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Written By: Steve Mount
Source: Episode Viewing.
Episode order shown is Production Order.

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Key terms and characters

A particularly dangerous Starfleet nemesis; Voyager has been dropped into their home turf
A Maquis of Earth Indian origin; First Officer of Voyager.
Fuel for a starship's warp engines
The Doctor
A holographic doctor, intended for emergency use, but pressed into permanent service
A group of planets in a peaceful alliance
Janeway, Catherine
Captain of the Voyager
Warlike race intent on capturing Voyager for access to her technology
An Ocampa, whose lifespan is only seven human years; medical tech
Kim, Harry
Starfleet officer on his first assignment
A group of people disaffected by the Federation/Cardassian treaty, fighting for independence from both groups
A Talaxian, picked up by Voyager; cook, morale officer
Paris, Tom
Former Starfleet officer, Maquis sympathizer; navigator
A light-beam weapon
Omnipotent being, who's taken a liking to Janeway
Maquis, Bajoran - later revealed to be a Cardassian spy; allied with Kazon
Seven of Nine
A former Borg, disconnected from the Collective by Voyager, now a crew member. Seven is human, her name is Annika Hansen
Military branch of the Federation
Torres, B'Elanna
Maquis, half Human, half Klingon; engineering
A method of travel that converts matter to energy and back again
Vulcan, security chief; was undercover on Maquis ship
A race with afflicted with a deadly disease; they have very advanced medical technology, used to steal body parts
The ability to travel faster than light
Wilder, Samantha
Member of the Starfleet crew, gave birth to the first baby on Voyager
Wilder, Naomi
Ensign Wilder's daughter

Season 1

The Caretaker
While searching for a missing Maquis ship, the USS Voyager finds itself transported 70,000 light years from home. Joining with the Maquis crew they strive to find a way home.

When attempts to rescue a ship stuck in a quantum singularity fail, the crew must work out if everything it as it appears.

Time and Again
During an investigation of a recently devastated world, Janeway and Paris accidentally travel back in time to one day before the event that kills all life on the planet.

When one of the Voyager crew is attacked the Viidians, aliens that harvest bodily organs, Janeway must confront the ethical problems of dealing with them.

The Cloud
Searching for a boost to their energy supply in a nebula, the crew accidentally damage an unknown life form.

Eye of the Needle
Voyager detects a wormhole that seems to lead to the Alpha Quadrant, and they discover someone on the other side - but that someone is a Romulan, living decades in Voyager's past.

Ex Post Facto
While on an away mission, Paris is accused of murder and sentenced to relive the incident over and over again for the rest of his life.

Searching for a new element in an asteroid belt, Kim is transported to another reality and the only way back may be to die.

Prime Factors
Voyager meets a very friendly race that may have a way to get them half way on their journey home, but does this strange people have an ulterior motive for welcoming them.

State of Flux
When a damaged Kazon ship is found, the explosion shows evidence of Federation technology. Captain Janeway must face the fact that there is a traitor on board the Voyager.

Heroes and Demons
A number of crew go missing on the holodeck and the Doctor, on his very first away mission, is set to find out where they went.

Returning to Voyager Chakotay is in a coma and Tuvok appears to be lying. When crew start acting strange, they suspect they are not alone on the ship.

In a Viidian attempt to cure the Phage, B'Elanna is split into her Human and Klingon halves which must work together to escape.

A scientist responsible for killing thousands of Talaxians, including Neelix's family, comes aboard with serious news. But can he be trusted?

Learning Curve
While Tuvok is tutoring some of the former Maquis crew, an accident occurs and Tuvok and company find themselves trapped and have to rely on each other.

Convinced the Voyager is under attack from the Kazon, the Doctor leaves Sickbay to tend the wounded and descends into chaos where nothing can be trusted to be real. Reginald Barclay appears as a hologram representing the Doctor's control system.

When space borne creatures attach themselves to the ship Kes prematurely enters the Elogium, the one time in her life she can have a child.

The Voyager encounters a space disruption that traps the crew on the ship as it becomes a maze in which space folds in upon itself, each decision they make narrows their choices and further traps them.

The 37ers
The Voyager is forced to land on an planet and the crew are astonished to find a '37 Chevy and Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly across the Pacific Ocean.

Season 2

Chakotay is attacked by a lone Kazon youth who has to prove himself by killing a Federation enemy.

Non Sequitur
Ensign Kim awakes to find himself in 24th Century San Francisco. Looking at his service record he finds that he was never assigned to the Voyager. He later discovers that he entered a time rift, and he must decide to repair the time line and return to Voyager, or leave it as is, and continue his life on Earth.

On a mission to a Class M planet, Neelix and Paris become trapped in a cave with a hatching alien life form. They must team up to protect each other and the baby alien.

Persistence of Vision
Just before an important first contact meeting, the crew are troubled by disturbing images from their life. Paris sees his father and Janeway is shocked when her holodeck novel takes on a new twist.

Chakotay is left behind on a planet inhabited by descendants of a Native American Indian tribe. He must face his past and remember his culture to convince the tribe of his goodwill.

Cold Fire
On a space station, an Ocampan colonist offers to lead the crew to the second Caretaker, a female alien they call Suspiria.

Seska returns with her Kazon allies with a massive shock for Commander Chakotay - she and he have a child together (maybe).

Caught up in a local conflict Tuvok is taken captive, Janeway is helped by an old man who believe she is his long lost daughter.

When the crew finds a humanoid robot floating in space, Torres attempts to repair it. Brought back to life, the sentient artificial life form explains that its kind is near extinction and demands that Torres builds a prototype for a new generation.

Janeway seeks to strengthen Voyager's position by forming an alliance with some of the Kazon sects. When the talks do not go well she looks to the Trabe who appear to have similar peaceful goals. She soon discovers that the Trabe, who used to enslave the Kazon before they revolted, have revenge on their minds.

In a effort to find a quick way home, Paris flies a new transwarp shuttle to the never before achieved speed of Warp 10 but on his return he starts to exhibit very strange after-effects.

After a murder is committed on the ship, Tuvok melds with the guilty man to try and determine why he did such a evil deed and find himself spiraling into madness.

The Voyager crew find a Cardassian guided missile that was launched by the Maquis and pulled into the same rift as Voyager was. The missile is attempting to fulfill its programming and is headed towards a populated planet; Torres must face up to the actions of her past and stop the errant projectile.

Death Wish
Quinn, a desperate refugee from the Q-Continuum seeks refuge on Voyager, but it is not long before Q arrives to take him home. Janeway must hold a unique trial, where Q must defend the Continuum.

In order to save a dying Viidian female, the Doctor places her phage-ridden body in stasis and transfers her mind into another hologram who he quite unexpectedly starts to fall in love with.

As Neelix starts to hear rumors of a traitor on Voyager, Paris decides to leave the ship and join a Talaxians convoy. Soon after the convoy is attacked by the Kazon and the ever scheming Seska attempts to coerce information out of Paris.

On the run from the Viidians, Voyager seeks refuge in a plasma cloud, when a sudden accident caused severe damage to the ship and as the crew discovers creates a duplicate Voyager.

After Tuvok's shuttle crash-lands in a sacred haven of the Drayan, an alien race which has refused outside contact for decades, he finds three frightened Drayan children that have been abandoned by their people to die on the planet.

The Thaw
Voyager finds a group of aliens preserved in cryogenic suspension, but when the crew try to wake them they find the computer does not want to let them go.

Due to a freak transporter accident, Tuvok and Neelix become combined into a single alien entity which combines traits from both of them. When it becomes necessary to split Tuvix back into Tuvok and Neelix, Janeway has to face an uncomfortable choice - bring back her two friends, or allow Tuvix, who does not wish to "die", to continue on.

Chakotay and Janeway become much better acquainted after they are quarantined on an uninhabited planet.

Basics, Part I
The Kazon put a daring plan into motion and seize the Voyager, leaving all but the Doctor and an imprisoned crew member stranded on a desert planet.

Season 3

Basics, Part II
With Voyager in the hands of the Kazon, Janeway must find some way to retrieve her ship.

After coming down with a mysterious ailment, Tuvok has visions back to his days when he served on a starship under the famous Captain Sulu.

The Chute
Kim and Paris are falsely accused of committing acts of terrorism and are both incarcerated in a horrific alien prison.

The Swarm
As Voyager prepares to cross through the territory of an unknown but feared race, the Doctor finds himself with a major problem.

Sacred Ground
Kes walks unprotected into a sacred shrine while on an away mission, and the biogenic energy in the shrine nearly kills her. To find a cause and cure, Janeway subjects herself to a rigorous religious ceremony that tests her faith in science, but which ultimately fails to help Kes. In the end, Janeway must have faith in the unknown to help Kes, which she does; when the Doctor discovers a scientific explanation for the cure, Janeway seems disappointed.

False Profits
The Voyager crew encounter the two Ferengi that were lost in the Delta Quadrant when the Barzan Wormhole turned out to be unstable. The Ferengi have made quite a life for themselves, pretending to be gods, dazzling the locals with their technology, and taking advantage of a local prophecy. Neelix, altered to look Ferengi, Paris, and Chakotay lead on away mission to rid the people of the Ferengi, and, perhaps, use the wormhole to return home - but the Ferengi collapse the wormhole when they attempt to escape, leaving Voyager behind as they are sucked into it.

B'Elanna starts to have a very vivid dream about a young woman, as Voyager transports a group of telepathic aliens back to their home world. At first, the dreams are pleasurable, but they soon turn dark as they reveal a secret about the aliens. Told the dreams may be a side effect of their simple presence, the Doctor blocks them - but B'Elanna's curiosity gets the best of her, and she removes the block; the dream reveals that an anti-technology movement on the alien world was put down by what amounted to genocide. One of the alien women chose B'Elanna to reveal the secret to; she later dies en route. Forbidden by the Prime Directive and the Captain from investigating on the planet, B'Elanna allows one of the young alien women to watch the dreams, hopefully planting the seed of knowledge.

Future's End (Two parts)
After being attacked by a ship from the future, the Voyager crew find themselves on 20th Century Earth, where they must prevent a leading 20th Century industrialist from destroying the future. The crew does pick up one useful piece of technology - a portable holographic generator, which allows the Doctor to walk about outside of sickbay or the holodecks.

The Q and Grey
Q appears to Janeway, intent on seducing her so that they might have a child together. Janeway rejects him and is wary of his motives. They soon become clear when Q and another Q visit Janeway again - the suicide of Quinn has spawned a freedom movement, spearheaded by Q himself, and Q feels that the infusion of human DNA, new blood, will give the Continuum a rallying point. Q brings Janeway to the Continuum, this time altering her perception so that it appears as Civil War America. The "other Q", Q's mate for eternity, is stranded on Voyager, her power diminished by the war. She devises a way to bring Voyager to the Continuum so that she may get Q back and Voyager can get Janeway back. Meanwhile, Q and Janeway are captured by "Southern" forces and sentenced to die. They are rescued by Q and the Voyager crew. Q and Q mate, and create a new Q, and the Continuum civil war ends.

