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Written By: Steve Mount
Source: Episode Viewing, DVD Viewing, The NBC Pretender Homepage.

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Key terms and characters

A Pretender, one of Raines' projects; he can take on any subject's personality, not seeming to have one of his own. AKA Timmy.
Mr. Lyle's sweeper; later Mr. Parker's wife.
Computer genius, part of the capture team with Parker and Sydney.
The Centre
A secret research center, where the Pretender project is being conducted.
A computer disk (digital simulation archives) containing video clips of Jarod's Pretender training.
One of Mr. Raines' sweepers. Now deceased.
Sydney's brother, ex-scientist at the Centre; comatose for a while, now deceased
Our Hero, a Pretender, on the loose from the Centre
Jarod's brother; deceased
Major Charles
Jarod's father - he does not know if Charles is his first or last name
Mr. Lyle
Formerly tapped for the Pretender project, then a Centre executive; then on the run; now working with Sydney, Broots, and Miss Parker. Miss Parker's twin brother.
Catherine Parker
Miss Parker and Lyle's mother, shot dead in a Centre elevator.
Miss Parker
A Centre operative, in charge of finding Jarod.
Mr. Parker
Miss Parker's father, a member of the Centre's upper executive.
Jarod developed an early love for Pez, and can often be seen eating the small candies.
Individuals with the ability to immerse themselves in the life of another - has various applications. Some Pretenders are naturals, like Jarod and Kyle; others are drug-induced, like Angelo.
A Centre researcher, not a nice guy - needs an oxygen tank to breathe.
Red Files
The Centre keeps a Red File on each of its Pretenders, or potential Pretenders
Red Notebooks
Jarod documents each case he sets right in a red notebook.
Miss Parker's sweeper.
Broots's daughter.
A Sweeper is like an agent, at the beck-and-call of the Centre and its operatives, on call to do all sorts of dirty or drudge work.
A Centre researcher, Jarod's handler. An ally, but also charged with recapturing Jarod.
The Tower
Executive offices of the Centre.

Season 1

Jarod is a Pretender, a special sort of person who can quickly assume the role of any person or profession. When he learns that some of his simulations have been used for military applications, he escapes and goes on a quest to learn more about his family. He has lived at the Centre for 30 years, and as far as he knows, his parents died in a plane crash before the Centre took him in. His trainer/psychiatrist Sydney is looking for him, and the Centre also assigns Miss Parker to track him down. In Alaska, Jarod exposes a shipping company's practice of dumping chemicals at sea. Later, Jarod becomes a doctor to expose the malpractice of a drunken doctor and the hospital execs who covered up the malpractice to avoid financial liability. Jarod discovers the wonders of ice cream and sees the Wheel of Fortune for the first time; he's also seen eating Pez. Jarod learns that the people killed in the plane crash were not his parents.

Every Picture Tells a Story
Jarod learns to swim and "joins" the Coast Guard. He helps to expose two Coast Guard patrolmen who are smuggling goods into the US on their patrol nights. One night, their boat hit a small fishing boat and split it in two. The captain, who ran a small charter and had a small family, was left to drown because he could have identified the men. Jarod determines that they helped in the search and rescue, but deliberately misdirected the search to an area far from where the collision had occurred. He gives the unrepentant of the pair a taste of his own medicine, leaving him out in the middle of the ocean. Jarod sends Miss Parker a DSA showing him pretending for the Apollo 13 crisis, when shots are fired outside the exam room. A young Miss Parker runs in the room, her mother having just been shot in a Centre elevator. He also sends a painting of the young Miss Parker in tears. Sydney tells Jarod that as far as he knows, Jarod is his real name. Jarod discovers Oreo cookies and novelty items like fake dog poop and chattering teeth. First appearance of Broots.

Jarod becomes a test pilot to prove a top-gun pilot's crash was caused by an add-on chip, the Scimitar. The chip is intended to improve an airplane's handling and flight, but it has a 3.1% failure rate, affecting critical systems. The company tried to prove that the pilot was drunk when he crashed, by Jarod helps prove that his plane stopped working and even the ejection system was jammed up. Jarod learns of Mr. Raines for the first time - he sees him on a DSA saying "If Jarod asks about his father, tell him he died in a plane crash - it isn't exactly a lie." Jarod learns to read lips. Jarod sends Sydney a computer program allowing the two of them to speak undetected. Jarod discovers Silly Putty. The Centre has a secret airstrip near Washington D.C. called La Grange.

Curious Jarod
Jarod spends weeks reading books on math and statistics and uses his new knowledge to get a job as chief of security in a Las Vegas casino. Miss Parker enlists the help of a mobster to help find where he is. He is in Vegas to look into an attack on a show girl. He visits her in the hospital, where she is comatose. The attack took place in the casino's parking garage, and a video tape of the attack was replaced by the casino's boss. The boss's wife has the tape and Jarod convinces her to give it to him; with it, he arranges for the boss's downfall. Miss Parker, Sydney, and her sweepers nearly catch him, but he has his security crew pick them up first. Jarod's favorite number is 8. He discovers Barrel of Monkeys and the story of Curious George; he is fascinated by the man in the yellow hat.

The Paper Clock
Jarod goes to California to become a lawyer and goes to work in a big firm. He volunteers to write a brief for Bradley Dumont, who is busy working on a corporate account. Marcus Whittaker is a learning disabled janitor accused of killing a woman. Whittaker worked for Michael Metzger, a big client of the firm. Jarod determines that Sloan, Whittaker's lawyer, missed exculpatory evidence on purpose - the real perpetrator was Metzger, who set up Whittaker. Sloan used his knowledge of the crime to frame Whittaker and subsequently blackmail Metzger. Jarod discovers Radio Shack. Jarod is befriended by a transvestite that he defends in court. He has a dream about his mother, prompting him to call Sydney to try to make a deal - he will send them some of the DSAs that he stole in exchange for information about his family. Sydney asks Madame Director for permission to make a trade. Though Miss Parker is against the deal, the Tower agrees, and Sydney sends him a photo of his mother. When Sydney goes to get the DSAs, Miss Parker meets him and tells him the deal is off - they're going to get him this time. Miss Parker and Sydney spot Jarod at the courthouse and give chase, but, of course, he escapes.

To Serve and Protect
Sydney and Miss Parker learn that Jarod has become an expert marksman. He shot the number "1019" into dozens of paper targets. He has Miss Parker arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, just as the local judge is away fishing and the Centre's lawyers are off on a retreat in France. Jarod shows up in Florida as a motorcycle cop. He is in Miami to look into the death of a security guard, killed while trying to rob his own store. Marvin was adopted, and found his parents just six months before he died; Jarod has obvious affinity for the story. He befriends the first responders on Marvin's case. The pair is dirty, and they try to enlist Jarod's help in their scheme - they rob stores with impunity - Marvin just got in the way. As they rob a new store, Jarod is shot by one of the officers, though his vest catches the bullet, and that connects them to Marvin's murder. Jarod goes to Susan Granger, the woman who reunited father and son, and asks for help. He gives her his mother's photo and says that his father was an aviator. When Granger sends out feelers, she gets a reply from Delaware - Broots is told later that the response came from within the Centre. Broots finds Miss Parker just as she is released from jail and they go to Miami where a package was sent to Granger's office. As they chase him, Jarod drops the package and Miss Parker destroys it. Later, Sydney asks what 1019 means - it is police code for Missing Person. Jarod discovers donuts and donut holes.

A Virus Among Us
Jarod goes to Chicago to become a virologist. He meets with the family of Jon Florence, who worked at a virology lab - Florence has disappeared. and his wife and daughter have no idea what happened to him. Jarod watches some security tapes around the time he disappeared and sees Florence working with Walter Garber, the lab director. Florence saw that Garber was working on a level 5 virus, making it look like ordinary flu. The lab is only allowed to do research on level 4 viruses. Garber exposed him to the virus when Florence tried to destroy it. Jarod finds Florence's body in the lab's morgue. He makes Garber think he is exposed to the same virus and Garber admits he killed Florence to cover up his research. Jarod discovers Roach Motels. Jarod helps a musically-challenged neighbor realize his talent lay in sculture, not music. Mr. Raines makes a rare visit to The Lab, surprising Sydney and Miss Parker. He tells Sydney that The Centre needs Jarod. He tells them to bring him back, or he will find someone who will. He warns Miss Parker that he is not afraid of her father. Jarod's latest clue gives Miss Parker the flu. Jarod's "safe word" while performing a simulation was "refuge." Sydney meets Jarod in a bar called The Refuge and asks for Jarod's forgiveness. He says he will, if Sydney tells him what happened to his parents. Sydney says he doesn't know.

Not Even a Mouse
Jarod poses as a Baltimore coroner to look into the death of a homeless man known as Christmas George, killed in a hit-and-run the Christmas before. George used to save some of his panhandling proceeds to buy gifts for all the children in a neighborhood orphanage. Jarod speaks to George's friend Harry, who called 911 that night. Harry says that Elizabeth Drake, a coroner and Jarod's new boss, arrived on scene before the police did. Her autopsy showed that George died instantly, but Harry recalls speaking to George after he was hit. Jarod finds that a toxicology screen on another patient that night had been switched; George had been given a paralyzing compound that made him appear dead. The chief coroner had been drinking at a holiday party when she hit George, and to save her career, killed him with an autopsy. Jarod gives the coroner the same drug to scare her and provides the evidence to the police. Jarod also discovers the identity of a runaway found dead in an alley. Jarod recalls past Christmases, which the Centre did not allow him to observe; including one where he escaped from his room and felt snow for the first time, and another where he met Miss Parker as a young girl. Jarod sends her a gift of a white rabbit. He also goes to Mt. Pleasant, Sydney's perennial Christmas destination, and finds Sydney's comatose twin there. Jarod gets a fruit cake for a Christmas present - the first he has gotten in a very long time. In 1970, Sydney gave him a snow globe with the Empire State Building inside. Miss Parker's initials, written on an old Christmas ornament, are MP.

