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Written By: Steve Mount
Source: Episode Viewing, Various Web sightings (esp. Sliders FAQ on the Web) and the Sci-Fi Channel site.
Episodes are listed in production order.

Program Note: Sliders is continuing it run with a fourth season shown on the Sci-Fi channel in the U.S. It is unknown at this time if Sliders will continue past the fourth season.

Page Note: I do not get the Sci-Fi Channel on my cable system. Fortunately, a kind soul is sending me tapes of the episodes about once every six weeks. Look for updates here based on that schedule.

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Key terms and characters

Arturo, Maximillian (The Professor)
Slider, one of Quinn's professors
Beckett, Maggie
Slider, replaces The Professor
Brown, Rembrandt (Remmy)
Accidental Slider, Motown-style singer
Chandler, The
Hotel where the sliders stay when the slide to a new Earth (if that Earth has one)
Earth Prime
The Earth Quinn and his pals originally started on
An evil race a beings who use sliding to conquer other Earths.
Malory, Colin
Slider, Quinn's long-lost brother
Malory, Quinn
Slider, "Inventor" of sliding
Rickman, Angus (The Colonel)
From a doomed Earth, Rickman uses sliding to move from Earth to Earth, killing along the way to get a chemical from human brains that he needs to survive
The act of moving from one alternate Earth to another
The Timer
The device that initiates a slide
Wells, Wade
Slider, Quinn's friend

Season 1

The Pilot
Quinn is shown the secret to sliding by another sliding Quinn. Quinn, Wade, and the Professor slide and accidentally pull Remmy into the slide - something goes wrong, and the group is caught in a slide cycle, unable to purposely return to their own Earth. The sliders see an Earth in the throes of an Ice Age, and an America run by the Soviets.

Summer of Love
On an Earth where the 60's never died, Wade and Remmy are mistaken for prophets.

Prince of Wails
On a world where the British put down the American revolution, the Sliders face Arturo's double, the evil Sheriff of San Fransisco.

On a world stricken by disease, Wade is infected and the other Sliders must find the cure she needs.

Last Days
The sliders find a world on the verge of destruction by an oncoming meteor.

The Weaker Sex
The Sliders travel to a world where men are starting a sexual revolution against oppressive women.

On a world where academic prowess is more highly valued than athletic prowess, Quinn finds his double to be a corrupt star.

The King is Back
Remmy finds himself on a world where his double is revered as a rock star.

Luck of the Draw
On a world where money seems to be "free", it turns out that every dollar withdrawn is an entry in a lottery - the prize for which is death.

Season 2

Time Again and World
When a slide puts the group into a world just like the previous one, Wade attempts to use her prior knowledge to prevent a murder - but this just gets the Sliders involved in an international plot.

El Sid
The Sliders pull a woman from a world of violence into a seeming world of peace - but the peace is enforced: the entire city of San Fransisco is a prison, and the woman's abusive boyfriend, accidentaly pulled in, too, makes trouble for all concerned.

Into the Mystic
On a world ruled over by a mythic and supernatural Sorcerer, Quinn finds that not all of his doubles are as benevolent as he.

Love Gods
On a world where most men have been rendered sterile, the male Sliders are captured for use as breeders.

The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy
On a world where the West is all part of the nation of Texas, the rules of the Wild West apply, even in business.

As Time Goes By
The Sliders shift between worlds that seem to have the same people in them, but in completely different circumstances - Quinn finds a lost love in each, and must decide if he wishes to continue to slide.

Gillian and the Spirits
Quinn is separated from the other Sliders by an accident, and he can only communicate with them via a psychic girl.

A psychic admirer of Wade tries to prevent the Sliders from leaving at the appointed time.

The Sliders encounter the Kromaggs, an ugly race of Earthlings intent on sliding to, and conquering, as many alternate Earths as they can.

Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome
The Sliders finally arrive at Earth Prime - or do they? Minor differences keep Quinn suspicious (the Azure Gate Bridge is a dead-giveaway).

In Dino Veritas
Trapped in a cave by dinosaurs, the Sliders are persued by a holographic park ranger and a poacher - both of whom have an interest in the San Fransisco Dinosaur Preserve.

