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UVM Class of 1989 News

This page is for news about UVM and about the class of 1989. If you have any news to put on this page, send an email to steve@saltyrain.com or post it on the Messages Page.

5 Nov 1998
UVM has been chosen to participate in a breast cancer study of the drugs tamoxifen and raloxifene. 150 women will be recruited to take part in the five-year study. Source: UVM Public Relations

17 June 1998
A UVM medical researcher is bringing his insulin inhaler research project to Vermont. Dr. William Cefalu will include local diabetics as part of his national trial of his device that permits diabetics to inhale, rather than inject, multiple daily doses of insulin. Source: WCAX

7 June 1998
For the first time in 102 years, the UVM Yearbook, the Ariel, was not published for the graduating class, due to lack of enough volunteers coming forward to produce the book. Source: Burlington Free Press

29 May 1998
UVM workers who recently voted to unionize are lamenting a Labor Relations Board decision that prohibits contract negotiators from speaking to the press. Union officials calls it a gag order; UVM officials call it necessary to the progress of the negotiations. Source: WCAX

18 May 1998
Nobel laureate Jody Williams told graduating seniors not to set out with goals to save the world, but to enjoy and believe in their work. Source: WCAX

10 May 1998
The Kappa Sigma fraternity has been disbanded by the frat's national organization. After the disbandment, the KS frat house was vandalized by the members currently living there. The University had no objections to the disbandment. Source: Burlington Free Press

22 Apr 1998
Representatives of the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights visited campus this week to assess the state of race relations at UVM. Minority students expressed dissatisfaction with UVM's efforts in the recruitment of minority students. The week-long visit will conclude with an open forum to include UVM President Judith Ramaley. Source: WCAX

14 Apr 1998
Former UVM Hockey player John LeClair became the first American-born player in the NHL to score 50 goals in three consecutive seasons. Source: WCAX

5 Apr 1998
The Acacia fraternity has counter-sued the University and its officers on several charges, including defamation and denial of due process over its derecognition for an alleged racially-motivated pledge prank. Source: Burlington Free Press

12 Mar 1998
Nobel Laureate and 1972 UVM Graduate Jody Williams will give the commencement address at UVM this spring. Williams, whose work to abolish land mines earned her a Nobel Peace Prize, with be given an honorary Doctorate of Law. Source: Burlington Free Press

09 Mar 1998
The UVM Medical School is redoubling its efforts to recruit a minority student body. It already out paces the rest of the campus (20% minority versus 5% for the rest of UVM). The School kicked off its efforts by holding an on-campus recruiting session for minority prospects. Source: WCAX

28 Feb 1998
The UVM Hockey Cats defeated Yale 4-3 in a game telecast to dozens of sites around the nation for consumption by UVM alums. Source: USA Today On-line

8 Feb 1998
The Acacia fraternity has been suspended from operation for 2 years, because of a 1997 hazing incident. Source: Burlington Free Press

7 Feb 1998
The UVM Board of Trustees met and heard reports concerning the possible take-over of UVM fraternities and sororities from the Greek Council, in the wake of several incidents earlier in the year. They also heard reports about a possible 4% tuition increase. Source: Burlington Free Press

31 Jan 1998
The 18 employees of the campus police will receive a raise as part of a deal between UVM and the officers' union local, retroactive back to July 1, 1996. Source: Burlington Free Press

26 Jan 1998
The Burlington City Council met today and discussed problems with UVM students living in Burlington neighborhoods. Source: WCAX

22 Jan 1998
The UVM Class of 1989 Web Site is officially brought on line. The Site is run by Steve Mount and is run on the Tatooine server.

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