In Texas, Jarod poses as a skydiving instructor to investigate the death of jump instructor Tom Miles. Annually, Miles jumped 200 miles into the desert to walk back to civilization alone with just a compass and a canteen of water, to test himself. This was to be his last jump - he didn't care much about the school, just about his family. Jarod meets Angela, Tom's pregnant wife. He gets access to his autopsy report. Jarod learns that the jump school has been put up for sale by Carol Bates, who co-owned the school with Miles. Jarod discovers that Bates killed Miles by poisoning his water. This left her as the sole owner, allowing her to sell the school. Jarod meets Two Feathers, an American Indian who keeps appearing and disappearing, who had been told, by the Sky Fathers, that a traveler would come, someone who would need a guide - a guide to the truth. Two Feathers helps Jarod determine that Miles was poisoned with belladonna. Jarod takes Bates into the desert and sends her off with a similarly poisoned canteen. He appears to her in Miles's clothing and she confesses as the local sheriff looks on. For her birthday, Jarod sends Miss Parker a notebook containing personal information about herself, including a picture of an unknown man and a dried flower. The photo leads Sydney and Miss Parker to Maine and to Benjamin Miller, a local hotelier. Jarod calls her and tells her Miller is a skeleton in her closet. She goes to meet him, and he recognizes her instantly - she looks just like her mother, who visited annually. Jarod worked at Miller's bed and breakfast, and he was very interested in her. Miss Parker tells Miller she died suddenly. Parker goes to her room and finds a file labeled "Rescued," with pictures of children inside.

Better Part of Valor
In Pittsburgh, Jarod goes to work as a fire fighter for Engine Company 16. He is there to replace and investigate the death of Tamara Copeland. Copeland died in a warehouse fire, and Jarod learns that the station captain, Harrigan, does not like to risk his people in warehouse fires, which he considers "NWS", not worth saving. Jarod looks into the finances of arson investigator John Zimmerman, and notes some large deposits - he was setting warehouse fires and Harrigan was letting the buildings burn, so that they could get a piece of the insurance payoffs. Zimmerman set the blaze, then got stuck inside, and Copeland tried to save him, but Harrigan found them and knocked her out. Jarod locks Harrigan into his home as he starts as fire and confronts him about Copeland. After Harrigan escapes, his company, which heard his confession, lets Harrigan's house burn. Miss Parker meets up with Michael Patrick, an old college friend and love interest of hers. He is in town for a few days and she promptly seduces him. Parker comes to work in a good mood, which scares Broots. Mr Raines "loans" some of his projects to Sydney and Miss Parker, as they try to analyze Jarod's choices of newspaper articles to help with and his movements, in hopes of predicting his next move. The key subject's name is Angelo. Sydney says that Angelo is like a sponge, with no personality of his own, and he has read all data about Jarod. Angelo and his team narrow their choices to stories from Pennsylvania, then to Pittsburgh. When Sydney and Parker find where Jarod had been before the firehouse, they learn that someone else has already been there - Parker realizes that it was Patrick. Patrick finds Jarod leaving the firehouse and holds him at gunpoint, but he gets away. Parker arrives to find Jarod gone and Patrick on the ground. He admits he works for Mr. Raines. Jarod learns a bit about dogs and squeeze cheese.

Bomb Squad
Jarod goes to work for the bomb squad in Detroit. The police are trying to track down the Fax Bomber, who plants bombs and faxes in warnings. Jarod's partner, Daniel Carlson, hurt his shoulder while in the Army during the invasion of Grenada. Jarod goes to visit Rachel Newton, a photographer blinded by one of the bomber's explosions. Jarod uses his Pretender techniques to help her remember. She doesn't remember seeing the bomber, but she smelled menthol, like the medicine Carlson rubs on his sore shoulder. One of the bombing suspects is hurt in an explosion, but Jarod knows he didn't do it. Carlson used to make bombs so he could diffuse them, to get the limelight - Jarod exposes Carlson to the police. Mr. Raines goes to Sydney, Miss Parker, and Broots to tell them he is intent on plugging the leak at the Centre, and subjects them all to a polygraph test. As they are tested, Angelo observes - he pegs Broots as the source of the leak. Sydney and Parker trail him as he runs errands in Blue Cove, including one to a private investigator. Parker bursts into Broots's home with sweepers, but it turns out he is in the middle of a custody battle, not passing secrets to Jarod. Jarod has the photo of his mother computer-aged 30 years so that he can get an idea of what she would look like today. Angelo finds the aged photo on the Internet, but does not tell Raines. Jarod discovers Mr. Potato Head.

A Prison Story
Jarod takes up the case of Carl Will, an inmate on death row for the murder of a fellow inmate, Anthony Lewis, but Jarod believes Will is innocent. As the newest guard, Jarod is assigned to Will. Will's daughter, Jessica, who was in high school when he was first sent to prison, now fights for his freedom as his lawyer. Will was found by officers Clancy and Larson standing over Lewis's body. Jarod befriends Henry Cockran, an old-time prisoner. He asks Cockran about Lewis and about other inmates who've died in the prison, but Cockran is tight-lipped, especially with Larson and Clancy around. Jarod realizes that they were all transfers. He talks to Larson, who says all of the inmates were from the same crime family - they were transferred to the prison as a "last stop." As Clancy does a final check of the gas chamber, Jarod seals him in and Clancy confesses he killed Lewis over the PA system. Jarod leaves a note that leads Miss Parker and Sydney, and Broots along for technical support, to the Top Hat Cafe, across from the Park Place Motel, as they await the Parker brothers. While in their room, Broots finds a Monopoly game, and Miss Parker starts to suffer from stomach pain. Parker collapses and a visiting doctor tells her she has an ulcer. When they realize the Monopoly connection, they find a message from Jarod, pointing them to the prison. They arrive just after Jarod leaves. Jarod discovers Slinky.

Bazooka Jarod
Jarod exposes an accident at sea on an aging Navy vessel. In order to cover up the death, and its cause, the evidence of the incident was tampered with, making the ship still appear to be seaworthy. We learn that Parker's father has some pull with the Secretary of the Navy when Miss Parker is given clearance to investigate "Lt Commander Jarod" over the Navy's own investigative unit.

Ranger Jarod
Off the cuff, Jarod joins in the search for Victor Simpkins, a student doing research on eagles in an Oregon National Park. Along the way, he meets Nia, an Argentinean expatriate, who left her country after her parents were "disappeared" by the government. Jarod falls for Nia, and recalls his first taste of romantic love as a child - with a young Miss Parker. Jarod calls Sydney for advice, and from the music playing in the background, Broots is able to start a location search. Jarod notes several inconsistencies in the Simpkins disappearance, including hints from a truffle farmer that his pig had been startled by dynamiting on the mountain, and a low-flying plane. On an overnight hike, Nia and Jarod find the downed airplane, with money and drugs stashed inside. Jarod deduces that Conrad, the park ranger in charge of the search, was in league with the drug smugglers, and when Simpkins happened upon the downed plane, Conrad sealed him in an old mine shaft. Jarod and Nia find Simpkins, and seal Conrad in the same mine for the authorities. Jarod loses his virginity, and learns about the Three Stooges and Star Wars.

Jarod uncovers a news ratings scam that cost a news cameraman the use of his arm. The local anchor was provoking gang wars that he and his crew would just happen to be on scene to capture for the evening news. Parker and Sydney zero in on Jarod, but Parker accidentally shoots Sydney, and the two are locked in an abandoned building about to be demolished. A call from Jarod sends Broots to the building just in time to save their lives.

Under the Reds
Jarod exposes an insurance scam where an EMT diverted high-insurance patients to a specific hospital; but the scam started to have tragic consequences when patients that could have benefitted from a closer hospital ended up waiting longer for care. Sydney disappears, and turns up at his brother Jacob's bedside, with a possible cure for his coma derived by Jarod. Miss Parker is ordered to ensure that Jacob dies, and Raines sends a team after her to ensure that she did the job.

In the path of a hurricane, Jarod tries to help a young girl, Simone, who is seriously ill and in need of a hospital. Her parents, all of them Haitian refugees, were killed when they were brought to the US by Bartlet, a corrupt law enforcement officer. Bartlet left them in a shack during a storm because they could not afford to pay his jacked-up price for smuggling them to the US. The shack collapsed and the parents died while covering Simone. Jarod traps Bartlet in a net in the path of the storm so he can experience what they did. Broots is able to track Jarod's use of Centre computer resources and Miss Parker goes to Florida, too. The storm holds Jarod up, and Parker is able to catch and subdue him. When Simone needs medicine, Jarod convinces Parker to go with him to get it. In the boathouse, Bartlet, freed from the net, takes them both prisoner - but Parker is able to get free and subdue him -- and Jarod them cages them both up. Jarod gets Simone the medicine, and hijacks a Centre helicopter to transport her to the hospital, and leaves Parker behind. Jarod sends Parker a key to a safe deposit box her mother kept - in it is a police report of a beating she had gotten. Parker blames her father, but during the storm, recalls that it was Raines who had beaten her - she died not long thereafter. Jarod tells her she died because she wanted to help the Centre children escape.

Unhappy Landings
Jarod helps a man and his wife uncover the truth about the man's involvement in a drug smuggling shipment gone sour: the man's partner had arranged the shipment, and left his partner to take the fall when the plane was forced down. Jarod also helped expose the US Marshall and US Attorneys that the drug cartel had "bought". Parker continues the search for the children her mother helped in the 60's. She found one, but the young woman had recently died. Parker gets the woman's bracelet on which is inscribed "SL-27".

Jarod's Honor
Jarod stumbles onto a dead hit-man, whose identity he takes on; he stages the murders of two restaurant owners to expose a third owner willing to kill to get their land. Based on a photo sent by Sydney, Jarod looks into a private investigator who may have helped his parents look for him years ago - but the PI's records don't go back far enough. Sydney and Parker, based on a message from Jarod, go to a twins convention, where Sydney meets a pair of twins who had some insight into Jacob's final days. Jarod later learns that Sydney did not send the picture; and Jarod did not send the message about the twins convention. Someone else at the Centre is feeding them information.