In an America still in Prohibition, the Sliders get caught-up in a gang war, and Remmy discovers that his double is this world's Eliot Ness.

The Young and the Relentless
The Sliders arrive on a world where Wade and Quinn's doubles are married, and Quinn's recent murder is under investigation.

Season 3

Rules of the Game
The Sliders arrive as contestants on a world where the entertainment is government-sanctioned combat between teams - out of which only one team can emerge alive.

Double Cross
The local inhabitants of a world where sliding is being developed for malicious intent try to trick Quinn and the Professor into perfecting their technology.

Dead Man Sliding
Quinn is arrested and tried on a world where justice is meted out not in a courtroom, but on the set of a game show.

Electric Twister Acid Test
On a world plagued by deadly tornadoes, Quinn helps expose a small dictator whose own guilt about the twisters clouds his mind and his ability to control them.

The Guardian
On a world exactly like their own, except it spins a teeny bit slower, Quinn has a chance to influence his own childhood.

The Dream Masters
On a world where some people can enter the dreams of others, Wade falls victim to dream terrorists.

Desert Storm
On a desert Earth, the Sliders come to the aid of a girl with the ability to find water.

On a world where Druidism survived and flourished, Quinn is mistaken for a member of a powerfully magic family - the Mallorys. Thought to be immortal, Quinn's body is entered by the spirit of a powerful black magician; when the Professor fatally stabs Quinn to prove that he is not immortal, Quinn's life is in the hands of the black magician's apprentice; the young woman gives up her visage of beauty to save Quinn's life. Meanwhile, Remmy meets a double of a woman he was going to live with. He tries a love potion to get her attention, but the spell backfires - instead of her falling for him, he falls for Wade.

The Fire Within
Accidentally bringing living fire from one world to another, the Sliders become embroiled in a labor dispute at a chemical factory.

The Prince of Slides
Remmy is mistaken for the husband of a pregnant princess on a world where a monarchy rules... and where husbands are required to carry babies through gestation.

State of the ART
The Sliders find themselves on a world where the only human being is Father, a man who created a race of androids to replace humans in the workforce. When the humans decided that too much of their humanity was being taken over by the androids, they decided to destroy them -- but the androids did not wish to go and killed the entire population. Now Father wishes to use the Sliders in his personality-transfer experiments, but the Sliders are not keen on the idea. They later learn that Father himself is an android, and that his creations transferred his personality to a new android body when the human Father suffered a fatal accident.

Season's Greedings
On a world where some people live in shopping malls, Wade finds a parallel sister and father, just in time for Christmas.

Murder Most Foul
On a world where R&R takes the form of Fantasy Island-style vacations, The Professor finds himself in the role of a detective.

Slide Like an Egyptian
On a world where ancient Egypt never fell from grace, the Sliders are experimented on and terrorized by a giant scarab beetle.

Paradise Lost
The Sliders land in a town where no one lives to be over 35 ... for good reason.

The Last of Eden
On a world plagued by earthquakes and populated by primitive people, Wade stumbles upon a vast, deserted underground city overrun by a race of nonhuman creatures.

The Exodus (two parts)
An Earth is threatened by a passing pulsar, and sliding is being developed as a way to save some Americans - but Colonel Rickman, in charge of deciding who stays and who goes, is also mysteriously and systematically putting people into comas. Infected with a virus in Iraq, he must inject the brain cells of others to survive. Maggie and Quinn scout for a new world to move to, and slide into Earth Prime. Maggie has a reaction to something in the air, though, and Quinn must leave - but the coordinates are saved. The Professor almost falls victim to Rickman's needle, but is finally killed by Rickman's gun. After sliding to their new world, Rickman is confronted and leaves with a timer. Quinn's timer is configured to follow Rickman's. Maggie joins them on a new quest - to find and stop Rickman.

Sole Survivors
Quinn is bitten by a zombie, infecting him with a flesh-eating, zombie-making virus.

The Other Slide of Darkness
Sliding into a world where a mysterious fog covers half the land, the Sliders find Rickman and the Quinn that, in the Pilot episode, taught Quinn the mechanics of sliding. Rickman seems to spreading whatever infection he has. The "other" Quinn wants to die, and forces our Quinn into a fight.

