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Written By: Steve Mount
Source: Episode Viewing, Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5.

Program Note: No new episodes of Babylon 5 are planned. No new B5 movies are planned. The B5 saga continues on the TNT mini-series Crusade.

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The movies
In the Beginning, The Gathering, Thirdspace, River of Souls, A Call to Arms

Key terms and characters

Alexander, Lyta
B5's original telepath, later a charge of Kosh
Allen, Zack
Security officer, later made chief security officer
Babylon 5
A fifth attempt at a multi-racial station, hosted by Earth
Bester, Alfred
A Psi-Cop, part of Psi Corps
A major race, now in decline. One of Earth's first allies
Cole, Marcus
A Ranger assigned to B5
Lieutenant on the B5 command bridge
Cotto, Vir
Londo Molari's aide
Minbari ambassador to B5
Franklin, Dr. Stephen
Chief medical officer
Garibaldi, Michael
Chief security officer
Narn ambassador to B5
Senator Hidoshi
Patron of B5 in the EarthGov Senate
Ivanova, Susan
Second in command of B5
Starfury pilot, later Zeta squad leader
Mysterious Vorlon ambassador to B5
Delenn's aide
Lochley, Elizabeth
Commander of B5, took over from Sheridan
A major race, with whom Earth fought a major war
Molari, Londo
Centauri ambassador to B5
A Human working in league with the Shadows
A major race, with a long history with the Centauri
G'Kar's aide
Minbari, of the warrior caste
Psi Corps
An organization, some say ruthless, responsible for human telepaths
Lord Refa
Shadowy Centauri figure
A very ancient, very belligerent race, last seen 1000 years ago
Sheridan, John
Commander of B5, took over from Sinclair
Sinclair, Jeffrey
Original Commander of B5, later Earth ambassador to Minbar
The holiest of the Minbari holy men, lived 1000 years ago
A very ancient race, quite advanced, mysterious, and secretive
Winters, Talia
Telepath on B5

In the Beginning
Emperor Londo Molari recalls the past. He recalls when he was a Centauri envoy on Earth when he was asked about a new race the humans had heard of - the Minbari. He advised them to leave them alone, or, at least, approach them carefully, but his words go unheeded. At the same time, Lenonn of Minbar approaches the Grey Council to get more funds and manpower for his Rangers organization, who are tasked with looking out for the prophesied return of the Shadows. The Minbari leader, Dukat, offers to take the Grey Council to Z'ha'dum, where the Shadows are to return before they stir up trouble again. Unknown to the rest of the council, Dukat is meeting with the Vorlons, whose return is said to foretell the coming of the Shadows. On Earth, commander John Sheridan is offered the XO position on the ship that is to make trip to the Minbari border, but Sheridan's loyalty to his current captain and his dislike of his would-be captain force him to turn down the position, despite its opportunity for advancement. The Earth task force happens upon the Minbari fleet en route to Z'ha'dum, and misinterprets their show of respect as a show of force. The Earth fleet opens fire, killing Dukat. Enraged, Delenn, newly elected member of the Grey Council, orders the humans destroyed. When the Lenonn brings Delenn to Dukat's quarters, though, the Vorlons tell her that the humans are the key to winning the coming war. Through the Narn, a meeting is arranged. Sheridan, his captain dead, defeats the Minbari flag ship, the Black Star, with a decoy maneuver, giving Earth a needed morale boost. Sheridan, and Dr. Stephen Franklin, who has had contact with the Minbari before, are chosen to go to the meeting. But the Centauri, who learn of the meeting and assume it is an arms deal between the Narn and the humans, attack, killing Lenonn. G'Kar, the Narn representative, Sheridan, and Franklin are taken prisoner. But Sheridan has a message from Lenonn - in Dukat's secret place is the future, something only Lenonn would have known. Delenn orders them all released. The war progresses for two years, and goes badly for the humans. On the eve of the Minbari's final destruction of Earth, they take a prisoner on board for examination - it is Sinclair. Upon examination, they find that the human has a Minbari soul; worse, he has the soul of Valen, their most holy of holy figures. Delenn speculates that Valen reincarnated his soul in humans to show the Minbari their importance to the coming war. Sinclair's memory is erased and Delenn promises to keep near to him. The battle is called off, and the Minbari, who do not kill other Minbari, surrender. Shortly thereafter, the first Babylon station is constructed, but is destroyed before it is completed.

The Gathering
We meet Minbari ambassador Delenn, a friend of human Commander Jeff Sinclair - the humans and Minbari concluded a war 10 years earlier when the Minbari mysteriously surrendered on the brink of victory. Narn ambassador G'Kar and Centauri ambassador Londo Molari - the Centauri had until recently held the Narn in virtual slavery; the Narn are struggling to become a power, the Centauri are struggling to hold onto power. Telepath Lyta Alexander arrives from Psi Corps, on the new station to offer her unique services. They all await the arrival of Vorlon ambassador Kosh, member of a powerful but mysterious race. When Kosh arrives, he is found collapsed in the docking bay - Dr Ben Kyle wishes to try to revive him, but the Vorlon government refuses to let him open his environmental suit. Afraid of an interstellar incident, Sinclair overrules, and Kyle goes to work. He discovers that Kosh has been poisoned. Kyle and second-in-command Laurel Takashima bring Lyta in to scan Kosh. She sees Sinclair place a skin patch on Kosh's hand when he greets Kosh. Station security chief Michael Garibaldi has to take Sinclair into custody. He is to be turned over to the Vorlons for justice. In the meantime, Garibaldi and Sinclair look into one Del Varner, a tech-runner who is wanted for a list of crimes - he keeps popping up and seems connected to Kosh's attack. Also, a maintenance robot finds a small craft attached to the station's outer hull before it is blown away. A follow-up crew disables the small ship and brings it aboard - it is just large enough for one person. Varner is found to have purchased an illegal changeling net, allowing him to alter his appearance - a scan tracks down his location, and Garibaldi and Sinclair descend upon it. Just before a large Vorlon fleet opens fire on B5 to get to Sinclair, Varner is found - but it is not Varner, but a Minbari, out to start a war between the races. Vindicated, Sinclair welcomes the healed Kosh, and B5 is opened for business.

Season 1

Midnight on the Firing Line
The Centauri agricultural colony on Ragesh 3 is attacked by an unknown force. Londo receives a vid of the attack - the attackers were Narn. G'Kar does not deny it. Londo tells Sinclair of his dream of his death at the hands of G'Kar, 20 years in the future. He also tells him his nephew lives on Ragesh 3, and that war between the Centauri and the Narn is inevitable. The Centauri government decide to do nothing about the attack. G'Kar shows a vid of Londo's nephew stating that Ragesh 3 asked for assistance from the Narn. New commercial telepath Talia Winters tries to report to First Officer Susan Ivanova, but Ivanova avoids Winters. They eventually meet and Ivanova tells Winters of her mother, a weak telepath forced to takes drugs to suppress her ability rather than join PsiCorps. She committed suicide, and Ivanova has disliked PsiCorps ever since. Garibaldi checks on a series of raider attacks on local shipping and finds someone sold the transport routes. One last freighter, also carrying refugees, is in danger. Sinclair takes a team out and gets to the freighter as the raiders attack. They defeat them and find their C&C vessel. Aboard is a Narn captain, and Narn transmissions - the attack on Ragesh 3 was not in reply to requests at all, but naked aggression on the part of the Narns. On Earth, incumbent President Clark is reelected.