Baby Love
Finishing up one good deed, and in hiding from Parker, Jarod comes across an abandoned baby. He later learns the mother was almost killed in a staged suicide - the father is a married politician up for reelection. Jarod exposes the politician, his police detective accomplice, and returns the baby to the mother. Jarod sends blueprints for the Centre to Sydney - the blueprints don't show it, but the amount of dirt hauled away indicate one extra level in the compound. Sub-Level 27 (SL-27). Broots, Parker, and Sydney investigate SL-27 and find equipment partially destroyed in a fire - Sydney recalls that Raines was hurt in a mysterious fire years before. They find birthing equipment, simulator gear, and toys, all fire-damaged. They also find numerous files, which look like they'd been placed there recently. Some pertain to Jarod and are signed by Sydney's brother Jacob. Sydney advises against taking the files, and staying any longer. When they later return to SL-27, though, the files are gone. Angelo has taken them and seems to be stockpiling them, for reasons unknown.

The Dragon House (Two parts)
We learn about Kyle, a Pretender kept in SL27 by Raines long after his release from the official Pretender project. Raines trained Kyle to become a killing machine, with no conscience. Kyle, in prison for a string of violent felonies ending with the kidnapping of an ex-nun, has escaped from prison. Jarod joins the FBI task force created to track down Kyle. Jarod speaks with the ex-nun, Harriet, and learns that his parents stayed at her farm for a time after his abduction. Kyle kidnaps Harriet again, and Jarod rescues her and nearly kills Kyle before Harriet stops him. She reveals that Kyle is Jarod's brother. Kyle is captured by the Centre and Raines orders him lobotomized. Jarod sneaks into the Centre to free Kyle, and is assisted by Angelo, who has been covertly helping Jarod ever since he was put on the case. Jarod and Kyle make their escape, but are pursued by the FBI. Kyle appears to die when their truck flips over and explodes. Jarod is put in contact with his mother via Harriet, but a planned rendezvous is foiled by a Centre team. Jarod confronts Raines, but is unable to act - an unknown assailant shot Raines' oxygen tank, which blew up, injuring Raines, but not fatally. Jarod learns that no remains of Kyle's were found in the truck wreckage. Miss Parker is becoming untrusting of her father, a Centre executive.

Season 2

Back From the Dead Again
Parker, Sydney, and Broots follow Jarod to Mexico, where he lived as a brother. He turns up back in the US, posing as an anatomy professor. Meanwhile, Miss Parker returns to the Centre and finds a Mr. Lyle is "filling in" for her father, who has been missing for several weeks. He has brought in a new cleaner, Brigitte. She says she does not understand how Jarod has escaped them for so long. Sydney speculates Lyle was sent by the Triumvirate. Jarod calls Sydney and demands to know about three weeks missing from his DSA collection - he is having nightmares about whatever is in that time. Sydney was at a conference during that time. Broots finds a DSA - Raines and Lyle did an experiment on Jarod, where they stopped his heart and started it again. Sydney has no explanation. Parker confronts Raines, who says he doesn't know where her father is; he calls Lyle the Boogie Man. At the medical school, Jarod is trying to find Enrique, the brother of his student Fernando. One of the cadavers in his lab was supposedly buried last year - when Jarod digs up her grave, he finds Enrique inside - he had been buried alive. Jarod finds that Dr. Fein was, coincidentally, performing heart stoppage and restart techniques, and one of his subjects, whom Enrique had befriended, died. When Enrique balked, the doctor killed him.

Scott Free
Jarod joins up with a high-tech robbery gang, and aids in a heist. His reason for joining up is that one other member is being held to the group by the group's leader, who has his son as a hostage to ensure the father's cooperation. When a photo from one of the crime scenes goes out on a national police database, the Centre is able to pick it up. Miss Parker goes to the investigating detective for a lead; he is pretty sure of the next site, the National Diamond Depository. When the team's surveillance photos show Parker at the scene, Jarod hacks into Broots' security plans and makes his own modifications. Parker is not pleased when her plan for Jarod's capture is over ridden by Lyle in favor of Brigitte's plan. When Jarod forces the gang leader to release the boy, he puts his plan in place, and locks all the Centre personnel in a secure room, allowing Jarod to escape to reunite the father and son, and allowing Parker to gloat about Brigitte's failed plan.

Over the Edge
Jarod goes to work as a member of a Search and Rescue team in Spokane, Washington. Chris, one of the team members, recently tried to commit suicide by cutting his repelling rope as he scaled a training tower. Jarod notes that Gillespie, the one female member of the team, seems to fear Cain, the ranking member. Jarod does some digging and finds that Cain had nearly been suspended in another department for sexual harassment. When he confronts Gillespie about Cain, she admits that Cain has been coming on to her, and Chris threatened to turn him in - in retaliation, Cain cut Chris's rope. Jarod sets up a fake rescue and threatens Cain with a fatal fall of his own; Cain confesses. Jarod finds Chris's addict mother and convinces her to go to see her son to help in his recovery. At the Centre, a doctor interviews Broots, Sydney, and Parker about the shooting of Raines. The doctor tells Raines that his analysis shows it could be any one of them. The doctor later meets Jarod and tells him that he'd done as he'd asked, and gave Jarod a file detailing his true findings.

Jarod poses as a fashion photographer to find out the identity of a stalker who was responsible for a model's death. Another model becomes the object of the stalker's desire. Jarod talks to the dead model's sister; the two of them were foster children, who didn't know their parents. Jarod is able to relate to their story. He digs into the sister's phone records and finds that the model is not dead after all, just hiding out. He speaks to her about an attack the stalker attempted upon her - she recalls only the eyes. Jarod gets pictures of all the men working in the modeling agency, and the model picks out one of the men. Jarod lays a trap for him, and he is caught. Jarod sends Miss Parker to Maine, where she finds a broken music box and a lunch with her mother's old friend Ben. Ben has a piece to the music box, but one final piece is missing. Ben told Parker that her mother sparkled until she met her father, but she sparkled again when she was born. Her mother came to his inn every April. Jarod sends Miss Parker the final piece to the music box in the mail - when the music plays, a secret compartment opens, revealing a photo of her as a baby, with her mother and Ben. She realizes that April is nine months away from January, her birthday. Suddenly, her father, missing for a month, walks in, and tells her to come to meet with he, Lyle, and Raines.

Nip and Tuck
Jarod poses as a plastic surgeon to determine why a young woman, an excellent high school student, stopped going to school after a motor vehicle accident. He finds that a repair on her face, done pro bono by the high-profile plastic surgery center he is working at, was botched. He confronts the original surgeon who said that though he did no follow-up, the job he'd done had not severed one of her facial nerves. Jarod discovers that the center's director needed a bone graft for a super model and that the girl's bone was used without her permission - in the hasty operation, the nerve was severed. Jarod stages an auto accident for the director and gives her a "clay dough" make over, giving her the appearance of a botched plastic surgery. Jarod helps the girl find the courage to go back to school. Broots is nearly shot by Brigitte, but is saved by Angelo, who escaped from the Centre to help him. Broots discovers that Brigitte was taking advantage of Broots's feeling that he was being followed - pictures arrive of Sydney and Parker, too. Angelo senses the picture taker, and recites Kyle's tag line - I decide who lives and who dies.

Past Sim
Jarod sees a news report of a witness abduction that is startlingly similar to a sim he ran just before he left the Centre - but his sim was a hostage rescue. The victim, Emma Barret, a mother whose son was killed by Sammy Tanaka, a Japanese mafioso, was scheduled to testify against Tanaka. Jarod calls Sydney, livid and feeling responsible. Parker and Sydney do not believe the Centre could be involved until they speak to Lyle who essentially confirms that they are. Jarod provides family court with information about Broots's ex-wife in Broots's custody battle over his daughter Debbie. In return, Broots breaks into Lyle's office and gets the location of Barret. Jarod goes to the safe house while Tanaka's son and Lyle conduct a funds transfer. As the money is transferred, Jarod rescues Barret - and the money is diverted out of the Centre account. Parker confronts Raines, who, with her father, confirms that the Triumvirate has tired of Lyle, and is looking for a way to discredit him. The botched delivery of Barret was part of their plan, but Jarod was not. Jarod delivers Barret to court for her testimony. When Raines checks on his account, the money is gone - Sydney helped divert it to Jarod, who plans to help a lot of people with it. Last we see Lyle, he is under surveillance by Tanaka's henchmen.

Collateral Damage
Jarod takes up the cause of a soldier who died in Vietnam - classified documents were found on his body after he stepped on a land mine, and he was branded a traitor. Today, his daughter is trying to prove his innocence so that his name may appear on the Wall. Jarod goes to work for the Army for the soldier's lieutenant, now commanding an elite infiltration unit. Another of the soldier's buddies is now a congressman. While the new unit is on a mission in Columbia, Jarod notices that the drug factory they blow up had very little real equipment in side. He looks in the bank accounts of the dead soldier's comrades, and finds millions of dollars paid by a drug king pin's front company. Jarod devises a way to get the commander to confess to the original crime, and the soldier's name is placed on the Wall. Broots asks Parker to watch Debbie for a few days while he works on some Centre computers out of state. Parker is able to resolve some issues from her childhood, but is still haunted by the images of her mother's death.

Jarod has a conversation with Dan Healy at a bus stop, just before he throws himself in front of a bus. Jarod learns that Healy was an engineer working for ECS, a hazardous waste company. The deaths of three co-workers is being blamed on a seal he designed - the deadly pesticide MZT leaked and killed them within a minute. Jarod also learns that Horace Strickland, a member of the transport team, has been selling space in waste transport containers to drug smugglers. One of the dead was blackmailing him, and he rigged the seal to break, getting rid of his gadfly, but implicating Healy. Jarod gets Strickland to confess, and Healy starts on his way to recovery. Back at the Centre, Sydney sees a man in the hallway and goes off the deep end, disappearing without a trace. Parker and Broots have Angelo look at Sydney's things, and he finds a drawing Jarod made years ago. Angelo sends Jarod a copy of the drawing, and he warns Parker to find Sydney before it is too late. When she catches up to him, Sydney is about to kill the man, Krieg - he was a Nazi doctor doing research on twins - Sydney and Jacob were subjects, and Krieg had the rest of his family killed. Sydney lets him go though, and he is extradited to Israel; Sydney fears he became the monster he hated the most, but Jarod tells him that he is nothing like Krieg, that Jarod will always be Sydney's family.