The Breeder
On a world with a mandatory organ-donor program, Maggie is infected with a parasite that seeks out mates a-la-Species.

The Sliders arrive on a world where vampires are real, and where Rickman is up to his old tricks - but refined by access to a blood bank. Maggie and Rickman have a shoot-out, but Rickman escapes when he shoots Maggie in the arm. Wade is entranced by the leader of a band made up of vampires, who resolve to leave their world by stealing the timer and sliding to a new world. The group uses Wade to get to the timer, but the Sliders and a local vampire slayer rescue Wade and destroy the vampire's lair.

Remmy and Quinn, on a short vacation together, need to get back to Maggie and Wade for the slide, and hitch a ride with a wildlife smuggler. When the plane crashes, Wade and Maggie hook up with the smuggler's partner and go in search of the group. The snake the smugglers are trying to transport has an irate mate, though, and the snakes seem to communicate with about a million of their friends, and the snakes, the smugglers, and the Sliders clash in a remote house. The Sliders are able to leave when the two snakes are reunited.

The Sliders find what's left of the colony from Rickman's world. But Rickman is there, too, claiming more victims, as are the dinosaurs that inhabit this world.

This Slide of Paradise
The sliders land on an island populated by half-human, half-animal hybrids. Rickman is on this world, and has had to resort to using the mixed DNA for his sustenance, resulting in his own animal-like appearance. The reason for the hybrids, Dr. Vargas, invites the sliders into his compound. He says he is experimenting to find the cure for genetic disease, and the hybrids outside the compound are his failures. Remy soon discovers, though, that Vargas is really trying to breed the perfect slave race. Quinn, Maggie, and Wade are captured by Rickman's pack, but Remy is able to get them out, and they grab Rickman's timer, too. Quinn programs the timer to go back to Earth Prime; Maggie must use Quinn's timer to keep sliding, since she cannot breath Earth Prime's air. Rickman catches up with them - Quinn pushes Remy and Wade into Rickman's vortex. Rickman plunges to his death and Maggie and Quinn slide, trying to track Rickman's vortex -- but they do not slide to Earth Prime, leaving them lost again.

Season 4

Maggie and Quinn finally are able to correctly align their timer with Rickman's, but when they arrive on Earth Prime, it looks as though martial law is in effect - they see a truck carrying Kromaggs drive by. Maggie can breathe a little easier, perhaps due to her adjustment over time. They set out to find Remy and Wade, and learn they arrived a month or so before the Kromaggs and were taken prisoner. A resistance fighter, Marta, takes them into the Kromagg prison. They find Remy, but Wade was taken to a breeding planet. Trying to escape the prison, Quinn is captured. Maggie, Remy, and Marta plan another jail break. Quinn finds his mother in the prison - at first, he suspects a Kromagg trick. She tells him that he is not really her son - her double brought him to her when he was a baby. She and his father were scientists, working on a weapon to destroy the Kromaggs on their home Earth. When they returned for him, she hid him, unable to give him up - she gives him a small device that he is watch to learn the truth. The raiding party gets Quinn back, and he watches the device, a message from his real parents. He has a brother, with the coordinates to his real Earth Prime.

Prophets and Loss
Our heroes slide into a world run by religious evangelists. They watch a group of Welcomers step into a device that makes them disappear into what looks like a sliding vortex - Quinn soon discovers that it is just a sophisticated incinerator. They are captured and taken to the Oracle, who has them arrested for possession of a technological device. They are scheduled for reconfiguration, a chemical brain wipe. They are recused by a militant group called the Radical Rationalists, or RadRats, who are trying to remove the Oracle from power. Quinn offers them sorely needed scientific advice in exchange for help getting the timer back. But they are captured with the RadRat leader Samson by the Oracle's second, Cadmus. They are scheduled for Welcoming - but Cadmus hands them the timer just before they can be incinerated. Cadmus was the RadRat's inside mole. The four slide to another world for just a few minutes, and set the timer to send them back again. Samson's return from the Welcoming places the audience in awe, but he and Cadmus tell them that it is no miracle, just science, something they should return to. The sliders slip out quietly to the next world.