When an alien warrior dies on Voyager, he manages to take over Kes in an attempt to see his plans of conquest through.

The ship is overwhelmed by a strange gelatinous life form and Janeway is forced into the conduit to elude the alien form while the Doctor on his first away mission attempts to find a solution.

Fair Trade
At the edge of space he is familiar with, Neelix begins to feel unneeded and is afraid he'll be left behind. In an attempt to gather further information for the rest of their journey, an old friend of Neelix tricks him into shipping some illegal narcotics which gets the Voyager crew into some difficulty.

Alter Ego
Aliens invade Neelix's new holo program and cause problems for the Voyager crew.

The crew are left in a state of shock when Janeway is apparently killed by the Viidians after she is forced to crash land.

Blood Fever
One of the Vulcan crew members enters Pon Farr, the ferocious Vulcan mating phase, during the exploration of a decimated colony. The object of his "affection", B'Elanna, is less than thrilled. Also, the crew finds evidence that the colony was destroyed by the Borg.

The Voyager crew come up against the Federations greatest threat, when they discover an apparently disabled Borg cube. They later discover a colony of sorts, made up ex-Borg, disconnected from the collective and trying to reassert their individuality.

Experimenting with new personalities, the Doctor puts the crew in terrible danger as he starts to show a dark and sinister side.

While attempting to help a local race, Tuvok and Neelix crash land and in the process reveal the possibility of a traitor in their midst.

Favorite Son
Kim starts to behave abnormally and leads the Voyager crew to an alien planet where an amazing secret about him is revealed.

Before and After
During an experiment to try and prolong her life, Kes finds herself moving backwards and forwards in time, beginning with the moment of her death, through a fatal attack, and all the way back to her pre-birth.

Real Life
The Doctor creates a holographic family to try and better understand his patients. When B'Elanna attempts to make the Doctor's idyllic family a little more reflective of reality, the Doctor experiences teenage growing pains, marital strife, and the death of one of his children.

Distant Origin
A scientist finds the body of a dead Voyager crew member, and detects similar DNA patterns in the body. Going in search of Voyager to prove a theory of distant origin, the scientist embroils Voyager in a political tug-of-war. Janeway and the Doctor discover that this advanced race is descendant from a species of Earth dinosaur that discovered space travel long before humans even existed, proving the distant origin theory.

Crew members mysteriously start to disappear to be replaced by an unknown alien race. At first, the aliens seem as confused as the crew, but it is soon discovered that this race is using this technique on purpose, to capture Voyager for use in further conquest.

Worse Case Scenario
The crew find a partial holo program dealing with the possibility of a mutiny on board the ship and try to figure out who wrote it. They later find out Tuvok wrote it as a training aide, but that Seska modified it to strike back at Tuvok, whom she feels betrayed her and the other Maquis when he was aboard their ship as a spy.

Voyager enters Borg space, but the Borg are preoccupied with a new species it cannot assimilate, and which is destroying Borg ships by the handful. When Harry is infected with the alien virus, the Doctor thinks he has a cure in Borg nannites. Janeway attempts to strike a deal with the Borg - they will share their technology in exchange for safe passage. Before she gets an answer, Voyager and the Borg are attacked.

Season 4

Scorpion (Part 2)
The Borg pull Voyager away from the attack by Species 8472, as Janeway strikes a deal. She and Tuvok work with Seven of Nine, a Borg of human origin, to come up with a replication system and a delivery system for the developing nanoprobe weapon. The Doctor perfects his nanoprobe treatment and cures Kim. Species 8472 is in contact with Kes, and they figure out what Voyager's up to; they attack, and the Borg ship destroys it in a suicide mission; Tuvok, Janeway, and a contingent of Borg and equipment were transported to Voyager first, though. Janeway is hurt in the attack and tells Chakotay to continue working with the Borg; but when they tell him to alter course back into Borg space, he breaks the alliance and blows the Borg into space - except for Seven of Nine, who creates a doorway to 8472's dimension. They must now face the enemy. Repaired, Janeway takes command and stands her ground, destroying a small fleet of 8472 ships. Upon return to normal space, Seven of Nine attempts to assimilate Voyager, but Chakotay links with her and appeals to her humanity; distracted, a power surge sent by Torres disconnects Seven from the Collective.

The Gift
The Doctor continues Seven of Nine's rehabilitation. A potentially fatal malfunction of a Borg implant starts, but Kes is able to visualize the implant and destroy it on an atomic level. She and Tuvok do some Vulcan exercises, and she is definitely able to see beyond the telepathic, beyond the subatomic level of matter. But the effect is cascading, and she is unable to stop it. Janeway tells Seven of Nine her former name - Annika Hansen, taken by the Borg at a young age. Seven of Nine demands to be sent back to the Collective, but Janeway refuses. When Seven of Nine tries to contact the Borg, Kes detects her and stops her. Kes tells Neelix and Janeway, that she must leave the ship - and as her decision is made, she begins to phase, disrupting the ship's hull. She takes a shuttle craft and she exists our reality, but as she does, she takes Voyager with her, throwing them far out of Borg space, ten years closer to home. Seven of Nine begiuns to reacquire a more human appearance.

Day of Honor
Voyager comes across refugees aliens known as the Caatati, whose planet was assimilated by the Borg. They request supplies, which Janeway provides to the best of Voyager's ability. Torres is having a bad day, with the Klingon Day of Honor approaching. Seven of Nine asks for something to do, and Chakotay assigns her to engineering - Torres is not too happy about it, and is even less so when Voyager tries to open a transwarp conduit, and has to dump the warp core. Paris and Torres take a shuttle to retrieve the core, and find the Caatati attempting a salvage operation. When the shuttle tries to disrupt the Caatati tractor beam, they disable the shuttle and Paris and Torres have to abandon ship, before a distress call could be sent. The Caatati demand all of Voyager's supplies and Seven of Nine - to inflict their revenge upon. But Seven of Nine retains the knowledge they need to built self-sustaining energy, which she gives them in exchange for the warp core. As Tom and B'Elanna think they are about to die from lack of oxygen, they profess their love for each other ... just as Voyager shows up to rescue them.

Chakotay's shuttle is shot down when he came too close to a pair of warring races, the Vori and the Kidari. Rescued by a Vori squad, he sets out to find the remains of his shuttle, but his escort is killed in a Kidari raid. The Vori tell Chakotay that the Kidari are beasts who rape and pillage, and have no respect for the dead. Chakotay is told that a nearby unit has commo equipment that he can use to reach Voyager, but in a fire fight, both squads are nearly wiped out, and Chakotay is shot. He stumbles upon a village, where the locals fix him up and feed him, then send him on to a resupply station, where there will be a radio. As he walks off, the village is hit in an air strike - he goes back to help, but is captured and interrogated. He meets up with a lone survivor from the squad that rescued him and the two of them go on a raid - where Chakotay meets Tuvok, dressed as a Kidari. Tuvok tells Chakotay that he has been captured and brainwashed. Unbelieving, Tuvok brings him to the village that had been wiped out in the air strike - it is there, in pristine condition. Back on Voyager, Chakotay has to come to grips with the hatred he felt toward the Kidari, who are not the monsters he believed they were.

Torres and the Doctor answer a distress call from a holographic maintenance worker on a disabled ship. He explains that the crew was infected with a virus on a survey mission, and they all died. He lashes out at Torres, though, making it clear that he is repulsed by "organics". The Doctor explains the outburst away as a reaction to his prior experience with people. But when B'Elanna goes exploring, she finds the crew, murdered. The hologram detects her tinkering and attacks her; she is able to stop his program just in time - the Doctor finds her collapsed on the floor, with a hole in her heart. The hologram damages the Doctor's mobile emitter, but Torres is able to permanently disable him with a power surge. Kim and Seven of Nine work together to design an astrometrics lab, and he starts to get to know her better. Harry is a bit put off when he invites her to a holographic sunset, and she proposes that they copulate.

The Raven
While Voyager negotiates passage through the space of the difficult Bomar, Seven of Nine has a relapse of Borg technology - a Borg homing beacon has reenergized Seven's remaining Borg implants. She hijacks a shuttle and departs for the beacon, where she is sure a Borg ship awaits. Tuvok and Paris take off after her, while Janeway tries to placate the Bomar, who not only are upset about the incursion, but also because it is by a Borg. Tuvok beams aboard Seven's shuttle, be she disarms and stuns him. Paris's shuttle is disabled by Seven's phaser fire. He limps along after them. Tuvok and Seven reach an M-class moon, and beam down. There they find a 20-year-old Federation starship. Seven recognizes it as her parents ship, The Raven - the beacon was left behind when she was assimilated. The Bomar bomb the dilapidated ship, and Tuvok and Seven escape just as it begins to crumble. Paris beams them aboard and Voyager races after the whole bunch. They warp out of Bomar space and begin the longer roundabout journey.

Scientific Method
The crew is afflicted by various ailments, ranging from the captain's headaches to Chakotay suddenly turning into an old man. B'Elanna and the Doctor find that the affected crew have tags on their DNA - just as they find this, they, too, are disabled. The Doctor contacts Seven via her Borg implants. He adjusts her eyepiece to be slightly out of phase. She confirms that there are aliens throughout the ship, conducting experiments. When they are revealed, the leader tells Janeway that they are simply conducting experiments, and they will soon leave with a minimum of casualties. Janeway, fed up, tired, and on enhanced levels of dopamine, aims Voyager toward a binary pulsar. The aliens evacuate, and Voyager's momentum carries her through the gravity well, with heavy damage to several decks. Paris and B'Elanna finally get some private time .

The Year of Hell (part 1)
Voyager encounters a Krenim vessel, with low firepower but big words. They avoid the vessel and contact the dominant species in the area, the Zaal. But as they speak to the Zaal, a temporal shock wave hits them, the Zaal disappear, and the Krenim ship is now a large threatening vessel. Over the next few months, Voyager is pummeled in Krenim attacks. Seven finds a Krenim torpedo embedded in the ship, and is able to get key readings from it before it explodes. With her readings, Voyager is able to construct shields to counteract the Krenim weapons. Meanwhile, a Krenim vessel, which exists outside normal space and time, is using a time weapon to erase a species from time. The shock wave encounters Voyager's shields and disrupts the process; the Krenim are instantly reduced to a tiny empire. The Krenim ship goes to Voyager and attempts to erase it, though its mass prevents it from catching Voyager as it warps away. The trip weighs heavily on the ship, though, and Janeway orders all non-command staff to abandon ship.

The Year of Hell (part 2)
The small crew left aboard Voyager struggles to keep the ship together. Meanwhile, aboard the Krenim time ship, Paris and Chakotay are taken out of the brig and made to feel like part of the crew. The captain offers to restore both the Krenim civilization and Voyager, with some help from the two. Chakotay begins to learn of the time calculations, while Tom befriends some of the crew. Tom feels that they would be willing to mutiny, though Chakotay is unwilling to go that far, until the captain wipes out yet another civilization. Tom transmits the ship's coordinates to Voyager, which is joined by a few ships from other races. A battle ensues, and the ship's time phase shift is dropped. When the fall into normal space/time, Janeway plots a collision course into the time ship. The collision and an overload in the temporal core sets off a time wave inside the ship, and all the damage it has ever done is restored. Voyager encounters a Krenim vessel, and a course is plotted around their space, the crew unaware of what had transpired in the alternate time line.