Soul Hunter
Dr. Stephen Franklin arrives to replace Dr. Kyle. His first patient is an unknown alien, whose ship came through the jump point unannounced. Delenn offers to view the alien to try to determine his race - she freaks when she sees him, and calls him a Soul Hunter, one who steals the souls of the dying. The soul hunter is unconscious until a human comes into Medlab near-death. Sinclair interrogates him, and he explains that the Soul Hunters preserve the souls of great beings, so that those souls would not be wasted. Delenn comes to see him, and he recognizes her as one who prevented him from getting the soul of the Minbari leader Dukat. He breaks out of the Medlab and tracks Delenn down, capturing her in her quarters and telling her that capturing her soul will be his redemption for his failures. Another soul hunter comes through the jump gate and asks to speak to Sinclair. He says the first hunter has gone mad, causing death to capture souls rather than wait for natural death to occur. The second soul hunter tells them where Delenn is dying, and Sinclair finds her. Before turning the soul catcher on the hunter, the hunter tells Sinclair the Minbari are using him. In Medlab, Delenn, delusional, tells Sinclair the she was right about him.

Born to the Purple
Londo is in love with a Centauri dancer, Adira, and lets his duties skip as he wines and dines her. But Adira has an agenda - she is a slave to Trakis, who wants access to Londo's Purple Files, personal files with dirt on all of the major Centauri families. Trakis has an eager buyer in the Narns. Adira drugs Londo and uses a mind probe to get his password, then downloads the files to a data crystal. She tries to escape from Trakis, but he finds her first and gets the crystal. In a set-up meeting, Talia is able to read Adira's location from Trakis's thoughts and she is rescued, and Londo gets the crystal back. Londo buys her contract and sets her free; she leaves, vowing to return to him someday. Garibaldi tracks down unauthorized use of a secret comm channel to Ivanova, who has been trying to reach her dying father. She speaks to him moments before his death, and he apologizes for not supporting her decision to join Earth Force.

An archaeologist smuggles ancient artifacts onto the station, unleashing a living weapon.

The Parliament of Dreams
Sinclair's old flame, Catherine Sakai, comes to Babylon 5, and the two of them get together, something they had vowed not to do again. Babylon 5 hosts a week of religious observances, with each race having a display of some of the ceremony of their worlds' dominant religion. Though the Minbari and Centauri displays do reflect a world-wide religious belief, Sinclair arranges for dozens of representatives of Earth's various religions. A Narn courier brings G'Kar some troubling news - an old enemy has died and as part of his last wish, he has arranged for G'Kar's death. When G'Kar's new aide, Na'Toth, arrives, he suspects her because of her family ties. But a communique from Narn makes it clear that the assassin is the courier himself. Na'Toth finds G'Kar, bound and being tortured, and rescues him. Delenn's new aide, Lennier, arrives from Minbar. She is careful to note to him that no one is to know that she is a member of the Grey Council and that he is not to call her by her title, Satai.

Mind War
Catherine Sakai is contracted to investigate planet Sigma 957. G'Kar warns her against going, as he's seen some odd things in that sector. When she goes anyway, G'Kar sends a couple of Narn fighter after her. Once she reaches the planet, she starts to survey it, and is soon confronted by a huge, glowing ship. When the ship leaves as quickly as it came, her small ship is drained of power and her orbit begins to decay. The Narns show up and take her back to B5. She thanks G'Kar and asks how that was - he says he has no idea. PsiCops Bester and Kelsey come aboard - they are in search of Jason Ironheart, a rogue telepath. He was an instructor, and lover, of Talia Winters, and they suspect he'll come there to meet her. Ironheart contacts Talia and tells her that he has been the subject of experimentation to expand his telepathic abilities, to add telekinesis. They succeeded, but he has begun to evolve past that point, and PsiCorps wants to dissect him to find out what combination of drugs changed him. He tells Sinclair that PsiCorps is really pulling the strings back on Earth, and stable telekinetics will be bad - able to carry out all sorts of dirty tricks and assassinations. Sinclair and Talia help him escape, but he is confronted by Bester and Kelsey, who try to send a "fail safe" code into his brain. He kills Kelsey and knocks Bester away, and escapes in a ship. Outside the station, the ship explodes and the command staff see a vision of Jason, who says he has become what humans will be in a million years. He gives Talia the gift of slight telekinesis.

The War Prayer
A friend of Delenn's is attacked by humans who stab and brand her with the mark of the Home Guard, an Earth-first group. Delenn demands that the perpetrators be caught. A Centauri couple arrive on B5 in detention for stealing credit chips; they ask to see Vir. One is a cousin of Vir - they've left Centauri Prime to avoid arranged marriages; Londo insists they return home; they are later attacked by the Home Guard. An old flame of Ivanova's, Malcolm, shows up on the station and asks to rekindle the relationship. A human is also attacked, and while in Medlab, he is visited by Malcolm, who is working with the Home Guard. Sinclair and Ivanova allow Malcolm to think they want to join up, and once the group meets, they are arrested. Recalling his own arranged marriages, Londo allows the love-struck couple to remain together. After a visit with Kosh, Sinclair recalls that Kosh had been poisoned by a skin patch, and that the only two people to have contact with him, Dr. Kyle and Lyta Alexander, were both now gone.

And The Sky Full Of Stars
Two men, one an advance operator, construct a machine of some sort from seemingly unrelated parts. They plan to kidnap Sinclair, to find out what happened while he was out of contact for a day during the Battle of the Line. Sinclair awakens to an empty B5, with just himself and one of the men. He is in a cyber net, and he will recall what happened to him, or they may kill him trying. Sinclair recalls a circle of people, shrouded, but no more. He is give a higher dose of a drug, and he recalls being brought aboard a Minbari cruiser, being tortured; a glowing instrument was held up to him, and he is released. Back in the circle of figures, he lifts a veil and announces that he knows the person. In a daze, he breaks free of the machine and goes on a rampage through the station. During a stand-off with Garibaldi, Delenn walks up to Sinclair and the drug-induced haze lifts. Later, Delenn asks Sinclair how much of his episode he recalled. He lies, and tells her he remembers nothing. Another Minbari tells Delenn that if he ever does remember, he must be killed. In his personal log, he wonders what the Minbari did with him and why, and why was Delenn there, the one he revealed. Delenn asks Franklin what he did during the war, and he tells of his refusal to use his knowledge of Minbari physiology to further biological warfare agents.

