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Written By: Steve Mount
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Program Note: Season seven was Homicide's last.

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Episode NamePlot
Gone for Goode Bayliss joins the squad, and as the new guy, is paired up with Howard. Felton is not so happy to be assigned to work with Pembleton; neither is Pembleton, who prefers to work alone. Munch and Bolander work and close a three-month-old case; a young woman killed by a hit and run driver - when they confront the suspect, he confesses to be being drunk when he hit the girl. Lewis and Crosetti investigate a murder by interviewing the victim's companion. It appears as though she is getting money from a Victim's Fund each time she is involved in a crime - she has now been shot twice and had her throat cut. Her aunt is collecting the money. When they investigate the aunt, they find that she has killed her last five husbands for their insurance money. Pembleton and Bayliss work a case together as Howard and Felton try to close one of their cases, and Frank agrees to pair up with Bayliss. Bolander meets M.E Carol Blythe, and is quite taken by her. Bayliss is assigned his first case as primary - that of murdered 11-year-old Adena Watson.
A Ghost of a Chance The homicide unit continues to investigate the Adena Watson murder. Bayliss is under pressure from all angles to solve his first case, and G goes to bat for him against the Front Office, who want an experienced detective to take on the murder. Munch and Bolander go to a murder scene to find a grieving widow... and a not-dead victim. They are called back later to the same scene; this time, the man is dead, and the wife is the obvious suspect. Bolander and Blythe clash over if the man died of a homicide or not. Bolander confesses to Munch that he likes Blythe. Howard and Felton try to gather more evidence on a case that Danvers says is too iffy to play in court. Howard claims that that victim's ghost is telling her where the murder weapon is, but the "tip" does not pan out. Felton uses a little more down-to-earth method (tarot cards) and the murder weapon is found.
The Night of the Dead Living On the hottest night in recorded history, the detectives spend the night shift in the (un-air conditioned) office. Bayliss has someone brought in on the Watson murder, but the suspect turns out to be a 12-year-old. Crosetti deals with his daughter's new boyfriend. Munch deals with his latest break-up. Howard deals with her sister's cancer and her brother-in-law's infidelity. Pembleton deals with the heat by wearing a tie and drinking tea, which drives G crazy. Bolander tries to work up the nerve to call the M.E. for a date. Felton's wife is driving him crazy trying to rekindle their marriage. G finds a baby in the basement, and has Social Services pick him up - then they learn the baby belongs to the cleaning lady.
Son of a Gun Officer Thormann is shot in the head. Crosetti practically begs G to let him in on the case. Bayliss continues to work on the Watson case, pulling in all the occupants of one of the nearby buildings, but finding nothing inside. Howard and Felton work a death-for-hire - someone who believes that Spiro Agnew's bust should be in the US Capitol had someone who didn't think so killed. A middle man who helped set up the murder confesses to helping plan the Black Widow murders Lewis had worked previously. Bolander shares a beer with his neighbor, who later kills himself. Stan gets called away from a date with Carol to investigate the scene, but later returns to her home.
A Shot in the Dark G is put under pressure by Barnfather to bring the Watson murder and the Thormann shooting to a close. Bayliss is ready to bring the Araber (a produce vendor who had befriended Adena) in for questioning, but Pembleton is convinced he is innocent. Pembleton and Felton pursue another lead in the case, trying to track down a repossessed car, but when they find the car, there is no evidence within. Frank finds a missing lab report that shows Adena's dress had soot on it - soot just like in the Araber's stables. Lewis goes in search of the word on the street about the Thormann case. He is told that one of the cops' witnesses was the actual shooter. Lewis and Crosetti interrogate his girlfriend, and she gives him up; the shooter, Charlie Flavin, confesses. Bolander is avoiding Carol, but she confronts him face-to-face, and they agree to continue their relationship.
Three Men and Adena Bayliss and Pembleton bring the Araber into the interrogation room, under a 12-hour deadline - either get a confession, or set the man free for good. Though the Araber admits lying to the police about the last time he saw her, he insists that he did not kill her, and, in fact, never touched her at all; he does admit to having loved the 11-year-old, but to the end, asserts his innocence. Pembleton admits to Bayliss that although he had his doubts at first, he is now convinced the Araber killed Adena. Bayliss, however, says that he is now not so sure.
Dog and Pony Show Pembleton and Bayliss investigate the death of a police dog. An autopsy shows that the dog was asphyxiated by carbon monoxide gas - the same gas used by Animal Control to euthanize animals. The dog's officer notes that Jake jumped the fence the night before he was found. Pembleton and Bayliss track down an Animal Control officer who confesses to gassing the dog before she looked at the dog's tags. Bolander and Munch take Carol's son on a ride-along, but Stan discovers quickly that he does not like the teenager. G celebrates the retirement of the second homicide shift commander, and laments that Barnfather seems to be pushing out the "old blood". Felton and Howard investigate a pair of drug-related murders, tracking them down to one dealer - the key to the case is one of the victims' sons, who works for the dealer. When the mother took the drugs away to try to get her son out of the business, the dealer killed her while the son listened from the car. Crosetti helps Thormann deal with his blind and bed-ridden life at home.
And the Rockets Dead Glare Lewis and Crosetti investigate the execution-style murder of a Chinese expatriate dissident, but they are thwarted in the efforts by disappearing witnesses, diplomatic immunity, and shifty federal agents. While in Washington, Crosetti gets to see Ford Theater, the site of Lincoln's assassination. Howard blows her testimony in the drug dealer's trial, but comes back on redirect to slam-dunk the case. Danvers asks Howard out for dinner after the trial is won. Pembleton is offered a place on a "short list" of candidates for the second shift's commander, but he turns it down. Munch and Bolander look into a drug-related death, prompting Munch to voice his opinions about the legalization of drugs.
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Munch and Bolander look into the death of a teenager; they first suspect child abuse by a cold father, but a neighbor girl tells them that she saw the victim with another teen. When they find the teen, a little trickery gets him to admit who hit the victim with a baseball bat - the leader of the Zeps gang. When they track down the leader, a teen himself, they find him nonplussed - the beating was an initiation, a "sign of love." G goes through the roof when he discovers that the building is being purged of asbestos without his prior Knolledge. Howard and Bayliss and driving Felton and Pembleton crazy as they try to quit smoking. Stan is despondent about moving the last of his things from his ex-wife's house, and about life in general.
End of Season One
Episode NamePlot
See No Evil The detectives of homicide are compelled to take sensitivity training. Bolander resists, and eventually resigns rather than endure a session with the trainer - but he does eventually relent. A friend of Felton's is in a bind - his father, dying of cancer, is ready to kill himself with a suicide machine. Felton confiscates the machine; the father asks his son to shoot him, and Felton helps his friend cover up the shooting. Bayliss and Pembleton investigate the shooting of a man in a drug bust; a police officer says his weapon discharged when he fell during a foot pursuit, but is unwilling to submit to a search. The officer's weapon is found not to be the murder weapon, and Pembleton goes head-to-head with Giardello over initiating an investigation of the officers on the scene.
Black and Blue Pembleton has all relevant officers' weapons tested in the street shooting incident, enraging G. None of the weapons are found to match the bullet, so Pembleton and Bayliss canvas the area looking for leads. They are stone walled by the residents, but one does come down to the station to turn in her grandson, whom she thinks is involved. Pembleton is not so sure, but at G's urging, he does get a signed confession. G now has his doubts, though, and let's Pembleton order polygraphs for the officers on the scene. The commanding sergeant's test is not good, and his house is searched. A back-up weapon is found, and he is arrested. Bolander meets a waitress with a similar taste for playing stringed instruments, and the two practice together.
A Many Splendored Thing Bayliss and Pembleton investigate the strangulation of a woman they later learn worked for a leather shop and a phone sex operation - she is clutching a note that says "Ed did it". They learn that Ed is the name of the owner of the phone sex operation. But the murder weapon, a studded belt, turns out to by the key piece of evidence, pointing the finger at the woman's neighbor - she seduced him into rough sex that went too far. Crosetti and Lewis investigate a man shot in a library over a pen. They later find the shooter, mentally disturbed, is a pen collector of sorts, having thousands of them decorating his room. Stan goes out with his music partner, double dating with Howard and Danvers. But Munch shows up and ruins the mood for the entire party.
Bop Gun Felton and Howard investigate the case of a mother shot by three young black men in front of her family while vacationing in Baltimore. The case is red balled, and the men are quickly identified. The squad has to deal with the distraught husband while trying to sort out the shooter from the accomplices. The least likely of the three confesses and cops to a plea of life in prison. Howard is not convinced that he is the shooter and continues to investigate. She goes to see the young man in jail, where he tells her that he insisted that he hold the gun, as he thought he would be least likely to use it; but when the woman would not give up her jewelry, he lost control of the power he was holding.
End of Season Two
Episode NamePlot
Nearer My God to Thee A decorated "Good Samaritan" is found murdered, naked and wearing white gloves, and both shifts of detectives come in on the red ball to find the killer. The new shift commander, Megan Russert, helps diffuse clashes between members of the two shifts while fending off the brass and a pesky reporter. Russert and Howard get off to a bad start. Felton's wife kicks him out of the house, but Beau has some place else to sleep - he and Russert have become involved. Munch and Lewis are looking to buy a bar, but the asking price is too high, and they look for a partner - they try to woo Bolander, but he wants nothing to do with it. Bayliss, however, has some money stashed away and is willing to gamble with it.
Fits Like a Glove Pembleton accuses Gafney of shoddy police work in the white glove murder, and when Russert confronts him, he blows up at her - she relieves him of his duties and has Pembleton come on as primary - just as a second white glove victim is found. Howard is acting as an unwilling go-between for Felton and his wife. Lewis is trying to coordinate all the pieces to purchase the bar. Lewis is worried that something from Munch's past will haunt the liquor license proceedings, but it is something from Bayliss's past that forces Bayliss to visit the Board to straighten them out. A third White Glove victim is found.
Extreme Unction A woman claiming to be a witness to the White Glove murders comes in. Pembleton interrogates her, thinking her a fake, but reports from her apartment point to her as the killer. As the interrogation proceeds, it is clear she has multiple personalities, or is pretending she does - her lawyer breaks up the interrogation, and she announces her guilt on television. The entire affair makes Pembleton doubt his religious faith. Munch, Bayliss, and Lewis continue to wade through red tape to buy the bar. Howard confronts Russert about her relationship with Felton, and Felton finally gets to see his kids. Russert and Felton decide to call off their relationship, and Felton moves back home. Crosetti is due back from a vacation.
Crosetti A body is found in the water; Munch and Bolander take the case, and their first thought is suicide - but when they discover the body is that of Steve Crosetti, Lewis convinces G to treat it as a wrongful death - a suicide won't get an honor guard at the funeral. Bolander learns that Lewis has talked to all the people Crosetti knew, asking them to stonewall Stan, but the effort is wasted - the ME's report shows that Steve was in a stupor of alcohol and prescription drugs when he went into the river. Steve gets a New Orleans-style funeral, without an honor guard. But as the procession passes the squad's building, Frank appears at the door in his dress uniform and salutes Crosetti for the last time.
Model Citizen Lewis and Bayliss both fall for the same woman, Emma Zool, a crime scene model maker - but she has her eye on Tim. Munch misses an Alcohol Awareness class for the bar when he and Howard investigate a shooting where one brother appears to have accidentally shot another. When Munch takes a make-up class, he is expelled for being disruptive. This and Lewis's anger with Bayliss about Emma seem to put the bar purchase in jeopardy. Pembleton is sued by the White Glove murderer for violation of her civil rights during his interrogation. He is not happy that the City decides to settle the case rather than put her personalities on the stand. Felton comes home to a literally empty house, his wife, kids, and possessions all gone.
Happy to Be Here G is told that the budget won't allow for a replacement for Crosetti. Felton searches fruitlessly for his family. As Lewis and Bayliss stew over Emma, Munch starts looking for new partners for the bar. When Emma tells Tim that she doesn't want to see him any longer, he loses it, pulling a gun on a store clerk; fortunately, Pembleton is able to smooth things over. Finding no investors, Munch resolves to get Lewis and Bayliss talking again. An old friend of G's is executed over a story his friend was doing about the Columbian drug cartel. Felton tries to get back together with Russert, but Russert is not interested.