Random Thoughts
Visiting the Mari, a placid, telepathic race, Janeway and Torres negotiate with Guill, a vendor, for some spare parts. During the transaction, an assault by a man named Frane is perpetrated on a market vendor. Such a crime is almost unheard of. The local police chief, Namira, looks into the crime, and asks all Voyager crew involved to submit to mind scans. B'Elanna was found to have been bumped into by Frane, at which time she thought of hitting him back. She is accused of Aggravated Violent Thought, a crime on Mari, and is sentenced to have her violent thoughts erased. Janeway and Tuvok look into the crime, and find that Frane had been convicted of violent thought four prior times, but Namira is certain he has been purged of all but B'Elanna's thoughts. Tuvok investigates Guill, and finds that he trafficks in violent thought. He is able to overcome Guill and his associates, and takes Guill aboard Voyager. Namira is presented with the evidence, and Torres is released. Seven comments to Janeway that their dual missions of exploration and return to the Alpha Quadrant are at cross-purposes. She suggests abandoning exploration and proceeding directly home.

Concerning Flight
While running her daVinci program, Janeway is called to the bridge - Voyager is under attack. Throughout the ship, pieces of technology are beamed away, including the main computer core. Kim and Seven are able to trace the raiders, but it takes Voyager 10 days to get there. Janeway and Tuvok go to the surface near where Federation energy signals are detected, and they are greeted by Leonardo. He is wearing the Doctor's emitter, and says he has found a rich patron. The patron turns out to be a dealer in stolen goods, and he attempts to sell the computer core to Janeway. But he overhears he plans to get the core back, and takes her prisoner. She convinces Leonardo to help her escape, and using his maps, they find the site the computer core is being stored in. The core is beamed back to Voyager, but Janeway and daVinci are left behind. Janeway uses a site-to-site transporter to beam out of the building, and a pursuit ensues. They escape on one of daVinci's flying contraptions - Voyager battles its way down low in orbit to beam the two aboard, after which they leave post haste.

Mortal Coil
Neelix goes on an away mission into a nebula to collect proto-matter, and is killed in an accident. Unable to revive him, the Doctor tells Janeway to prepare him for burial - but Seven tells Janeway that he can be saved by Borg technology. Using nanoprobes, Seven and the Doctor revive Neelix. He has a crisis of faith, however, when he does not see the Great Forest. He had told Naomi Wilder about the Great Forest earlier; a place where Talaxians go when they die, where all you ever loved them are waiting. Neelix asks Chakotay to help him with a vision quest - in his quest, he sees his sister Alexia, who tells him the Great Forest is a lie, and he knows what he has to do. He tries to kill himself by beaming into the nebula, but Chakotay is able to delay him. When Ensign Wilder tells Neelix that Naomi needs him, he realizes that he has a new family on Voyager.

Waking Moments
The morning shift all awaken after having nightmares, all of whom feature a fierce-looking alien. Suspecting the appearance of the same face in many dreams is more than a coincidence, Janeway and Tuvok go to check on Harry, who is late for duty - he is sleeping, and nothing the Doctor does can revive him or several other crew members. Chakotay uses his vision quest hardware to put himself in a dream he can awaken himself from, and finds the alien and confronts him - they live in the dream world as we live the in "waking" world, and they want Voyager out of their space. Chakotay awakens, and sets course to leave, but an alien fleet overtake and occupy Voyager - until Chakotay realizes he is still dreaming. When he awakes this time, he only finds the Doctor - all the others are now sleeping. Chakotay plots a course for a planet with unusual energy readings. He beams down and finds a huge cavern filled with the aliens, all asleep. He falls asleep, though; but tells the aliens that the Doctor will destroy the cavern and all of its occupants if they are not released. They are released and leave alien space quickly.

Message in a Bottle
Seven detects a Starfleet vessel - but in the Alpha quadrant. She has tapped into a vast network of alien relay stations, stretching 60000 light years. Attempts to contact the ship by subspace are unsuccessful, so they try a higher-powered holographic stream, sending the Doctor to the ship before she goes out of range. He arrives in a seemingly empty ship, but he finds the bodies of some of the crew; he revives one for a moment, and learns that the Romulans have taken the ship. The Prometheus is a prototype weapon with an experimental Multi-Vector Assault mode. It also has a prototype EMH program, that the Doctor recruits to help disable the Romulans. The two doctors gas all the Romulans, but they are just moments away from a rendezvous with the Tal Shi'ar, to deliver the new ship. A Starfleet squad attacks the Romulan ships, and the Prometheus. The doctors fumble around the bridge and activate the MVA, and destroy the Romulans. On Voyager, a Hirogen, the race that built the network, breaks Voyager's connection. When Janeway tries to convince them to let them maintain the link, they balk, but Seven is able to maintain the link. The Doctor is sent back to Voyager. Listed as missing, Voyager now has hope that there may be a way home. Starfleet's message - "You're no longer alone".

A Hirogen ship intercepts Starfleet transmissions bound for Voyager, and does its best to scramble them as they continue on. Voyager receives the transmissions, sent as a result of the Doctor's previous away mission to the Prometheus; Seven and Janeway quickly realize that they are letters from home, though Seven finds an encrypted transmission broadcast simultaneously with the clear text. The transmitter is a huge relic, powered by a contained quantum singularity. It is part of the huge network of relay stations spanning two quadrants. Tuvok and Seven go in a shuttle to the relay station to boost its containment field so that the transmission can be better heard. But they are taken prisoner by a Hirogen ship, and the Hirogen captain is intent on acquiring "relics" from their bodies. More Hirogen ships approach; Janeway disrupts the containment field, creating a huge gravity well. The Hirogens fire, and the containment field collapses, unleashing the black hole - Kim is able to pull Tuvok and Seven away from the hostile ship just in time. The letters create quite a stir on Voyager, as the former Maquis learn of the fate of their movement and their comrades; and Janeway learns her fiance has married someone else.

Voyager encounters a badly damaged Hirogen ship, and they board her. A lone Hirogen is found and taken aboard for treatment. Meanwhile, Voyager is able to learn much about the Hirogen - they are hunters, and their entire society is based on killing prey. They do not even appear to have a home world. As he recovers, the Hirogen demands to be let go to continue his hunt. A hull breech and organic matter near it lead to the discovery that the Hirogen is chasing a member of Species 8472, left behind after the invasion of Borg space. It is cornered and detained, though the Doctor can do little to help it. Janeway orders Seven of Nine to create a quantum singularity so it can return to its own space, but Seven refuses. During an attack by other Hirogen ships, the power flickers, allowing the Hirogen hunter to escape. It finds 8472 and as they struggle, Seven beams them both to one of the Hirogen ships; the attack is broken off. Janeway is angry at Seven for disobeying, and banishes her to her cargo bay and astrometrics.

Voyager is bartering for new weapons technology with Kovin, an Entharian. Janeway agrees to trade with Kovin for a new weapon that appears to be impervious to shielding. Janeway allows Seven access to engineering to help integrate the system into Voyager. While working with Kovin, Seven strikes him during a minor altercation, and Seven is again restricted to her quarters. During a medical exam, Seven is unusually unnerved by the Doctor's instruments. He thinks she is suppressing memories and puts her through a regression therapy to recover them. In her recall, Kovin got her alone while during firearms testing and disabled her; nanoprobes were extracted from her body. Janeway confronts Kovin, who denies the allegation. During an investigation in his lab, nanoprobes are found; Kovin beams away to his ship, and Voyager gives chase. Further examination of the evidence, though, shows that Kovin is not guilty, and the memories are probably the result of Seven's Borg experiences. Kovin is convinced that Voyager's requests to listen are traps, and he fires at Voyager until his ship blows up under an overload. The Doctor requests that some of his programming be erased to prevent him from making such a mistake again, but Janeway refuses to allow it.

The Killing Game (part 1)
Voyager has been overtaken by a group of Hirogen ships. For three weeks, the Hirogen leader has been using the holodecks to conduct hunts of Voyager personnel in various scenarios, from the Crusades to Klingon hand-to-hand combat. The Hirogen have Harry working to expand the holodecks to several levels, and the Doctor patching up the crew as they are dispatched in each scenario. The problem is compounded because the Hirogen have implanted neural transmitters that are making the crew think that they are actual characters in the game. The Hirogen leader picks World War II as the next scenario, putting the crew in the role of the French resistance and the Americans; the Hirogen are the Nazis. Harry comes up with a plan to neutralize the neural transmitters, but needs an ally in the holodeck itself. When Seven is wounded in the game, the Doctor is able to disable her transmitter - she is sent back into the game aware of herself, but awkwardly unfamiliar with the other characters. Janeway and Seven go on a sabotage mission to Nazi HQ, where seven finds a holodeck console and begins to program it; only Janeway's transmitter is deactivated before the Hirogen catch on. Seven and Janeway escape the HQ just before the Americans begin to shell it.

The Killing Game (part 2)
The American shelling of the Nazi HQ has breached the holodeck, since the safety protocols have been turned off, exposing Voyager to the game. Janeway and Seven return to the resistance HQ. Janeway makes her way to sick bay, from where the neural transmitters are controlled. Since nearly the entire ship has been equipped with holomitters, she can place a holographic explosive beneath the sickbay. When it explodes, the entire crew is aware, but now under heavy attack from the holographic Nazis and the real Hirogen. Janeway is captured and taken to the Hirogen leader. He tells her his plan is to use holo technology to return the Hirogen to a stable civilization. By hunting on holodecks, they can remain stationary and stop wandering the quadrant. She agrees to give him holo technology in exchange for their freedom, but the leader's second is not so willing and kills him; he dies himself when Janeway chases him down with a rifle. The battle wages on, but soon the two sides come to a stalemate. Janeway meets with the new Hirogen leader and gives them some holo technology as agreed, and the Hirogen leave.

Vis a Vis
Voyager encounters an alien with a very sophisticated, very unstable warp drive. They are able to stabilize the drive and have the alien, Steth, come aboard to make repairs. Paris help him out. Steth is a shape-shifter, and he is about to lose his shape's stability. As they repair the ship, Steth replaces his body with Tom's, taking on his shape. Though Steth has some trouble adjusting to Paris's life, he quickly adapts. He is not fully satisfied with Tom's life and begins to go off the deep end, threatening Seven and attacking the captain. He is phasered and placed in sickbay. On Steth's ship, Paris jumps out of warp in Benthen space, where he finds the "real" Steth. They find Voyager. When Janeway hijacks a shuttle, it is clear the alien has again shifted. They are able to catch the Janeway alien and everyone is returned to their original shape.