Jarod goes to work on a beer commercial as the effects supervisor. The previous super, Mickey, was fired when his partner, Dave, was seriously injured in an uncontrolled explosion during an effect. Jarod looks at a video tape of the shoot, and sees a secondary explosion. The other FX tech on the job, Ray, tells Jarod that he told Brynne, the ad rep on the shoot, that his homemade napalm could crank up any explosion effect - he suspects Brynne put napalm in the car to get a better effect. Jarod sets up a similar scenario with Brynne in the car and gets her taped confession. Jarod sends Parker a foam rubber Igor monster, with a Centre security tape inside. On the tape is Parker's mother visiting Timmy the day before she died. Timmy was one of Raines's subjects on SL-27, room 155. Syndey, Broots, and Parker bring Angelo to room 155, and he freaks. Broots searches Raines's personal records and finds another tape - Timmy has been rendered nearly comatose, and Raines tells Catherine to now call him Angelo. Parker apologizes to Angelo for subjecting him to the room. Jarod asks Parker if she found out anything about a man named Fenigor, who seemed to be helping Catherine Parker get the children out of the Centre. So far, she's found no record.

Indy Show
Jarod goes racing with the Roemer family, replacing Jimmy who was recently in a crash. Jimmy had been driving his brother RJ's car when his throttle got stuck open and he hit the wall. Jarod initially suspects that RJ was jealous of Jimmy's driving, but eventually nails a faulty throttle cable on Nigel, the team's other driver. Nigel had intended for RJ to get the doctored car, but Jimmy took it out first. Jarod forces a confession by simulating the conditions when Nigel is out on the track. Sydney's brother Jacob is out of his coma, but near death. Sydney and Parker bring Jacob to Jacob and Sydney's cabin, where they try to get him to remember details about Jarod and Parker's mother. All they are able to get out of him is the name Gene, but he does not tell them the name's significance. Sydney confesses to Jacob that he shot at Raines, to Parker's surprise.

Gigolo Jarod
Jarod leaves a copy of the Kama Sutra and the address to an adult book store behind for Parker, Broots, and Sydney to find. At the book store, they find that Jarod had been inquiring about sexual interaction and relationships. The proprietor publishes romance novels on the side, and published one Jarod wrote. It is about Miss Parker and her life, told in an allegory. Jarod asks her to be his valentine. Jarod goes to work as an escort, getting in with Cyndi Sloan, a Detroit real estate developer. Sloan is about to tear down a building recently condemned when a young boy fell to his death off the roof. Jarod finds that the bricks holding the building together have been tampered with. Sloan's aide, Frank, had been poking around on the roof, living up to Sloan's motto, Whatever it takes. Jarod discovers that Sloan used to live in the building, and she tells him she moved away, changed her name, tried to become someone else. He convinces her to save the building; he coerces a confession from Frank that he rigged the building to crumble, making him responsible for the boy's death.

Toy Surprise
Jarod goes on a wilderness hike with a teen who blames himself for the death of his friend in an automobile accident. Jarod stages his own accident and helps the youth overcome his fears. Jarod contacts Miss Parker and lets her know that her father is in danger - on a helicopter ride from Bermuda back to the Centre, his chopper is to explode before it can land. As she presses Broots into discovering who the source of the bomb is, Raines comes in and asks what they are doing. Parker confronts him, but he insists he is not to blame this time. The power goes out in the Centre during a scheduled drill, and time begins to get short. Parker and Broots climb an elevator shaft only to discover Brigitte waiting for them with a gun. She and Parker fight it out; Brigitte has a device to be used to blow up the helicopter. She and Parker both run for the roof as the chopper comes in, and Parker is able to get it away from her. Parker and her father go together to visit her mother's grave for the first time since the funeral.

Stand Up Guy
As a test, Jarod shoots a man while working as a gangster. He is there to investigate the death of a federal agent, whose partner, Dean Clark, is accused of ratting on him. Clark says he was set up. Working as a counterfeiter, Jarod works up a plan to steal unprinted currency paper. Jarod learns that the leader of the group, Joey, killed the agent and framed his partner. During the heist, Jarod and one of his accomplices are arrested. Jarod is working for the Feds, undercover, and the man he shot was a cop (wearing a vest). He is released and soon learns that Prosecutor Flanagan is dirty. Armed with all the players, inside and out, Jarod traps them all in a walk-in freezer (where the agent was shot) and turns them in to the authorities. Jarod complains to Parker that Mr. Lyle is following him. Lyle kills everyone in the Hartford office. Mr. Parker orders Miss Parker to clean up the mess. Broots finds a chip from a Centre "Blue Box", which is used to record all that goes on in the office. Another chip is missing - no way to know what was on it. Parker finds Lyle in a hotel in Providence. Lyle plans on selling the chip after using the Centre's main backup computer to decode it. Parker is waiting for him. He tells her the chip is to pay off his debt. Following Jarod is to regain access to the Center. Parker shoots him, presumably dead. Broots tells Parker that while examining the chip, he found genetic codes - Jarod's? Mr. Parker tells Miss Parker not to worry about it.

Jarod is knocked unconscious during a pretend, and is rescued by Argyle, a collector and fixer. Jarod has a bout of amnesia, though he does see his mother in his stupor. Argyle goes through Jarod's things and plays several DSAs, further tweaking Jarod's memory; Argyle eventually realizes that Jarod has value to this place called the Centre. Meanwhile, at the Centre, Broots, Parker, and Sydney are called in for a late-hour meeting of the Triumvirate. They are determined, with Brigitte and Raines doing the questioning, to determine which of the team is helping Jarod; nothing other than a sympathizer makes sense as to why Jarod has remained at large. Through the questioning, they all lie, because they have all protected him at one time or another. During the questioning, Sydney's cell phone rings and Brigitte answers - it is Argyle, willing to "sell" Jarod for $10,000. Jarod, his memory regained, warns Argyle about who he is dealing with, but he does not listen. Brigitte detains him as she pursues Jarod, but even handcuffed to a bed, he is able to subdue and elude Brigitte and her team. As Broots, Sydney, and Parker leave the inquisition, Parker confronts her father, who was there the whole time. He tells her that he knew she would prevail, and letting her be questioned further decreased the influence of Raines and Brigitte.

Jarod is working for a SWAT team. Looking into the death of Lt. Lange, who died saving his partner, officer Mooney. Lange was a widower with two sons, Jordan and Cody. Jarod befriends them - they talk of an argument he'd had a few days before the shooting. Jarod thinks that officers Stephens, Mooney, and Cooke did not try to help Lange, but were themselves the shooters. Jarod finds tapes Lange made while he surveilled his SWAT team comrades meeting with a gangster named Vladomir Petrovka. He refused to look the other way. Jarod corners them in the roller rink in a mock gunfight and gets a taped confession. Sydney asks Broots to help him find a woman named Michelle Lucca. Broots finds someone, but she seemed to appear out of nowhere in 1974. She worked for the Centre, with Sydney. Parker and Broots search Sydney's office for a note left him by Jarod - it is a birth certificate listing Lucca as the mother, but with no father - Sydney? The certificate is for a boy named Nicholas, born 8 months after Lucca left the Centre. Sydney goes to see Lucca. She tells him she left because she loved him. He is Nicholas' father - someone gave her a choice - tell Sydney, and he would end up in an accident. She does not want to tell her son. Sydney watches Nick from afar; Parker looks on as well. Sydney gets ready to leave, but Parker convinces him to stay to find out who threatened him.

Parker, Broots, and Sydney are investigating Jarod's latest hideout; Raines meets them there to ask if Parker is behind the investigation the Centre is doing of his files. He is livid that Angelo has been moved out of his reach. Raines is attacked in a parking lot. Sydney patches him up - while he was delirious, Raines kept saying "Enid". The attacker carved "155" into Raines' arm, his old lab's room number. They follow Raines' bodyguard, Willy, to a warehouse. Willy had rigged the place to burn down. The word "einnad" is written all over - Dannie, backwards. Dannie was one of Raines' patients on SL27. They find Dannie and he begs Parker to kill him so Raines can't hurt him anymore. Sydney transfers Dannie to his care. Jarod is working witness protection for the DEA. Young Nicky was at the laundromat with his mother Carla when he witnessed a shooting. He has been silent ever since. The dead man was Cruz, a DEA agent. Some of his colleagues suspected Cruz of being dirty. Twice, DEA safe houses are shot at to get Nicky. Jarod finally gets Nicky to talk. Bingham, a DEA agent, and Vasquez, a drug dealer, met and Cruz interrupted them. Bingham shot Cruz, noticed Nicky hiding, and threatened to kill his mother if he talked. He sets up the dirty agent and he is arrested.

Jarod trades seats with a student on a flight to San Diego; the flight crashes and Daniel dies along with 10 other people. Jarod goes to work with the NTSB investigators on the crash. The cockpit voice recorder malfunctioned, so they must now focus on determining why the plane's elevator was set improperly. One of the pilots is the son of the airline's head. Larson blames the co-pilot, whose head injury caused her to lose her memory of the incident. Jarod finds that the CVR did not malfunction - it was erased. He sees the chief investigator take a pay-off from Larson's father. Jarod takes Larson and the chief up in a plane and parachutes out, telling the pair how to save themselves only after they confess on tape. Mr. Parker is lobbying to replace Lyle now that he is dead and Miss Parker is primed to help. But Jarod sends her, Sydney, and Broots to a class reunion in Nebraska. Jarod sends yearbooks with clues, and focuses on the page of names for which no pictures were available. One, Bobby Bowman, appears to be Mr. Lyle. He "died" 16 years ago. His father was convicted of the death, and is now in prison. He notes that Bobby was fine until a "counselor" from the adoption agency came to see him, at which time Bobby became violent. Sydney worries that if Lyle was able to fake his death once, he could do it again. Lyle's body was cremated, so a DNA test can't be done.