Last of the Watermen Howard goes home for a vacation; her family fishes for oysters and crabs. When a local scientist who has been giving the local fishermen a hard time about catch limits and sizes turns up dead, the local police ask Kay to help with the investigation - but she knows that her father, brother, ex-boyfriend, and maybe the whole community have a motive. Her brother admits to seeing a family friend stabbing the scientist. G pairs Felton and Pembleton to solve the murder of a grandmother. All indications point to her grandson. When they catch up to him, he freely admits he killed her, because she got on his nerves. All seems back on track for Munch, Lewis, and Bayliss to buy the bar.
All Through the House Christmas Eve in homicide. Bayliss challenges G to a game of hearts, but Tim soon learns G is the real card shark in the squad room. Bolander and Munch spend the night searching for a Santa's killer. Felton buys Christmas gifts for his kids, even though he has no idea where his wife has taken them. Russert goes out on a call with Lewis; she misses working the streets. A woman was burned to death - she was the star witness in a drug case, and the accused's friends are the immediate suspects. But Lewis and Russert soon learn that the dealer's common-law wife did the deed. Russert and Lewis talk about the deaths that are getting them down this holiday - for her it is her husband; for him, Crosetti.
Nothing Personal G finally distributes Crosetti's open cases. He gives Howard, who has a 100% clearance rate, the Chilton case, six months old, with no leads, no suspects, and no witnesses. Felton gets a call from his wife - she was going to come back to Baltimore, but changed her mind. Beau gets wasted and loses some new evidence in the Chilton case; he turns to Russert for comfort; Howard resolves to let the Chilton case go. Russert introduces G to a friend of hers, but when she does not share G's enthusiasm about starting a relationship, G becomes melancholy and he and Bolander lament their age and the consequences of being a cop. Lewis, Munch, and Bayliss close on the bar, but last minute expenses leave them with nothing in the bank.
Every Mother's Son Felton gets a lead on the whereabouts of his family and takes off to follow up. Lewis, Munch, and Bayliss are almost ready to open the bar, when their license is taken away - back taxes are owed on the building they just bought, a small detail not revealed in their title search. Bayliss and Pembleton investigate the shooting death of a 13-year-old. Interviews lead to a 14-year-old who is brought in and freely admits to killing the other youngster - but he meant to kill someone else; this was an accident, and he is not sure why he is in trouble. While being interviewed, the mothers of the victim and the shooter, meet and converse, unaware of who the other is.
Cradle to Grave Pembleton is asked by the Deputy Commissioner to investigate a Congressman's kidnapping claim. He determines that the claim was made as a part of a lover's spat between the politician and his gay lover. On the Commissioner's OK, Pembleton buries the case, which was falsely filed. Then the story gets out, the Commissioner betrays Frank, and rather than be put on leave, he resigns. Felton has another lead on his family and G gives him a few days to go to Philadelphia. Lewis and Munch investigate a biker's death. It turns out he allowed himself to be killed in exchange for his wife's life - she was an informant, and his gang wanted her killed.
Partners Russert is breaking in a new detective, an old partner of hers from narcotics. She is worried, though, about his wife when she sees her for the first time in a year; more so when she ends up in the hospital with what are obviously wounds from spousal abuse. She tells her new detective and ex-partner that he needs help, and that he'd better get it out he's out; she tells his wife that she should leave for a while. Russert's new partner is later the victim of a shooting; his wife told him she was leaving, and he was not too keen on the idea, and in the scuffle, she got his gun. Pembleton opts not to implicate the Deputy Commissioner in the false report scandal, but he also give the DC an earful. The bar finally opens. Felton finds his family and spends some time with them in Philly.
The City that Bleeds Bolander, Felton, and Howard, serving an arrest warrant, are shot. Pembleton is leading the red ball investigation, with Stan's old partner Mitch, a sex crimes detective familiar with the suspect, Holton, and both shifts helping out. Howard's father and brother come up; she took a bullet to the heart. Felton's wife and kids appear, but only stay long enough to be sure he's OK. Bolander is the worst off, with a head injury and bullet wounds. A possible location for Holton is discovered, and it looks like someone's been there recently, but no one is found.
Dead End The homicide unit closes in on Holton, interrogating the friend who was helping him hide, and his mother. But it is good police work that lead them to his stash of child pornography, which leads to a stake-out. They pick up a woman who fancies herself Holton's girlfriend, but she is unsure of exactly where he is. She does say that he likes ships, and a sweep of the derelict ships at the docks turn up his hide out. He is taken in, but it is obvious that he had nothing to do with the shootings. Russert is asked to investigate what happened - G admits he signed off on an arrest warrant with a wrong address. Felton is dealing with a temporary paralysis and decides that he and his wife cannot be married. Munch and Stan's ex-wife visit Bolander, but he takes a sudden turn for the worse. Felton, worried about Howard, works up the courage to go see her, and sees her wake up for the first time since the shooting.
End Game Bolander is recovering nicely from surgery. Felton is released, and Howard is also recovering. The detectives investigate the person living at the wrong address, and find a man, Gordon Pratt, wanted on an assault warrant. They figure he may have shot the trio to avoid being picked up. Their investigation leads to a bigoted man with a high opinion of himself; when Frank breaks down his haughty facade in the box, he is released with a lawyer. He is found dead in his apartment building two hours later.
Law and Disorder Bayliss investigates Pratt's murder, focusing on the members of the homicide squad as suspects, but not finding any evidence that anyone he knows is involved. Pembleton and Lewis investigate the death of a white woman, in a parking lot bordering a housing project. Their first leads are in the projects, but the shooter turns out to be a young girl who was playing with a gun which fired into the air - when the bullet landed, it struck the woman. In the course of the investigation, they stumble upon another murder, too. A photo of a naked hippie Munch comes back to haunt John as it is displayed in an art exhibit across from the police headquarters. Felton tries to come back to work, but G puts him on desk duty, telling him to get his act together or to get out - the shooting not withstanding, his police work of late has not been up to par.
The Old and the Dead Bayliss and Felton investigate a skeleton found by a dog in a backyard. The body is found to belong to a father no one has seen in a few years - the father's two sons say that he died of natural causes and they could not afford a burial. But they also didn't stop the Social Security checks from coming, either. Howard, on her first day back, closes one of Pembleton's cases with a single interview. Bolander, also just back on duty, and Munch investigate an older rich couple's murders; they track their grandson, whose alibi is shaky. Bolander breaks him in the box, and he confesses he killed them because his father gave them more attention than he gave his son. G catches Col. Granger giving city plumbing contracts to relatives, and he is asked to retire. Barnfather becomes colonel, opening up the captain's position - but G is not asked to take it - Russert is.
In Search of Crimes Past Michael Bigelow is about to be executed for a crime committed 16 years earlier, one which Bolander investigated. Bigelow's daughter takes Barnfather hostage, demanding that the case be reopened, as her father is innocent. Lewis investigates the suicide of Jeffrey Zwick; in the suicide note, Zwick confesses to the murder Bigelow is about to be executed for. Zwick's note is investigated and found to be true - a stay is granted and the hostage situation is resolved. Frustrated that he helped convict the wrong man, Bolander finds out that the original murder was due to the victim bedding Zwick's wife. Stan gets himself drunk at the bar, depressed over the entire situation. Pembleton and Bayliss investigate an apparent accidental death - an older woman drowned in her bathtub as her husband played poker at the local VFW. The autopsy shows a drug in her system - her husband poisoned her so he could be with his first love, whom he recently found. A micro-brew beer served at the bar is a dud, as is the first Ladies' night.
Colors Bayliss's cousin Jim shoots a Turkish exchange student who showed up at his door by accident; the student was wearing face paint, on his way to a concert. The stories of Jim, his wife, and the victim's friend, who witnessed the scene from across the street, do not all jibe, and Pembleton pursues the case with his usual vigor, to Tim's dismay. Pembleton thinks the shooting was racially motivated, and several of Jim's comments to Tim seem to the top layer of a deep, ingrained racism. But in front of the grand jury, Jim's testimony leads to a dropping of the charges. Bolander thinks that this case is the end of Pembleton and Bayliss's partnership. The bar's French chef is fired, and Lewis hires his grandmother to cook for the bar.
The Gas Man A perp Pembleton helped put away six years ago, Victor Helms, is released from prison and immediately puts his plan of revenge into place. He decides to humiliate Frank by removing evidence from the scene of a crime so that he cannot solve the case; Helms takes a knife and the head it cut off the victim's body. He sends photos and video tapes of the head and knife to the Homicide unit and to the press. Pembleton and Mary are trying to conceive, and are visiting a fertility clinic. Helms captures Pembleton in the clinic and threatens him with the stolen knife, but he cannot follow through. He is captured and sent back to prison. Bayliss is still angry with Pembleton over his cousin's case.
End of Season Three
Episode NamePlot
Fire (Two parts) Bolander and Felton are suspended for 22 weeks for some sophomoric behavior at a policeman's convention. A body is found at the scene of a fire, and Pembleton and Bayliss are called in to investigate; they have to work with Mike Kellerman, an arson investigator. Pembleton and Kellerman continually butt heads, but each brings his own strengths to the case. There is a second fire and a second victim. An anonymous tipster, who turns out to be a burglar, leads them to a blue van, and a muttering from a crazed homeless woman leads them to a name - that of a dog-loving high school chemistry teacher. Kellerman gets a confession from the arson perp - the first fire was a ruse, the dead boy a mistake, to cover up his murder of the second victim, a student of his. Giardello offers Kellerman a job; after initially turning it down, he takes G up on the offer. Howard and Munch both are slated to take the sergeant's exam, and Howard studies diligently. Munch is much more cavalier about the test. Kay does take the test, but due to a "comedy of errors", Munch does not. Pembleton tells Tim that Mary is pregnant, and expresses doubts about becoming a father.
Autofocus The Homicide squad is moved out of their normal quarters while a gas leak is fixed in the building. Howard earned her sergeant's badge; Russert tries to give her some advice, but Howard still is no fan of the captain. Lewis is paired up with Kellerman on a street murder, and the trail gets cold fast, until a news photographer, JH Brodie, shows up with a video tape of the aftermath of the shooting - the shooter may be on the tape. When the detectives track him down, they find the gun but not him. His sister says that he is at a wedding - he actually is in the wedding, and they arrest him just before the I do's, with Brodie filming the whole incident. The shooter's partner is also filming - they video taped all of their crimes for the past 18 months, giving hard and fast evidence of the murder. Brodie, fired for giving the police the tape in the first place, goes freelance.
Thrill of the Kill A thrill killer is cruising up I-95 from Florida, killing each time he stops for gas - and he's headed toward Baltimore. When the police set up a road block, the killer escapes into the city. He is eventually captured... or so they think, until the suspect's twin brother, the real killer, calls to turn himself in. G's daughter Charise comes to town to tell her father that she is getting married, and is moving from Virginia to California. She and G have "another in a long line" of fallings out.
A Doll's Eyes A young boy is shot by a random bullet in a mall, and Pembleton and Bayliss must not only find the shooter, but help the parents deal with their loss - the case is odd for the detectives because the boy is only made brain dead by the bullet. The parents' decision to pull the plug on their son so his organs can be used ultimately kills him. They think they found the murderer, but the suspect gives up his brother, who was trying to shoot his sibling over a dispute about a girl.
Buried Alive Lewis and Kellerman catch a drug dealer in a murder, and he tries to deal by giving them the location of a body. Though he doesn't get his deal, Howard and Munch get the other case, and they uncover a 10-year-dead skeleton sealed in a wall. They focus on a drug dealing poet, an aficionado of Poe, who deals in front of Poe's grave. They get him in the box, but cannot break him, even with a "Telltale Heart" tape playing in the background. But the dealer's own mind drives him to seal himself in the wall, to suffer (presumably) the same fate as his unconfessed victim. Munch goes out with ME Dyer, but he also sleeps with her room mate, and confesses to himself that he is a slave to his male hormones. He then tries to avoid Dyer, but on Howard's advice, tells Dyer, who then belts him. This, Munch says, makes Dyer even more desirable. Pembleton's secret about Mary and the pregnancy slowly leaks out after Bayliss mentions it to Russert.
Hate Crimes During Thanksgiving week, Pembleton and Bayliss investigate the murder of a young man in a an area of town frequented by homosexuals - the man was killed by skinheads looking for a fight. The man's father cannot bear to hear that his son was gay, and is relieved to hear he was not, after the detectives speak to his fiance. Lewis and Kellerman talk to a little girl whose mother was murdered a year ago; she has nightmares about the man who did it, her mother's jealous boyfriend. Howard is less than pleased to hear they closed the case, the Chilton case, since the original homicide had been Crosetti's, and she had been given the case after his death. Giardello and Russert hire Brodie to work for the homicide unit full time.