The Omega Directive
An energy wave hits Voyager and an odd read-out appears on the bridge displays. No one can clear the displays except Janeway, who does so and then quickly disappears into her ready room. The captain calls for Seven - she knows about the Omega Directive because the Borg knew from assimilated Starfleet captains. The Omega Molecule is one of infinite complexity, yet is harmonic - the Borgs' Holy Grail. Janeway's mission is to discover the source and destroy it, before it destroys a large portion of space. Janeway tells Chakotay that she and Seven will either return successfully, or they will never return at all. He convinces her to tell the senior staff the details. Omega was synthesized 100 years ago in the Lantaru sector. The explosion resulting from the molecule's destabilization destroyed the station it was developed in and disrupted subspace for light years. In that space, warp travel is impossible. The source of the shock wave is found at a research station on a small moon. They find hundreds of the molecules - they are being researched as an energy source. Voyager takes the molecules just as the researchers' military arrives - while they take fire, Janeway has to deal with Seven, who wants to save and harness Omega. In the end, they destroy the molecules and Seven ponders whether the Borgs' pursuit of Omega amounts to a religion.

A ship in distress calls for help, asking for Chakotay by name. Injured in sick bay, the woman, Kellin, asks for asylum. She tells Chakotay that her race has a biology that prevents others from remembering them, that prevents scanners from seeing them. She says she was on Voyager for two weeks and she left knowing she would be forgotten - but she found that she'd fallen in love with Chakotay. Her people do not tolerate defectors - she herself is a tracer, a bounty hunter, but she is disenchanted with her peoples' closed society. The crew try to find some way to verify her story, and she recounts her time aboard to Chakotay. She was hunting a dissident when her cloak failed and she triggered an intruder alert. Janeway was not happy to hear a stowaway was aboard and had Chakotay work with Kellin. They found the dissident and celebrated his capture alone in Chakotay's quarters. A pair of tracers come for her, but Kellin modifies Voyager's sensors to detect the ships. Kellin tells Chakotay that she will leave if he feels nothing for her. Though he still does not remember her, he asks her to stay. A tracer is already on board and scans Kellin to make her forget her time on Voyager. The Doctor is unable to stop the memory drain. The tracer refuses to help as well. Soon, her memory is gone and Chakotay tries to explain to her, but she insists on going home. Chakotay makes his log with paper and pencil so he will remember.

Living Witness
700 years in the future, a Kyrian museum recalls a destructive encounter with the Warship Voyager. They strike a deal with the Vaskan to find and capture the Kyrian leader Tedran in exchange for information on the whereabouts of a stable wormhole. Voyager capture Tedran and kill him and 8 million people. Some Vaskans distrust the evidence of the Voyager Encounter, but recent archeological digs have uncovered further proof. The exhibit curator, a Kyrian, views the artifact, a copy of the Doctor. He is informed that as the designer of some of the weapons used in the Encounter, he may be tried as a war criminal. When the Doctor sees the Kyrian version of history, he balks. It was the Kyrians who attacked the Vaskans and Voyager, led by Tedran. Though initially reluctant to listen, the curator allows the Doctor to revise the simulation. The Kyrians invade Voyager and take technology and hostages. The Vaskan ambassador killed Tedran, not Janeway. The discovery of the Doctor sparks a race riot between the Kyrians and the Vaskans, but when the truth became wide spread, a new unity between the peoples emerged. The Doctor stayed with them for many years before leaving to retrace Voyager's journey home.

Voyager faces a power crisis and the crew quarters are left without power. Seven finds a Y-class planet (demon class in Starfleet slang) with needed raw materials. Attempts to beam the deuterium aboard just leads to an accident. Harry suggests a highly modified shuttle and environmental suit. Kim and Paris head down to mine the deuterium. Kim falls into a pool of a liquified metal and his suit starts to fail... soon Tom's suit fails, too. When they don't return, Janeway uses remaining power to land Voyager. Seven and Chakotay go out to find them. Chakotay almost falls down a cliff when Paris, unsuited, helps Seven pull him back up. Paris and Kim are brought back to be examined by the Doctor. As soon as they are aboard, they begin to suffocate. Doc finds a fluid in their blood which adapted their bodies. The atmosphere is unsafe to replicate - a cure must be found or they will have to be left behind. The fluid is found to have organic properties and when it touches B'Elanna's thumb, it mimics her. An away team finds the bodies of Paris and Kim still alive, barely. A pool of the fluid forms under Voyager and she begins to sink. Janeway fires into the pool - the Kim duplicate asks Janeway to stop. The "silver blood" has experienced sentience for the first time. In exchange for releasing Voyager, volunteers donate DNA for duplication to populate the planet.

Voyager enters a nebula with disastrous results to the crew. The radiation is toxic - too far to go around, the entire crew must be put in stasis during the month it would take to go through it. Seven, unaffected by the radiation, will remain awake with the Doctor; Janeway has reservations that Seven can handle such prolonged solitude, but agrees to the plan. 10 days into the trip, ship's systems begin to fail. A major problem with the warp engines turns out to be a false alarm - several gel packs are failing and sending false signals. The Doctor's emitter fails as well, confining him to sick bay. By day 29, Seven admits to herself that she is feeling the effects of the isolation. Voyager encounters a ship and Seven works a trade with the lone pilot. When she rebuffs his propositions, he gets loose on board. After she disables him, she begins to hallucinate. The Doctor finally fails, leaving Seven alone for the remaining days of the voyage, her Borg implants beginning to degrade, too. In the last day, her hallucinations intensify. She has to reroute all power to the engines, including her life support to get the ship through, and barely survives, but she and the crew emerge alive and well.

Hope and Fear
After five months, Janeway continues to try to decode the Starfleet message. Neelix and Paris bring Arturis aboard, one of a species with a talent for languages, in exchange for help in a trade negotiation. Janeway asks if he can help with the message. He does, and the message gives coordinates that lead to a ship, and a message that the ship can bring them home in three months. The Dauntless uses experimental slipstream technology to move great distances quickly. They investigate the ship, and try to learn its technology and adapt it to Voyager, too. Janeway works on part of the message Arturis said was badly damaged - it is a message that Starfleet cannot help them find a way home. Arturis lied to them - Dauntless is his ship, modified to look like Starfleet. He blames Janeway for the assimilation of his entire race by the Borg, once they defeated Species 8472, they went after his race, which had eluded them for centuries. He plans to bring her and Seven to the collective. Using the slipstream technology, Voyager gives chase, fires, and is able to beam Janeway and Seven back. Arturis ends up in Borg space. The slipstream damages Voyager, but Seven vows to try to find a way to use it to bring Voyager home sooner.

Season 5

Voyager is crossing a great expanse, two years wide. In it, there are no stars, no life, no frame of reference. The darkness outside the ship has people on edge after only two months, and has given Janeway a chance to seclude herself in her quarters. Sullenly, she contemplates the fate her decisions have lead Voyager and the crew to. Suddenly, Voyager drops out of warp and loses all power. As some systems come back on line, a creature attacks Seven and Tom in a holodeck. Seven shoots the creature and they take it to sickbay. Tuvok fires a flare of sorts and illuminates several ships, which then move off slightly, restoring all ships power. A fourth ship arrives and fires on the first three, driving them off. The captain, Emck of the Malon, offer to help guide Voyager out of The Void through a wormhole in exchange for the alien creature. Janeway talks to the creature once he regains consciousness. The Doctor tells her he is dying of theta radiation poisoning, the same radiation the Malon ship is glowing with. Voyager takes the creature back to its people. Janeway asks Emck what the theta radiation is from - it is an industrial byproduct, and he is dumping it in the Void. The radiation has upset the delicate balance of the void. They offer to help the Malon convert their industry and ships to recycle theta radiation, as Voyager does, but Emck refuses, fearful of his hauling business if there is nothing to haul. Janeway decides to take the wormhole by force and close it once inside. Voyager fights its way past the freighter, but she is badly damaged by the Malon ships' weapons, but the night creatures attack, distracting the Malon as Voyager slips into the vortex, fires photo torpedoes at the opening; Voyager emerges to a bright, start-filling viewscreen.

Seven, Paris, B'Elanna, and the Doctor fly near a proto-nebula to study it when it suddenly surges, placing their shuttle in jeopardy. They are taken in an emergency transport - in the process, the Doctor's emitter is damaged. Seven and crewman Mulcahey take it for study. While they are away, the emitter grows Borg appendages. When Mulcahey checks on the emitter, assimilation tubes extract tissue from him, leaving him unconscious. Seven deduces that in the transporter, some of her nanoprobes were merged with the emitter - it has built an artificial womb and is growing a fetal Borg, which is not how drones are normally built. It matures quickly - Janeway refuses to destroy it, and tells Seven to teach it. It is very powerful, with the emitter's 29th century technology evident in the design. Neelix tells the drone he should choose a name. He chooses One. While regenerating, his proximity sensor trips, alerting a Borg probe, which intercepts Voyager. Janeway and Seven give One a quick history of Borg conquest, and he agrees to help, first disrupting a Borg tractor beam, then enhancing Voyager's phasers - but Voyager's technology is not very advanced, and he beams over to the Borg probe, sending it into the nebula. It implodes, but One barely survives. He refuses to let the Doctor operate, and denies Seven's pleas. He dies, saying his life puts the Voyager crew in danger.

Extreme Risk
A Malon tractor beam attempts to steal Voyager's multi-spacial probe. Janeway sends the probe into a atmosphere of a gas giant, and when the Malon ship gives chase, it is crushed. The probe gets stuck, and Paris suggests building a new shuttle he's been working on to go get it. Janeway approves and the team gets to work. Another Malon ship demands the probe as payment for the first's destruction. Janeway refuses, and Seven detects that they are building a shuttle to get the probe, too. The race is on. B'Elanna is not much help, though, as she seems to descend into depression. When she tests the shuttle on the holodeck, with all safeties turned off, she is nearly killed. She is placed in the Doctor's care, and Chakotay inventories her other holodeck programs. He brings her to one she wrote of the Maquis massacre they'd learned of. She says she feels nothing looking at the bodies of her friends; she has no family left. Chakotay tells her that Voyager is her family now. The Malon send their shuttle into the planet, and Paris follows with his Delta Flyer, with B'Elanna, Seven, and Kim along. They are able to shoo away the Malon ship and beam in the small probe. B'Elanna saves them all with a well-timed force field to engulf a hull breach.