Na'Toth attacks a woman arriving in a private vessel, beating her nearly to death before being subdued. The woman is identified at Jha'Dur, the last known survivor of the Dilgar, and also known as Deathwalker, a war criminal who committed atrocities against the League of Non-Aligned Worlds before Earth entered into the war against the Dilgar. Na'Toth has a blood oath against Deathwalker. But Earth wants her alive, as she has developed an immortality drug. Before she leaves, though, the League lodges a protest and demands she be tried for war crimes. Sinclair strikes a deal that she be allowed to work on her serum to the benefit of all, but be tried thereafter. Jha'Dur tells Sinclair that in the end, the Dilgar will have won - to use the serum on one person, ingredients must be extracted from another person. To cause a billion people to live forever, a billion must die. As she leaves for Earth, though, a Vorlon ship comes through the jump gate and destroys her ship. Kosh tells Sinclair that they are not ready for immortality. Kosh hires Talia to oversee some business, but the business talk is done in riddles, confusing her. She realizes that rather than the business deal being the point behind her presence, she was the point - Kosh gathered her thoughts and recorded them for future reference.

An alien couple bring their son, Shon, to Dr. Franklin for treatment - he is gravely ill. Franklin tells them that a simple surgery can cure their son. They refuse to allow the surgery - it is against their beliefs. Franklin takes his case to Sinclair, asking for permission to do the surgery anyway, noting he did essentially the same thing when Kosh was operated on over Vorlon objections. The parents also try to elicit help from each of the ambassadors, but they all refuse for varying reasons. Sinclair speaks with the parents, Shon, and Franklin, and he finally refuses to consent, citing the boy's parents' wishes must take precedent, despite his earlier actions with Kosh. Franklin performs the surgery anyway, and the parents initially reject the boy. They do come to get him, though, and bring a traveling robe - presumably to go home. Franklin realizes, too late, that the traveling robe is used in a fatal ceremony, and Shon dies. Ivanova goes out on raider patrol, and though she nearly gets killed by a raider task force, she and her team are able to defend a civilian passenger liner.

An explosion goes off in a landing bay just before the arrival of the EarthGov President and a new contingent of fighters. The dying words of a worker caught in the explosion implicate Garibaldi to Lianna Kemmer, of the President's advance security team. Garibaldi knew Kemmer as a child, and her father, his friend, was killed to intimidate Garibaldi. Kemmer tries to take Garibaldi into custody, but he escapes, to clear his name. They eventually catch up to him after he falls off the wagon, but an independent investigation by Garibaldi's team lead to evidence implicating the Home Guard. Kemmer's aide, Cutter, is now suspect. Kemmer and Garibaldi go to see Cutter, who is now guarding the new fighters' launch bays, and he disables Kemmer. Garibaldi is able to subdue him and prevent the bombs in the landing bays from going off. Vindicated, Garibaldi and Kemmer try to reconcile their history before she leaves for the President's next stop.

By Any Means Necessary
An accident in the docking bays leads to an illegal work stoppage. The workers' representative, Neeoma Connally, tells Sinclair that without more equipment and manpower, the workers will refuse to return to the docks. Earth is not happy about the situation. Senator Hidoshi tells Sinclair that Orin Zento, a successful labor negotiator, will be arriving to put the situation to rest - if he cannot, the Rush Act will be invoked, allowing arrests of striking workers. Connally refuses to budge on the workers' demands, and Zento does invoke the Rush Act; in the Act, Sinclair may use any means necessary to put down the strike. To do so, rather than use force, Sinclair reroutes funds slated for military use to the workers. Hidoshi warns Sinclair that he has made an enemy of Zento, who has powerful friends. G'Kar looses an important part of a ceremony performed by the followers of G'Quon, the G'Quon Eth, a flower. Londo has one, but refuses to give it to G'Kar. When a Centauri religious statue goes missing, Sinclair is able to broker a deal for the return of the statue and the surrender of the G'Quon Eth to G'Kar.

Signs and Portents
Londo arranges for the return of a Centauri religious and political icon, the Eye. Lord Kiro and Lady Ladira arrive to return it to Centauri Prime. Ladira, a seer, sees the station destroyed in fire - Kiro thinks little of it, since she predicted he would be killed by shadows. A mysterious man named Morden arrives, and speaks to G'Kar, and asks his "What do you want." G'Kar's answer does not seem to satisfy Morden. He visits Delenn - in his presence, a triangle appears on her forehead, and she demands he leave. He speaks to Londo, whose answer is for the return of the Centauri to greatness - Morden seems satisfied. Kosh sees Morden and tells him to leave, these people are not for you. Kiro is taken hostage by a raider, and as the Centauri's ship leaves the station, a raider base ship jumps out of hyperspace to retrieve it. On board, Kiro thanks the raiders for helping him - he feels possessing the Eye will help him ascend to the throne. But the raiders see him as ransom material, double crossing him. Later, a mysterious ship destroys the raider ship - and Morden appears on B5 with a gift for Molari - the Eye. Ladira tells Sheridan that the future she saw for B5 is but one of the possibilities for the station.

Walker Smith, an old boxer friend of Garibaldi's, comes to B5 to fight in the Mutai, a no-holds-barred fight. No human has ever fought in the Mutai. At first, Smith is rejected from Mutai training, but when he challenges Geyar, the reigning champion, the fight is on. Smith fights Geyar to a draw, and humans are officially allowed, from then on, to fight in the Mutai. Rabbi Yossel Koslov, a friend of Ivanova's from Russia, arrives to bring her a family relic and to help her sit Shiva - but Ivanova does not want to sit Shiva, still angry at her father for so many years of cold shoulder. She remembers his dying wish that she forgive him, however, and she does sit Shiva, finally grieving for her father.

Aldus Gajic, the last member of a religious order, is seeking the Holy Grail. Since it has not been found on Earth for centuries, he has set out among the stars to find it. Along the way, he befriends Jinxo, who live in Downbelow. Jinxo is a petty thief, and is sentenced to banishment from B5 - but Jinxo refuses to leave. He worked on the prior 4 Babylon stations, each of which was destroyed in some way after he left them. Meanwhile, in Medlab, another resident of Downbelow is found with a wiped brain - this one was to testify against Deuce, a local crime boss. Franklin detects the pattern of a Vaa'leen feeder, a parasite from Centauri space that "eats" minds. Gajic and Jinxo are taken hostage by Deuce, along with B5's ombudsman; Jinxo escapes and brings Sinclair and Garibaldi to them. The feeder is killed, though Deuce escapes. In the fire fight, Gajic is fatally wounded. Jinxo vows to take over his quest.

Colonel Ben Zayn and Psi-Corps operative Harriman arrive on B5 to conduct an investigation into the goings on the past year, and of Sinclair's command decisions. Harriman is there to conduct telepathic scans, to which Sinclair is opposed, and to which Ivanova would rather resign than submit to. Sinclair discovers the scans are authorized only under very specific circumstances, and he has them canceled. But Ben Zayn soon has Sinclair brought up on charges that his running of the station has not been in the best interests of Earth Force; he relieves Sinclair of his duties. Garibaldi discovers that Ben Zayn was on the short list of possible commanders of B5, and is a friend of Bester. Based on this information, Sinclair confronts Ben Zayn; in the heat of the argument, Harriman scans Ben Zayn and finds that his purpose there is not truly official, but for revenge. The investigation is halted. Ivanova has a nightmare about her mother and her experiences with Psi-Corps. She sees herself in her mother's place. Lennier helps Garibaldi rebuild an old Earth motorcycle.