Sniper (Two parts) A series of sniper shootings and a hangman game scrawled at the sniper's vantage points prompt a red ball investigation. The sniper eventually kills nine people, and based on his record, is scheduled to kill again soon when a handwriting expert matches the handwriting in the game to the signature of William Mariner, on a credit card receipt from a purchase of chalk. When the detectives descend on Mariner's house, they find him holed up in his den - his wife says he keeps a rifle there. Bayliss tries to talk him out, but he asks Bayliss for a letter to finish the game. Bayliss guesses correctly, and Mariner shoots himself. Barnfather, who has increasingly been critical of Russert, fires her as captain; when she calls him on it, he demotes her down to detective. Another sniper takes up the dead sniper's time table, killing three, and the whole squad heads back to the station from their homes. The shootings have gotten Munch worried, and he endeavors to make sure Howard is safely out of any line of fire while he with her, not wanting to see her shot again. G calls Russert in to help with the red ball. Another shooting kills several people in a bus. Alex Robey, a witness to the earlier shooting, turns up at the site of the latest shooting - they take him in for questioning. Bayliss and Pembleton determine that Robey did not know Mariner. Russert talks to Robey and he confesses to the second series of shootings, saying that Mariner stole his idea, that he is an original, not a copycat.
The Hat Lewis and Kellerman travel to pick up a woman suspected of murdering her husband. She practically confesses to the two in the car trip from Pennsylvania to Baltimore; her husband and best friend, Gertie, were having an affair. After they come to trust her, they let her out of their sight in a diner, and she escapes. When they catch up to her, she is on Gertie's front porch, and Gertie is dead inside. Munch discovers that a tape Brodie shot of a crime scene shows that the chain of evidence was broken, jeopardizing a trial he is to testify in. Munch tells Brodie to get rid of the tape, but Brodie has to do the right thing, and gives it to Danvers. Megan Russert moves down to homicide after being the scapegoat for the sniper incidents. The squad thinks that G has a good chance of being promoted to captain, but they are stunned when Gafney is promoted instead.
I've Got a Secret Bayliss and Pembleton investigate the death of a street thug - at first, they suspect his partner in crime, but later the blame falls on an emergency room doctor who treated him for a gunshot wound. The doctor, whose husband had recently been mugged, admitted that she did not do her best on purpose. Munch tries to pry into Howard's personal life. Kellerman and Lewis chase a hulking suspect through the city, and finally catch up to the disturbed man as he digs up his mother in their back yard.
For God and Country (Part two of two, continued from an episode of Law and Order.) Bayliss and Pembleton track down leads on a mass murder in New York City, where the MO is similar to a mass murder in Baltimore several years ago. The man who committed the New York killing fears for his family's life, and, indeed, his wife is murdered; his son witnessed the murder, though, and fingers the killer - an ex-government agent gone rogue and stirring up right-wing fervor throughout the nation. He is involved in all the mass murders; extradited to New York, he dies of heart failure before he can be tried of either city's crime. Munch learns that NYPD det. Briscoe and one of his ex-wives were lovers after their divorce.
Justice (Two parts) An ex-cop is found dead at his wife's grave. His son, now also a cop, asks Lewis, a buddy from the academy, to keep an eye on Munch and Russert, who are handling the case. When a reward-induced tip leads to the arrest of a suspect, the detectives think the case is in the bag. But an apathetic jury finds him not guilty, and the victim's son threatens the suspect on his way out of jail. When the suspect is found dead in a garbage dump, Lewis and Kellerman split the investigation - Lewis looks at the suspect's life for clues, and Kellerman looks at the cop. When all the victim's unsavory enemies are accounted for, only the cop remains, and too much evidence points his way to not investigate. They eventually get the cop's partner, who helped plan and execute the murder, to confess to his role, and Lewis arrests his friend in the cemetery where his father had been murdered in the first place. Pembleton and Bayliss have a quiet feud over a grilled cheese sandwich.
Stakeout The detectives stake out a serial murderer in a home next door (and the couple living there is in the throes of a marital crisis). In doing so, we see some bared souls - Lewis laments Crosetti's suicide; Munch wonders about the future of the bar if Bayliss quits homicide; Kellerman is looking for some respect; G frets over his daughter's decision to marry and move away, and his feelings about attending her wedding; Bayliss contemplates leaving homicide.
Requiem for Adena The murder of a young girl, with circumstances and a victim similar to that of Adena Watson, Bayliss first and still unsolved case, bring Tim's feelings about the case to the surface. Pembleton does not want Bayliss working the new case, afraid his mind will not be in it. When a girl friend of the victim accuses her mother's boyfriend of raping and threatening her, he is brought in for questioning. He confesses to the murder, but he had nothing to do with the Watson case. Tim seems to realize that the Watson case will never be solved. Howard finds out Brodie has a crush on her.
Full Moon Kellerman and Lewis investigate the death of a man wearing one boot in a flea-bag motel. The hermit owned a classic motorcycle that was used to make a getaway. After discussing the case with the wide variety of people living at the motel, the pair think they found the killer, living in the motel - but their gun doesn't match the bullet; neither does that of the motel manager, who confesses to killing a street thug a few nights prior. The case officially goes unsolved. Lewis watches his boyhood tenement be imploded to make way for new construction.
Scene of the Crime Kellerman and Lewis investigate the falling death of a drug dealer in a housing project; their efforts are complicated by the Muslim patrol that polices the project. In another housing project, Munch and Russert look into a double murder - two apparent dealers shot each other. Seemingly an open and shut case, until Russert finds that officer Stuart Gharty had been on scene and did not go into the building for fear of his life. One of the dealers, who bled to death, might have been saved. At a hearing, Gharty is cleared or wrongdoing, despite Russert's best efforts. Munch tries to see Bolander at the bar, but Stan never shows up; three weeks from reinstatement, Munch is coming to realize that Stan may never be back.
Map of the Heart Bayliss and Pembleton investigate the death of a man in a swimming pool - it is determined that he died from advanced cancer brought on by the 80-year-old's steroid use. A cartographer turns up and gives a motive - the dead man might be his biological father, and his death would mean a financial windfall. When someone from the NSA comes to ask that they help find the cartographer, and the dead man's trainer confesses to knowingly injecting a cancer patient with steroids, the detectives think the situation a bit too clean for it not to be a small conspiracy of sorts. Kellerman tries to catch the Lunch Bandit. Munch, Kellerman, and Brodie cover up the fact that Kellerman sold Munch a VCR that had belonged to the Arson unit.
The Damage Done Kellerman is the primary for a series of drug-related murders that all appear connected. His only witness is a young girl who hid in her closet as her family was killed. Kellerman and Lewis later find out that a drug shipment bound for the dealers of one Luther Mahoney was hijacked by another dealer, Drac. In the box, Drac gives up Mahoney, but a later jail-house witness gives up Drac. Kellerman confronts Drac, but is convinced he has nothing to do with the murders, and that the slick Mahoney does. While attending a "Stop the Violence" rally at the police station, Drac is killed in the same way as the other victims, and Mahoney is there to gloat. Lewis has a new girlfriend, but won't give Kellerman the "details".
The Wedding Lewis announces that he is getting married. Munch is convinced it is a joke, but Lewis has gotten a band, a hall, and a minister - he just needs a little help with the food and the flowers. He asks Kellerman, who is upset that this is the first he's heard of his fiancee, to be his best man. Because everyone else is busy, G goes out on a call; Howard goes with him, after dropping her sister (visiting from Italy) off at her desk. Kay's sister quickly becomes the object of the affections of both Bayliss and Kellerman. The murder G is investigating is a radio talk show host, known for his controversial views. His radio station offers a reward, and someone fingers Disassi, a friend of his. When G and Howard go to Disassi's apartment, Disassi pulls a gun and fires; G fires back, killing him. They later learn that Disassi's friend was "just playing a joke". Lewis does indeed get married. At the reception, Pembleton's wife Mary goes into labor.
Work Related Pembleton and Bayliss investigate a double murder at a fast food restaurant. An accomplice, shot in the crime, initially tries to protect the shooter, but finally gives him up - disgruntled about being fired from the restaurant, he wanted to get some money and scare the manager, but things didn't quite turn out that way. While interrogating the accomplice in the box, Pembleton has a stroke, and he is rushed to the hospital. His outlook is uncertain. Russert and Munch close the case when the find the shooter's hung himself. Lewis, just back from his honeymoon, takes on a "stone cold whodunit"; a man killed by a bowling ball thrown from a bridge. When Kellerman asks why he is so devoted to this case, Lewis reveals that his marriage is already on the rocks. G is still distraught over the Disassi shooting.
End of Season Four
Episode NamePlot
Hostage (Two parts) Pembleton returns to the Homicide unit after his stroke, and Russert has eloped and moved to France. Bayliss and Munch are on the case of a dead woman with a pig in her basement - the pig belongs to her son, Jerry Uba, who is now missing. Bayliss and Munch set out to find Uba. Meanwhile, a gunman kills four and takes an 8th grade class hostage. The hostage situation deteriorates when the gunman demands that the police bring his pig to him. Crazed, the man sets a pile of books and desks on fire, and starts shooting, wounding a young girl. The man is taken into custody with 3rd degree burns. The gunman is finally ID'd as Jerry Uba. Uba tells Bayliss that he killed his mother so that she would not suffer when he killed himself - as she had when his father killed himself. When the girl Uba shot becomes another murder victim, Uba is served with an indictment in his hospital bed. Ed Danvers is engaged to be married; Howard is distraught that she had not heard.
Prison Riot Two people are dead in a prison riot, and the detectives head to the prison to interview the prisoners. They meet a bunch of perps from old cases, including the Sniper and the boyfriend from the Chilton case. But nobody's talking. Bayliss is the primary, and think he has a good chance of closing the case, given a few more days. He uses an inmate's son's recent arrest as leverage, and the inmate tells what he knows - that he killed one of the men. But another inmate has a better story, and Bayliss realizes that the first inmate, depressed about his life, was looking for a way out. Bayliss talks to the inmate's daughter and convinces her to try to start a relationship with her father. Pembleton practices with his weapon so he can go back on the street.
Bad Medicine Kellerman is taken off active duty while he and the arson unit are investigated for corruption. Mary finds out Frank has not been taking his stroke medicine, and is not pleased, but he has a firing range test upcoming, and needs to concentrate on that. A rash of deaths from bad heroin and a dead drug dealer lead Lewis to Terry Stivers and a chance to get at Luther Mahoney. Stivers' witness, Vernon, can help her take down the dead dealer's operations, but he can also finger the dead dealer's killer. When that killer turns up dead, too, Lewis and Stivers both need Vernon as a witness. They bring in Mahoney, but Danvers says that they don't have enough to hold him, let alone prosecute him. Vernon turns up shot in the head. Pembleton fails his gun test.
M.E., Myself and I A new Chief ME, Julianna Cox, comes to town. She surprises the detectives by actually appearing at a crime scene to investigate, something the previous Chef never did. She has returned to Baltimore to be near her parents, but the day she starts her new job, her father dies. Bayliss and Lewis get a case of a murdered prostitute; they catch a homeless man on the scene who confesses to her murder, and another two months prior. Bayliss finds no unsolved murder case - Cox finds a case in her files, but it was marked as an OD, not a homicide, despite too low drug toxicology for an OD. She fires the ME who signed off on the body. An FBI agent takes over the box to investigate Kellerman. Brodie cooks dinner for Lewis and his wife and helps set an apparent separation into motion.
White Lies The story about Kellerman and the arson squad is printed in the newspaper, prompting Kellerman to pay a visit to Roland, the alleged briber. This little visit gets Mike suspended, until he passes a polygraph test - which he does. Kellerman tells Lewis that he knew the other members of arson were on the take. Pembleton's prodding prompts Bayliss to send evidence in a cold case back to the lab - prints not on file weeks ago now come up a match; but when Bayliss gets the perp in the box, he blows the interview, and the killer will walk for lack of evidence. Munch works a case of a woman found dead in her bed, her husband says he has no idea what happened. Munch tells Cox that the man is lying, and he pushes him until he admits her death is his fault. But Cox's toxicology screen comes back positive for a heroin overdose - the husband was trying to protect his wife's reputation. Brodie refuses to sleep at Howard's house, to protect her honor.