In the Flesh
Chakotay takes pictures of Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco, including one of legendary Boothby. In a lounge, he meets Valerie Archer who notes that she finds it odd being in human form. Tuvok gathers Chakotay, and they beam aboard the Delta Flyer, with a security guard who tried to stop them - they are orbiting a space station with a huge recreation of a piece of Earth inside. They take the guard back to Voyager - the Doctor attempts to examine him; when he does, the man kills himself. Janeway reviews Chakotay's photos and marvels at the accuracy of the recreation. The Doctor discovers that the guard has been genetically modified at a cellular level - he forces a reversion, and a dead member of Species 8472 morphs on his examining table. Janeway deduces that 8472 must be preparing to invade the Federation. Seven produces modified nanoprobes to use as a defense. Chakotay goes back to the simulation, where he takes Archer on a date. She takes a clandestine skin sample and discovers he's human - he is detained by Boothby, the commander at the simulation. They ask him when the Federation fleet is arriving to attack. Janeway contacts Boothby and arranges a meeting. She stands down her nanoprobe weapons as a sign of good faith, and they learn 8472 is scared of humans - they allied with the Borg and killed many of their kind. Janeway insists they are not a threat, and, in fact, Voyager is alone in the Delta Quadrant. They tell her their plans are not to invade the Federation, but to send agents to infiltrate it, to find out their plans to destroy 8472. The two realize their positions have been arrived out of mutual fear. Boothby pledges to return to the leadership of 8472 and to try to convince them the Federation would prefer to meet and understand 8472 rather than destroy them. Janeway provides Voyager's comm signal so they can contact her.

Once Upon a Time
Paris, Tuvok, and Wilder are surveying space in the Delta Flyer when an ion storm damages the ship. They are forced to make a crash-landing on planet. Wilder has a severe internal injury and needs surgery. Aboard Voyager, Neelix takes care of Naomi, keeping her occupied with homework and the well-loved holostory about Flotter the water man and Trevis the tree man. The situation reminds him of his family, killed in the war with the Haakonen - and of his sister Alexia in particular. He tells Janeway that he cannot tell Naomi, to save her from the pain he felt. Voyager locates the Flyer and sends teams down to the planet to dig it out of the planet's crust. Unaware of the efforts, the Flyer's crew records farewell messages for their loved ones as life support starts to fail. They start to race against time as another ion storm races toward them - they are able to uncover the shuttle enough to transport the entire thing out before the storm hits. Reunited, Naomi and Wilder explore Flotter's world together.

Kim and Chakotay beam down to an ice planet and locate Voyager, buried under a glacier. They beam inside and find the crew all long dead. They activate the EMH and take Seven's body aboard their ship - the Delta Flyer. They activate the Doctor and say that they are there to change history. Aboard Voyager, the slipstream drive is finally ready for an attempt to get home. Paris, however, has run some last-minute tests and finds that there is a fatal flaw - in the slipstream, Voyager will be destroyed. Harry works out a way to have the Delta Flyer ride the slip stream ahead of Voyager and send minor corrections back to her. Janeway approves the plan and they start up the drive. When the corrections are needed, Harry sends them but they do not work - Voyager is knocked off the slipstream and crash lands on the planet. Harry explains to the Doctor that they are there to send the right corrections to Voyager, using Borg technology from Seven's body and stolen from the Federation - they are fugitives. The Borg tech will allow a message to travel back to Seven through time. The Challenger, under Captain Geordi LaForge, tries to stop them from violating the Temporal Prime Directive, but they send their message. It fails - the corrections did not work. Harry sends them again, this time to knock Voyager out of the slipstream safely, but not in the Alpha Quadrant. It works - Seven enters the corrections and Voyager stops, though 10 years closer to home.

Infinite Regress
A Borg vessel has been destroyed and a sub-space signal emanating from it is affecting Seven's mind as it attempts to establish contact with her - different personalities that had been assimilated into the collective begin to overwhelm Seven's consciousness: a Klingon warrior, a Vulcan officer. A young girl plays a game with Naomi Wilder for quite a time. When she attacks B'Elanna while speaking Klingon, however, she is restrained in sick bay. Once the doctor determines what is going on, Seven tells them of a Borg transmitter called a vinculum. Voyager finds the vinculum and beams it aboard to attempt to shut it down. But it adapts to their attacks. While B'Elanna works to dampen and shut down the vinculum, the doctor worries that Seven's own personality may be lost. Tuvok goes into her mind to try to bring her out. Meanwhile, B'Elanna finds the vinculum infected with a virus, which is causing its transmissions. The DNA pattern match that of Species 6339. Voyager sets out to find a 6339 ship - when they do, they learn the virus is a doomsday weapon against he Borg, and they are anxious to get the vinculum back. Janeway refuses, citing Seven's health. B'Elanna fights to dampen the device, as Voyager battles 6339 and Tuvok battles within Seven's mind. Once B'Elanna shuts down the vinculum, Tuvok pulls Seven back and Voyager beams the vinculum into space where 6339 can pick it up themselves.

Nothing Human
An energy wave hits Voyager and they set out to find its source - it is an alien ship. They beam aboard its life form, which is not humanoid. While the Doctor tries to examine it, B'Elanna comes to report on the ship - the creature jumps to life and attaches itself to B'Elanna. The doctor cannot remove it and knows little about exobiology. He and Kim create a hologram of one of the Alpha Quadrants greatest exobiologists, Crell Moset. One problem for the Maquis on board - Crell is a Cardassian, and an infamous one at that. Tabor, a Bajoran, tells of experiments he conducted on live subjects. Though he cured a deadly disease, but killed dozens to create the vaccine. Tabor lobbies to have Moset erased, and B'Elanna refuses to have him work on her. The doctor and Paris lobby to have him continue, and Janeway agrees - do this now to save B'Elanna and deal with the morals later. They do send out an energy wave to try to contact more of the species, in case they can help. Moset and the Doctor set out to operate - Moset's procedure would save B'Elanna but kill the creature; the doctor jumps in with a less aggressive procedure that will save both. An alien ship pops out of warp and it locks onto them with a tractor beam. They release the creature and beam it to its ship, which retreats. The Doctor contemplates saving the Moset program, but after speaking with it and grappling with the moral dilemma, he deletes it. B'Elanna is angry at Janeway for authorizing the procedure - Janeway tells her to deal with it.

Thirty Days
Paris is demoted to Ensign and placed in solitary confinement by Janeway. In a letter to his father, he recounts the events leading up to the punishment: Voyager encounters a world whose atmosphere is entirely water, being held together by some kind of field. While orbiting, ships confront Voyager, but Janeway quickly convinces the Moneans of their good intentions. The Moneans tell Janeway that the planet, on which they arrived 300 years before, is losing volume. Tom suggests taking the Delta Flyer into the depths of the planet, deeper than the Monean ships can go, to investigate. At 600 km deep, Paris and a Monean scientist Riga discover a mechanism. It emits a gravity field, and holds the water to it. But something is forcing it to divert power from gravity to its own structural integrity. Tom and Riga discover the Monean's own oxygen mining processes are disrupting the mechanism. To stop the process, the mining should be stopped and revised. The Monean ambassador thanks them, but refuses to do anything. Tom, a lover of old ocean tales, feels an affection for the planet and teams with Riga to destroy some of the refineries. They hijack the Flyer, and take aim on the plant, but Voyager fires on the Flyer and forces it to the surface. Tom is taken into custody, tried, and thrown into the brig.

Devoran warships stop Voyager and board her. They scan everyone and everybody, including some waste canisters in the cargo bay. On the bridge, the head inspector, Kashyk, asks Janeway about two Vulcans and two Betazed on her crew - she tells him that they are all dead. He reminds her of the penalties for being a telepath, and takes his ships and leaves. Tuvok and the rest of the crew, and a dozen or so Brenari are then pulled out of the transporter pattern buffers in the waste containers. The Brenari are on the run from the Devore. They are searching for a wormhole to take them out of Devore space (passage through which requires submission to inspection on demand). Kashyk appears alone in a shuttle and asks for asylum. He knows they have been hiding telepaths, and is fed up with how the Devore treat them. He asks for safe passage. He and Janeway work together to try to determine the next place the wormhole will appear. They determine the Tehara system, where a Devore sensor station will likely detect them - they try to drift past but are detected. In a race to the wormhole site, Devore ships chase Voyager. Kashyk volunteers to go back aboard the Devore ships and divert them. But upon his arrival, he reassumes his position and demands Voyager turn over the Brenari - but Janeway sent them ahead in two of Voyager's shuttles to the wormhole entrance, and they make their escape. Kashyk lets Voyager go, rather than let his record show that the Brenari escaped.

Latent Image
While experimenting with his holoimager, the Doctor finds a surgical scar on Kim that neither has any recollection of; the surgery was definitely done by the Doctor, 18 months earlier. He enlists the help of Seven, who was not on board at the time. They review his image album from 18 months ago and find many images deleted. She is able to reconstruct a handful, and they tell an odd story - a crew member he has never seen, a shuttle mission he does not recall, and an attack by an alien. They bring their findings to Janeway, with the premise that some alien race has erased all the crew's memories of some event, and may still be doing it. Janeway asks the Doctor to shutdown while they investigate. He later has more short-term memories erased, and his holoimager recorded Janeway doing it. He confronts her - she admits to the erasures. 18 months ago, his program confronted a situation it could not deal with and it was rewritten and the memories erased. She intends to do it again. Seven challenges her decision, saying the Doctor is more than just a machine to be fixed. She agrees to let him see the memories - he was on a mission with Kim and Ani Jetal, when they were attacked. The alien weapon attacked their nervous system, and when he discovered a treatment, he only had time to help one of them - Jetal died. His ethical and cognitive programs later came in conflict as he contemplated his choice. After his memory is restored, the conflict returns, and Janeway shuts him down. But this time, she decides to help his program adapt, to let the battle wage within him, rather than remove the memories.

Bride of Chaotica!
Tom and Harry are still playing Tom's Captain Proton holonovel when Voyager comes to a dead stop, with systems failing all over the place. On the holodeck, several distortions appear, but seem benign. Unable to stop the simulation, they transports out of the holo deck. Voyager has entered a layer of subspace that is disrupting their warp field - the more they push against the field, the more it pushes back. Meanwhile, on the holodeck, the distortions spawn human-looking figures, who are captured by Chaotica's troops. One is killed and the other escapes. As the crew tries to free Voyager, sensors suddenly pick up weapons fire on the holodeck. When Harry and Tuvok beam back into the holodeck, they find destruction everywhere. They learn that Chaotica is firing his death ray at the distortions and the distortions are firing at Chaotica's castle. One of the distortion people encounter the pair, and he explains that he is a photonic life form - he is unaware that there can be carbon-based life and suspects Tuvok and Tom are illusions. Tom devises a plan to resolve the conflict; the Doctor will pose as the President of Earth and get the photonic beings to hold their fire while Janeway acts as Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People. Janeway seduces Chaotica and disables his lightning shield, and Tom uses Proton's ship to destroy the death ray. Once the Chaotica threat is eliminated, the photonic beings leave, and Voyager slowly emerges from the subspace field.