While shoplifting, a young woman living in Downbelow screams in pain and collapses. She is taken to Medlab, where Talia Winters confirms that she is a telepath whose abilities are just now manifesting themselves, and reads her identity, Alisa Belden. Ivanova is determined from the start to keep her out of Psi-Corps hands. Na'Toth proposes that she move to Narn and subject herself to regular tissue donations, to help establish Narn telepaths. Meanwhile, the body of Shai Alit Branmer, a great warrior who commanded troops on the Line, is brought to B5 for a body viewing, an unusual occurrence. He is accompanied by his second, Neroon. Delenn tells Sinclair that Branmer had been of his mother's religious caste until the war broke out, when he joined with his father's warrior caste. As the body is to be presented for viewing, Neroon discovers it missing. Neroon promises retaliation if the body is not found, and physically attacks Sinclair over the issue. Ivanova brings Alisa to see Delenn about moving to Minbar - Alisa sees in Delenn's mind that she had something to do with Branmer's disappearance. Sinclair confronts Delenn who admits that she was carrying out Branmer's final wish to be cremated. Neroon apologizes to Sinclair; Delenn spares Neroon's clan of the shame of going against Branmer's wishes, for which he is grateful. Alisa goes to Minbar. She tells Sinclair before she leaves that Delenn had the word "Chrysalis" in her mind.

A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1
Seismic activity on and a signal emanating from Epsilon 3, the supposedly dead world B5 orbits, prompt a survey mission. The shuttle is nearly shot down by some sort of defense system. Closer examination of the planet's surface reveals a 5-mile deep fissure, previously undetected. Sinclair and Londo both see an apparition asking for help. Ivanova and Sinclair go to Epsilon 3 and investigate, and find signs of a dead civilization, including a miles-high machine, or unknown origin and purpose. They find a living being in the machine, the same one who asked for help. They take him back to B5. Riots and unrest on Mars get Garibaldi worked up. He tries to get word about an old flame, Lise Hampton, but even Talia Winters' contacts in Psi-Corps cannot get word about her. Draal, Delenn's mentor, who is disillusioned with recent events on Minbar, arrives on the station on his way to explore the stars.

A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2
The Earthforce vessel Hyperion arrives at B5, and Pierce, its captain, tells Sinclair that he is there to take control of the Epsilon 3 situation. He will make sure that no other races try to take the technology on the planet. In the meantime, the seismic activity increases - fusion reactors in the planet itself are beginning to go critical. The alien from Epsilon 3, Varn, is dying. He calls to Draal, who goes to him with Delenn. With Draal there, Varn seems to get better - he tells Sinclair that without him there, the planet has started a self-destruct - any ships sent there will be destroyed; and if the planet blows up, B5 will go with it. Members of Varn's race arrive and claim the planet for themselves; Varn calls them outcasts, thugs. The Hyperion launches an attack on the aliens, with B5 flying support with its fighters and defensive weapons. Londo volunteers with Draal and Delenn to take Varn back to the planet. Draal knows what he has to do - he joins with the machine. Draal sends out his image to all parties telling them the planet is off-limits. The aliens ignore Draal and move on the planet. They are destroyed. The Hyperion moves on. Garibaldi is able to speak to Lise - she is safe, but she is also married now.

Babylon Squared
A fighter on patrol sees something wink into space, and when his ship returns to B5 on autopilot, he is dead - the notation "B4" is scratched into his belt buckle. Soon, a distress call from Babylon 4 is received, and a convoy to rescue the station's 1300 personnel sets out. When Sinclair and Garibaldi arrive, they learn that just after it went online, something started messing with B4's time, and they have been moving through time ever since. A lone stowaway, Zathras, calls Sinclair The One, but then notes he is not The One. He tells them that B4 is needed to be a base in a great war, that he is part of a team pulling it through time. A figure in a space suit appears, the next of many, the B4 personnel say; Zathras calls the figure The One. When Sinclair touches the figure's hand, he is thrown against a bulkhead - Zathras gives The One something, and it disappears. With the personnel evacuated, and B4 threatening to wink out again, the station is abandoned. We see a MUCH older Sinclair remove the helmet of the space suit, and Delenn's voice near him.

The Quality of Mercy
A Mr. Mueller is convicted of murdering some lurkers from Downbelow, as well as a station security officer. Since their options in sentencing are limited, the judge asks Talia Winters to preside over a personality wipe. Reluctantly, she agrees, and in the pre-procedure scan, is able to see all of Mueller's victims. She tells Garibaldi that some alien minds she's scanned are more human than Mueller's. Meanwhile, Dr. Franklin looks into reports of a "healer" in Downbelow. What he finds is a doctor who stumbled upon an alien healing machine. It heals by drawing life energy from one person to another. She is unconcerned for her own life, as she is terminally ill and bound to die soon anyway. Franklin allows her to continue, as long as she submits to regular medical checkups. In transport to the wipe, Mueller escapes and is shot. He finds the doctor and takes her and her daughter hostage, forcing the use of the machine. The doctor realizes that Mueller is not going to let them go and reverses the machine, giving him her illness, killing him. Franklin takes possession of the machine, and the doctor is acquitted of wrong-doing. Londo takes Lennier on a tour of "his" B5, showing him a strip club and introducing him to poker.

One of Garibaldi's informants finds him just before he dies, uttering "They're going to kill him." Garibaldi investigates Downbelow, and learns that his informant had been working loading for a man named Devereaux. Garibaldi takes Devereaux and his crew into custody, but they escape. Garibaldi and one of his aides examine part of the shipment Devereaux was shipping; they find jammers and triangulation devices, tuned to the frequencies used by Earthforce One, the President's ship. As Garibaldi goes to tell Sinclair what he found, he bumps into Devereaux - from behind, his aide shoots him and leaves him for dead. He is rushed to Medlab, where his condition is unstable; Garibaldi is able to briefly tell Sinclair about the plot against the President, but all channels are jammed, and he cannot contact EF1, near Io. The command staff watches powerlessly as EF1 blows up in space. Delenn prepares for some ceremony, and asks Sinclair to come see her soon, but by the time the dust settles from the assassination, he is too late - Delenn has entered into a cocoon, and Lennier tells him he does not know how long she's be there. Londo and G'Kar clash over an area of space in which the Narn have established an outpost. Morden shows up at Londo's and offers his help in the situation. The Narn outpost is completely destroyed by odd, spider-like ships; Londo gets the credit for resolving the situation back on Centauri Prime.

Season 2

Points of Departure
Captain John Sheridan is put in charge of B5 a few days after Sinclair had been recalled to Earth. The Minbari are not happy with Sheridan's selection, as he is one of the few humans who did real damage to the Minbari during the War. They refer to him as Star Killer. A Minbari representative warns Sheridan that a rogue Minbari war cruiser, the Trigati, has been spotted in the area. Its captain, Kalain, has been with the ship since it broke ranks rather than surrender 12 years ago. The captain arrives on the station, and attacks a guard on his way to Delenn's quarters. There, he holds Lennier and Delenn until a security detail arrives. Soon, the Trigati arrives from hyperspace, and threatens B5. B5 and the Trigati both launch fighters, but Sheridan has the Starfuries hold back - the Minbari do not fire. Sheridan gambled that they were looking for a fight, a reason to hit back at the humans. Sheridan summons another Minbari war cruiser which had been waiting in hyperspace. She disables the Trigati, which self-destructs rather than be captured. Kalain commits suicide in his cell.