Common Ground
The sliders arrive in the middle of what appears to be a war zone, and rescue a wounded man ... who turns out to be the local Kromagg commander. Indebted to them for saving his life, he lets them stay in the compound under house arrest - possession of technology by humans is normally punishable by death. Remy learns that the humans here are part of a large experiment. The Kromagg commander is told to be on the lookout for Quinn, and to let him go if he sees him. He has a tracking device on him that the Kromaggs will help lead them back to their now-cloaked home world. Maggie learns that the commander was leading the troops that were first hit by the weapon Quinn's parents developed, the weapon that drove them from their home world. This world is a proving ground; a new weapon disintegrates humans while leaving surrounding Kromagg soldiers unharmed. He tires of this war of retribution. When Quinn, Remy, and Maggie plan an escape that includes the destruction of the new weapon, the commander gives them the timer without struggle. When the Kromaggs set off the weapon, which Quinn was able to tinker with, it is the Kromaggs that disintegrate, not the humans.

Virtual Slide
The Sliders appear to have slid back to Earth Prime, where a breakthrough in decryption has allowed Earth forces to over come Kromagg influence, and have started an offensive on Kromagg invasions on other Earths. Maggie is groggy, and skeptical, and she soon realizes she is not seeing reality - she is seeing a Virtual Reality "play", shown to her in the hospital, part of her VR therapy. The Sliders slid into a demolition zone, and while their injuries heal, they were given standard VR therapy. The Sliders decide to reveal to Dr. Randall Simmons, the VR doctor, that they are sliders, that their timer ran out while they were recovering, and they need help researching a way to slide away, or be stuck for 29 years. Simmons seems all too anxious to help. Set up with all their requested equipment, Quinn goes to work, but has a severe memory failure - he asks Maggie if her husband ever told her any thing about sliding that could help jog his memory. She did recall a short tune he taught her, that encoded some of the very basics of sliding. Maggie is abruptly awakened from VR by Quinn and Remy - she has been in custody of Simmons; he is trying to learn the secret of sliding, and he has her in his custody to do that. She learns that VR is like an addictive drug, and while she suffers from withdrawals, she also learns that they slid into a VR slave labor camp set up by Simmons' firm. Quinn, Remy, and Maggie infiltrate Simmons' bunker, destroy the research he'd completed, and slide away after destroying the VR transmitter which was keeping all the VR slaves complacent.

World Killer
The Sliders arrive on an empty world. With a week to kill, they go to the Mallory home and find that this world's Quinn is a prize-winning genius. That Quinn, disheveled and stuttering, stumbles upon the trio and tells them that he made all the people on the planet disappear when he first tested his sliding machine - a slidewave. He tried to get everyone back, but couldn't, and had since destroyed most of his work. At the eye of the wave, he was the only person on Earth unaffected. The two Quinns build another machine and they all slide to the Earth the people arrived on - there, most people now have a duplicate. Since the world population effectively doubled over night, famine broke out and governments collapsed. Quinn thinks he can put all the new arrivals back to their Earth by sending out another slidewave. All he needs is power. Since the world is now governed by warlords, they must first infiltrate the power station; when they do they are captured. Genius Quinn proposes working for the boss, using their free time to work to the goal of perfecting Quinn's sliding machine, but the Sliders refuse and escape the boss. They hook up the makeshift sliding machine and send out a slidewave, sending everyone back. Using Genius Quinn's equipment and knowledge, Quinn is able to adjust the timer to bring them to his brother's Earth.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Sliders arrive where they think Quinn's brother might be, but they only have a few hours to find him. Luckily, Colin Mallory practically falls out of the sky on top of them as his hang glider comes to a crash landing. Colin takes them back to his home in an Amish-like community when Quinn reveals that he may be his brother - Quinn finds a message chip left for Colin and plays it for him. With little time to spare, Colin agrees to leave his home and slide to the next world. A bit more contemporary by Quinn, Maggie, and Remy's standards, they are a bit taken aback when asked for a bone graft or DNA debit as payment for a hotel - but they also take cash. When a double of Suzanna, a girl Colin liked in his town, finds out Colin has no bone graft, she concocts a story to help her get a body of or cryogenic storage. A police detective visits the others - all cash transactions, being unusual, are photographed. As was Colin stealing a body from storage. The Sliders track Colin and the police take Suzanna and her mother into custody - they planned to steal the man's DNA to retrieve his assets, in the bank awaiting his reanimation. When the police open the coffin, they find frozen turkeys - though naive, Colin recognized something strange when Suzanna asked him to steal a body.