Tuvok, Paris, and the Doctor crash land a shuttle when it is pulled into a gravity well. Noss, a woman also crashed on the planet, steals supplies from Paris, but Tuvok retrieves them when he rescues her from some attackers. With the universal translators down, communication is difficult until Paris gets the doctor working again. They abandon the shuttle and go to Noss's ship, which is defended against outside attack. Noss tells them she's been there 14 years, and has seen many ships crash land there. Noss begins to learn English and starts to fall for Tuvok. Since they've been there so long and rescue seems unlikely, Paris encourages Tuvok to pursue a relationship. Tuvok refuses, recalling his lessons in logic as a rebellious teen. Tuvok is hurt in an ambush and Noss nurses him back to health, but when he recovers, he is not as receptive to her affections as she'd like. Meanwhile, Voyager searches for the shuttle and encounters the gravity well, and determines the shuttle went inside. They launch a probe that confirms a system exists on the other side of the disturbance... telemetry from the probe indicates a temporal shift - 30 minutes on Voyager translates to two days on the other side. A nearby race is getting ready to close the disturbance as a navigational hazard. Voyager only has a limited amount of time, and sends the stranded team a message. On the ground, the group is withstanding an alien attack as they count the hours to their rescue. Noss is hurt and Tuvok retrieves her just before they all beam out. Before Voyager drops Noss off on her home planet, Tuvok mind-melds with her to help her understand why he rebuked her.

Voyager detects a wormhole that appears to lead to the Alpha Quadrant - landing, in fact, right next to Earth. The entire crew is excited as messages start to come to Voyager from Starfleet, indicating generally good news for everyone. Seven, Paris, and Naomi Wilder return from a scouting trip to find the crew in a euphoria. Seven is instantly suspicious of the wormhole. She watches Janeway's log entries that indicate she was initially suspicious, but quickly became convinced the wormhole is real. When Seven scans the wormhole, she finds a ship and contacts it. Its pilot, Qatai, warns them away, saying it is a trap. When Seven tries to convince the crew the wormhole is not real, she is disbelieved, and, in fact, and scheduled to be placed in stasis to protect her from Borg monitoring subspace. She refuses and locks herself in her cargo bay; she finds Naomi there, too, apparently unaffected by the crew's blinding bliss. Seven transports to Engineering and tries to divert Voyager away from the wormhole, but she is disabled. As Voyager passes through the wormhole, everyone but Naomi passes out. She revives Seven, who contact Qatai - they are inside a giant bio organism that feeds on starships. He has been tracking it for years, after it destroyed his colony ship. It tricks crews by convincing them that its mouth is just what they have been looking for. Seven brings the Doctor online and with Qatai's ship they fire at the beast until it expels them.

Dark Frontier (part 1)
Voyager destroys a Borg scout ship and retrieves the left over pieces in an attempt to make some use of the technology. Seven and B'Elanna try to repair the ship's transwarp coil; they wish to hook it to Voyager to move a bit closer to home; the coil is burnt out, though. They also find a data coil, detailing Borg movements in the area. Janeway decides on a bold plan: the data show a disabled probe ship limping home at warp speed. They will board the ship, steal its transwarp coil, and use it in Voyager. On the way to a rendezvous, Janeway has Seven review the mission logs they retrieved from the Raven, details of her parents' encounters and research on the Borg, three year's worth of data. Voyager catches up to the probe sphere - Seven estimates that its transwarp drive will be repaired in just a few days. The crew drills for the mission in the meantime. The Borg contact Seven - they are aware of Voyager's presence. They will let Voyager leave safely if Seven agrees to return to the collective. When Janeway tries to remove Seven from the mission, Seven is adamant - she must go. The mission disables the sphere's shields and the transwarp coil is beamed back to Voyager. As they prepare to leave, Seven is detained by the Borg, and the rest of the away team returns to Voyager. The sphere jumps to transwarp and returns to a huge Borg colony, where Seven is met by the Borg queen.

Dark Frontier (part 2)
The Borg queen tells Seven that she was planted on Voyager to help the Borg learn more about humans so that they can be assimilated. It is not their intention to turn her back into a drone - she'll be much more valuable as an individual, though she is reconnected to the collective. The queen takes Seven on a trip to assimilate a small world; during the action, Seven helps a handful of people escape, but the queen tracks down their ship. Seven pleads for their freedom, and to her surprise, the queen allows them to escape. Gaining a bit of trust, the queen tells Seven her plan - to burst a biogenic weapon in Earth's atmosphere and assimilate the population slowly with nanoprobes. Seven refuses to help develop the nanoprobes. She threatens to reassimilate Seven, and shows that as a drone, her father still lives. Naomi Wilder asks Janeway to rescue Seven; she tells Naomi that she had no intention of leaving Seven behind. Janeway reviews the sensor logs and realizes that Seven had been contacted by the collective - and realizes that she sacrificed herself for Voyager. The Doctor devises a means to contact Seven, and they use the Hansen diaries to devise means to protect themselves and the Delta Flyer from Borg sensors. They install the transwarp coil in the Flyer and follow the sphere's trail to the Borg colony. They detect Seven in the queen's chamber; they contact her, but the queen hears the call, too. Janeway and Tuvok beam aboard the queen's ship; Tuvok disables shields as Janeway confronts the queen. Seven gets conflicting orders from Janeway and the queen, but heeds Janeway, allowing them to beam back to the Flyer. They turn tail back to Voyager and are pursued. When they emerge back at Voyager, with the Borg in pursuit, Chakotay orders torpedoes to close the transwarp conduit; the Borg ship emerges from the conduit in pieces. They install the transwarp coil in Voyager and estimate they cut 15 years off their journey before it burned out.

The Disease
Voyager is helping the crew of a massive generational ship repair their warp engines. Despite a directive from Janeway that personal contact with the Varro be kept at a minimum, Harry has fallen in love with Tal, an engineer. When the two make love, he notices his skin luminesce; later on, while working with Seven, she notices the glow and takes him to sick bay. He confesses his relations with Tal to the Doctor; because of the potential for cross-species disease, he is required to tell the Captain, who forbids Harry from seeing Tal. Despite this, they do speak and she says the reaction is normal among her people - it even has a name, olan vora. Meanwhile, Tuvok finds a stowaway in a Jeffries tube; he requests asylum - he wants off the generational ship. Seven and B'Elanna detect problems in the ship's skin - they find an artificial parasite feeding on the hull. Tal admits to being part of a movement to stop the ship and actually find a planet to live on. The ship breaks into segments; some decide to leave and go their own way; other rejoin to continue the original voyage. Tal and Harry bid each other farewell, and Harry suffers through the withdrawal of the olan vora.

Course: Oblivion
Big news on Voyager: Tom and B'Elanna's wedding, Ensign Harper's new baby, and an enhanced warp drive meaning a two-year journey to Earth through the center of the galaxy. The new warp field appears to be having an adverse effect on the ship, however, and the Doctor is deluged with patients afflicted by some sort of epidemic. The new drive is shut down, but the failure of the ship and crew continues. Oddly, objects brought aboard the ship in the past nine months are unaffected. Chakotay and Tuvok trace Voyager's steps, all the way back to the Demon Planet. They have suspicions that are confirmed when the Doctor performs an autopsy on the newly deceased B'Elanna - they are not really flesh and blood; they are all copies of the Voyager crew. Their only option is to use the new drive to quickly return to the Demon planet, or find another Class Y planet to land on. They find a Class Y planet, but locals chase them off and they rush to the Demon planet, sending distress calls all the way. After the deaths of Chakotay and Janeway, Seven builds a beacon out of unaffected parts, but it is destroyed when the launcher fails. They detect another ship and turn to it. On board the real Voyager, a signal is detected, but when they arrive at the source, there is nothing but debris. Voyager continues its journey home.

The Fight
Chakotay is boxing in a holodeck simulation when he sees an odd image behind his opponent; distracted he is promptly knocked out. He heads to sick bay; while there, Voyager gets stuck in an odd region of space. Seven notes that the Borg have encountered space like this, and only one cube had ever survived it. Chakotay begins to hear voices and see images from his boxing match. The Doctor discovers he has a genetic abnormality that causes hallucinations - it had been suppressed at birth, and has been stimulated. Voyager finds a derelict ship; they down load the logs and find that several of its crew had also experienced hallucinations before they all died trying to find a way out of the zone. Chakotay goes on a vision quest to try to resolve his issues; there, he sees his grandfather, who had also suffered from the visions. He is thrust into a boxing ring; he hears voices that appear to be offering alien technology to him, but he does not understand. Janeway and the Doctor surmise there may be beings in this space that are trying to help them escape, through Chakotay - he fears the voices will drive him mad, but agrees to keep trying. He lets his fears go and begins to understand their instructions. He rushes to the bridge, recalibrates the sensors and sets a new course -- and Voyager soon emerges from the zone, safe and sound.

Think Tank
Voyager detects a planetoid with considerable dilithium deposits. When they conduct further scans, the planetoid explodes, and a ship emerges from the fire; the Hazari ship, part of a race of bounty hunters, tries to capture them, but they escape. Long range scans show the sector is full of Hazari, all intent on capturing Voyager for some unknown client. As Janeway tries to figure a way out, a figure appears to her. Kurros, a member of a powerful think tank, sends his image to her to offer his group's help, for an as-yet undetermined price. Janeway and Seven go the Kurros's ship. He notes that they have stopped wars, resisted the Borg; even cured the Viidian Phage. Their price, is Seven herself - they wish her to join their group. Seven declines. Voyager captures a Hazari ship and tries to figure out who placed the bounty on them - initially, it appears to be the Malon, but further investigation reveals the Hazari's contact was Kurros himself. Janeway and the Hazari captain try to figure a way to outsmart the think tank. Seven goes to their ship and allows herself to be hooked into their translation matrix. While connected, Voyager sends a pulse through her to disrupt the matrix, after which the group is unable to communicate with each other. In the confusion, Seven beams away and Voyager warps away.

A Malon toxic waste dumper has a critical emergency, and Voyager responds to her distress call, rescuing only two of its crew. One, the captain, warns Voyager to move at least 3 light years away from his ship, the blast and radiation radius should it explode. But the theta radiation interferes with Voyager's engines, and she cannot jump to warp. Instead, Janeway hatches a plan to repair the dumper. One Malon warns of a mythical race of creatures that live on the dumpers. B'Elanna, Neelix, and Chakotay go to the dumper with the Malon. One Malon is killed. B'Elanna, already under Tuvok's tutelage for anger control, and disgusted by the Malon's society, tries to maintain her cool when Chakotay is nearly spaced and has to go back aboard Voyager. She and the others soon realize that the ship's distress is no accident, and that they are being stalked. On the bridge, she confronts a Malon who had been given up for dead in the ship's core, a demon. He intends to exact revenge on the ship itself, regardless of the consequences. She beats him down and helps Voyager guide the dumper to a star, where its contents explode harmlessly.

Someone to Watch Over Me
After B'Elanna confronts Seven as she studies her and Paris and their "mating rituals", the Doctor volunteers to teach her some new social skills, perhaps even dating. Paris bets the Doctor that he can't. They meet several times to go over the basics, and Seven decides on a crewman to ask out on her first date. She asks Lt. Chapman to dinner in Tom's French bistro holoprogram, and all goes well until they dance and she tears one of his shoulder ligaments. After a few more lessons, the Doctor asks her to a reception; while there, she learns of his bet with Paris and walks out on him. He apologizes and tries to think of a way to tell her that he has developed feelings for her ... but she comes to him first and tells him his lessons are no longer needed since there are no suitable mates for her on Voyager. Neelix hosts the Kaati ambassador Tobin while Janeway goes to the Kaati planet to negotiate a trade deal. While on board, Tobin, who is from a monastic culture, samples Voyager's food, women, and wine, to Neelix's consternation. At a reception in his honor, he passes out drunk; Neelix and the Doctor quickly sober him up for the return of his superior; just in time, he regains his composure and the agreement proceeds.