The Heart of a Saturday Night Three murders keep the detectives busy - a young mother is killed in a car jacking, a teenager is found dead in an alley, and a man is killed in a bar brawl at the Waterfront Bar. G takes the bar case, Bayliss the teen, and Lewis and Munch the car jacking. G tries to interview all of the bar patrons, but they are mostly all too drunk to remember anything. The man responsible, who G uncovers in an interview, didn't realize that he'd killed. Munch and Lewis find the car jacked car, but the three-year old who was inside with her mother is gone. The girl is found by a homeless man and reunited with her father, but the characters are never found. Bayliss locates the teen's parents; the girl was apparently beaten to death. The two youths who found the body ID'd a man in the alley, and when Bayliss searches his room, he finds the rope used to strangle her. Throughout, we see the comments of the victims' families as they discuss their loved ones in a group therapy session, a group to which Julianna Cox also attends.
The True Test Lewis and Bayliss investigate the murder of a young, black student at a mostly-white prep school. The student, Marshall, at Largefield on scholarship, was shy and reclusive, but a straight-A student and a computer whiz. He roommates disavow any Knolledge of what happened to him. The detectives track down "Cheeks", whom Marshall's parents had her their son mention, is the son of a local judge and, in Bayliss' words, a punk. But before they can bring him in, one of Marshall's roommates confesses to the murder. Bayliss and Lewis are instantly skeptical, and bring in Cheeks. In the interrogation, he feels invincible, and confesses that he'd had Marshall killed because Marshall would not kill for him - Cheek's chosen victim? His mother, the judge, who watched the confession from the box observation room. Frank goes in for another shooting range test. Mary tells G that if Frank doesn't pass this time, she's not sure what they'll do. He does pass, though. Kellerman meets Cox in the morgue and later have drinks at the Waterfront.
Control Munch and Lewis investigate the death of a street dealer who is tied to Junior, a cousin of Luther Mahoney. Junior gives up that one of his dealers was short $300, and not knowing who was really short, named the now deceased dealer. Excited over the prospect of having the goods on Mahoney, Lewis and Munch arrest him; but Mahoney is able to get to Junior, and he recants. Kellerman is served a summons to appear before the grand jury. Pembleton and Bayliss investigate the brutal murder of a woman and her two twin boys. Frank is sure the boyfriend did it, and Tim is just as sure it was the ex-husband; when they get the ex-husband in the box, they wear him down and he confesses. Bayliss laments that he and Pembleton are no longer in sync.
Blood Wedding Pembleton's first case as primary after being reinstated is a highly charged murder case - Ed Danvers' fiance is shot in a bridal store robbery. Danvers does not want Pembleton working the case, buy G says that Frank will sink or swim on this case. Bayliss opines that the robbery was professional, Frank that it was strictly amateur, and they clash over the details of the case. Pembleton detects a pattern in a series of robberies, and an alert highway patrol officer helps track down the car and the vicinity. They find their man, a parolee with bullets and stolen goods in his apartment. Frank is unable to get a confession, but they do convince him that he is headed for death row - so convinced that he hangs himself in his cell. G goes to the commissioner to get help with Kellerman's case, but the commissioner is still holding a grudge over the Congressman Kidnapping story; he tells G that is why Gafney is captain, and G is not. Kellerman finds out the grand jury hearing is not for several months, leaving him in limbo until then.
The Documentary On a slow New Year's Eve, Brodie shows the documentary that he has been working on to the squad, the playing of which reveals some things about the squad and its members. The detectives give him their view of interrogation and a suspect's rights. He also catches the lunch bandit on film, and everyone is surprised to find that it is Gafney. He catches Lewis wining a dining a female detective, Howard with her secret beau, and G with a pair of long-legged beauties. And he profiles one of Pembleton and Bayliss's cases, that of an undertaker who shot his neighbors for not minding their own business. His secret is that he would bring the bodies of dead women to his home, and have dinner parties with them. Brodie surprises everyone by telling them that he sold his film to PBS. Kellerman and Cox decide to give a relationship a real try.
Betrayal Pembleton and Bayliss work the case of a young girl found dumped on the side of the highway - she was beaten to death, and shows signs of prolonged abuse. G is iffy about Bayliss as the primary, given his history with child victims, but Bayliss insists that the case is not about Adena Watson. His behavior gets increasingly out of control, as he interviews the girl's mother and her mother's fiance, with no confession. Frank is able to talk the story out of the mother, but she tells him she will tell no one else. Without enough evidence, the mother and fiance get off with easy pleas. Pembleton finds Bayliss drinking on a pier. Bayliss tells him why these cases bother him - he was sexually abused by an uncle as a child, and his father did not believe him. He tells Frank that he does not want to partner with him any more. Kellerman goes before the grand jury, after being advised by his lawyer to invoke the 5th Amendment. He tells Cox that he can't rat out his fellow cops, even though they were on the take. The prosecutor, though, does not ask him about the others, and lets him go.
Have a Conscience Kellerman returns to work after being cleared in the corruption case, but he is haunted by the stigma of the press coverage. He and Lewis tie the death of a Korean store owner, Tomo Ro, to Luther Mahoney, but they cannot pin the murder on him. The death of Ro and his ordeal with the grand jury push Mike over the edge, and Lewis finds himself trying to prevent him from committing suicide, a chance he never had with Crosetti. Lewis gets the gun from Kellerman, and they try to decide what to do next. Pembleton tries to get Bayliss to partner with him again, even in small ways, but Bayliss is not interested.
Diener Bayliss is still working alone, and Kellerman takes a few days off to work out his problems. Lewis and Pembleton pair up to solve the murder of a socialite who was active in an art school for disadvantaged children. The detectives, though, speak to the deceased's sister-in-law and find out that her husband and the victim were in the midst of deciding what to do with their mother's estate, and the discussions were getting contentious. They find scratches on him and his blood in her fingernails. In the meantime, the socialite's jewelry is stolen while she is in the morgue, and Cox sets up a sting, and catches a trusted colleague in the act. Mary tells Frank that she wants to go to marriage counseling, and Frank gets marital advice from Lewis, whose own marriage is still on the rocks. Mary asks Bayliss to partner up with Frank again.
Wu's On First Pembleton investigates the murder of an off-duty cop. His investigation is entangled with a new cop-beat reporter's interest in the story. The reporter, Elizabeth Wu, is in contact with an alleged witness to the crime. Turns out the cop was there to buy drugs for his own use, and when a street dealer sold him baking soda instead of cocaine, the cop came back shooting. The dealer shot back, and killed him. Other witnesses found by the cops name the dealer, who is in contact with Wu. When Wu feels she was used by the suspect, she lets the police follow her to a meeting place, where he is arrested. Barnfather names her specifically as assisting in the arrest, effectively killing her brief career as the police beat reporter. Kellerman is taking some time off; his brothers, out and about for three years, come asking for help bailing one of them out of a gambling debt by selling a stolen uniform that once was worn by Babe Ruth. Mike takes them home, but his father wants his "hoodlum sons" out of his house. They are all arrested when Mike makes them go back to the museum the uniform was stolen from.
Valentine's Day Bayliss and Kellerman look into a warehouse bombing in which one man was killed. They can find no one with a reason to kill the man; then, a second bomb kills a prominent attorney. Kellerman is able to connect the two men - the warehouse worker was jury foreman in the Tomo Ro murder trial, the lawyer was the shooter's lawyer. Bayliss and Kellerman find explosives in Ro's son's locker and converge on the courthouse where the judge and the Danvers, the prosecutor, are, along with Lewis and Cox. The bomb squad is able to disable a bomb and Ro is picked up. Munch visits the scene of an apparent suicide; Brodie knows of the dead man and the apartment's tenant, Shack, and suspects there is more to the story than a suicide. Brodie looks into it, and learns that Shack, know for dealing in stolen exams and drugs, has been bragging that he played Russian roulette with the victim; however, all chambers in the gun were loaded. Howard tells Munch to follow up on Brodie's hunch and when they bring Shack in, they are sure he's guilty of something. Brodie is attacked on the street after being threatened by Shack. Brodie sets up a video tape that convinces Shack cop a plea. Frank takes a personal day to go to marriage counseling with Mary, but it does not go well. When Frank misses Olivia's baptism, Mary tells Frank that they are leaving him for a while.
Kaddish Kellerman and Munch investigate the murder of Helen Rosenthal - Munch knew her in high school, and walks through memory lane as he and Kellerman look into the people in Helen's life. A Violent Crimes detective matches her murder to a string of rapes in the area; there is no suspect, though. In the meantime, Munch and Kellerman focus in on an old boyfriend who served time in Leavenworth after the Vietnam war. The serial rapist is caught, and has Helen's necklace in his posession. Munch fills Kellerman in on some Jewish customs. Frank has Tim over for dinner, and tells Bayliss that Mary and Olivia have left him - he is not sure who he is any more. Frank tries going back to church to find something, to find God; but he finds nothing.
Double Blind Lewis and Chris Thormann have a night out in honor of Crosetti, but Thormann is thinking of the man who shot him and left him blind, Charlie Flavin, since he is up for parole. In prison, he saved the life of a guard during a prison riot and helped end the stand-off. At the parole hearing, Thormann meets the prison guard Flavin saved. In the hearing, Thormann gives an impassioned speech, and Flavin is not paroled. Bayliss and Pembleton look into the murder of a man whose wife, beaten by the man, says was shot by her daughter. They track down the daughter, who is far from remorseful - she confesses, and more. In the box, Frank, who thinks that she should be convicted of manslaughter and be given a suspended sentence, tries to give her an out, but she is adamant. She shot her father three times, to be sure he was dead. The mother recants. Bayliss has sympathy for the mother, who took years of beatings, but none for the daughter, who acted out. Pembleton thinks it is because of Tim's own abuse as a child, and tells him that whether he fought back or not, he was the victim. Tim goes to visit his uncle and confronts him. Cox and Kellerman share a pizza and he tells her that he has been on the verge of suicide.
Deception A drug courier, with drug containers burst in his belly, is found dead. He is linked to Luther Mahoney, and Stivers brings Lewis and Kellerman in on the case. They complete the delivery, but with a police courier, and baking soda for heroin. When Mahoney learns that the delivery was not what he paid for, he goes on a rampage. He shoots one of his lieutenants, whom he accused of losing him the money for the shipment; an innocent is caught in the crossfire. Lewis catches up to Mahoney in his apartment, and he starts to beat Mahoney - Mahoney grabs Lewis's gun just as Stivers and Kellerman arrive. Mahoney starts to give up when Kellerman plants a single fatal shot. Kellerman and Lewis seem OK with the shooting, but Stivers is not no sure. Munch is contacted by a recently released convict, who says that the body of a friend is buried in a parking lot. Munch calls Stan Bolander, since Bolander put the convict away in the first place, and based on Stan's OK, G approves digging up the lot. But there is no body. The ex-con convinces Munch to help his find his old buddy and his killer. Munch tracks down the victim, but he is very much alive. When he turns up dead shortly thereafter, Munch realizes he's been played - the ex-con used him to so he could get revenge for a life lost to prison. Bayliss agrees to partner with Pembleton again. Bayliss is helping his uncle by buying him groceries and by cooking for him.
Narcissus A murder suspect takes refuge in the headquarters of the African Revival Movement. Munch is primary and investigates the crime scene, where a witness awaited the police; he gives up the assailant, Benin. The leader of ARM, Burundi, makes a call, and suddenly the brass is interfering with the investigation - both Barnfather and Gafney interfere directly, with varying results. G confronts Barnfather. Burundi is a former cop, and G suspects he has hold on someone high up, but Barnfather refuses to name names. The witness, Malawi, agrees to wear a wire when he talks to Burundi, but the name of the witness has been provided to Burundi, and he puts on a show of denying any involvement in the death. When Benin gives up Burundi, an arrest warrant is served on him, but he disappears into ARM H.Q. Deputy Commissioner Harris authorizes the QRT to storm the building, but G overrules him and goes inside alone. G talks to Burundi, and finds the connection - Harris stole drugs from evidence control 25 years ago, and Burundi resigned when he found out. He refuses to leave, and Harris orders QRT to take out Burundi. When the QRT storms the building, they find all the men dead, having committed suicide in the basement. Stivers is getting antsy about the Mahoney shooting, and Kellerman and Lewis try to convince her that Mahoney was raising his gun to fire when Kellerman fired.