Captain Sheridan's sister Elizabeth visits B5, and they speak of Sheridan's dead wife Anna, killed on a survey mission two years earlier. He blames himself for her death, because she took the mission when he did not have time to be with her. G'Kar returns from a survey mission of his own, where several of his compatriots were killed by Shadow vessels, allowing his to escape and tell others that a great darkness is building. He tells Londo that despite the animosity between and Centauri and the Narn, they may need to band together to defeat the coming enemy. He tells the Council that the Narns are sending a ship to a planet called Z'ha'dum, near the Rim. Londo, asked by Morden to be informed of any unusual activity near the Rim, tells Morden of the mission. A Shadow vessel awaits the Narns and destroys it. Franklin uses the alien healing machine to revive Garibaldi, with Sheridan donating some of his life energy. With his traitorous aide standing by, Garibaldi says he does not recall who shot him. He later has Talia scan him to help him remember, and he sees his aide's reflection in a bulkhead. The aide is put under arrest - President Clark asks Sheridan to send him and all evidence of the conspiracy to Earth for trial. Ivanova follows the ship as he is transported, and sees that he is transferred mid-flight, to an unknown vessel; he and all evidence is lost. Lennier summons Franklin to Delenn's quarters, where she has emerged from her cocoon. She later appears in front of the Council, her appearance much more human now than before. Elizabeth gives Sheridan a vid Anna made before she died; on it, Anna tells her that she had decided before Sheridan contacted her that she would go on the survey mission in which she was killed.

The Geometry of Shadows
Ivanova is promoted to Commander, and immediately given the job to mediate between and Green and Purple factions of the Drazi. The Drazi are at the start of a new five-year cycle where the Green and Purple Drazi fight for dominance and the right to rule. Unconcerned with Drazi politics, she just wants the fighting to stop on B5. She inadvertently stops the conflict when she takes on the role of Green leader and has all green sashes turned to purple. Lord Refa of the Centauri inquires about Londo's involvement with the destruction of the Narn base, but Londo is not forthcoming. When a group of technomages arrive on the station, Londo asks for them to endorse him - they refuse when he uses deceit to get their blessing. Sheridan asks them where they are going - Elric, their leader, tells him that there is a growing darkness, and they are going beyond the Rim to ensure their knowledge is not lost. Garibaldi toys with the idea of not going back to work after recovering from his gunshot wound, but he eventually does return as Security Chief.

A Distant Star
John Maynard and his long-range ship the Cortez stop at B5 for restocking. One of Sheridan's first commanders, Maynard is surprised to find Sheridan in a desk job. His apparent disappointment puts Sheridan in a foul mood. The Cortez has an accident headed back into hyperspace and loses it lock on a jump gate. Lost in hyperspace, it transmits a mayday, which B5 barely picks up. A chain of Starfuries is sent out to look for the Cortez. A large Shadow vessel knocks Keffer off course and destroys another Starfury. Keffer is now in range of the Cortez, and directs them toward the B5 jump gate. He remains behind, disabled. When the Shadow vessel appears again, he is able to triangulate and find his way back. Back on B5, though, he describes the ship and wonders what it was. After speaking with Delenn, and putting his job and what he helped do to bring the Cortez back, Sheridan redoubles his efforts as commander of B5. Franklin tries to get Sheridan, Garibaldi, and Ivanova to change their eating habits, but he is not very successful.

The Long Dark
When a cryonic sleeper is awakened, a deadly, evil force is unleashed on the station.

A Spider in the Web
Talia Winters meets with an old and dear associate, Taro Isogi, head of Future Corp. Isogi is on B5 to meet with Amanda Carter, a representative of the Mars government. Though peaceful means, Isogi has a plan to free Mars within 10 years. Before he and Carter are able to finalize anything, though, a man walks up to Isogi in a hallway and kills him with an electrical charge from his hand. The man, identified as Free Mars principle Abel Horn, appears to be under the influence of a government organization, controlling him from a secret base in the San Diego wastelands. Talia sees into his mind and witnesses what appears to be his death at the hands of an Earth cruiser. Abel escapes, and Sheridan and Garibaldi devise a way to seek him out, based on the premise that he was once dead and brought back to life as a part of the Lazarus project, designed to incorporate computer circuitry into human minds. Horn, who knew Carter when they were both part of Free Mars, seeks Carter out and has her flush out Talia. He is detected, and security descends upon him; he kills himself rather than be captured. Sheridan surmises that Horn was an operative of the secretive Bureau 13, sent to B5 to prevent anything positive from coming from Isogi's meeting with Carter.

Soul Mates
Londo has his wives, Daggair, Mariel, and Timov, come to B5. On the 30th anniversary of his ascension, the emperor has granted him one wish - and he has wished for a divorce from two of them. While Daggair and Mariel compete for his affections, Timov is not shy about showing her contempt for Londo. Meanwhile, Talia's old husband, Matt Stoner, arrives on B5; he immediately catches Garibaldi's eye, and Talia tells him and Sheridan who he is. She also notes that he is no longer a part of Psi Corps. Stoner catches up with Talia and tells her why he isn't - experiments on him rendered useless his abilities. Talia is intrigued by the possibility. Stoner sells a Centauri artifact to a trader; Mariel buys the artifact and gives it to Londo at his ascension party. the statuette shoots tiny darts out of its eyes, and starts killing Londo. Franklin cannot do anything until Timov volunteers to give blood for Londo. Stoner is brought in for questioning about the artifact; he says he got it at an abandoned Centauri outpost, overrun by the Narns. Garibaldi suspects it was booby-trapped. Londo recovers, and chooses Timov as his wife - her honesty is refreshing to him. Stoner is held, but "convinces" Talia to go with him. Garibaldi stops him; he speculates that his abilities are not gone, but changed, and he was sent to get Talia to breed with. He is turned over to Psi Corps.

A Race Through Dark Places
Bester asks Talia to investigate an "underground railroad" of unregistered telepaths.

The Coming of Shadows
The Centauri emperor comes to B5 over G'Kar's objections. Refa provides Londo with a prepared speech, blasting the emperor and his policies, putting them in a position to predict certain dire events which Refa's associates would be sure to carry out. The Narn and G'Kar decide that an assassination attempt is in order, but before G'Kar is able to carry out his plan, the emperor falls ill. The emperor has Dr. Franklin deliver a message to G'Kar - he tells G'Kar that the real reason for his visit was to apologize to the Narn; G'Kar suddenly has a new outlook on life, but it is short-lived. Refa and Londo take advantage of the emperor's illness; Londo asks Morden to have have his new friends attack a Narn outpost and colony near the border. It is destroyed, and Narn declares war on the Centauri. The emperor dies, his last words damning Refa and Londo. Londo has a dream where he sees Shadow ships passing overhead, where he is crowned emperor, and where he is killed by G'Kar. Garibaldi is contacted by a Ranger, one of an organization now being run by Sinclair and composed of humans and Minbari. He asks Garibaldi to grant the Rangers his protection. Sinclair also sends a message to Delenn.