Just Say Yes
The Sliders enter a world where NOT taking drugs is illegal. When Maggie yells at Quinn, she is shot by Damon, a facilitator. Maggie has a bad reaction to the drug, but not until after Colin is also shot. The doctor at the clinic is amazed at the low drug levels in her system. While Quinn waits for Maggie to recover, he overhears the doctor calling the DEA, which on this world makes sure drugs are used. Quinn leaves Maggie behind to get Remy and Colin - as Colin comes down off the high, he demands more and runs away to find Damon. He is shot again, and Quinn and Remy barely escape. Colin and Maggie are placed in a recovery home, drugged to the hilt and living a Beaver Cleaver "life". Quinn and Remy track them down, but they turn them in. They escape again, off to find troxopine on the street - trox is a controlled substance that removes all drugs from your system. DEA agent Fletcher Lowell is intent on finding them and gives Damon decimide, which removes all inhibitions and invokes violence. Quinn and Remy barely beat him off; after the effects wear off, Damon agrees to help, since he was not told he was taking decimide. Damon lures Lowell to the recovery home, where they attack him and grab his supply of trox. Off the drugs, Colin and Maggie slide off this world with Remy and Quinn, leaving Damon behind, wondering if he should go on trox himself.

The Alternateville Horror
The Sliders quickly duck out of an acid rain storm into the hotel -- just as the other patrons don their slickers to brave the rain rather than stay. Colin sees the image of a young boy walk through the door to Room 315, Maggie sees her own disembodied head in an ice machine, the timer disappears, and a dark, mysterious stranger comes in from the rain and sets up a bunch of electronic equipment in his room. While searching for the timer, Colin sees the boy again and follows him into Room 315; the stranger, John Smith, sees Colin walk in the room and disappear. The boy, Matthew, tells Colin he's brought him to "his side". The Concierge finally admits the hotel is haunted, but she cannot leave as her son, Matthew, disappeared from the hotel years ago. In Room 315, there is a vortex, which Smith theorizes is a portal to another world; he is trying to prove his theory by studying it. Quinn offers to help him prove his theory in exchange for help getting Colin back. They open the portal and see Colin, Matthew, and a set of doubles (with Remy as the Cue Ball). Remy's experiment in sliding went awry and pulled them between worlds. Using the energy from the abundant lightning, Quinn stabilizes the portal, allowing the other Sliders to slide home and Matthew and Colin to return.

The Sliders arrive on a barren, toxic world while trying to get to Quinn and Colin's home Earth. They've been shunted to this world by a slidecage protecting their Earth, keeping the Kromaggs away. Several dozen humans and Kromaggs live and fight here; the human leader does not like Maggie's attitude and pushes her out an airlock to certain death; Remy is taken prisoner by the Maggs. The Kromagg commander reads Remy's mind and sees that the other Kromaggs are aware of the slidecage, and have programmed Remy to kill Quinn once the slidecage is disabled. The commander's adopted human son Kaldeen helps Remy escape, but they are recaptured. Colin and Quinn are locked in a computer room - Quinn uses the encoding he found on his and Colin's microdots to see if a message was left behind for them -- one was, with instructions to disable the slidecage. They trek through the facility's duct work to get to the cage. Meanwhile, Maggie is saved by Thomas, a recluse who lives in the walls of the facility. He wants her to stay with him forever, but she insists on looking for her friends. Thomas helps her through the ducts and they meet up with Quinn and Colin, but they are all quickly recaptured by the other humans. Quinn convinces the leader to let him go; the slidecage mechanism is in Kromagg territory. He also convinces the Kromagg leader to agree to a truce. They all go to the slidecage. Quinn opens the portal, but realizes he won't be able to close it, leaving it exposed to the Kromaggs. Remy's programming kicks in and he tries to kill Quinn. He is disabled, and Quinn modifies the slidecage to send the inhabitants and any new arrivals back to their point of origin. Kaldeen and Thomas stay behind.

