson
Luis A. Jimenez
Susan L. Kelly
Amy Kimura
Anette Schramm Kindelbacher
Bernhard Kindelbacher
Mary E. Koen
Daniel S. Lambert
Sasha Lancaster
Matthew S. Lashway
Marc Lebreux
Frederick L. Leighton
Lance Philip Maerov 
Viveca B. Magelssen
Jennifer Terry Martin
Dipika M. Matthias
Karen L. Mazza
Dennis J. Miller
Chikako Nishiwaki
Anne-Marie Pierce
Catherine Pierce
Michael J. Ramada
Keith S. Renke
William Michael Robinson
Douglas Bradford Settelmeyer
Richard M. Sincerbeaux
Monica J. Stark
Marea J. Starr
Wayne W. Stout
Amy L. Swords
Lunanula S. Ulundu
Liesel Ann Walsh
Beth S. Warren
Helen E. Weltin
Michael J. Wender
Wendy Ann Werner
Jennifer M. Willis 

The following alumns are seeking other alums. Can you help?

Larry Devey '89Peter Pike, Linda McLean, Mary Beth Kincaid, Hal Flatau, Brian Cuddeback, Rob Elliot
Gloria Figueroa '89Hope Concannon, Anup Goswanmi, Annelein Beukencamp, Katie Davis, Sharon White, Kathleen Raftery, Angela Piacitelli
Gina Fuller '89Anne King Byington
Lara Kelly '89Kathy Clark Mayle, Melissa Watkins Fowlie, Kim Beckenstein Fiedler, Patty Kennedy, Kathy Wilken McLoughlin, Jimmy Ferland, Christine Januszewski
Sue Kennedy Kingman '89Diane Prescott, Chris Niles, Rob Miller, Rob lngeneri, Steven Gatoff
Holly Forrest Kosten '89Larissa Urban, Chris Whitiock, Linda Helins, Kara Donelly
Meg McGovem '89Nathalie Ames
Diane Peligal O'Halloran '89Wendy Cohen, Russell Lobsenz
Laurie Rozendaal '89Trina & Jeff Gaudet, Robin Rathbuti Witt
Maria Surprise '89 Nancy Seward, Tamra Yandow


Here are some of the headlines from the Vermont Cynic from the second semester of 1989:

  • January 19, 1989: UVM alumni unable to make a completion in struggle for University football team By Mai Maki
  • January 26, 1989: Never has a woman's legal right to abortion been more seriously questioned than at present. In response, Burlington and the UVM community have been mobilized to action through both 1.) debate and 2.) demonstrations over the issue of Abortion By Missy Kinney and Diana Simeon
  • February 2, 1989: Is this acceptable student conduct? 1 out of every 3 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. 1 out of every 10 men will experience the same. 78% of college women have experienced unwanted sexual attention. By Liz Delaney
  • February 9, 1989: Changing the System - Several UVM faculty members and students have become actively involved in a project that could radically change the way UVM students live and learn. It has garnered more support than any program in recent memory. Many hail it as a great leap forward for academia. But changing the system isn't easy. By Stephen Mount
  • February 16, 1989: Putting UVM in a Squeeze - Students want out of the dorms. Burlington wants students out of its apartments. The housing crisis in Burlington is coming to a showdown. There are approximately 1850 UVM students living off-campus. Burlingtonians feel that they are losing their family neighborhoods due to rent inflation. As a result, the city is threatening to deny building permits for the construction of a Stafford biotechnology building and renovations on Gutterson. By Missy Kinney
  • February 23, 1989: Taxing Sin to Save the Children - In order to improve child care, Burlington citizens and students may be paying a "sin tax" of up to 5 cents on beer, wine, and cigarettes. By Diana Simeon
  • March 2, 1989: The final interview with Mayor Bernie Sanders - "It is absolutely important that after eight years the movement develops new leadership to keep it vital and dynamic." By Stephen Mount
  • March 9, 1989: No.1 [UVM Ski Cats win NCAA championship] By Andy Richardson
  • April 6, 1989: Tuition: In State up $250 to $3650; Out of State up $1200 to $11650 By Missy Kinney
  • April 13, 1989: Rape is not sex, rape is an act of violence motivated by an assailant's need to dominate, control, and humiliate the victim. It is the sexual expression of aggression, not the aggressive expression of sexuality. By Mai Maki and Anonymous
  • April 20, 1989: The Dismantling of a Department [computer science] By Mai Maki
  • April 27, 1989: Greeks Under Siege - The Anti-Fraternity Council vandalizes and harasses UVM fraternity houses By Diana Simeon

Here are some of the events and highlights of 1989:

  • Exxon Valdez spills 11 million gallons of oil on Alaska's shores
  • Democratic Speaker of the House Jim Wright resigns over charges of ethics violations
  • The Supreme Court upholds the right to burn the US flag
  • The second-worst earthquake ever to hit San Francisco leaves 62 dead
  • Panama is invaded after Noriega declares a "State of War"
George Bush
Dan Quayle
Prime Rate
Federal Deficit
$152 billion
Total Executions in the US
Prison Population
Total US Population (1990)
Total World Population (1992)
Best-Seller, Fiction
Clear and Present Danger Tom Clancey
Best-Seller, Non-Fiction
All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten Robert Fulghum
Popular Films
Batman, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Academy Awards - Best Picture
Driving Miss Daisy
Academy Awards - Best Actor
Daniel Day-Lewis My Left Foot
Academy Awards - Best Actress
Jessica Tandy Driving Miss Daisy
Academy Awards - Best Director
Oliver Stone Born on the Fourth of July
Emmy Awards - Best Comedy
Murphy Brown
Emmy Awards - Best Drama
LA Law
Grammy Awards - Record of the Year
Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings
Grammy Awards - Album of the Year
Bonnie Raitt Nick of Time
Grammy Awards - Song of the Year
Bette Midler "Wind Beneath My Wings"
Grammy Awards - Male Vocal of the Year
Michael Bolton How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
Grammy Awards - Female Vocal of the Year
Bonnie Raitt Nick of Time
Nobel Prize - Peace
Dalai Lama
Rose Bowl
Michigan def. Southern Cal
Cotton Bowl
UCLA def. Arkansas
Heisman Trophy
Andre Ware, Houston
NCAA Basketball
Michigan def. Seton Hall
NCAA Skiing
NBA Finals
Detroit Pistons def. LA Lakers
NFL Superbowl
San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals
NHL Hockey Stanley Cup
Calgary Flames def. Montreal Canadiens
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