In Sunnyvale, Jarod takes the place of a father in a coma in a car accident. The man's son, Patrick, has been kidnapped. As he assumes the identity of reclusive billionaire George Harper, Jarod has flashbacks to his abduction by the Centre. Harper's chief of security, Mr. Alomar, agrees to go along with the replacement, for Patrick's sake. Sydney, Broots, and Parker try to figure out why Jarod worked for a pharmaceuticals company for three weeks - turns out Mr. Raines is a major stock holder. They are sent to Sunnyvale to follow up on a lead. As Jarod makes contact with the kidnappers, Centre operatives begin to tail him. The kidnapper sees the Centre teams and assumes they are police and demands another $2 million to proceed. Jarod barely evades them with Alomar's help, and eludes them again at Harper's hospital. Jarod suspects the security chief at Patrick's school with some involvement in the kidnapping. He confesses to helping for $100,000, and reveals his location. Jarod is cornered by Parker and her team, but he manages to escape again and heads for Patrick. He reaches him just before the kidnapper kills Patrick. Raines is furious that Jarod eluded them when they were so close

Red Rock Jarod
Jarod gets a message from Sydney to meet him in Dry River, Arizona. When he arrives, he is detained by the local sheriff's deputy. But when her son passes out she lets Jarod help. Hypoglycemic, a few Pez elevate his blood sugar. Jarod learns the boy is in need of a heart transplant. He, like Jarod, has AB blood, which makes finding a donor difficult. Regardless, the sheriff's takes him, shackled and under arms, to Mr. Lyle. Lyle kidnapped the sheriff's pregnant wife and is using her as leverage. He intends to make the Triumvirate's vote on his successor unnecessary. He tries to recruit Jarod as an ally, but Jarod recalls his previous encounters with Lyle all too well. Sydney, Parker, and Broots find an envelope left by Jarod for Parker - her mother's Centre ID card. The expiration date has been changed to 4/13/70, the day she was killed. Sydney gets an email from Jarod confirming their meeting in Dry River - but Sydney did not ask for the meeting. Parker goes to Arizona alone. All the while, the trio is being clandestinely photographed. Angelo helps with the clues - the person who lured Jarod to Arizona has no thumb - like a certain presumed-dead ex-administrator at the Centre. Lyle left the ID card, too. Parker arrives in Dry River asking about Jarod and Lyle. She shows the sheriff's pictures of Lyle at the Hartford office massacre, and that just strengthens his resolve to get his wife back. Jarod tests Lyle's patience by bringing up his childhood - Lyle drugs him just as Parker arrives at his lair. The sheriff arrests her. Just as Lyle is about to remove Jarod's thumb, the mysterious photographer disables Lyle. In his drugged state, Jarod barely recognizes his brother Kyle. The photos arrive at the Centre and when Angelo sees the photos, he starts reciting Kyle's mantra: "I decide who lives or dies". Sydney and Broots leave for Arizona. When Jarod awakens, he learns of Kyle's plans: to kill everyone, starting with Lyle. Jarod convinces him to at least help save the sheriff's wife first. Kyle "convinces" Lyle to tell them where she is and they pull her out just as her air supply runs out. Parker convinces the deputy to let her go, and she finds Lyle - but Lyle subdues her. When Jarod and Kyle go back to get Lyle, he's holding Parker hostage. Parker manages to escape and Kyle shoots him - Lyle gets off a shot and Kyle throws himself in front of the bullet, meant for Jarod. Kyle dies in Jarod's arms. Lyle disappears yet again and as Parker is about to take Jarod, the sheriff shows up and gives him a "get out of jail free card." Jarod takes Kyle in a Centre helicopter to have his heart used in the deputy's son.

Miss Parker gets a package from Jarod, which includes a letter to Parker from her mother. He also sends a pamphlet from a bank in Delaware. She goes there and Jarod is waiting. As they watch, Mr. Fenigor arrives, the man Parker's mother was working with. A bank robbery ensues. Jarod is used as a hostage and is shown on TV, seen by Sydney, Broots, and in the Tower. Jarod gives Parker another letter - he stole them from her father's safe. Fenigor sees Parker in the bank and looks as if he's seen a ghost. Parker hopes he can tell her who killed her mother; Jarod who is family is. When Jarod finally gets to Fenigor, he says he can't help Jarod - Fenigor runs and is shot by one of the robbers. Jarod and Parker work together to save him. A bank teller tells them that Fenigor comes in every Friday to withdraw cash from his trust. Sydney, Broots, and Centre sweepers start to arrive at the bank. Broots sees a sweeper kill a SWAT sniper and take his position. Fenigor awakens and apologizes to Jarod for taking him from his family. He gives Jarod a safe deposit key. In the box are bank records showing deposits from Mr. Parker's accounts - $10,000 a month for 28 years, from Mr. Parker's account. Fenigor promises to tell the two of them everything if they get him out of the bank. Jarod and Parker overpower the robbers and lock them in the vault. As they leave, Fenigor tells Parker her answers are in the Prodigy Red Files. The sniper wounds Fenigor as Broots moves in on him. The police shoot the sniper just before he shoots Broots. When her father asks about Fenigor, Miss Parker tells him she had no idea who he was.

Bloodlines (two parts)
Jarod opens an envelope Fenigor had in his box. It contains a telegram and a card from NuGenesis. Jarod goes to work at NuGenesis, a fertility clinic. He is told that the room at the end of corridor 7 is off limits, as are all computer records. He gets into corridor 7 and finds testing materials he recognizes from when he was a boy. A janitor approaches Jarod, says he knew his parents when they were trying to get pregnant and turned to NuGenesis for help. He says there has been a lot of activity in corridor 7 lately, after years of inactivity. Jarod opens a safe with a key from Fenigor's envelope and finds the Red Files and a film of him being tested. At the Centre, Sydney tries out a serum Jarod devised on Angelo. A series of injections must be given, and none can be skipped if the treatment is to work. Angelo starts to recall his childhood. Raines is packing up his office - Broots roots around in some of his boxes and finds a recent photo of an elementary school class. When Angelo sees it, he blurts out "Red Files!", runs off with the photo, scrawls "Prodigy" on it and emails the photo to Jarod. Sydney realizes Raines is getting ready to acquire a new Pretender. Angelo tells them the answers to the Red Files are on SL27. Investigating, Parker, Syd, and Broots find that they are rebuilding SL27. Broots finds security footage of Parker's mother giving birth on SL27; Raines delivers the girl, and a twin boy. He tells Catherine that the boy is stillborn, but he clearly is not - Raines calls NuGenesis and tells them the boy is ready. Parker confronts her father, thinking he knew, but he clearly thought his baby boy was dead, and is in a fury. The janitor tells Jarod that it is possible he is adopted, as NuGen used to handle adoptions as well as infertility. Jarod goes to Oakview, where his parents, Margaret and Charles, stayed while they were at NuGen. The innkeeper recalls his parents from when he was a boy, and shows Jarod their cabin. Angelo takes his remaining treatments and leaves the Centre, showing up at the cabin, calling himself Timmy now. Jarod poses as a teacher at the school where the class photo was taken, and finds three possible children. He gets blood samples and has them tested at NuGen - Davy, an orphan, has a gene, a mutation, something that makes him Pretender material. When he and Angelo/Timmy go to find Davy, he has already been taken by Gar. Syd confronts Fenigor and asks where they would have taken Davy. He says that there was a safe house in Charleston. Timmy recalls the name of the place he was taken, and with the name and city, Timmy and Jarod go to rescue Davy. Before they can take him back to Oakview, a NuGen doctor starts Davy on his treatments to start him as a Pretender. Jarod goes to NuGen to synthesize some of Timmy's serum for Davy. He has time to make just one dose. Miss Parker goes to NuGen and finds the Red Files on Jarod's desk. She finds him at Oakview, with Timmy and Davy. Jarod shows her an eighth Red File; it is hers. Another is his. He could be her brother... but he has ruled himself out. Her brother is either Timmy, or Mr. Lyle. The vial of serum breaks, dashing Davy's hopes ... but Timmy has one dose left; he gives it to Davy, knowing that he will revert to Angelo without it. Meanwhile, Syd decides to put a stop to the reconstruction of SL27 by planting a bomb to go off when it is vacant. Before he reverts, Parker asks Timmy what he recalls of her mother's shooting. He says only that he saw a man in a dark suit. Gar catches Timmy, Jarod, Parker and Davy, and plans to take them all back to the Centre. Timmy helps Jarod get Davy into the plane and they fly off. Jarod places Davy with an infertile couple. He goes to the Centre to talk to Fenigor; Parker is there, too. They both grill him - who are my parents, who killed my mother? He reveals that the man in the dark suit is Jarod's father. Parker chases Jarod down to SL27, where Fenigor says their answers lie. As they arrive there, so do Broots, Syd, Raines, and Mr. Parker; seconds later, Syd's bomb goes off. The fates of those present are unknown.

Season 3

Everyone appears to have survived the bomb blast, except for Gar. Mr. Parker tells Miss Parker that the Triumvirate has decided to bring in someone to help her locate Jarod, who disappeared after the explosion. A surveillance tape at a Centre records lab shows him crazed, seemingly insane. Parker laments to Broots that Sydney has not turned up. Suspicious of Raines's time spent in the Renewal Wing, she follows him and happens upon Syd, being "reeducated". He was blinded by the blast. He is there at Raines's behest, for planting the bomb. Parker and Broots learn that Lyle is back; he is their new partner, and he needs Sydney - rewrites the bomb report to blame Gar. Parker gets blood samples from Lyle and Angelo, to determine who is her brother. Broots discovers that Mr. Parker convinced the Triumvirate to bring Lyle back. Jarod, meanwhile, has himself committed to a mental sanitorium. There, he tells Dr. Goetz the story of his life as a Pretender, sounding perfectly paranoid and delusional. At night, he secrets away to meet with another patient, Mary, who tried to escape years before with patient Erica. Jarod tells Mary to stop taking her drugs. In a few more nights, he returns and hears her story - Dr. Blythe had impregnated Erica and wanted her to abort. She refused, and Mary helped Erica escape. But Blythe caught up with them, killed Erica, and drowned her. He kept Mary on inappropriate drugs to prevent her from revealing the truth. He forces Blythe to confess. Lyle and Parker rush to the asylum to snatch Jarod, but he has already left. Parker gets the results of the blood test - Lyle is her brother.

