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Need some custom programming done? I have a wide range of skills to match your needs. From small utilities to full-blown applications, I can handle just about anything. I can also do Web Page design, and have even designed a few entire sites (examples).

My areas of expertise are DOS and Unix text-based applications, CGI programs and scripts, and Web-page scripting.

All DOS programs are written in C for portability and speed. Unix programs can be written in C, Perl, or shell scripts, depending upon need. CGI programs can be in C, Perl, or shell scripts, depending upon your platform and performance needs. Web-page programming is done in JavaScript, with particular attention paid to Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer compatibility.

I've written Bulletin Board software for several sites. The first, done under contract, was for the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center. This version was first written in C for an NT server, and later modified to run in Linux. The second was to put a traditional BBS on the Web, and is hosted here at my site: UVM 1989. This is also in C on a FreeBSD/Apache server, with support programs written in Perl.

Some of my programs are currently running on the sites for The Washington Report, Bike Vermont, and Westaff Technical of the Champlain Valley.

I am currently experimenting with Java, so Java-based applets are forthcoming (examples of which I'll post here as they become available).

My flat rate is $50/hr, with discounts for large projects possible. Contracts typically include free debugging time and a percentage of the total billable hours for free enhancements.

I have been programming computers since 1985, starting with BASIC - I've been seriously programming in C since 1990, doing personal projects. I've been working for the IDX Systems Corp, a supplier of software for the medical industry, as a programmer since 1991. I've been programming for the Net since 1995, and have a vast library of tools and code that can be used to quickly build your application.

Contact me for quotes, or to discuss your needs.

Take a look at my basement office, "where it all happens". Note the box of Ritz, the ever-present baby monitor, and the impressive shelf of books. Yes, there will one day be walls down here!

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