During a lull in the voyage, Janeway tells Neelix of her ancestor Shannon O'Donnell, an astronaut who helped build the Millennium Gate in 2000, and who later went on to conduct many Mars missions. As the crew discuss the tales they'd been told of their family histories, Tom Paris, an amateur Mars historian, tells Janeway that he knew of no O'Donnell involved with Mars. Janeway looks into her ancestor's history: Shannon rode into Portage Creek, Indiana, en route to Florida. She had tried out to be an astronaut and did not make the cut. Her car breaks down and she takes refuge in the book store of Henry Janeway. Henry is the lone holdout in downtown Portage Creek - a developer wants to raze the entire downtown to build Millennium Gate, a giant shopping mall and bio-habitat tourist attraction. Moss, the developer, knows of O'Donnell and offers her a job on the project if she can convince Janeway to sell. She tries, but Henry is adamant. Moss prepares to move the project to another state. O'Donnell packs her things to leave, but returns for one last attempt - this time, Henry gives in, with a promise of a nice secluded storefront in the new "monstrosity" for his bookstore. Captain Janeway comes away disappointed that her family hero was not who she'd thought.

As Janeway tours her brand new ship, Voyager, she speaks to a tall, blonde crewman - Seven of Nine. Later, Seven goes to work in a Jeffries Tube, and finds a planted weapon. On the bridge, a chronoton surge is detected, and as security approaches Seven's position, she is beamed out with a temporal transporter - but she is pulled out too soon, and she dies. The crew on the Federation Time Ship Relativity must go back and recruit Seven for the mission again, just before Voyager is destroyed by the weapon. On board Voyager, several people are coming down with space sickness -- it is later tracked to a temporal distortions that begin to pull at the ship. Time travelers arrive and take Seven back with them. Captain Braxton, Janeway's old "friend", is on a mission to stop Voyager from being destroyed, and only Seven, with her Borg implants, can help them. This is the third time she's been recruited, each time trying to pinpoint when the weapon was placed to stop it. She must succeed this time, because being moved through time any more could kill her. She is sent back to a time when the ship was under attack by the Kazon. She is detected, and a force field is erected around her - Seven and Tuvok catch her and she explains what she is doing. They let her go, and she finds the saboteur - it is an insane Braxton, intent on revenge after all the grief Janeway caused him. She chases him through the ship, and through time, until the Relativity can beam them both back. Braxton is arrested, and Voyager continues on her way.

Voyager encounters a distress call, and an away team finds it being sent by a small device on a planet's surface. The Doctor can understand its machine language; they beam it aboard to study and repair it. It thinks it is a person, flesh and blood. They realize quickly, though, that the machine is a weapon; they attempt to copy the warhead's program to a holomatrix while disabling the explosives, but the machine catches on and takes over the Doctor's program. It intends to use Voyager to complete its mission. On the way, the crew try to figure out a way to disable it. Neelix recognizes some of the technology, and finds a trader, Anguani, who is familiar with it. He offers to help, but his price is too high, so he tries to steal the warhead - Voyager destroys his ship. Harry helps the warhead recover old memories - it is part of a doomsday fleet of large-scale weapons. When the war ended, it had been ordered to divert to a barren planet and explode there. But the recall was past the point-of-no-return for many of the other warheads, who have detected Voyager and surround it. The warhead tries to convince the others that the mission is over, but they do not believe it, so it beams itself out to the group, which all proceed on to the target. On the way, the warhead explodes, destroying itself and all in its group.

Captain Rudy Ransom, of the Federation science ship Equinox, is under attack and sends out a distress call. Voyager gets the call and rushes to help. It helps fend off the attack, and the Equinox crew beams over the Voyager. The handful of crew members tell that they, too, were pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, and have been on their way home ever since. They've had a very rough time of it, though. The first officer, Max Burke, used to date B'Elanna, making Paris jealous. The aliens keep up their attack on the pair of ships, slowly draining power from Voyager's shields. Alone, Ransom and Burke agree to watch what they say around the Voyager crew - "they would never understand." To mount a defense, Janeway orders the Equinox abandoned over Ransom's objections. Based on Equinox's research, they build a shield generator that will repel the aliens. Curious about a contaminated area on Equinox, Janeway sends the Doctor over - he finds the corpses of alien bodies and research results - the Equinox has been using the aliens to power their ship for the trip home, and the attacks are in self-defense. Janeway has Ransom arrested. The Doctor tries to enlist the help of the Equinox EMH, but his ethical program was modified to allow him to conduct the tests. The EMH helps release Ransom. The Equinox crew beams back to their ship and beams the new shield generator to the Equinox, leaving Voyager defenseless as the aliens begin their attack on Voyager and the Equinox pulls away.

Season 6

Equinox (Part 2)
The aliens kill and injure several crew, but they are able to repel them for a time. Janeway orders Voyager to give chase. The EMH on Voyager is the Equinox's, and he plans to provide tactical data to his ship. On Equinox, Seven is taken prisoner after sabotaging the engines. The Doctor is stored in the Equinox and Ransom disables his ethical program so that he will extract memories from Seven, despite the consequences to Seven. Chakotay tries, and fails, to communicate with the aliens. Voyager finds the Equinox orbiting a planet, hiding. Two of her crew are taken prisoner before a fire fight breaks out; but the Equinox again escapes. Chakotay vocally worries about Janeway's state and she confines him to quarters. Voyager tracks down an Oncari ship - the Oncari can summon the aliens - Janeway makes a deal - call off the attack, and she will deliver the Equinox. On the Equinox, Ransom begins to have second thoughts. When Voyager catches up to them, Ransom tries to cooperate, but Burke takes command. Ransom works to help Voyager beam his crew over, but decides to go down with his ship as the core overloads and the aliens attack. Five of the Equinox crew on Voyager are stripped of rank; Chakotay admits to Janeway that he came close to mutiny himself.

Survival Instinct
Voyager visits a Marconian outpost and hosts a wide array of alien guests. One approaches Seven and Naomi Wilder as they eat, offering to sell Seven several Borg relays. Seven purchases them, then the seller contacts two compatriots to say their plan is in motion. As she analyzes the relays, the trio infiltrate Voyager's systems. While Tuvok tries to trace the breech, they find Seven's alcove, where she is regenerating. She awakens just as security barges in on them - the three are former Borg, old members of Seven's unimatrix. They have separated from the collective, but have not separated from each other. They want to know why their memories stop during an incident when their ship crash- landed years ago. The link helped them escape, but now it is overwhelming them. Seven has no memory of parts of the crash either. Seven decides to link with them to regain the memories, a possibly risky procedure. On the planet, several Borg died; those that lived slowly regained their pre-assimilation memories. They did not wish to rejoin the collective. But Seven did - she tracked them down and disabled them until the Borg came for them. She panicked because when she was assimilated, she was a little girl, and she was scared to be alone. The three have not long to live, and they can either live a long life as drones, or a short one as individuals. They all choose to be individuals and all go their separate ways.

Barge of the Dead
B'Elanna is caught in an ion storm while trying to retrieve the multi-spatial probe. She barely makes it back to Voyager. A piece of metal is found lodged in her shuttle craft, from when she lost deflectors - it bears the symbol of the Klingon Empire. The crew celebrates the archeological find, though B'Elanna is nonplussed. During a ceremony, though, she sees a Klingon warrior kill the crew, and she is suddenly on a rickety boat - the barge of the dead, for dishonored souls, on its way to Grethor, Klingon hell. She meets the first Klingon, Kortar, the stuff of childhood nightmares, and sees her mother Miral arrive ... and then she is suddenly in sick bay, revived from a coma. Though she has never put much stock in her Klingon heritage, she feels strongly that she has, through her dishonor, committed her mother to hell. She demands to go back, by simulating the coma. Though Janeway is reluctant, she agrees. She arrives on the barge and finds her mother and demands of Kortar that she be allowed to replace her mother. But Kortar knows her plan - to be revived. She swears not to allow it, and Miral is transported to Sto'vo'kor. She walks into Grethor; it is Voyager - an eternity on Voyager is her hell. Miral appears to her - it is not her time, she must choose to live. She has already taken the first step to restoring her honor. The Doc revives B'Elanna, who will live to complete her journey.

Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
The Doctor installs a new daydreaming routine to his program, to allow him to stretch his imagination. He soon finds, however, that his fantasies are beginning to over shadow, and then take over, reality. Mean while, an alien craft monitors Voyager; a micro-probe is sent out and burrows itself into the Doctor's program, and watches the ship from his eyes ... or rather, his fantasy eyes. They see him as a lady's man, a strong leader, backup captain, and inventor of the photonic cannon, a powerful weapon. When the fantasies take over completely, Janeway, Seven, Harry, and B'Elanna work hard to fix him, catching glimpses of several of his fantasies, including the erotic ones, along the way. Once fixed, the Doctor is embarrassed by the revelation of his fantasies. But worse, he is contacted by one of the aliens who fears for his job - his race has planned an attack because of what they saw in the fantasies, but that world does not exist. He gives the Doctor a plan to defeat the attack. Though initially skeptical, Janeway is able to confirm the coming attack; the only way to win the fight is to give the Doctor command and play out the story. The Doctor stands his ground with the aliens, driving them off with the threat of his dreaded photonic cannon. Janeway decorates the Doctor for his efforts, and promises to look into having him as a backup captain in the future.



Dragon's Teeth
Voyager is pulled into a subspace corridor and a ship there helps push them out. Then they demand all records of their encounter be confiscated. Janeway refuses and the aliens fire on Voyager. They find a desolate planet to land on to make repairs and avoid confrontation, and while they do, they detect faint life signs. An away team finds hundreds to stasis tubes, sealed for 900 years. They open one, and its occupant, Gedrin, tells them they were there to avoid a bombardment from space, but were only supposed to be under for five years. His people, the Vardwar, fought and lost to the Turay and their allies. They used the corridors to explore space, and met up with at least the Borg and the Talaxians. The others are reanimated, and the Vardwar prepare to leave the planet. Neelix, curious about the Vardwar, investigates, and with Seven's help, finds many references to the Vardwar from several texts collected in the Delta Quadrant. The stories tell of soldiers who come in the night to rob and conquer. Janeway worries that Voyager is in more danger from the Vardwar than from the Turay above. When she demands the Vardwar ships stand down, they attack Voyager. As she tries to escape, she contacts the Turay and suggests an alliance of convenience. The Turay attack the Vardwar and Voyager escapes; in the mean time, over 50 Vardwar ships escape into the subspace corridors.