Partners and Other Strangers With Bayliss nowhere to be found, Pembleton goes out on a call. It is an apparent suicide - the victim, Beau Felton. Fingerprints confirm the ID; since leaving the department, no one in homicide has seen or heard from Felton. Detective Paul Falsone, from auto, comes in to say he knows what happened to Felton. He thinks that he was working with an auto theft ring, giving up police contacts, and the guilt got to him. When closer examination of the body and the crime scene reveals that Felton was murdered, Falsone's angle takes on new import. Falsone agrees to set up a meeting with his informant in the ring, but aside from confirming that Felton was chummy with Cantwell, the theft ring leader, they get no information. Barnfather puts the investigation on hold - Felton was working for Internal Investigations Detective Stuart Gharty. When Felton's suspension was up, he signed on with IID to find a leak in the department, and he was close to finding something. Megan Russert returns from France to help with the case. Bayliss shows up in the squad room and just as quickly leaves, leaving Pembleton in the dark. Frank follows Tim and watches as he takes care of his uncle. Tim tells Frank that he can't get over his childhood until he is able to forgive. Gafney tells G that Harris is under investigation for the ARM incident. Lewis talks to Stivers to see if he can ease her mind at all, but she says that she will just have to live with what she saw in the Mahoney shooting.
Strangers and Other Partners G announces to all involved what Felton had been doing, and introduces Gharty. Russert recognizes him from the projects shooting a few years back - she had tried to get him fired; he quit the beat and joined IID. There is no love lost between anyone and Gharty. He and Pembleton canvas Felton's neighborhood and Gharty tells Frank that while tracking a suspect a short time ago, he'd been beaten by a group of crack heads. He explains that the beating was not as bad as the fear he'd felt. G takes Howard and Russert off the case - they are too close to it; he has them make funeral arrangements, since Beth Felton does not want any part. Bayliss and Falsone try to track down Falsone's informant, to no avail. They decide they need to start bringing in Cantwell's people. Gharty suggests bringing in his informant first, Eddie Dugan. Falsone reveals that Dugan is his informant, too. They bring him in. He admits to giving up Felton, but says that Cantwell killed him. They try to serve an arrest warrant, but he is gone. Howard and G rumble over her involvement in the Felton case. Kellerman and Cox wake up together, in a stupor from the night before. Later, at a crime scene, Kellerman "loses" a witness, setting Lewis off. Kellerman suggests to Cox that they lay off the booze. Frank tries to contact Mary at her parents' home. She comes to see him in Baltimore - Mary is pregnant again; they seem to patch things up. G announces that all detectives in the department will be rotating, meaning that in three months, none of them may be in homicide any more.
End of Season Five
Episode NamePlot
Blood Ties (part 1) Most of the squad is back from rotation, except for Howard, and Brodie, who has moved on to Hollywood. We meet new detective Laura Ballard; Stuart Gharty and Paul Falsone have joined the squad. G is attending a dinner given for prominent businessman Felix Wilson; Pembleton takes a call to investigate a murder at the very hotel G is at. The victim, it turns out, is Wilson's housekeeper, Molia. There was no reason for her to be at the hotel. None of the event guests nor hotel workers admit to seeing anything. Pembleton is intent on find out if an old boyfriend of the victim, last known to live in Haiti. Ballard wants to ask the Wilson family some more questions, but his status in the community seems to be stalling that prospect. Lewis asks G to pair up with Falsone instead of Kellerman; Kellerman is paired with Munch. Lewis and Falsone are shot at as they drive back to H.Q.; Stivers, working burglary, has a witness shot in from of her; and Kellerman, working the hotel murder, is shot as he walks out of the building. Falsone puts it together that Kellerman, Lewis, and Stivers were all present for the Mahoney shooting. An old Mahoney dealer gives up Junior as the shooter, and Junior tells the detectives that his mother, Luther's sister Georgia Rae, asked him to send them a message; the dead woman was a mistake. They are able to nab Mahoney before she jets off to the Caymans. She warns, from jail, that she is not finished with them yet. Falsone presses for details on the Mahoney shooting.
Blood Ties (part 2) Pembleton questions Felix Wilson gently. Gharty and Ballard look at Hal Wilson, Felix's son, who says that he and Molia hung out, but were not intimate. Ballard complains that if this were her case, she would have the Wilsons in the box. The Haitian boyfriend is a dead end, and that fact is leaked to the press. Pembleton accuses Gharty or Ballard of being the leak, and the three nearly come to blows; but Pembleton relents and says he will question Felix Wilson. In the box, Wilson confesses to having sex with Molia. After Wilson leaves, a team of lawyers come to the squad to let them know that no hair of blood samples will be given without a court order. Munch and Kellerman investigate the death of a Yankees fan during a Orioles v. A's game at Camden Yards. A young O's fan points out another Yankees fan who was with the victim; he confesses to killing his friend, by accident, after he mistakenly bought tickets to an A's game, and then admitted he thought the O's were a better team than the Yanks. Falsone pushes into the Mahoney case, leaning on Stivers. Stivers asks Lewis to talk to Falsone, to tell him to cool it.
Blood Ties (part 3) A search warrant is served on the Wilson home, and the police find love letters from Hal to Molia, letters he never gave her. Frank goes to the Wilson home to speak with Hal and Felix, on the condition that they not be Mirandized. Hal confesses to the murder - he found out about the affair, and threatened to expose them. At the hotel, she came to him sobbing, and he hurt her, as she'd hurt him. The Wilsons move to San Diego, Felix telling Frank that he will do everything he can to protect his son. Falsone and Lewis get a call on the execution style murders of a husband and wife - the husband was the drug dealer who gave up Junior a week ago. Their son fingers a cop as the shooter; turns out he worked for Luther and now he works for Georgia. He killed them on her order. They put off making a move on Georgia. Cox reviews her notes on the Mahoney killing, and wonders if her judgement had been clouded by her relationship with Kellerman. She almost says something to Falsone, but thinks better of it.
Birthday Homicide and Sex Crimes fight over a rape victim who appears to be the third victim of a serial rapist. Stivers, working Sex Crimes, and Lewis and Falsone all work together on the case, though Homicide is primary. The victim does not remember the attack - she was well intoxicated. Stivers learns of an ex-con living in the area and they pick him up. In the box, Falsone hits the man square in the jaw, practically guaranteeing that he would not be prosecuted if he did it. But a recanvas of the area of the attack turns up another suspect - the bartender who served her. He runs during questioning and the detectives find a large bite mark on his arm. The victim later dies, and Falsone takes it hard. Frank and Mary discuss the new baby, about to be born, and Frank's job commitments again come up. Later that day, the post-term baby goes into fetal distress, and Frank has to wait for word on Mary and the baby - but the wait is worth it; Mary's fine and so is their new son. Kellerman suspects that Georgia Mahoney has surveillance footage of Luther's last minutes, but her veiled threats leave him unsure. A talk with the landlord confirms that cameras were found during a redecorating of Luther's condo.
Baby, It's You (Part two of two, continued from an episode of Law and Order.) Munch, Falsone, and New York Detectives Curtis and Briscoe return to Baltimore to find the parents of murder victim Brittany Janaway. They bring in Dr. Janaway, and based on the testimony of the original suspect, place him under arrest for the rape of his daughter, who later died from toxic shock. Ed Danvers and NY DA Jack McCoy fight over jurisdiction (Brittany was raped in Baltimore, but died in New York). The judge prosecutes the case in Baltimore, but makes McCoy co-counsel. During the trial, Dr. Janaway presents an uncomfortable alibi - he was with another woman the night of the rape. The detectives suspect the wife, who breaks down to admit during interrogation that she beat and raped her daughter out of jealousy. Falsone learns his 3 year-old son was just released from the hospital after a bout with fever; he did not know about the illness. He thinks about petitioning for joint custody.
Saigon Rose A Vietnamese family sits down for dinner after hours in their restaurant, and four of six are killed in an apparent robbery. A fifth man, Jones, a cop moonlighting as a security guard, is also killed. The two surviving children, both teens, say there were two shooters, both black, one the restaurant's other security guard, Officer Twinette Perry. Jones' widow tells Pembleton and Lewis that her husband did not think much of Perry, called her an affirmative action hire. Bayliss looks into her service record and notes that she barely squeaked into the force, and has had a poor record. They ask her to come help with the investigation, while Falsone and Bayliss pick up her cousin, recently released from prison. He gives up his cousin, saying that she went nuts and shot everyone. Based on his tip, they find her father buried in her basement; she'd reported him missing a year before. Charges are dropped against Georgia Mahoney, with not enough evidence to hold her. Falsone confronts Kellerman and asks him flat-out if he killed Luther in cold blood. Kellerman confesses to Cox, and tells her about the cameras. She says he needs to tell Lewis and Stivers; the three of them, and Cox, are all on the line for this one, she says. Ballard and Gharty go out for crabs, and Ballard goes into anaphalactic shock, suddenly allergic to all shellfish.
Subway A man is pinned between two subway cars. One witness claims he was pushed; another concurs, but says the first witness did the pushing. He denies it, but when Bayliss looks into his record, he finds that the man committed a similar act in Chicago three years ago, but was released after mental treatment. Pembleton talks to the victim, who is still alive; but the paramedics tell Frank that his body is twisted, and is only being held together by the train cars. Gradually, the man loses his vital signs and finally loses all blood pressure, and they pull him from the train. Meanwhile, Lewis and Falsone go to the waterfront to find the man's girlfriend, who is out jogging, but they are unable to find her. She jogs past the ambulance on its way to the hospital.
All Is Bright Gharty and Ballard investigate a man who seemed to have been killed in a laundromat, but not much in his life adds up - his dozen girl friends all describe his personality differently, as if he was a different man to each. Cox finds his neck broken, bleach in his mouth, and HIV in his blood. Gharty and Ballard track down one last girl friend, dying of AIDS. She followed him to the laundromat and killed him, in revenge for giving her HIV; while she slowly died, he remained healthy. Gharty and Ballard then tell all of his other girl friends about his virus. Ballard, scared by the woman's admonitions to her, gets herself tested for HIV. Cox tells Kellerman that he has to tell Lewis and Stivers about the tape Georgia Mahoney claims she has - she tells Lewis, but doesn't want to tell Stivers. Bayliss, Munch, and Lewis prepare the bar for a Christmas holiday bash, when Munch's ex-wife Gwen walks in - her mother recently died, and she is here to bury her. A literary critic, Gwen expects many mourners, but only a handful show up. Bayliss gives Cox a Christmas gift at the bash, and they end up kissing, to Lewis's surprise.
Closet Cases Cox and Bayliss call their relationship quits after three weeks. Pembleton and Bayliss investigate a dead body found in the dumpster behind a restaurant with a gay clientele. The owner of the Zodiac likens the murder to that of a gay club owner weeks before, with Munch has had no success with. Though unable to identify the body at first, the gay community takes up the cause of the dead, presumed-gay man. Bayliss and Pembleton show the Zodiac owner pictures of missing persons, and he identifies one. They take his lover to the morgue where he ID's the body. The man had been dining with another, younger man. They track the man to his apartment, but he's not there - they do find the victim's wallet, clothes, and a hammer. They arrest the man, and he confesses, but not until after he makes Bayliss question his life style. He accepts a dinner date from the Zodiac's owner. Falsone meets with his ex-wife to discuss their son, but the meeting does not go well. Lewis tells Stivers that Kellerman is being played by Georgia Mahoney, and she demands a meeting to discuss what they'll do next. Kellerman tells them he will confront Georgia. When he does, he calls her bluff and says that she can do with the tape what she wishes. He later gets a tape in the mail - Georgia tells him there is no tape, Luther never used his surveillance system; but she now knows he killed Luther, and she vows revenge.
Sins of the Father A young, white ad exec is found whipped and lynched in a black neighborhood. The man was a history buff, and his family was historical - in the days of the Civil War, his relative Patty Ridenour was a slave bounty hunter. Pembleton recalls that his grandmother told him a ditty that featured Ridenour as a bogeyman. Lewis and Falsone hone in on a man working for a DJ service, a studious, college graduate, who was also a history buff - Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass. Lewis realizes that Dennis Rigby sought out the present Ridenour and did to him what Patty had done to so many escaped and freed slaves, one of his relatives included, a century before. Bayliss returns from his dinner with the restaurant owner without much to say, and totally confuses Pembleton when he starts hitting on Ballard. Pembleton and Gharty nearly come to blows defending their respective partners.
