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I've done a lot of work on my own sites, and on those of others. Before I give examples of site design, a quick mention of where you might see my work, but behind the scenes (in terms of, mostly, CGI programs). I've worked with Paradigm since about 1996. Most of my work for Paradigm has been with JavaScript and Perl, with a small smattering of PHP thrown in (most of my PHP work has been for Westaff and the USConstitution.net sites below). In 2000, I started to do some pick-up work for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, mostly in, again, JavaScript and Perl CGI.

My first major non-personal site was for the department I work for, the GPMS R&D (previously known as Solution Creation or as Development) department of the IDX Systems Corp. These pages underwent a redesign in August 1997, another in April 1998, and another in February 2000. The entire site is supported by an SSI-style system that I wrote in Perl, which allows site-wide changes within minutes. Many of the pages are computer-generated with tools I wrote. Note that the example I give here are for design reference only - all proprietary information and email addresses have been removed and replaced with dummies. The GPMS Development site is supported by over 1500 HTML files and several dozen GIF files.

I designed and implemented the intranet site for the IDX Systems Corp National Education Team. Note that the examples I give here are for design reference only - all proprietary information and email addresses have been removed and replaced with dummies. The NET site is supported by 36 HTML files, 10 GIF files, and a CGI which tracks all "click-throughs" for usage stats (page visited, browser used, remote user). In addition, JavaScript is used for scrolling messages and random tip generation.

I act as a VAR (Value-Added Reseller), which includes design and maintenance, for Westaff of the Champlain Valley, and Westaff Technical of the Champlain Valley. The Westaff site consists of about two dozen HTML files a another couple dozen GIF files, plus a personalized domain name and email. The Westaff Jobs Database is an application I wrote to support Westaff's database needs. It uses MySQL, PHP, and Perl to add and update jobs in the database, and to query the database. This site is the perfect example of a Web Presence for a small business.

I designed and implemented the University of Vermont Class of 1989 Web Site as part of the UVM's Alumni Relations project. The site is hosted here at Saltyrain, and implements a Web-based Bulletin Board System.

My own personal project is USConstitution.net - The U.S. Constitution Online, a hypertext version of the U.S. Constitution with a glossary, a notes section, a FAQ, a message base, and copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Vermont State Constitution.

Wanting only a basic site to host newsletters, fund-raiser announcements, and other club materials, the Burlington Rotary Club site was designed to load quickly and present the users with relevent information with a minimum of fuss. Note that this site has subsequently been placed in the hands of another designer, and can be found here.

The UVM Division of Neurosurgery contracted with me to produce their web site for them. Development of this site, intended as a resource for patients and as a "recruiting site" for neurosurgical residents, was developed over the course of eight weeks. The client supplied most textual and visual material, and I constructed the site layout and design to present that material.

My wife, Karen, wanted to start her own site; her area of interest that had a wider possible audience was our twin sons and daughter; so we started Vermont Twins, a site by, for, and about twins and parents of twins. The site is no longer active, however, and is only used as an email drop.

My flat rate is $50/hr. Discounts are available for large blocks of prepurchased time (see table below) for both site setup and for site maintenance. Time is billed in 15-minute increments. In addition, I can act as a VAR for your site, hosted on pair Networks, an excellent Web Presence Provider. What value do I add as a VAR? All you have to do is sit back and watch the email come in - I will handle all the messy server details for you. Dealing with pair also allows you to have a www.yourname.com style domain, which may help you sell your business and get traffic to your site. Contact me for details.

Rate Schedule
1-90%5250 2500
10-245%10500 47525
25-4910%251250 1125125
50-7415%502500 2125375
75-9920%753750 3000750
100+25%1005000 37501250
 20010000 75002500

I also do programming in Perl and C for CGI programs. See my custom programming page for details.

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