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As of October, 1998, Mercy Point has been cancelled. Unaired episodes were broadcast on UPN in July, 1999. Unfortunately, I missed two of the four episodes - I have someone sending me tapes of the episodes, so I will be updating this page at some time in the near future. All of the episodes apparently aired in Ireland. I got the episode names for episodes unaired in the US from the I Like Mercy Point site.

This Guide is for the television show "Mercy Point".
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Written By: Steve Mount
Source: Episode Viewing (see also: the Sony Mercy Point Website and the UPN Mercy Point Website).
Episode order shown is production order.

Key terms and characters

Head nurse, an android (Ani = Android Nursing Interface)
Doctor, Surgeon, Alien (Shenn)
Breslauer, Dru
Resident, Haylen's half-sister
Breslauer, Haylen
Doctor, Director of Medicine
Cook, Rema
Doctor, Psycho-Surgeon
Demilla, Harris
Doctor, Chief of Mercy Point
Medical computer ("Hip")
Homesickness Syndrome
A potentially fatal condition that affects Earth-born humans who have not returned to Earth for some time.
Inter-Species Council
Jericho Colony
Colony at the edge of the Sahartic Divide, the edge of explored space, the colony is space-station based, with 50,000 residents
Jurado, Caleb (CJ)
Doctor, Head of Emergency Transport
Maxwell, Grote
Doctor, Alien Psysiologist
Mercy Point
Hospital at Jericho
Nurse at Mercy Point
Intern, Alien
Powell Station
Military Base at Jericho
Salisaw, Lt. Kim
Officer at Powell Station, CJ's clandestine girlfriend

Episode NamePlot
New Arrivals Doctors Maxwell and Breslauer bet that neither new equipment nor a new resident show up in the next transport - but a new resident does arrive. It is Haylen's half sister Dru Breslauer. The two have had issues in the past with Dru's lack of committment. A comptuter tech and several soldiers get sick, the tech evetually dying. They figure out that the computer has a virus that can infect humans interfacing with it. Once in a human, transmission is by contact. Several of the soldiers had contact with the tech, as did a Mercy Point nurse. Maxwell uses Ani to grow an antidote, saving the nurse and the soldiers. Breslauer must deliver a 24-week old fetus to an artificial womb, her mother's heart too weak to sustain the pregnancy. CJ and Dru meet up. CJ is still stinging from their past relationship that went sour.
Opposing Views Grote takes Dru as his resident at Haylen's request. A shuttle accident brings in a dozen injuries. Dru works with a young girl with a broken arm, at Jericho to visit her father, who, space-born, has no earthrights and cannot visit her on Earth. She is now scared of the shuttles, and after fixing her arm, Dru arranges to have CJ take her and her father home, special delivery. One shuttle passenger comes in in stasis, with severe wounds. When Grote and CJ thaw him, Hip tells them that h has lunar pneumonia. They quickly refreeze him and, based on Batung's advice, perform a lung transplant while he is frozen. Batung, meanwhile, amputates the lower legs of a low-g gymnast, and replaces her legs with bio-prosthetics. He is surprised by her hostile reaction, but he warms up his bed-side manner and tells her her new competition in life is with herself, to learn to use her new legs. The shuttle co-pilot, Julie Portuese, is unconscious, and Charles Bantam of the ISC is sent to get a memprint to determine fault. The memprint could kill her, and Haylen objects. Julie's husband consents to the procedure if he can be there with her, to prove her innocent before she dies - though the accident initially looks like it is Julie's fault, it turns out they hit a magnetic cloud that ignited some of their cargo.
Last Resort Clayton Kelly comes to Mercy Point, dying of thalanemia. A Goling, Jeel, also arrives, dying of Phorax Rho. Clayton's father, a wealthy head of a satellite empire, learns of a new, experimental treatment for thalanemia, involving a transfusion with a Goling. Grote refuses the treatment, but Kelly insists, saying the life of his son is more valuable than that of a Goling, who are not even members of the ISC. Grote finally asks Jeel what he wants to do, and Jeel agrees to the procedure. Once it is started, however, it becomes clear that the transfusion is helping Jeel, not Clayton. Clayton insists the treatment continue, and he dies as Jeel recovers. An old boyfriend of Haylen's comes to her with a problem; she diagnoses him with Homesickness Syndrome. He must return to Earth for a few months, or the result could be fatal. He asks her to return with him, but she refuses. Dru tells CJ to stop circling her, waiting for her to fail, but he insists he was just watching her, benignly. Ani seems uncommonly anxious when a critical patient comes in, worrying some of the nursing staff.
Second Chances Upcoming
No Mercy Upcoming
Battle Scars Dru activates the airlock emergency system, to prevent CJ and Bortok from flying out into space. Over Stenneth Lock's objection, Demilla puts Grote on Bortok; Grote is able to save Bortok. Haylen and Demilla try to put CJ back together again, but the going is rough - his body has a lot of damage; but he does pull through when Batung performs a Shenn procedure on him. Demilla demands that Mercy Point be desegregated, now that Grote has been cleared. Grote talks to Bortok and asks why a Salaphibe would turn to violence. He says that Salaphibes are starting to take on dangerous human traits, and he needed to stop that any way he could. Dru and Ani try to reach the mother of Val Boey, a young girl infected with crobes. The microbes, purposely injected for their hallucinogenic properties, are now in her brain. They can't reach the mother to get permission to do an e-tox, so Dru does the 20-hour procedure on the sly. When the mother unexpectedly shows up, Dru is suddenly in deep trouble. She tells Haylen she is just doing what Haylen did for her years ago. Dru tells Haylen she will quit, but Haylen tells her to stay. Dru and Grote see Quade Whitney, who's been searching for a mother lode for eight years. He found one, but is suddenly ill - he has advanced Homesickness Syndrome, and only days to live. Angry at his mining company, Grote "convinces" them to bring Whitney and his family together at company expense before Quade dies. CJ complains to Kim that he won't be selected for Mission 37 in his current condition. Demilla contacts the Shenn to request that Batung's recall be canceled now that the killer has been caught. Ani shows unusual signs of fear.
Persistence of Vision Mercy Point receives an old-style SOS call; CJ, still on the road to recovery, wants to check it out, but Haylen won't let him. The medcraft that does go finds a ranting Edmund Clark inside, saying God sent him, to see if the rest of humanity "is ready". Back on MP, CJ investigates Clark's ship and watches his logs - he encountered a light or energy burst in his travels in the deep Sahartic. Cook examines him and says he is OK, but his pineal gland is growing, and the cranial pressure must be relieved. Clark tells Dru and CJ that they will understand when he is gone. He speaks in generalities and riddles, some self-fulfilling prophecies. Is he a messenger or messiah, or a madman? Kim Salisaw comes to claim him - he is a soldier who, when he got in trouble, volunteered for a one-way mission into the Sahartic. Now the military wants his memories. Cook tries to vizgear them, but Clarks blows her equipment. Demilla insists Clark have brain surgery even if the military lose their data. Cook does the procedure, but her laser saw blows up - Clark awakens and says that there is a planet, an Eden, that he saw; a new Earth. He tells all those present that Ani's contact with the computer virus has made her human; that Dru and CJ are meant for each other; and he diagnoses a patient for Cook. Then a bright light flashes, and he dies. Hip finishes a search of Earth's population suggested by Haylen, and he finds Grote's family. Grote contacts his father, and he invites Haylen to go to Earth with him for a visit. CJ and Dru team up to go explore coordinates given to them by Clark. And Ani gives Batung a big fat kiss, to his surprise and disgust.
End of Season One

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