Shaggy Dog, City Goat Cox wins an award for her work as ME and tells an odd story to her colleagues. A John Doe jumper is found dead at the foot of a seven story building - but he has a gun-shot wound to his chest. None of the witnesses saw him get shot. Munch and Kellerman trace the gunshot to a couple - the husband was fond of threatening his wife with an unloaded shotgun. This evening, the gun went off when he pulled the trigger, hitting the man as he fell. Cox is able to ID the victim - it is the couple's grown estranged son. He had recently been cut off his "allowance" and to get back at his parents, he planned to have them find his dead body. Georgia Rae Mahoney files a civil suit against Kellerman, Stivers, Lewis, Giardello, Cox, the city, and the department. Lewis confronts Mahoney, and is suspended when he punches her. Gharty and Ballard chase the McCoy brothers, suspects in the murder of a street dealer, back into "hillbilly" country. Their suspects elude them, but not until after they get into a fistfight with the residents of a rural town.
Something Sacred (part 1) Catholic priest Michael Juneaux is found dead in his rectory, bludgeoned, tied to a chair and stabbed. Two Guatemalan refugees, Pedro and Luis, were staying at the rectory and are now nowhere to be found. A city-wide search begins, and they are spotted by Munch and Kellerman at a bus station. Meanwhile, a "swami" alleges in a video tape that Juneaux was involved in sexual impropriety with several of his congregation. Though the charge turn out to be groundless, a day of investigation is wasted. Sister Diane, working with a Catholic charity for Central America, and a lawyer, come to represent Pedro and Luis. No grounds are found to hold them and pressure from the diocese forces Barnfather to release them to Sr. Diane's custody. Monsignor Jaeger is found dead shortly thereafter, and when the police go to find Pedro and Luis, they are gone. Lewis has not been seen for days, and Kellerman is getting worried. Stivers finally joins homicide full-time. Falsone continue to fight for custody of his son.
Something Sacred (part 2) The Homicide Squad goes undercover as priests, trying to ferret out the murderers, but all they are able to pick up are some petty thieves. Pedro and Luis are picked up on the Interstate in another town - Stivers and Pembleton interview them, and they do not confess to either murder, saying they ran to avoid being deported. Later, they are returned to Baltimore and picked up by an INS agent. Gharty and Ballard find a chalice stolen from the second murder scene in a pawn shop. The address indirectly points to a potential suspect from earlier in the week, Rock Rock. Rock Rock's tongue slips in the box, and after a trip to the morgue and the beach, he gives up his buddies who did the murders. Lewis shows up to Falsone and asks for some files on some of Luther Mahoney's crew; Kellerman sees them talking, but Lewis slips away before Kellerman can confront him.
Lies and Other Truths A couple is killed in a highway incident - the Dietz's cut off a municipal truck, and the truck forced them to hit a pulled-over vehicle, decapitating the husband and paralyzing Ana, his wife. Ana's testimony clearly implicates the truck's driver, also dead. She sues the state over the incident. Cox finds Dietz's blood alcohol level to be .09, too low for his to be legally drunk. Cox's boss asks her to redo the test, see if he was more drunk than that. The tests still return .09. To save money in the lawsuit, she is asked directly to change the number. She calls the press about the pressure, and she is fired. Kellerman tries to convince her to fight it, but she plans to leave Baltimore. Bayliss and Pembleton investigate the death of a man buried alive. His wife says she was called by him as he died on his cell phone - he was into survival and espionage. They look in on the owner of the spy shop the man frequented. Research shows the man and a few cohorts, sons of cold war era spies, but who could not make the cut themselves, were playing spy on the side. The owner of the shop is one of the members, and he confesses to switching the coffins for the stunt so that it would break and suffocate the man - he was unworthy, and spoke too freely about the club. Falsone loses his custody battle.
Pit Bull Sessions Harry Tjarks' grandfather is killed by Harry's pit bulls, and Falsone and Pembleton have to track him down to determine if the dogs killed on their own or if it was on the order of Harry. Harry gets picked up when he comes to claim his dogs. Falsone, eager to prove Harry did it, gets him in the box, but as Frank suspected, the attack was an accident. Harry, though, seems completely without feeling about his grandfather; he is more emotional about his dogs when Falsone tells him they are to be euthanized. Kellerman is floored when Stivers tells him that Georgia Rae Mahoney's suit against them was not dismissed, until he learns that the judge was Judge Gibbons, whom Kellerman knows has done Georgia Rea favors for the past. In the bar, Bayliss had to take a day off to cover for Lewis, who has not been on his shift in several days. He, Gharty, Munch, and Ballard reminisce about some stupid criminals, though some of the stories end up being more poignant than they thought they would be when they began telling them. Munch fires the bar's janitor when he discovers that he had been writing what the cops were saying, as an observation of the human condition.
Mercy Kellerman meets with Judge Gibbons and speaks to him about a hypothetical judge working for a hypothetical female gangster. He records the conversation, and gets a back-handed assurance that the Mahoney case will be dropped -- but Lewis is concerned that the tape could sound like Kellerman was offering a bribe. Stivers and Falsone get their first child murder case; G warns them that the case, regardless of outcome, will stay with them forever. Gharty and Ballard spot the McCoy brothers in a mall and track them down after speaking with their mother, who was not aware they had killed someone. Bayliss and Pembleton investigate the death of Arthur Robinson - a colon cancer patient, the ME says that he had about six times the recommended dose of morphine in his system. His doctor, Roxanne Turner, denies she committed euthanasia. Bayliss believes her, or, at least, feels there is not enough evidence to prove her guilt; but Pembleton is carrying the weight of his crisis of faith in both God and doctors heavily on his shoulders and does not absolve Turner so easily.
Abduction Four-year old Sean Marshall is abducted from a carrousel while his mother was watching. Frantic, she searches for him, but he is gone - the homicide unit, which investigates all kidnappings, too, is called in en masse. The Marshalls are divorced - they suspect the father, but his alibi quickly checks out. Barnfather and Gafney press for any information. Gharty and Ballard speak with Sean's babysitters and come up empty. Kellerman and Munch canvass the Marshall's neighborhood, with no leads; they do find a pedophile who lives in the area, but his alibi is clean, too. Jeff Andrews, of a national "Most Wanted" show appears on the scene to document the events. As primary, Falsone tries to keep Andrews away, but G overrides him. The parents speak to the TV stations, and all that is garnered is a hoax ransom call. Amber, one of the girls on the carrousel with Sean, is put under hypnosis at Andrews's suggestion. She remembers TXQ from the license plate of the person who took Sean. Gharty and Ballard, following up on the long list of cars, happen upon Sandi Reynolds's house - a neighbor says that she is taking her newly adopted son to Montreal to see her family. The police catch up to Sandi in a diner on the highway. She'd watched Sean for years, and took him to give him a good, loving home.
Full Court Press Bayliss and Pembleton go after murder suspect Manuel Renderos. He is new in town with no record, so they have no photo of him - they do have his pager number, though, so they page him and ID him when he answers the page. They arrest him, but he is not Renderos - he is a drug courier, and they catch him with 200 kilos of cocaine, and they get commondations for their work. Lewis is still on his own, and he's following players in the Mahoney organization. Kellerman and Ballard pair up on the murder of Calvin Barnes. Ballard is put off by Mike's blase attitude. Ballard learns that Barnes works for Georgia Rae - the 5th in two weeks. Ballard thinks it may be the start of a drug war. Soon, two more are killed. The only victims are Mahoney's - a civil war? Falsone meets with Lewis and ask if Lewis is responsible. He says he is not killing anyone, but he is not above feeding information to others. Lewis watches as victims 8, 9, and 10 are found. Kellerman takes his tape of Judge Gibbons to the FBI, but they seem uninterested - he learns, off the record though, that Gibbons is already under investigation. Gharty and Munch investigate the death of a popular student athlete. He was shot twice at close range. They learn he was a horrible student and had several complaints about him. Mark had latched onto David, another student. David confesses that he shot him to end Mark's teasing. Gharty learns that Munch and Alyssa Dyer used to date, to Munch's chagrin.
Strangled, Not Stirred A young couple meet Jennifer Gerrick in a bar. The husband, alone with her in a dark alley, Tasers her. Gerrick is later found dead and Ballard and Gharty get the case. They discover where she was and tracked down the other patrons, including the married couple. Another woman, dead a week, is found, same M.O. Credit card receipts show Nick Montgomery, the husband, was in the bar she frequented the night she died. Gharty and Ballard learn that Nick was suspected of killing his sister-in-law in Dallas earlier. Helen Montgomery shows up in the unit with her husband's stun gun. She accuses him of being the murderer and he denies it until they show him the gun - he admits to using it on them, but claims Helen strangled them. Confronted, Helen confesses - they did it to enhance their sex life. Ballard laments to Falsone that she could have been one of those women. All the detectives working the Mahoney gang murders get anonymous tips naming the shooters. Falsone confronts Lewis about the tips, but he casually denies. G wants to talk to Lewis. Barnfather wants Lewis back, but out of Homicide. G says he'll back Lewis if his thing with the Mahoneys ends.
Secrets Ballard and Munch get the suicide of Josephine Dalton; Bayliss and Pembleton get the suicide of Kenneth Alden. Both seem to have good lives, but Dalton's widow shows the detectives some photos she had gotten in the mail of Dalton and his half sister having sex. Dalton's husband shows them photos he had gotten of his wife and a minor having sex. Logs at Dalton's apartment lead to photographer Jones, who admits to taking the pictures, but for hire, not for blackmail. Bayliss and Pembleton interview Remington Hill, who had Jones gets compromising evidence on 10 members of their country club; he was to reveal their immoral secrets, and Dalton and Alden could not handle it. Hill is later found dead, and Jones confesses to killing him - he wanted out, but Hill threatened to reveal Jones's secret, which Jones refuses to divulge. Lewis faces a review board and is let off with a slap on the wrist. Kellerman, a virtual pariah in the squad room, goes to opening day in the Mahoney civil suit. Gibbons dismisses the case, and Kellerman loudly confronts Gibbons at the court house about his relationship with Georgia Rae. More members of the Mahoney gang turn up dead, but Lewis admits confidentially that he did not influence these latest deaths. Bayliss confesses to Ballard that he has had homosexual thoughts lately, which is why their date likely went nowhere.
Finnegan's Wake William Devlin tells Bayliss that his father killed Clara Slone in 1932. G tells Bayliss that the case is the oldest unsolved murder still on the books - Slone was a young girl, molested and shot. Bayliss passes on the case - too close to the Adena Watson murder. G puts Falsone on it. He finds the case file and evidence missing, signed out last in 1974 by Tom Finnegan. Finnegan insists on working the case with Falsone, and Bayliss tags along. Finnegan recounts the story of Det. O'Malley, who first worked the case. They speak to Devlin who says his father gave his gun to his brother before he died. The brother tossed the gun in the river 20 years ago, but divers find it. The gun matches and they close the case. Bayliss and Finnegan go to tell Slone's sister the news, Bayliss convincing him by lamenting that this is a chance the he may never get in the Watson case.
Fallen Heroes (Part 1) Falsone and Stivers get Eugene Richmond, a parole officer killed in a drive by shooting. But the fatal shot came from a parolee inside the car - a parolee who was dating Richmond's secretary. Carl is an associate of Pony, a double murderer who Richmond sent back to prison on a parole violation. They catch him at Carl's apartment. Carl confesses to being in cahoots with Pony, and says he'd have killed Richmond himself, given time. Judge Gibbons is found stabbed in broad daylight. Pembleton and Bayliss get the case. The FBI agents investigating Gibbons tell them Gibbons was about to roll on Mahoney. They tell Bayliss, in confidence, that Kellerman had been given a heads up on the investigation and then Kellerman confronted Gibbons in public. Georgia Rae's son Junior Bunk is fingered as the killer, released early from prison by Gibbons himself. Junior is taken into the box, but he refuses t give up his mother. Junior gets his hands on a gun and starts a shoot-out in the squad room and hits a number of uniforms, Gharty, and Ballard before he falls in a barrage of bullets. As Gharty and Ballard are in surgery, G declares war on Georgia Rae.