Just before a slide, Quinn is hurt in an explosion; as they land, Remy is also hurt. Maggie is concerned about them both, and sends Colin off to get help. He walks into town and finds an odd mix of old and new technology. He gets Dr. Grace Veneble to send an ambulance to get Quinn and Remy. Turns out on this world, the Kromaggs plundered all the natural resources after making a pact with the English. California seceded from the US and became an independent nation, with everyone a member of the armed militia trying to keep refugees out. Quinn is badly hurt and in a coma, though Remy will be OK after a few days of rest. Maggie worries aloud to Colin at the Chandler that they won't get Quinn well in time for their next slide. Ralph Hackett overhears and offers to help them find the best medical care. Remy, meanwhile, hits it off with Veneble and goes to spend the evening with her. Colin does some research and learns of the Thatchers, who allied themselves with the Maggs. He see that Grace Veneble is now a wanted Thatcher. Maggie learns the same on her own, from Hackett, who is in California to bring her to justice. Remy falls for Veneble, but cannot stand that she was a sympathizer, though he learns she knows some mental healing process the Maggs taught her. They ask her to heal Quinn before she is arrested. She agrees, and then asks Remy to help her escape ... but he cannot stand to.

California Reich
The Sliders arrive in a California ruled by Governor Schick; as soon as they do, Remy is arrested and taken to a deportation camp - one of Schick's initiatives is the return of all non-whites to their ancestral homes. In case he escaped, the others go to the Chandler to meet, but he is not there. They encounter Eddies, another of Schick's initiative - cyborgs to do the manual labor the "migrants" used to do. They also meet Vanessa, the hotel manager, and her son Kirk, who is working with a group of thugs that round up migrants for bounty. Remy tries to escape over the objections of a long-timer, Harold; he is disabled and beaten, but Harold saves his life with a suggestion that Remy is strong and can still work. When Vanessa is hurt, her blood is tested in the hospital and she is found to be "impure". She is sent to the relocation camp - the Sliders and Kirk form an uneasy alliance to rescue Vanessa and Remy. There, they find Remy unharmed, but Vanessa is damaged - she is being converted into an Eddie. With Schick's secrets revealed, the Sliders broadcast the truth during a Schick for President campaign stop. They take Kirk and Vanessa to the next world where they leave them so Vanessa can get medical treatment.

The Dying Fields
The Sliders arrive just in time to see a pair of proto-Kromaggs shoot a human dressed in military garb. When they examine the body they find its hand missing, and a ID tattoo on the wrist. They proceed cautiously and happen upon Jenny. She tells them the Maggs took her and a few other from their homes, and they appeared here and were armed. They were told if they can survive 20 days, they will be allowed to return. Jenny takes the Sliders to the Chandler, where the others are camped. This area is a Kromagg training ground. Since they will be there for a while, the Sliders plan an attack on the HQ - Jenny agrees to take them, but she is shot and as Colin tries to help her, Maggs Kryoptus and Kyra take him prisoner. Colin learns that the proto-Maggs are actually human/Magg hybrids - a plague has spread to Kromagg women that causes them to die after they give birth - hence the breeding colonies. Colin outwits Kryoptus and escapes; as the others scout for him, they capture Kyra, and Remy is shot. They all meet back at the Chandler where Remy quickly takes a bad turn. Quinn tries to speak to Kyra's human side as Maggie tends to Remy. Remy dies, but Kyra, moved by Quinn, uses her Kromagg healing techniques to heal his wounds. She agrees to help them escape, though Kryoptus finds them and tries to stop them. They evade Kryoptus long enough to slide, though when Kyra tries to get Kryoptus to accompany them, he kills her.

Lipschitz Live

Mother and Child

New Worth

Slide By Wire

Data World

Way Out West

My Brother's Keeper

The Chasm

Roads Taken


Season 5

The Unstuck Man

Applied Physics

Strangers and Comrades

The Great Work

New Gods for Old

Please Press One

A Current Affair

Java Jive

The Return of Maggie Beckett

Easy Slider


Map of the Mind

A Thousand Deaths

Heavy Metal

To Catch a Slider


Eye of the Storm

The Seer

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