Dr. Franklin's father arrives, leading 25,000 ground pounding soldiers on the station. The troops' arrival elicits fear from both humans and non-humans that the troops may be going on a secret mission that will involve the station becoming an armed camp.

All Alone in the Night
Delenn appears before the Grey Council and is stripped of her place on the Council. She is replaced by the warrior Neroon, upsetting the balance of the Council. She is permitted to stay on as ambassador to B5. Sheridan goes out on a patrol to check into reports of strange activity. Ivanova insists on an escort; when they group of Starfuries arrives, they see nothing; suddenly, a ship comes out of hyperspace, and takes Sheridan aboard. All other ships are destroyed save one, though it is badly damaged - the pilot sets course back to B5. On the ship, Sheridan is experimented upon and then attacked by a Drazi. He fights off the Drazi and a Narn comes in his place. In the fight, the Narn asks Sheridan to kill him. He disables him; when the Narn comes to, he tells Sheridan that the race that took them is experimenting on them, testing them. Based on the dying pilot's logs, a returning Delenn is able to tell search parties about the Stribe, a race the Minbari beat off years ago. General Haig, on B5 to see Sheridan, directs the Agamemnon to the Stribe home world where an attack on the Stribe ship ensues. Sheridan is able to eject with the Narn before the Stribe ship is destroyed. Haig meets with Sheridan and tells him of a quiet conspiracy that is suspicious of President Clark and the circumstances surrounding President Santiago's death. Sheridan brings Garibaldi, Franklin, and Ivanova in on the conspiracy.

Acts of Sacrifice
G'Kar asks Sheridan to intervene militarily on behalf of the Narns; Ivanova tries to institute an ambassadorship with a visiting alien.

Hunter, Prey
A Dr. Jacobs is cornered on B5 by Earth Force intelligence. The agency is looking for him because he, as President Clark's personal physician, had access to sensitive documents and files which he has stolen. Sheridan and Garibaldi help establish a search party. Sheridan is contacted by one of General Haig's operatives. Jacobs has proof that Clark slipped off Earth Force One under false pretenses just a day before it blew up and killed President Santiago. He must be found. Franklin, an old student of Jacobs', and Garibaldi go Downbelow to find him. Meanwhile, Jacobs, out of place in Downbelow, is taken prisoner by some thugs who attempt to sell him back to Earth Force Intel. But before the trade can be made, Franklin and Garibaldi find him and bring him to safety. Injected with a homing beacon, B5 is scanned for Jacobs, but he was not found. Soon, Kosh's ship returns from a short journey, and Jacobs emerges from inside - Kosh agreed to have him hide there during the scan. Kosh agrees to teach Sheridan "about himself" until he is ready to learn about Vorlons.

There All the Honor Lies
Sheridan kills a Minbari in self-defense, but is soon in trouble with the Minbari and Earth when another Minbari tells Lennier, a member of his clan, that the victim was trying to surrender to Sheridan, not attack him. Sheridan tells Delenn that he is lying, but she quickly quashes that notion when she informs him that Minbari do not lie. Londo tells the captain that under certain circumstances, Minbari have been known to lie; Sheridan tries to find out the real truth. Delenn is able to help him out when she and Lennier discover that the victim was also of the Third Fane of Ch'Domo; Sheridan killed many of that clan during the war, and they are trying to avenge their deaths. Lennier sets his clansman up and gets a confession that in order to preserve the honor of the clan, Sheridan had been framed. Vir is informed that his position is too important for him to be in, and is to be replaced; but Londo insists he stay. Kosh continues Sheridan's lessons.

And Now For a Word
As a reporter from ISN spends 36 hours on B5, the Narn-Centauri war comes a little too close for comfort. A Narn ship fires upon a Centauri freighter. The Narn accuse the Centauri of using B5 as a weapons transfer point. Analysis of the wreckage confirms that the freighter was carrying weapons of mass destruction, and G'Kar demands that all remaining Centauri freighter be taken into custody. When Sheridan refuses, the Narn start to attack the Centauri, and Sheridan is forced to act, firing on both sides, and finally taking the Centauri aboard. A Centauri cruiser is sent to blockade B5, but Sheridan calls the Centauri bluff - but before any celebrations start, a Narn cruiser pops out of hyperspace and destroys the Centauri, inching up the tensions on all sides. The Narn cruiser, badly damaged, blows up as it attempts to jump.

In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
Sheridan is going through some of his wife Anna's things, including a video about her ship, the Icarus, and its mission. Garibaldi notices one of the faces is that of Morden, who has been off and on B5, and is, in fact, there now. Sheridan has him taken into custody, where he grills him for information about Anna. Morden claims that he was outside the ship when it blew, and was picked up by an alien race, out of it for quite some time. Garibaldi resigns over Sheridan's refusal to release Morden without charging him. Talia Winters refuses to scan him against his will, but Sheridan arranges a brief, impromptu meeting in a corridor - Talia is made physically ill by Morden's presence. Delenn and Kosh come to Sheridan and tell him to release Morden. They explain that he is working for the Shadows, an ancient and dangerous threat. If the Shadows know that they are aware of their presence, they will attack now instead of building their strength slowly, spelling certain death for millions. Sheridan puts his thoughts of revenge aside and releases Morden. Meanwhile, Earth's Ministry of Peace announces Nightwatch, an organization intended to find dissidence among humans; Zack joins up.

Urza Jaddo, an old friend of Londo's, comes to B5 to ask Londo for help. The new regime has branded him and his house traitors and seeks to destroy his family. Londo tries to intervene by asking Refa for help in the matter, but when Urza finds out that Londo asked Refa, he is enraged - Refa instigated the campaign against him. Urza challenges Londo to a duel to the death; Urza practically allows Londo to kill him, restoring his honor and obligating the House Molari to watch over the House Jaddo. Sheridan goes to Grey 10, an area affectionately known as the B5 Triangle for its mysterious happenings; there he finds a dying Markab who recently traveled through Sector 14, where B4 disappeared. The Markab touches Sheridan and he starts to hallucinate. Sheridan realizes that the Markab was carrying an unknown life form, and the hallucinations were its way of communicating. He flies to Sector 14 and the being leaves his body.

Confessions and Lamentations
Markabs are dying on B5, though the Markab doctor, Dr. Lazarenne, insists that the death are by natural causes. Franklin is willing to accept that until a Markab transport is found will all aboard dead. After a thorough autopsy reveals a deadly virus, Lazarenne admits that it is a plague called the draffa; it is 100% fatal and contagious. It was long dormant and the stuff of legends, striking only the unclean. But it spreads like wildfire among the Markab on B5, leading to a quarantine. Soon, a Pak'ma'ra is found dead, too, and inter species infection is feared; riots break out and all the Markab gather in one place, guaranteeing death when Franklin finds the disease is airborne. Soon, an analysis finds a similarities between Markab yellow blood cells and Pak'ma'ra green blood cells, but too late for the Markab - they have all died on B5. Soon it is learned that the entire population of Markab has also been wiped out. As Delenn comforts and counsels the dying, she turns to Sheridan for support in her grief. Sheridan orders Keffer to stop scanning hyperspace for ships of unknown configuration.