Fallen Heroes (Part 2) The unit tries to deal with the aftermath of the shooting. Stivers tells G that she could have prevented all this if she'd been forthcoming about the Mahoney shooting. Georgia Rae's attorneys tell G that she is not coming in for questioning. G says that as long as she stays out, they'll continue to kick in doors. The squad hits the streets in search of Georgia Rae. They find her at an old friend's house and head in - a gun battle ensues. They find Georgia Rae already dead. Bayliss takes a bullet for Pembleton - all the gunmen are shot, too. G tells Pembleton to look into Luther's killing. He gets Kellerman in the box and Mike admits that Luther had his gun down when he was shot. Kelerman is forced to turn in his badge. Pembleton tells G that he will write up the confession like any other, despite the consequences to Lewis and Stivers. Kellerman quits rather than bring them down with him. Pembleton turns in his badge, too, distraught over Bayliss. Ballard and Gharty are in recovery and doing well.
End of Season Six
Episode NamePlot
La Famiglia Munch, Bayliss (recovered from his wounds), and G look for leads in an apparent assassination of a member of the local Italian population. The plot thickens when one of G's cousins, Mario, and another Italian are also found dead, with Falsone and Stivers taking that case. Falsone is surprised by a meeting with G's son, Mike. Mike is an FBI agent in Phoenix, returned to be with the family. Mike goes to his grandmother; she tells him to ask G about Carlo Roletta. Falsone finds that Roletta was just released from prison - but the man is immobile, cared for by his son and daughter. Mike calls Falsone to tell him he tailed Roletta's son, and saw him drop a bag in the sewer. The bag is recovered, and has the murder weapons in it - but they have Mary Lynn Roletta's, Carlo's daughter, finger prints on them. Mario and the other two had double-crossed Roletta decades earlier when Roletta tried to influence a local union, and always has vowed revenge. Mike learns that Mario left his house to him. Lewis is partnered with Rene Sheppard, a former Miss Maryland.
Brotherly Love Sheppard and Lewis get the case of the shooting death of David Ralston. Found dead in his apartment, shared by his twin brother Adam. Suspect David's girlfriend Susan, but she says she left early, "too much twinnage". They turn their suspicions to Adam, perhaps jealous of Susan? They grill him and he admits shooting his brother, in an accident. Adam had slept with Susan; she though he was David. In a rage, David attacked, and Adam defended himself. Gharty and Ballard speak to Dean, a friend of Scotty Meyers, found shot dead. Dean says that they were in Washington for a drug buy when the dealer shot Scotty. G calls DC and DC detective Joe Landrewsky comes to help, but is not much interested in working with them. They all go to DC to jog Dean's memory, to no avail. They agree to work the case in their respective cities. Mike Giardello meets with Gafney, asks to be the FBI's liaison with the department CIB. He agrees (all too eagerly). G is angry he did not know that Mike was thinking of coming back to Baltimore, but accepts it. He does tell Mike he will have to learn to listen to him. Gharty tells Ballard he left his wife, and Bayliss contemplates courting Sheppard.
Just an Old-Fashioned Love Song With Gharty out to take care of his separation and divorce, Ballard teams up with Mike Giardello in the shooting death of Mary Coleman. Coleman was shot by her brother-in-law, Alvin Taylor, in his garage; in the dark, not expecting her, he thought she was a prowler. They both shot each other; Taylor has a surgery and a few nights in the hospital. They go to Mary's home, and meet her daughter, Carrie, who tells them Mary was a big-time gambler. Taylor bought her the house; he used to be a cut doctor for local boxing and developed a large and prestigious clientele among local sports and political figures. The gun Mary used is traced to a street dealer, who identifies not Mary, but Alvin's wife, Suzanne, as the purchaser of the gun. Ballard and MG deduce that Suzanne wanted to collect Alvin's life insurance to help pay Mary's gambling debts, but did not figure on him having his own gun. There is nothing concrete to pin in Suzanne, though, and she walks. Munch has troubles with the IRS, to the tune of 30,000 in unpaid taxes. Bayliss asks Sheppard out.
The Twenty Percent Solution The wife of best-selling techno-thriller author LP Everett comes to the squad to report she believes her husband is dead. LP made a video tape implicating his agent should he ever disappear. There is no body, though; Barnfather insists they investigate fully anyway. Ballard and Gharty take the case and visit agent Jake Banedek. He insists LP is probably off relaxing after writing a new novel, with his mistress, Claudette Pinchot. She arrives at the squad room, however, looking for LP. They go back to LP's office and when they look harder, they find evidence of gunshots and blood. Grenville Rawlins, an ex-CIA operative who worked with LP, but whose relationship soured, is brought in. Ed Danvers confronts Rawlins, who indirectly implicates Benedek. Danvers prosecutes both based on circumstantial evidence. Danvers is not confident he'll win, but he does when Benedek and Rawlins slip up in court. Munch and Bayliss investigate the death of Ernestine Meade, who surprised a prowler and was frightened to death. Falsone asks Ballard out on a date.
Red Red Wine A woman dies of what seems to be the flu, the third in a few days. Sheppard and Bayliss speak to the M.E. who looked deeper at the three deaths, and found phosphozine, which mimics flu symptoms - it is a medical dye deadly poison, taken by ingestion. At St. Aidan's church, the priest and several parishioners die, too, and it is thought the poison might have been placed in wines. The FBI comes in, with Mike taking control of the FBI/BPD task force. G wants to release the details to the press, but Mike refuses, fearing a panic. The task force visits bars, retailers, and wholesalers. While distributing pictures of a possible suspect, they hit on a better one - a substitute delivery truck driver who stole a bottle of phosphozine and also substitutes on the wine route. When they arrive at Wally Flynn's home, he is waiting to be arrested. He has lymphoma, with less than six months to live, and wanted to make his mark on the world. G leaks the details of the case to the press, and Mike confronts him about it. G admits he did it, thinking Mike was wrong. Meanwhile, the entire squad inquires about Falsone and Ballard's date.
Wanted Dead or Alive (Part 1) A trio of bounty hunters, PJ Johnson, Dennis Knoll, and Jerry Lichte, burst into a house in search of Joseph Errico. Errico tries to escape and gets caught up with his host, Eddie Scales. Eddie is shot dead and Errico escapes. Stivers and Falsone go to the scene and bring the hunters into the station. Their story and the physical evidence don't quite match - there is a missing shell casing. G does not like bounty hunters and gives them a hard time, though Sheppard says she's worked with Knoll before and knows he is a good man. Johnson pulled the trigger, so he is charged with manslaughter. His boss, Bobbi Bridger, a bail bondsman, quickly posts his bail, but he skips on it. Lichte and Knoll pair up with the squad to locate Errico - Knoll says that wherever Errico is, you'll find PJ. They do locate them both and get involved in a three-car chase. Mike Garibaldi is driving when he has to swerve to avoid hitting a pedestrian - they hit a another car, and Lewis is seriously injured. Munch goes on an anti-Vietnam war rampage when Gharty brings up his war experience.
Wanted Dead or Alive (Part 2) Lewis is rushed to the hospital, as is Francine Bassett, the woman in the car Mike hit. Johnson is taken back into custody. Ed Danvers tells Mike that Errico could be charged in the accident, since he is a fugitive in flight -- but they have to find him first. G forbids any further contact with the bounty hunters, and tells Mike and Falsone to go find Errico. Gafney informs G that Bassett's husband have slapped a lawsuit on the Department. Despite G's admonishments, Knoll pairs up with Mike and Falsone to find Errico - his mother tells Knoll that he is in Florida. G sends Mike and Bayliss to Florida while Falsone and Stivers continue to work the case in Baltimore. Mike thinks up a plan to get Errico in custody - his mother wires him some money, and they are able to pick him up at the wire office. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bassett dies, and Lewis comes out of surgery with encouraging news - three weeks, and he'll be back on his feet. Gharty's divorce proceeds, with him fretting over finances. Ballard and Falsone continue their relationship. Bayliss develops a taste for Florida crabs.
Kellerman, P.I. (Part 1) Falsone and Stivers investigate a dead baby found buried behind a motel. The maid tells them a young man took a towel out of a room and brought it behind the motel. A credit card receipt leads them to Debbie Straub. They go to her home and find her parents - Debbie is 16. She comes home sick and faints. In the hospital, the doctor tells them she recently gave birth. They go to interview her boyfriend, Craig Halpern. He says the baby was stillborn. Debbie confirms his story. Griscom, however, determines the baby had breathed, and was suffocated. Neither one will own up to anything other than a still birth. Mike Kellerman surprises everyone when he walks into the squad room and asks to see the Straub file - he is a PI now, working for the Straubs. G refuses and tells Stivers and Falsone to watch their step around Kellerman. The maid at the hotel tells Kellerman she heard the girl say "Give it to me". Kellerman tells the Straubs that Debbie could go to prison - he talks to Debbie and tells her that if Craig did something, she has to tell the police, despite her feelings for him. Danvers indicts and jails the pair, to see if a dose of reality can get one of them to talk. Debbie doesn't last long - she calls her parents to ask them to get her out and to tell them that Craig killed the baby.
Kellerman, P.I. (Part 2) Debbie tells Danvers the "whole story". Craig killed the baby. Falsone asks G if he can try to help Craig, and G gives the OK - but only on Falsone's own time. Stivers thinks his interest is in rivalry with Kellerman, but Falsone says that it is because he was in the same situation with his birth of his own son - young and unsure. Danvers meets with Kellerman, who tells Danvers that Craig went to meet with several family planning and adoption agencies before the baby was born. Danvers shames Kellerman into digging deeper, and Kellerman becomes as convinced of Craig's innocence as Falsone is. Based on her testimony, Craig is convicted of murder; in prison, he hangs himself. Kellerman learns that Debbie had phone conversations with Craig during the trial, via voice mail. A tape of Craig's mail box is sent to Falsone via an "anonymous source" and Falsone takes it to Danvers - but it doesn't prove anything. She gets away with the murder, but Falsone knows the truth. He thanks Kellerman for being his anonymous source. Stivers and Kellerman go head-to-head. Falsone and Ballard discuss the case during pillow talk.
Shades of Gray McCusker, a white bus driver, hits a black woman on his route; when McCusker steps out of the bus, a shouting match ensues that degenerates into a riot; McCusker is beaten to death and the bus is trashed. On the scene of the riot, the body of another black man is found, in an alley. Mike and Gharty team up to investigate McCusker while Lewis and Sheppard take the other man. He is determined to be Paxton Smart, a man with a long rap sheet. The only clue is a button Lewis finds on scene. Lewis realizes the button is from a police uniform; he and Sheppard go to the local station house and find Officer Hellreigel missing a button. The learn Smart had a series of complaints against Hellreigel, providing motive. They track down Smart's witness, one Desmond Clements. When Sheppard tries to catch him, he beats her to the ground while another man steal her gun. Lewis places Clements under arrest and rides with Sheppard to the hospital. He then goes to a local night club and demands that Sheppard's gun be found and returned to him, lest the wrath of the police come down on them. Lewis is able to return Sheppard's gun to her when she awakens. The woman who was hit, Marletta Manley, recently arrived in the US from Jamaica. Stivers and Falsone find a neat room, with a waiting crib -- Manley was pregnant, but lost the baby in the accident. Mike and Gharty interview the bus passengers but get very little. They argue about the racial motivations of the riot, with Gharty the confirmed cynic, and Mike accusing him of jumping to conclusions. Manley tells Falsone and Stivers the accident was her fault - she looked the wrong way before crossing the street, and walked into the bus.
Bones of Contention Lewis and Munch investigate a pile of bones: the boots the skeleton was wearing allow them to narrow down the time of death to between 1985 and 1993. The lab finds a chemical on the clothes used in the dye packs banks use to tag money. Their Jane Doe was either a bank robber or knew someone who was. Mike gives them FBI files on known female bank robbers from that time. All but one, Carrie Mae Reeves, is accounted for. They find a mother who filed a missing persons report in 1978. She reappeared a few years later, dropped off her new baby, and disappeared again. They get blood samples from the mother and talk to the daughter. Tina says she saw her mother off and on without her grandmother's knowledge until 1987. when she stopped coming to see her. Lewis and Munch talk to some of Carrie's old bank buddies, who quickly blame a dead accomplice for killing Carrie. In interrogation, they get the full story: Carrie stole the entire take from their last job; Sykes, now dead, was supposed to rough her up, but went crazy when Carrie would not tell her where the money was. He found Carrie by following Tina. The detectives decide not to tell Tina about her mother's demise. G tells Falsone and Ballard to stop seeing each other or they will have to split shifts. They agree, but then meet clandestinely. Sheppard returns, unsure if Lewis will still want to partner with her.