Hope and Prey
Jarod puts a web site up on the Net, with pictures of his family, asking if anyone has seen them. Broots tries to trace the site, but Jarod has it set to change servers every 18 hours. Miss Parker goes to speak to Fenigor in the infirmary, but he is gone - Lyle says he's dead. Angelo "reads" Fenigor's sheets - he is not dead. Angelo recites "CA543"; Broots investigates. Parker and Broots go to the Renewal Wing and find Fenigor, but his mind is a blank, and he has no recollection of Jarod or Catherine Parker. Broots finds CA543, a Centre Archive, it has the weapon used to kill Catherine Parker, and has a circle of fire engraved on the butt. Parker takes it to Angelo, who says "Follow the Circle". Jarod meets with Mike Bodie, an Indian, on the lam for bail-jumping. As a boy, Jarod's father rescued him in the wilderness; saw Major Charles's picture on the Web. Mike gives Jarod a dream catcher the Major made, and wants to tell him more, but bounty hunters chase him off. Jarod discovers that Mike owns land a mining company wants, and the local Indian administrator is trying to drive Mike off so it can be sold. Jarod clears Mike's name and he takes Jarod to a cave where the Major had a dream quest. In the cave, Jarod finds a patch with the same design Parker found on the gun. In his own dream quest, he asks his father if he killed Catherine Parker; he says "Follow the Circle". Sydney regains his sight.

Once in a Blue Moon
Sarah Rickman, a teenage girl, is kidnapped, prompting Jarod to drop his plans for Florida and head north. The crime is shockingly similar to one he pretended years ago - a killer was kidnapping girls from their beds, after ripping out the eyes of their dolls and writing "Blue Moon Rising" on a mirror. He helped find the killer, but not until after he killed Annie, his last victim. Posing as a criminal behaviorist, he tells local police he needs Willard, the killer, brought to him. Jarod sends a picture of Annie to Sydney. Parker steals it and brings it to Angelo, who can only say that she is scared. She confronts Sydney, who suggests she and Broots head to Florida to find Jarod. She refuses, convinced it is a dead end. Jarod speaks to Willard, who eventually figures out Jarod was the one who helped find him 20 years ago. He tells Jarod he can help him, if Jarod brings him to Sarah's home. There, he overpowers Jarod and escapes. The police figure out that an old prison guard of Willard's is the new kidnapper. Willard shows up at a farmhouse, expecting to find his accomplice there, but instead finds Jarod and the police waiting, and Sarah is safe. Broots and Parker read about Annie's death and realize the story in the news is too similar. They arrive at the farm house, too, but too late. Parker asks Sydney why he tried to distract her - she learns that Annie was Raines's daughter. Her bones were found in the farm house after Sarah was found.

Someone to Trust
Jarod meets with Harold Kincade, a wealthy land owner who wants to hire Jarod to burn down a building he owns. Harold's beautiful wife, Kristie, suggests Jarod stay in their guest house, since most hotels are booked due to the season. The two of them talk while Harold is away, and it is obvious Jarod begins to develop feelings for her. That night, he is awaken be screaming and a fire. Kristie runs out of the house, hysterical. Harold has been burned to death. The local sheriff takes Kristie to the station to answer questions, but she is released. Some evidence implicates Jarod in the fire, and he runs to Kristie's mountain cabin. There, he detects a gas leak. The sheriff drives up and goes into the cabin, which explodes moments later. Kristie is totally nonplussed. She packs to leave the country, but holds back to sign some papers for her inheritance; Jarod arrives, police in tow - she and the sheriff conspired to kill Harold and pin the blame on Jarod. Jarod sends a photo Parker - Broots finds out it is of Shae-Ling, an Oriental mail-order bride. There is a 911 tape of her screaming. Jarod sends another photo of Mr. Parker leaving Shae-Ling's building after she died. Parker suspects Mr. Parker killed her, but Broots finds a wedding picture of Lyle and Shae-Ling. She confronts her father and brother, who admit they know her, but say that she was having an affair and the other man beat her to death. Jarod reminds Parker of something her mother said - "Trust, it can kill you or set you free."

As Broots prepares for Debbie's birthday, Miss Parker asks him to investigate a break-in at the Data Annex. Someone has been stealing data stored there. Meanwhile, Jarod is reading some alarming headlines in the news, and fears some of his sims are being used to aid terrorists in their work. While Broots is at the Annex, a gunman walks in and kills all the technicians inside, and then chases and tries to kill Broots. The Centre, unaware of Broots's involvement, asks Lyle to bring him in, dead or alive. Broots calls Syd who tells him he is in danger. Broots goes to Debbie's school, and watches as Miss Parker picks her up and takes her away. He is relieved to hear that she is safe, hiding out in Miss Parker's house. Back at his house, he is surprised by Jarod, who rushes him into a car as a gunman starts shooting at them. Jarod knows the man - Damon, an ex-Centre operative. Jarod shows Broots his evidence that his sims are being used - and another has just been stolen. He needs to know which one. They go to the Annex to get the information, triggering an alarm - they barely escape as Miss Parker arrives. On the DSA, Damon is trying to convince Jarod to finish work on an Ebola-like virus so that a vaccine can be developed. Damon assures Jarod that after this sim, Jarod will have his freedom. Jarod refuses, and watches as Damon kills one of his friends to force the issue. Three weeks later, Jarod left the Centre - shortly thereafter, Damon was purged from the Centre, too. He is now stealing and selling secrets from Centre research. His pattern points to the shutdown of Bosnian peace negotiations, and a major church service is to be held in Washington. Broots clears the church and Jarod stops Damon. Damon takes Broots hostage. Jarod shoots Damon down to stop him. Broots and Debbie are reunited, and Jarod has to grapple with his mixed feelings about shooting Damon.

Jarod masquerades as a parolee to find out what happened to Bobby Harmon, who was killed by a homeowner while he was robbing their home. Jarod is contacted by parole officer Jack Brevins, who not only gives Jarod heroin to tide him over, but also supplies Sandi, a young woman, to "take care of his needs". Bobby's wife, Lupe, tells Jarod she has no idea what Bobby was doing in the house. Jack tells Jarod to stay away from Lupe. Sandi has been spying on him, so he follows her. She works with Jack to earn money to keep her paraplegic brother in a private hospital. Jarod works with Lupe and Sandi to get Jack to confess on tape to using parolees to commit crimes for him, using the threat of return to prison to pressure them. Meanwhile, Jarod tells Sydney to go see George Stamatis in a hospital - unknown to him, George is the husband of Michelle, Sydney's old flame, and Nicholas's adoptive father. George is dying, and has only a few hours to live. George asks Sydney to tell Nick that Sydney is his father; but Nick overhears, and runs out. Sydney catches up to him and tells Nick that even though George is not Nick's real father, he was there during all the times Nick needed him. After George dies, Nick and Sydney agree to contact each other and to try to build a friendship.

Jarod steals $60 million from the Centre, as well as Lyle's car. Posing as an arms dealer, he blows up the car in a demonstration and sends Lyle the burned license plate. Jarod travels to Venezuela, to the home of Desmond Blake, who is looking to but missiles from Jarod. His children, Ryan and Rebecca, think their mother, Wendy Blake, is dead, but he knows better, having contacted her weeks before about her missing kids. He is trying to concoct a scheme to spirit the kids away from Desmond to her. But Wendy cannot wait to see them, and goes to watch them at riding school. Ryan glimpses her and though Desmond writes it off as a vision, he is spooked and preps to move the family. Meanwhile, Broots tracks down where the money went, and Lyle and Miss Parker go to Venezuela. As they wait for him outside the Blake estate, Jarod arranges for them to be "detained" as he drives Blake, the kids, and their nanny to the airport. There he traps Blake, and reunites the family, then flies away on Blake's own private jet.

Flesh and Blood
Sydney's son Nicholas is working in Appalachia as a literacy volunteer when he and his group is kidnapped by a militia group. The group demands $1 million in ransom for their return. Jarod sees a news report and heads for the kidnapping site, turning up as an ATF tracker, there to hunt the group down. Michelle calls Sydney and tells him what has happened. Broots and Parker agree to cover for him as he goes with Michelle to the site. While tracking them, the group sends out a satellite transmission where they seem to shoot Nicholas as a show of their resolve. Based on the transmission, the ATF narrows their location down to a mine shaft. Meanwhile, Broots sends Lyle off to California on a boondoggle, but he and Parker realize that Sydney sent Jarod an email about Nicholas and Lyle must have intercepted it and gone to Appalachia himself. When the ATF reach the mine shaft, Sydney is there to pay the ransom, the hostages are gone, and all but one militia man is dead. He tells of a thumbless man who attacked and killed his men. Jarod sends the ATF off in the wrong direction and he and Sydney go after Lyle. At an abandoned cabin, Sydney knocks Jarod out and goes in alone. He finds Lyle and Nicholas talking. Jarod awakens and takes out Lyle's sweepers, and then finds Lyle with Nicholas and Sydney. He forces Sydney and Nicholas out, intent on revenge for the role Lyle played in Kyle's death. He forces Lyle to the ground, and gets ready to execute him... but when Parker and Broots arrive, Lyle is quite alive, having had a good scare. The Centre personnel exit just as the ATF arrive on the scene. Jarod realizes that now Sydney has a real son to love.