Divided Loyalties
Lyta Alexander returns to B5 with disturbing news - she's been on the lam from Psi-Corps ever since she was recalled after scanning Kosh. On Mars, she was working for revolutionaries and learned of a Psi-Corps program that planted telepaths with "sleeper personalities" in key places, including B5. The sleeper would not even be conscious of their duplicity. Though reluctant at first, an attempt on Lyta's life convinces Sheridan to permit her to push a password into each of the command staff, a password which will release the hidden personality. Ivanova reveals to Sheridan that she is a latent telepath, which is why she's always objected so firmly to being scanned. Sheridan allows her to be skipped, but when no other command staff personnel are the sleeper, Susan agrees to be pushed - but she is not the sleeper either. Talia Winters, whom Sheridan and Garibaldi had discussed bringing into their conspiracy, happens into Sheridan's office and Lyta pushes her - the personality is revealed. Ivanova, who had developed quite a friendship with Talia, goes to speak to her, but the Talia she knew is now gone, packing for a trip back to Psi-Corps. Lyta goes to Kosh and asks to see him again, saying she has kept his secret.

The Long, Twilight Struggle
The Narn-Centauri War reaches a turning point. Sheridan is contacted by a powerful ally, who offers assistance.

Comes the Inquisitor
G'Kar meets with a gun runner to purchase weapons for the resistance on Narn. The Narn on the station, however, are unsure about G'Kar's leadership and ask him to get a message from home world. G'Kar asks for Sheridan's help, and Sheridan in turn asks the Rangers to get the message. When the message is played for the Narn on B5, they pledge their support to G'Kar. Kosh tells Delenn that she is to be tested by an inquisitor, to be sure that she is up to the task ahead. Sheridan greets the Vorlon ship and is surprised that a human walks out. Sebastian tells Sheridan that he was taken from Earth in 1888 and has worked in the service of the Vorlon ever since. Sebastian interrogates Delenn, asking "Who are you? How can you truly lead if you don't know who you are?" She is tortured with pain manacles she can remove anytime. Lennier sees her near death and rushes to tell Sheridan. He rushes to Delenn's side, but Sebastian seemed to be expecting him - he proceeds to interrogate him, too. Delenn pleads with Sebastian to let him go, to kill her instead of her. With that, Sebastian disappears. He reappears, telling them that they have passed; they were both willing to die for each other without glory or fanfare.

The Fall of Night
Sheridan begins to drill his Starfury pilots in Centauri battle techniques as he prepares for the worst. The Drazi and Pak'ma'ra advise him that the Centauri have invaded the fringes of their space, though Londo says that they are only establishing buffer zones. Lanz, from the Ministry of Peace, comes aboard; Sheridan and G'Kar hope he is there to finally take sides against the Centauri, and are dismayed when he reveals that Earth and the Centauri are to sign a non-aggression treaty. Meanwhile, a lone Narn battle cruiser requests sanctuary near B5 and Sheridan agrees. Wells, from the Nightwatch, holds a meeting on B5, where Zack Allen is asked to confirm statements made by a B5 shopkeeper. He does, and he sees the shopkeeper arrested the next day - Zack begins to doubt his involvement. One of the bridge crew tells Wells about the Narn cruiser, and soon Sheridan has Lanz and a Centauri cruiser in his face. The Centauri move on the Narn, and open fire on it and B5. B5 fires back and the Centauri ship is destroyed. On the way to a ceremony where Sheridan is to make a formal apology to the Centauri, Sheridan's shuttle is rigged to explode by Centauri operatives. Sheridan jumps out of the shuttle, and begins to head for the ground in low-gravity. Kosh reveals himself to rescue Sheridan before he hits the ground - he appears as an angel to each of the races in view. Delenn sees this as good and bad - Sheridan is rescued, but the Shadows will learn of what Kosh did and may think that the Vorlons are ready to confront the Shadows again. Keffer, while escorting the Narn ship, detects a Shadow vessel and gives chase, recording as he does. The Shadow vessel kills him, right after he ejects his recorder. On Earth, his recording is widely broadcast.

Season 3

Matters of Honor
A Mr. Endawi from Earth comes to B5 to investigate the tape made by Keffer in his final flight. Endawi asks each of the ambassadors about the Shadow vessel, but few know anything. Delenn cautiously says she has never seen such a ship; G'Kar tells of how 1000 years ago, G'Quon saw such ships; Londo related his dream in which he saw such ships. Meanwhile, a Ranger, Marcus Cole, comes to B5 requesting Sheridan's help - a training base on a Drazi world is being blockaded by the Centauri, and they wish to evacuate. Delenn and Marcus show Sheridan his new ship - the White Star, built with Minbari and Vorlon technology. Londo tells Morden that now that the Narn war is over, he does not need him any longer. Morden agrees, but shows him the two-thirds of the galaxy that his associates wish for them selves, save a small world in Drazi space. As the White Star approaches the outpost, it begins to destroy the blockade mines. A Shadow ship appears, and the White Star is able to out maneuver it. The give chase through hyperspace, and Sheridan is able to destroy the ship by trapping it in a jump gate as another jump point is formed inside. Endawi reports back to Earth that no one knows whose ship the Shadow vessel is. Morden meets with the Earth official and a member of Psi-Corps. Sheridan forms a war council, and brings all of the main command staff up to date.

As missionaries from several races flock to B5 to see where Kosh revealed himself, a group of human monks asks for permanent residency. The monks hope to see as many races as possible and learn about their deities. They will earn their keep doing computer work and the like. A bomber begins to blow up sites, picked to induce terror for the sake of terror and not for any political reason. Lennier is hurt while pushing Delenn and Londo out of the way of one of the explosions. Ivanova enlists the monks to review vids of the aftermaths of the bombings, looking for a common person; they find him and when he is cornered in his room, he threatens to blow up B5. Londo and G'Kar are trapped in an elevator after a bombing; while Londo tries to escape, G'Kar savors watching Londo die in front of his eyes. Security finds a bomb on B5's reactor and sends it off into space as the bomber is apprehended. Londo and G'Kar are rescued, to G'Kar's disappointment.

A Day in the Strife
Sheridan and Ivanova try to deal with an association of cargo pilots. An alien probe makes first contact with the station. G'Kar's position among the Narn is threatened by the arrival of a Centauri-appointed liaison.

Passing Through Gethsemane
Lyta Alexander returns to B5, reporting that she has spent the last several months on the Vorlon home world. She cannot discuss her time there, but she will now be working for Kosh, staying on B5 as a home base. One of Brother Theo's monks is having nightmares that seem a bit too real - he seems to be recalling periods in his life that he does not remember. He sees himself killing women, and leaving black roses at their bodies. He sees "Death Walks Among You" painted on walls, and hears voices. Brother Theo asks Sheridan for help - he took in Brother Edward from mysterious circumstances, and he fears that he is the victim of the death of personality, a psychic alternative to the death penalty. Brother Edward soon finds the truth himself, he was the Black Rose Killer. A group of people, families of his victims, come to him. One in particular, Malcolm, strings him up and leaves him for dead. Sheridan must learn to forgive when Theo brings a new member of the order to him - Brother Malcolm. Lyta and Kosh seem to join in a strange light show; she seems to be his new eyes and ears.