The Same Coin Sheppard goes back on the rotation. Falsone and Lewis swap cases so that Lewis and Sheppard can go out on a slam dunk case; Sheppard confronts Lewis and asks if he still wants to partner with him - if so, don't treat her with kid gloves. Munch and Mike take the case of a John Doe run down in the street. It appears to just be a hit and run, but witnesses say the driver of the truck that hit the man aimed for him. Gharty sees photos of the body and recognizes a tatoo that was from a unit in the air cavalry in Vietnam. Using government records, they learn the man's identity, Walter Drummond, and learn that a young boy stole the truck and hit Drummond while he was looking away from the road to change the radio station. Munch investigates Gharty's military record and learns that he was given a general discharge and had been disciplined for insubordination. When confronted, Gharty reveals that he had tried to stop a massacre; when he raised his weapon on his superior, he was dismissed, and watched as the troops killed a whole village full of people. Munch confesses that he feigned being a conscientious objector to stay out of the war, and carries the guilt that a friend who did go died in Vietnam. Gharty learns that Billie and Munch are engaged. Sheppard and Bayliss investigate the stabbing death of Shana Siegel. Bayliss finds a video card in a computer near the scene; that, along with Klieg lights, a false knife, and stage blood indicate that this might have been a staged murder broadcast on the Internet. They meet with second shift detectives Bonaventura and Austin, who know Siegel - they had warned her against staging any more such webcasts; her hoaxes appear to have turned real. They tell of Lemmy Caution, who staged the hoaxes with her. Bayliss and Sheppard find no Caution, determine it is pseudonym. Email messages about another staged murder go out, through a university site; when they trace the messages to their source, they find an old man - Caution had spoofed his email account. The detectives stand by helplessly as the webcast starts; an address they trace down leads to a laptop relaying the signal via cell phone. They later find the dead girl, but no Caution. Sheppard, under pressure to perform, challenges Caution to try again, via a chat room. They determine Caution's real name, Luke Ryland, and when a third webcast begins (this time relayed through Bayliss's personal web site), they trace the originating site and stop Ryland before he can kill his next victim. Sheppard makes few friends trying to prove she can solve the case, alienating Lewis, Bayliss, and G in the process. Falsone and Ballard test their ability to stay apart.
A Case of To Do Or Die Ballard and Bayliss investigate a woman who is found at the bottom of a cliff in a public park - suicide or murder? ME Kalyani says the autopsy is inconclusive - nothing to rule out a homicide, nothing to rule it in. Kimberly Cullin was to have been married the next day; they interview her family and that of Marcus Hume, the groom They go to the wedding and inform the guests of the bride's death and to ask questions, but they get nothing. A possible lead on a robbery goes nowhere. Talking to her sister, they discover that she was an artist, but that she was giving up her art to go to law school to help support Marcus, who didn't make much as a school teacher. Finally, the detectives have to give up, telling the families that they will reopen the case if they get more leads. Michael Blowen is found dead in a theater. Mike and Sheppard initially think heart attack, but the ME's report shows he had large amounts of a sedative in his system. They investigate Blowen, and find that he liked to go to classic movies and blurt out the lines and reveal the endings. They also discover that the manager had started a law suit against Blowen. The Manager admits to putting "special butter" on Blowen's popcorn for the past few months - the sedative built up in his system until it killed him.
Sideshow (Part two of two, continued from an episode of Law and Order.) Janine McBride is found dead in New York, and NY Detectives Brisco and Curtis trace her last night back to Baltimore. Witnesses place McBride, who was a lesbian, with a prostitute, Chesley Purcell, the night she was murdered. When Purcell is placed in custody, she is killed by McBride's former boyfriend, Ned Burks. In Purcell's effects, a phone number is found, and it is traced back to a White House pool cell phone. Prosecutors Ed Danvers and Jack McCoy are suddenly thrust into the middle of an investigation of the White House by Independent Prosecutor William Dell. When details of the case are leaked to the IC, it is determined that the information came from Mike; G is furious that his son provided the FBI with the information. Mike warns the squad not to tell him any details on the case, because he could be duty-bound to repeat them to his superiors. Purcell is found to be linked to some pretty major drug dealers. Munch and Sheppard talk to Little Walter Boyce, a dealer currently in jail. He denies knowing Purcell, though phone records show that Boyce had been conferenced into a call between Purcell and the White House cell phone. Munch and Sheppard later learn that Boyce has been recommended for a sentence reduction. After Danvers consults with the judge in the Boyce case, letting him know that the judge is being used as a pawn, Boyce is denied any consideration. He then talks to the detectives. Theodore Dawkins, a former DEA agent and currently a private investigator who includes the White House counsel as a client, contacted him about a contract on McBride. Dawkins denies the allegation. Mike tells Danvers and McCoy that McBride had been under investigation by Dell; Dell had not indicated that he knew McBride. While in prison, Burks kills himself and names Katherine Raynor, another government employee, as McBride's lover. Raynor is a White House staffer. White House Assistant Chief of Staff Bernardi admits to Danvers and McCoy that she had had an affair with McBride, and another with Raynor. Raynor was jealous of Bernardi, and when she mentioned McBride to Dawkins, she asked him to offer her a bribe to leave she and Raynor alone. When McBride balked and threatened to reveal all the sexual proclivities of the White House staffers, Dawkins took it upon himself to have McBride eliminated. Baltimore PD arrest Dawkins, but he is taken by the IC, to be used as a witness in Dell's case. The squad, particularly Stivers and Ballard, express concern about Sheppard. Danvers is nominated for a district judgeship; but when the IC threatens to reveal that he was arrested as a 14-year-old for a racially-motivated beating, he turns to G for help. A caucus of black officers agrees to stand behind Danvers, provided he turns down the judgeship.
Truth Will Out (Editor's Note: the following synopsis was taken from the site, since I was unable to view this episode. If the episode reairs, I will replace this synopsis with my own) A woman's past continues to haunt her and the only way to uncover the mystery and resolve her issues is to reopen a case that was closed in the 70's. Detectives Falsone and Stivers take the lead on the case and are shocked to discover the detective who first closed the case is a member of their squad. Meanwhile, Bayliss' personal life creeps into his professional life when his co-workers begin visiting his web site, forcing him to choose between his beliefs and tainting his career. Ballard and Falsone are seen having dinner together by Stivers who debates keeping her secret from Giardello.
Zen and the Art of Murder James Felder, a Buddhist monk, is found beaten to death in his home. Lewis and Munch take the case, but G asks Bayliss to take over for Munch, given his background in Buddhism - Lewis is not too happy, thinking Bayliss will not look at the case objectively. Another monk, Tina Jeffries, accuses Felder of having sex with his students, including a married one, a promising motive. But the affected husband had long since forgiven Felder. A neighbor reports a homeless black man went in the house at the time Felder was killed. Bayliss tracks down the man while Lewis focusses on the other monks. Bayliss finds Larry Moss, who accused Felder of disrespect - he killed him because he offered him a spoon instead of letting Larry pick it up himself. Larry raises his gun to Bayliss and Bayliss shoots him. In conflict over his job and his beliefs, Bayliss seems ready to abandon Buddhism. Gharty and Ballard get the murder of Burell Williams. A neighbor, and the victim's sister, saw the killer. She thinks it was an old friend of Burell's, angry over about an ex-girlfriend Burell was seeing. But the neighbor insists the killer was not Jack Bragg; Bragg has a good alibi, though he still could have made the timetable - but they have to turn him loose. After he leaves, he dumps a gun into the harbor. Ballard and Falsone decide to call it quits, the secrecy being too hard on their relationship.
Self Defense Loren Burke, a well-to-do aristocrat, is found shot dead in his bed. Stivers and Falsone go to see the former Mrs. Burke, an Assistant US District Attorney. They are surprised when she tells them she killed him and hands over the gun. Both Ed Danvers and Mike G "help" in the investigation. Elenor Burke has friends on all sides, and uses the battered wife syndrome as a defense. But for Stivers and Falsone, the defense doesn't wash. They dig deeper, and find that Burke had an insurance policy to pay his alimony if he died; Elenor had called to see if she could collect is she killed him in self defense. G lobbies to have Mike put under his supervision following the McBride case; Barnfather tells G that he is up for a vacancy in a captaincy, though not in homicide. The captaincy looks in jeopardy after Elenor Burke's powerful uncle blames G for her arraignment. Lewis and Ballard go out on a case, but when he leaves her in a lurch, she accuses him of not wanting to work with women any more. Falsone watches Ballard from afar. Gharty drowns his sorrows at the Waterfront, again, but returns to work the next day with a new resolve to put some structure in his life.
Identity Crisis Upcoming
Lines of Fire Upcoming
The Why Chromosome Upcoming
Forgive Us Our Trespasses Luke Ryland, the Internet killer, is set free after sitting in jail for over 180 days without a trial. Bayliss is livid and blames Danvers - he loses his cool and pushes Danvers down a short flight of stairs. G orders Bayliss to apologize to Danvers, but he refuses. Bayliss goes to see Ryland and warns him that he will be watching. Bayliss tells Munch that he thinks Munch killed Gordon Pratt, but that it is OK. After finally apologizing to Danvers, Bayliss packs up his things and leaves the squad. Lewis and Sheppard take a call and find the victim is Ryland, gunned down, no evidence. Theresa Giardello arrives in Baltimore to see G's promotion ceremony, and learns that Michael quit the FBI. G tells Mike that he's unsure about rising up in the ranks, and finally decides not to take the promotion. G asks Mike what he will do with himself, and he says he needs to get back onto the streets. Munch and Billie Lou marry, but Munch is upset he is unable to consummate the marriage that night. Lewis and Falsone take the case of Joanne McQueen; her husband Shane is the most likely suspect. The victim's sister, a nun, knows little of her drug- addict sister's life, but she asks to see Shane when he is caught, so that she may forgive him. This gets Lewis thinking about Sheppard.
End of Season Seven

Life Everlasting - The Homicide Movie
G quit the force and is running for mayor of Baltimore, advocating the legalization of drugs to curb crime in the city. At a waterfront appearance, he is shot. Meanwhile, Lewis and Falsone meet police officer Mike Giardello at the scene of the murder of drug dealer Ying-Yang. All three get the call about G at the same time. Mike rushes to the hospital to be at his father's side. The call goes out all over the area, prompting Sgt Kay Howard, New York Det. Munch, and Professor Frank Pembleton, to join Ballard, Sheppard, and Stivers in the squad room. Tim Bayliss leaves his fly fishing to do the same, and homicide lieutenant Stu Gharty briefs them all on what he knows. Det. Bobby Hall interviews a homeless man who may have seen something, but his interview is ineffective, and Bayliss and Pembleton take him on, learning that he saw a tall black man, with graying hair and a pistol. At the hospital, Mike meets his grandmother, Stan Bolander, Megan Russert, and JH Brodie, all of whom are there to offer support. Bolander makes his way back to the squad, and assignments are split up. Capt. Gafney pulls Frank off the case, as a non-cop; he and Bayliss continue their investigation anyway. As the doctors operate on G, a man enters the OR and shoots the doctor. QRT arrives and sweeps the building, though they find nothing. As G comes out of surgery with a good prognosis, Doctors Griscom and Cox visit and try to estimate the calibre of the bullets. Mike Kellerman takes Mike out onto the streets to try to learn anything they can, and though Mike vents a lot of anger, they learn nothing. Bayliss and Pembleton meet up with Ballard and Stivers as they review video of the shooting, and Frank notices an odd puff of smoke from a camera man's camera. They find Eric James at home, waiting for them. He shot not only G (and the doctor trying to save him), for his stance on drugs, but Ying-Yang, too, in retaliation for his own son's death from drugs months earlier. Back at the squad house, Bayliss confesses to Frank that he killed Luke Ryland and gives Frank his shield. As the squad celebrates James's capture at the Waterfront, Brodie comes in and tells them that G died. As G's spirit walks the halls at the squad room, he sees Bo Felton and Steve Crosetti waiting for him - they play poker as they await a fourth player - who, they don't know, but they assure G that someone will come, eventually.

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