One Small Step
Voyager encounters a graviton ellipse, a rare spatial phenomenon. Voyager sends a probe into its core and detects many different compounds, including some unique to 21st century Earth's Mars program. Chakotay is excited that they probably found the phenomenon that destroyed the Aries 4 command module, and its pilot, which was in orbit around Mars. For historical interest, Janeway decides to send the Flyer into the ellipse with Chakotay, Tom, and Seven aboard. They make it through the outer layers and find a calm core. They search for the Aries as they collect and study other compounds from within the core. They find Aries, almost totally intact. They try to tow it out, but as they do, Voyager detects a dark-matter asteroid headed for the ellipse. Though Janeway orders the module be left behind, Chakotay refuses, and when the asteroid hits, the Flyer is damaged. B'Elanna thinks a few of the parts on the Aries can be used to repair the Flyer; Chakotay was hurt in the collision, so Seven goes over. She plays Lt. John Kelly's logs from the Aries as she goes to work. Kelly had not died on impact, but lived for weeks in the ellipse trying to find a way out. He finally died when life support gave out. Moved by his story, Seven downloads all of his logs as she finishes her work; and she beams Kelly's remains back to the Flyer. The module is installed and the Flyer emerges from the ellipse just as it heads back into subspace. Kelly is given a military burial at sea.

The Voyager Conspiracy

Lt. Reg Barclay is visited by an old friend, Deanna Troi; he asks her to help him. He is obsessed with finding a way to contact Voyager from the Alpha Quadrant. He wants to finalize his theories before Admiral Paris visits the Pathfinder project, Starfleet's effort to communicate with Voyager. He is using Voyager simulations to inspire, to bounce ideas around - as a source of friendship. Troi worries about Reg's past holodeck addiction, but he insists the simulation is his best hope. He suggests using a MIDAS array to create a quantum singularity, a wormhole, to Voyager's estimated position, and to send subspace signals through it. Admiral Paris is intrigued, but Reg's supervisor, Commander Pete Hawkins, is unconvinced. When Hawkins finds Reg in a Voyager sim, he halts Reg's research and restricts him to quarters, removing him from Pathfinder. Reg appeals directly to Paris, who says he will have a team review his findings. He tells Troi that the Voyager crew has become like the family he felt he had on the Enterprise. He is anxious, and begins an experiment against orders. He opens a micro-wormhole and sends a message to Voyager. His work is interrupted by Hawkins and a security team, but as they begin to lead him away, Voyager responds. Paris speaks to Voyager, sending a message to Tom, as the wormhole closes, and promises of establishing a permanent link are made.

Fair Haven
Tom has created a holoprogram, a detailed Irish town called Fair Haven. None too soon, as Voyager detects a Class 9 neutronic wave front headed their way - it has disrupted warp fields, so Voyager must wait for it to hit, pass, and dissipate, a long process. Neelix suggests the program be kept running 24 hours so that the crew can visit at their leisure. Even Janeway manages a visit, and she meets the barkeep, Michael Sullivan. After a night-long bull session with him, she returns after modifying his program, making him more outspoken, well read, and not married. Once the wave front hits, there are several down days to wait within the storm, and Janeway and Sullivan spend a lot of time together. But one day, Sullivan goes on a drunken rampage - the love of his like, Katie, has left him. The Doctor asks her what happened, and she says that she was falling for Sullivan, but all the while was aware that she could tweak his character. It left a bad taste in her mouth. The Doc suggests that a relationship with a holo character may be the only such relationship she is allowed, considering her position. But it may be too late - the trailing edge of the storm is much stronger than the leading edge, and when it hits, Fair Haven is badly damaged. Tom sets about to repair the program, and Janeway is relieved to find Sullivan intact. She tells him she will return, someday, and locks his program so she cannot make any further changes.


Upon the return of Chakotay, Neelix, Tom and Harry from an extended away mission, Tom finds the B'Elanna has built him a circa-1950 TV set. As he watches into the wee hours, he sees himself in a show, in a phaser battle. In a Jeffries tube, Harry suddenly imagines a battle, too, and quickly crawls to "safety". Harry goes to see the Doctor, who simply thinks he is suffering from exhaustion. But when Neelix holds Naomi Wildman at gunpoint, refusing to let her go lest she be slaughtered, something is clearly wrong. Chakotay talks Neelix down by remembering the slaughter, and a man named Saavdra. Janeway calls them all together, and it would appear that the away team was drafted into an evacuation of colonists, an evacuation that turned into a massacre, the Nakan Massacre, with all 82 civilians perishing after some refused to leave their colony. Janeway orders Voyager to follow the Delta Flyer's path, to find out what happened. As the approach Tarakis, Janeway too remembers being in the battle - as does most of the crew. An away team beams down to look for evidence of a battle and finds none, though Harry does lead them to a cave where he hid and killed a couple of civilians. Chakotay and Janeway find a transmitter that explains everything - a 300-year-old memorial to the Nakan who died that day, which transmits a neural signal such that anyone passing by has the memories deposited in their mind. Old, weak, and malfunctioning, it appears ready for decommissioning. But Janeway instead instructs the crew to fix it to keep it running another 300 years, in continued memorial to the people of Nakan.

On the Norcadian home world, the crew takes in some shore leave while Janeway goes to Pendari to do some exploring. Several of the crew take a liking to tsunkatse, a martial arts fighting match. Seven and Tuvok head out to look into some spatial anomalies, and are taken captive by a large ship. Seven awakens to find Tuvok injured, and she expected to be a player in tsunkatse. She refuses, though relents when Penk, the master, promises to help Tuvok's injuries. At a match, the crew is surprised to see Seven enter the ring - they try to get a transporter lock on her, but realize the match is a hologram, beamed to several planets at once. Voyager recalls Janeway and starts a search for the transmitter. Though Seven is beaten, she proves popular and Penk schedules her for a death match. A 19-year veteran of the matches, a Hirogen, trains her. As the match is set to begin, Voyager finds the tsunkatse ship, though it is heavily armed and armored. Seven's opponent is her Hirogen trainer. Voyager attacks and is able to beam out Tuvok; when the Delta Flyer returns, the extra firepower is enough to pull out Seven and the Hirogen. They find a Hirogen hunting party to return him to, and Seven has to deal with her feelings that she would have killed to save her own life - Tuvok reassures her that her feelings of guilt and shame are a positive reaction to the ordeal.

A small away team on the Flyer is taken by a Borg cube. Chakotay, Tom, and Neelix cool their heels in a holding cell, while Harry is no where to be found. Voyager tracks down the Flyer and runs into the cube - in the ensuing battle, Voyager disables the cube. Seven scans the cube and finds only five drones on board, explaining the poor performance. The Borg agree to give up the Flyer crew in exchange for technology. Seven beams over and finds the crew - several young Borg children, too soon out of the maturation chamber. Seven brings a dead drone to Voyager and the Doctor finds it killed by a pathogen of some sort. Harry awakens on board the Flyer, in the cube, and starts to move about, setting charges around the ship's field generator. Janeway offers to sever the Borg connection, though the Number One refuses, and demands the technology they agreed upon. They think the Borg will come for them, but Seven finds a transmission that the cube had been abandoned. Harry is captured and injected with nanoprobes to force Janeway's hand. Over his objections, Janeway has the Doctor synthesize more of the Borg virus. They try to take the tech by force, but Voyager sends a feedback loop down the tractor beam, setting off explosions; the First dies, and the others surrender. Voyager takes them aboard, where, once underway again, the Doctor removes the childrens' implants.

Spirit Folk
The residents of Fair Haven start to become aware of some odd things about the visitors to their town - when Seamus and Milo see Tom turn Harry's date, Maggie, into a cow, they are convinced the Voyager crew are spirit people. The Doctor, as Fr. Mulligan, assures the people that they are mistaken. But the quickly disappearing grey skies, the miraculous rescues of injured people, not to mention the leprechaun-like Neelix, keep the suspicions high. Sullivan, the voice of reason, tells the villagers he will talk to Katie about all this, and when he demands she tell the truth, she end the program to run diagnostics. Since the Fair Haven program has been running continuously for so long, small glitches have become major bugs - such as the characters becoming aware of the crew. Tom and Harry examine the Sullivan character and find an error in his perceptual filter and try to fix it - he feigns dumbness and when he returns to Fair Haven, he calls a meeting. Tom and Harry, on their way to fix the holodeck, are taken hostage. B'Elanna proposes deleting the program, but Janeway is reluctant. She sends in the Doctor, but they take him, too - and when Sullivan slips on his mobile emitter, he goes to find Janeway. She reaches a compromise with him - they can no longer allow Fair Haven to run continuously, but she does agree to keep it alive, and to repair it.

Ashes to Ashes
Mizoti, the young rescued Borg girl, gets a transmission from an alien claiming to be Lyndsay Ballard, a long-dead member of the Voyager crew. Harry and Janeway meet the alien in the sickbay where she recounts her ordeal - she and Harry were on an away mission when the Hirogen attacked. She was killed and buried at space. Her body was retrieved by the Kobali, who cannot reproduce and who, then, revive dead aliens. The Doctor confirms that her DNA has been actually altered, but that this is indeed Ballard. After she gained the trust of the Kobali, and was placed with a family, she escaped at her first chance and tracked down Voyager. The Doctor cannot revert her back to be human, but he does give her plastics that alter her appearance. Ballard and Harry reminisce about their friendship, and Harry starts to feel old, unrequited feelings well up. Though she has a few problems at first, such as unconsciously speaking Kobali, Ballard does well... but the Kobali, her adoptive father specifically, come looking for her. Janeway refuses to turn her over, and a Kobali warship attacks. Ballard stops the fight when she realizes that her dream of returning to Voyager was just a dream, and that she has a new life now, with the Kobali. Harry gives Mizoti Ballard's hair brush. Seven confides in Janeway that she is finding keeping tabs on the Borg children much more difficult than she imagined.

Child's Play
Voyager finds Icheb's home planet, from whence he was taken by the Borg. The Brunali society is much battered by Borg attack, and they sustain themselves with genetically altered crops. Icheb was developing a penchant for astrometrics, and Seven is concerned that his parents Yifay and Leucon cannot properly teach him what he would like to learn. Icheb is also reluctant - Janeway invites his parents aboard to help him acclimate. After a meal with them, he seems to do better, though Seven is definitely suffering from separation anxiety. With his new training, Icheb could be a real asset to the Brunali; his father points out that despite Voyager's ability to explore, their main goal is to return home. He decides to stay. After Voyager leaves, Seven notes inconsistencies in some of Leucon's stories, and she convinces Janeway to turn back. Meanwhile, Yifay convinces Leucon that Icheb was created for a higher purpose, and they inject him with something. When Voyager arrives, a Brunali shuttle, carrying Icheb's drugged body, is on its way to a Borg conduit. A Borg vessel locks on to Icheb's ship and to Voyager, and pulls them in - but they escape by sacrificing the shuttle and blowing it up in side the ship. Seven learns the Icheb had been genetically engineered to infect the Borg with the pathogen they found on Icheb's Borg ship. They leave with him.

Good Shepard

Live Fast and Prosper



Life Line

The Haunting of Deck 12

Unimatrix Zero (Part 1)

Season 7

Unimatrix Zero (Part 2)

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