Murder 101
Jarod sends Miss Parker a copy of her father's will; it has recently been revised. She sees him meet with doctors and get new prescriptions. Fearing the worst, she asks if he is dying. On the contrary, he is getting married. Parker is not sure how to deal with that, and is even less able when she discovers his fiancee is Brigitte. Jarod, meanwhile, poses as a professor is a class for genius students, on the criminal mind. The previous professor went missing a year ago. Jarod visits Professor Clark's wife, who has a new infant son. She disputes the police claim that he emptied their accounts and ran off with a mistress. Jarod investigates and finds Clark's body on the road to his cabin, a place the police never searched. In the car is found beer, $40,000 cash, and pictures of an supposed mistress. Jarod suspects that some of the students in the class tried to commit the perfect murder. He confronts Matthew Collins, who confesses to talking to Claire Dunning and Grady about killing Clark, but that he never intended for it to go past a discussion. Claire and Grady killed Clark just to see if they could get away with it. Jarod captures the pair, and forces them to confess to the crimes.

Mr. Lee
Miss Parker and Mr. Lyle track Jarod to a greenhouse, but miss him - the person they question says that someone else is looking for Jarod, a Mr. Lee. Mr Lee calls his boss and informs them that once he speaks to seven people who have had contact with Jarod, he will be able to predict his next move. He speaks to Rachel Norton, who he helped after she was blinded by a bomb. She realizes Lee is not looking to help Jarod, but the catch him - she tells Lee that Jarod is too smart to be caught. Lee talks to Dr. Fein, whom Jarod helped put in jail for illegal medical experiments and murder, and to Miss Granger, who works for a missing child organization that Jarod helps with from time to time. Meanwhile, Parker and Lyle try to determine who Lee is; Mr Parker tells them to keep Brigitte apprised of what they find. They find Lee and attempt to move in on him, but he is one step ahead of the them - they do find a list of people he has talked to, and they speak with Elvis impersonator Bernie Baxley, and to JR, the boy who got Kyle's heart after Lyle shot Kyle. Lee has Lyle kidnapped and brought to him, and Lee interrogates Lyle about the death of Kyle; then Lee releases him. Broots traces calls from Lee to the Centre, to Mr. Parker's office; to a new line installed for Brigitte. Lee picks up Brigitte and tells her that he and his assistant, Anna, have determined where Jarod will be next - a home for handicapped children that the doctor keeps sick to keep insurance payments coming in. Parker and Lyle arrive just behind Lee and Brigitte and they all go looking for Jarod - all except Anna, who leaves with Jarod - one of the kids he is helping is her nephew.

The Assassin
While playing poker at a bus station, Jarod sees a woman get chased by a man, and he helps her escape. He takes Rachel to a hotel, where she tells him her situation: as a college student, she worked for a government project called M2. The computer programmers in the project created sims; when she realized her sims were being used as assassination ploys, she tried to quit. Alex Renfro, the director of M2, wouldn't let her, but finally cut her loose. Jarod looks into M2 and finds that all the members and their immediate families are recently dead, and each after an important assassination. A few days ago, Rachel's kids were kidnapped and she was told to await instruction. Rachel gets her orders - she must kill Senator Sanford Reist. Jarod tracks down the source, and recognizes Alex Renfro, long thought dead. When he returns, Rachel is watching Jarod's DSAs and suspects he has something to do with M2 and leaves without him. Jarod finds her and convinces her not to kill Reist and to let him help. They agree with Renfro to return her kids in exchange for keeping his good health a secret from the authorities. They make the exchange, and Jarod quickly brings the police in before Renfro can kill them all anyway. Miss Parker meets a neighbor, Thomas Gates. Brigitte orders her not to speak to Gates, but after talking with Jarod she decides to go stargazing with him.

Jarod goes to Atlantic City, to meet with his old "buddy" Argyle. Argyle is in a spot of trouble, and asks Jarod for help - he owes $5000 to Sonny Faddis, a loan shark. Jarod reluctantly agrees. He discovers that Argyle borrowed the money to try to get his father to Rome to see the Pope, and tried to double the money by gambling, and lost it all. Argyle gives the money to Faddis, but Faddis wants him to do one more thing - pick up a load of money in a bag in a dumpster. When he and Jarod go, another loan shark, The Cuban, makes a grab for the money and starts shooting at them. They escape, though Argyle gets a flesh wound. While his father, an ex-medic in Vietnam, patches Argyle up, Jarod tries to figure out what Faddis's game is. He realizes Faddis has been stealing from The Cuban, and planned to pin it all on Argyle. Jarod and Argyle arrange a ploy to catch both gangsters. The pair safely behind bars, Jarod arranges for father and son to have a personal audience with the pontiff. Miss Parker tells Sydney about Thomas - that he is working in her house, fixing some water damage. She laments that she yelled at him about a secret room in her house, a room that had been her mother's sanctuary - he wanted to open it up, and she wanted it closed off. When she returns from a failed attempt to catch Jarod, he is there - he replaced the wall with a door; ready to be opened whenever she is ready.

Jarod stops a woman from shooting a man outside a bar. Billie Vaughn was looking to hurt Eddie Fontenots to avenge the death of her mentor and adoptive father, Marvin Dupree. Jarod talks to Marvin's brother, Earl, who owns the bar. Earl believes that Eddie killed Marvin because Marvin was black and beat Eddie in high-stakes pool. Jarod takes up pool and is, of course, a quick study. When Jarod meets with Eddie, he gets a taste of his overt racism, which Jarod has trouble accepting. He learns that Billie was not just Marvin's adopted daughter, but his biological daughter. Marvin had told her mother Janice that her life would be easier if Billie never knew the truth. Jarod gets into Eddie's home and learns that Janice was Eddie's wife, and she had cheated on him with Marvin. He gets Eddie to confess that he killed Marvin. Mr. Parker invites himself and Brigitte to Miss Parker's house to meet Thomas. Miss Parker has Broots get a hold of Brigitte's medical records - Mr. Parker thinks she is infertile. Broots learns that she is not infertile. Mr. Parker and Brigitte set a date for their wedding; before the ceremony, Miss Parker tries to decide if she should tell her father about Brigitte; but she waits and confronts her after the ceremony. Thomas suggests that she might want to move away from her family.

At the Hour of Our Deaths
Jarod calls Sydney from a plane - he is headed to see someone Miss Parker would be interested in knowing; but he develops engine trouble and loses his connection - then crash lands in the wilderness. Syd gets worried when he does not call back; but Syd soon has other worries. Miss Parker opens a package sent to her by Jarod - she finds a rosary inside, and she collapses. Angelo says "She needs faith, but faith is dead." She is rushed to the hospital - she has a perforated ulcer and is losing blood fast. While she is in surgery, she dreams of a time she, Jarod, and Angelo snuck through the Centre as kids, looking for a dead body. Instead, they find a sick young girl, whose name is Faith. Jarod reads her chart and tells her later that Faith is fatally ill. Miss Parker gave Faith her rosary, one of Catherine Parker's last gifts to her. Faith dies, and the children run out afraid of being caught. Syd asks Broots to leave Miss Parker's bedside and help locate Jarod - he used an emergency radio to contact the Montana Air Patrol, but they lost his signal. Miss Parker, near death, sees Faith, who tells her it is not her time. Jarod fights off a hungry wolf and a snow storm, but begins to succumb to the elements: then he sees Faith, too, dancing, smiling, and laughing, giving him the strength to fight. When Miss Parker awakens, her father is there. She asks who Faith is - she is Miss Parker's adoptive sister. She had leukemia; Catherine's priest, Father Moore, asked Catherine to take her in; the Centre tried to save her, and the tests they did helped develop leukemia drugs, but too late to save Faith. Broots helps guide a helicopter to Jarod, and he is met by Father Moore. Jarod calls Miss Parker as they both recover and they reminisce about Faith.

While working for a church, Jarod's new friend Ryan is seriously hurt in a traffic accident. He has kidney damage, and his mother is not a compatible donor. Jarod tests Ryan's father himself, and discovers that there is no way Ted is Ryan's father. He confronts Cindy, who says that she always knew that it was possible - that the real father could be Luther Ecksley, a one-night stand she'd had. Jarod tracks down Luther, in a Mexican prison for drug smuggling. Jarod goes to Mexico to convince Luther and the Mexican authorities to help Ryan. Meanwhile, Broots notices a brief glimpse of Jarod in a news story about the church, and he and Miss Parker head for San Diego to track him. They find a picture of Luther and when they learn where he is, head for Mexico. The Mexican warden won't let Jarod take Luther, despite the fact Luther agreed to the transplant. Jarod sneaks Luther out of the prison just as Broots and Parker arrive - when Luther is discovered missing, they get stuck there during the lock-down. Luther, however, was just using Jarod to escape, and as soon as he has a chance, he flees. Jarod tracks Luther down to San Diego and discovers that Luther's friend Ray set Luther up to be caught. When Luther comes looking for Ray, Jarod snatches him and knocks him out, and removes the kidney himself. Ryan recovers from the surgery, and Ted and Cindy start to work out his feeling of betrayal - and Jarod delivers Luther back to the Mexican authorities, alive, well, and less one kidney.

Jarod listens to a favorite radio call-in show as he leaves Chicago. As he does, he hears as the host, Neil, is shot at and has a grenade tossed into his studio. Jarod takes over the show with the help of Neil's producer, Angie. After the show, they go to Neil's "secret" studio. They find pictures of a young woman adorning his wall and his blood. The girl is Patty Loren, who has a degenerative neurological condition. Jarod's search of Neil's records who that he has paid thousands of dollars a month to anonymously support Patty. He also sent he books on tape, read in his voice - literature, philosophy, and so on. She is an orphan, her parents died at Fort Bragg. Jarod learns that Neil was a doctor at Fort Bragg years ago. Jarod find Neil, who tells him he is being tracked by a former superior who ran a vaccine testing program, now using the name Pavlov. Patty's mother had been given a trial vaccine, and it caused Patty's problems. Neil left the Army and started his radio show - the early shows concerned the program and led to Pavlov's court martial. They broadcast another show and trap Pavlov; Jarod gets him to confess to the shooting on tape. he introduces Neil and Patty. Thomas offers to take Miss Parker away from the Centre - he is moving to Oregon. Sydney tells her not to let the powers that be run her life. Mr Parker tells her that if she goes, he may as well die. She tells Thomas she can't go, but Thomas and Jarod both push for her to live her own life.

Ties That Bind
Jarod befriends young Dylan Hale, a runaway. He takes Dylan home to his house boat - as they approach it, Dylan sees his father go inside, then the boat explodes. The police find a suicide note - Dylan says his father and mother are recently separated, and he'd not been happy in his work as a tax attorney lately. When Hoyt and Winston arrive, from the law firm, Dylan disappears. Jarod catches up to him and convinces him to stay until his mother arrives from London. In the meantime, Jarod poses as an IRS agent to gain access to the firm. He learns that Peter Hale had been passing information to an FBI agent, recently killed, about a client of the firm, a drug dealer named DePaz, and his role in the deaths of some key witnesses against DePaz. Jarod overhears Winston talking about killing the witnesses. While walking into the office, a man pulls him aside - Peter Hale, alive and well. He faked his death to get Winston off his back. Together, they all get a confession from Winston on tape. Miss Parker dreams that she'll never be allowed to leave the Centre, but she has finally decided to go. She tells her father and turns in her weapon. Raines threatens him - if Mr. Parker won't stop her, he will. Parker offers Thomas a blank check to leave his daughter, but Thomas rips it up. Lyle and Mr. Parker come to see them at Miss Parker's home and Mr. Parker finally gives his blessing. After they leave, she ominously finds her gun on the table.

Miss Parker tells Thomas that she will go with him to Oregon. The next morning, however, she awakens to find Thomas dead, shot in the head. A passing trashman calls the police, to the Centre's dismay. The police suspect Miss Parker, since he was shot with a 9mm just like hers. Jarod learns of Thomas's death and calls Parker to tell her to find the truth, she must find the missing pieces. The local police find a man covered in Thomas's blood, and Parker's gun and photos of Parker and Thomas in bed together in his sack. Wade Dawson is a junky, and denies he killed anyone. After Thomas's funeral, Parker goes to a bar to drown her sorrows, and Jarod shows up and tells her to stay sharp. Dawson dies in jail, the victim of bad drugs smuggled in to him. She goes to his "home" and finds empty vials of pharmaceutical-grade morphine, very hard to get. Jarod has an autopsy done on Dawson - his drugs were laced with strychnine. Parker goes to meet with a police detective, but he is killed in a suspicious car wreck - Jarod finds his brake line cut. Surveillance footage of Dawson shows he met with someone - Parker recognizes him as the trashman. She and Syd track Lester down, and he admits he had been told to be in front of her house and to give something to Dawson. He agrees to try to figure out who gave him his orders by voice print, but they soon find him dead. Mr. Parker tells Parker to get on with her life. She vows to Jarod to find out who in the Centre killed Thomas, and to eventually exact revenge.

End Game

Raines tells Mr. Parker that the Centre research facility on Ellesmere Island in the Arctic has been compromised. The infiltrator appears to be Major Charles, Jarod's father. Angelo tapes the conversations and emails it to Jarod, who heads North. There, he meets Smitty and Manny - Manny is going stir crazy, mumbling about a mythical qallupillut. He also meets Beth, a psyche student studying the men at the station, funded by the Centre. Someone kills Smitty and burns down the radio room. Next, the doctor dies. Manny attributes the deaths to qallupillut, which he claims to have heard. Broots, curious about Raines' agitation, learns of the Alpha Project, though he has no clue what it is. Beth tells Jarod that Maj Charles had made an appearance at the station. Next, JT is found dead, and a box of dynamite missing. Jarod thinks the doctor is alive and responsible for the killings. The station chief, the Captain, also confirms that Maj Charles came, and admits he was a friend - they served together in the Air Force in the Ring of Fire Squadron, and had actually helped search for Jarod as a boy. The Captain brings Jarod to a hidden part of the base, where human DNA research is underway. Jarod's DNA. The doctor appears and shoots the Captain, but the Captain is able to get off one shot and hits the doctor. The Captain tells Jarod, in his dying words, that Maj Charles is with his daughter, Carrie Osborne.


Season 4

Reunion (Part 1)

Reunion (Part 2)

Lyle and Miss Parker track Jarod to Plano, Texas, and find a cargo container he had been living in. They, however, get locked inside - all part of Jarod's plan. He, meanwhile, is impersonating an Army CID officer, investigating the death of warrant officer Scott Rion. Rion hanged himself during POW training. Jarod meets MP Lt Molly Kimbrell and Rion's CO, Capt Saunders. Rion's body was found after he spent three days in an isolation box; he had self-mutilated himself. His record was spotless, his family strong, and he thinks there is more to the story. After a car bomb nearly kills Kimbrell, she tells Jarod that Rion was planning on turning in Saunders for sexually harassing her, and for a near- sexual assault. Jarod learns of Abyss, a psychotic drug that Saunders worked on. He surmises that Saunders drugged Rion, leading to a psychosis and suicidal thoughts to prevent him from talking. Jarod gives Saunders a taste of his own medicine, and he admits to the plan. In the cargo container, Jarod leaves a bag of barbecued grasshoppers for food - one of which contains a key. He also leaves a stack of newspapers that implicate Lyle in a decades-old double murder. The container is placed on a truck and delivered. Parker finds a box the key fits into, in which Jarod has placed a watch that belonged to Catherine, and which Parker has lost years ago. The container is dropped off at the Centre. Jarod later calls Parker and tells her that survival comes down to knowing who your friends are, and who your enemies are.

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Angel's Flight

Risque Business

Road Trip


Wild Child

Rules of Engagement

Til Death Do Us Part
On the 1st anniversary of Thomas's death, Miss Parker finds a model of their first meeting, at a gas station, in Jarod's latest lair. She thinks he is mocking her, but he later meets her at Thomas's grave site and tells her that he and Thomas were friends, and he tried to steer Thomas and Parker together. it is time, he says, for unfinished business, to find out who killed him. He tells her "Rumor 58259," a Centre code. Parker also learns that Mutumbo has been murdered, and the gun can be traced to Mr Parker, putting him in even more danger. Still on the run, Mr Parker and Brigitte (now close to term) visit Parker - Mr Parker says that he did not kill Mutumbo; and they tell her Rumor is a Centre operative code, 58259 a file number. Broots learns that Rumor had been tasked to surveil Thomas. Jarod thinks Rumor killed Thomas - but who is Rumor? Broots and Cox have an odd meeting, Cox telling Broots that he is in danger if he holds back on the whereabouts of Mr Parker. Rumor was a Z3, or murder-for-hire, operative - Parker finds the Rumor Z3 file on her mantle; the operative is Brigitte. She tries to find her, but she is gone, and Mr Parker does not know where. Lyle tries to warn Parker about Cox, but she goes after Brigitte anyway, to a safehouse. She finds her there, in labor. Brigitte admits to being Rumor and to killing Thomas, that her order came from within the Centre. Parker delivers the baby, and Brigitte dies of blood loss. Cox arrives, but he arrives with Mr Parker - Cox has been working for Mr Parker. Mr Parker is pleased about the new baby boy, and has a nurse transport him back to the Centre. The gun that killed Mutumbo is planted on Brigitte, and Mr Parker says that Brigitte had been framing him from square one.

Spin Doctor

Jarod finds the handbag of Jenna McGann, fiance to Newark, NJ gun dealer Roland Pritchard. Jarod finds a picture of a young girl in Jenna's bag, along with a drawing done by the girl. Pritchard takes Jarod on as his head of security. Jarod saves Jenna from an assassin's bullet after he overhears her talking on the phone about her daughter Cassie. He finds Cassie in a church with her grandfather; he also sees a cop who had been chasing Jenna; Dennis Alonzo is actually an ATF agent. Jarod asks Jenna what she's into - she reveals that she is an undercover ATF agent, on this job for over a year. Alonzo is her supervisor. They are trying to take down Pritchard's boss. Jarod promises Cassie that she will see her mother the day of her upcoming First Communion. Jarod learns that Pritchard knows that Jenna is an agent, and plans to use her and Cassie to get out of the country. Jarod confronts them both and Pritchard shoots Jarod - with the blanks Jarod put in his gun. The undercover operation over, Jenna rushes to her daughter's side. Jarod sends Miss Parker a message about Raines which leads to Father Giuseppe, someone Miss Parker knew in her teens. She believes Raines' sudden religious conviction is a fraud, but the Father disagrees. He mentions that Jarod overheard Raines talking about the Veritas Project. Broots discovers Veritas was an abandoned airborne toxin project. Miss Parker worries that Raines plans to kill Baby Parker with it, but discovers he's used the toxin in a small dose to treat his lung ailment. Raines tells Parker that he can no longer be her enemy, leaving her unsure.

Ghosts From the Past
Angelo detects that Jarod is in danger - just as Jarod joins a white supremacist group in the burning of a cross on the lawn of Pastor Jones's church. At the Centre, Angelo says that hate will kill Jarod. He looks through the trophies of Jarod's past pretends, trying to zero in on one of his past enemies, who may be the person who is putting Jarod in danger. In the compound, Jarod and his "buddies" await the arrival of The General, who has a new plan for the group, something to make it known world-wide - to blow up the church during a Unity Rally, killing Jones's children in the process. Jarod, the group's explosives expert, rigs bombs with C4. The General soon arrives and immediately recognizes Jarod. At the same time, Angelo focuses on Bartlet, the corrupt agent Jarod and Miss Parker put away years ago - he's recently been released from prison, where he honed his racial hatred, and is out to make a statement. Thought to be in Georgia, they head there. Luke, leader of the cell, takes Jarod out to dispose of him, and lets him go - Luke is undercover Georgia State Police. Jarod stops Bartlet as he lays the charges in the church and ties him to a cross to await the police. Broots, Sydney, and Parker arrive as the Unity Rally goes on without a hitch, certain Jarod is long-gone.

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