Voices of Authority
Delenn says that they should start to contact the First Ones to help in the coming war. Draal appears and asks Sheridan to meet with him on Epsilon 3 to scout out likely locations of some of the First Ones. Julie Musante of Nightwatch is assigned to B5. She is a political officer sent by the Senate to "help" Sheridan with his position. Sheridan has to meet with her, and sends Ivanova to meet with Draal. Ivanova goes into the Great Machine and searches out the First Ones. She finds a likely candidate in Sigma 957. While exploring through the Machine, she sees a communique with then-Vice President Clark and the voice of Mr. Morden, plotting the death of Santiago. Draal is able to record the vision. G'Kar inquires of Delenn about Rangers. He asks Garibaldi to let him help in whatever is going on, but he is brushed off. Ivanova takes Marcus and the White Star to Sigma 957. There, they find a First One, and though it initially refuses to help, Ivanova baits it into agreeing to help. The Clark tape is release to ISN and sets off speculation, Musante gets recalled to Earth to help with the fall-out. Garibaldi and Zack have words, Zack feeling that Mike is keeping things from him. G'Kar gives Garibaldi the Book of G'Quon.

Dust to Dust
Bester comes aboard B5 to warn the command staff of a new threat. The staff greet him surrounded by Minbari telepaths - they do not trust him to follow his own rules about unauthorized scans. He agrees to take a short-lived sleeper drug. He tells them that a major dust delivery will be coming though B5. The dust takers can see the thoughts of others, leaving them incapacitated. A telepath so scanned is often left dead. G'Kar is the buyer of the dust, looking to give the Narn a quiet, smugglable weapon against the Centauri. He tries it on himself and goes to Londo's quarters. He injures Vir, newly returned from his mission on Minbar, and Londo, and scans Londo. He learns of Morden and the attacks on the Narn home world by the Shadows. Kosh visits him in his dream and tells him to make a choice. Continue on and die trying, or stop, and live on to move along to something better. He stops, and is sentenced to 60 days in prison, where he contemplates his new-found mission. Vir leaves again soon for Minbar; Bester leaves, too, the dust merchant in his custody, and mentions to another telepath that the dust program the Psi Corps started has turned out to be a failure. Sheridan starts to let Nightwatch and the Ministry of Peace get on his nerves.

Marcus and Dr. Franklin combat an invasion by parasitic aliens that attach themselves to humans. Ivanova investigates the possibility of bringing a new member into the conspiracy.

Messages from Earth
Based on Dr. Jacobs' info, ISN reports the Senate is investigating Clark for possible conspiracy to kill President Santiago. G'Kar is using his time in prison to write and reflect, though Garibaldi reports that his singing has other prisoners wondering if he is being tortured. Dr Mary Kirkish, an archeologist, is on the run. Years ago, on a dig on Mars, an "artifact" was found beneath the surface. When it was dug up, they found a Shadow ship, though she did not know what it was until she saw Keffer's footage on ISN. After a week of intensive activity, another vessel came to rescue the first. Now, another ship has been found on Ganymede. Sheridan decides that the ship must not fall into Earth's hands. He takes his White Star to Ganymede, and destroy it as it leaves, by luring it too far into Jupiter's gravity well. The White Star narrowly escapes itself, first from gravity, then from Earth ships. Back on B5, Nightwatch begins a crack down. The members suspect Sheridan and wonder where he disappeared to. ISN reports martial law has been declared on Earth.

Point of No Return
Vir returns from Minbar again, just as Lady Morella, Emperor Turhan's third wife, is about to pay a visit. She is a seer, and Londo gets her to B5 to ask about his future. She tells him that he has wasted two chances to save himself from doom, and he has three more: save the eye that does not see; don't kill the one who is already dead; surrender to your greatest fear. She also sees that both Londo and Vir will be Centauri emperors some day. For the humans on board, tensions mount while Clark declares martial law and dissolves the Senate. General Haig is trying to start a rebellion, but is not successful. Nightwatch is given orders to take over B5 control as B5 is also placed under martial law. G'Kar is released from prison to free up security personnel, and Ta'Lon is waiting for him. G'Kar tells him that humans will be their salvation - G'Kar goes to Sheridan with a proposal, and they risk bringing Zack in on the conspiracy. Through a ruse, all Nightwatch personnel are trapped in a cargo bay, and the new security team - humans who never joined Nightwatch and a large contingent of Narn, take control. G'Kar tells Sheridan that in return for the Narn cooperation, he wants in on the new alliance he knows is being formed.

Severed Dreams
A ranger arrives near death: the Shadows have been allying themselves with the shadows, with dreams of conquest. Delenn goes to confront the Gray Council about its inaction, and is able to rouse the religious and worker castes to begin preparations. The civil war heats up. General Haig's ship, the Alexander, comes to B5 for repairs against Earthdome orders. Haig was killed in the latest skirmish. Soon, the Churchill arrives, too. News arrives that Mars refuses to implement martial law. It is bombed by Clark's forces. Orion 7 and Proxima 3 declare independence. Clark's forces are on their way to B5 to take over. Sheridan and the command staff decide to fight it out and Sheridan formally declares independence, too. B5, the Alexander, and the Churchill make a stand. The Churchill goes down. The human/Narn security forces take on boarding parties. Reinforcements arrive, but as they do, Delenn arrives with a small Minbari fleet, scaring the humans off. ISN makes a final broadcast before it is taken off the air by the Army.

Ceremonies of Light and Dark
Delenn plans a Rebirth ceremony. In the ceremony, you must tell a secret you've never told anyone and give something of great personal value. Marcus does not want to participate; nor does Londo or G'Kar. Lennier reveals to Marcus that he loves Delenn. The last of the known Nightwatch leave, but several more radical members go undetected. They are authorized to kill Delenn. Delenn and a Minbari captain are taken hostage. Marcus is able to get good intel on where they are being held, and a ruse flushes out the kidnappers. Delenn takes a knife for Sheridan, though she will recover. Refa comes at Londo's request. He is not happy with the way the Centauri are conducting their war, and he is concerned about Refa's association with Morden. To make his point, Londo poisons Refa with a two-part poison. He tells Refa to leave Morden alone and to discourage further border skirmishes, or he will administer the second half of the poison. The Rebirth ceremony is to be canceled due to her injuries, but the command staff bring the ceremony to her. Sheridan, Garibaldi, Ivanova, and Franklin give up their uniforms. Sheridan tells Delenn he loves her; Garibaldi says he is afraid to "let go"; Ivanova says she thinks she loved Talia; Franklin thinks he has a "problem". Delenn gives each of them new uniforms.

Sic Transit Vir
Vir arrives on B5 in transit back to Minbar. His betrothed wife, Lindisty, is waiting for him. The marriage was arranged without his knowledge by his uncle. A Centauri named Abrahamo Lincolni has approved several Narn refugees passage through B5. The papers are traced to Vir. He tells Ivanova that he had to something to help the Narns. A Narn attacks Vir and Lindisty, calling one of them a murderer. Ivanova discovers the Narns released by "Lincolni" are all listed as dead. Despite what is originally thought, Vir is helping the Narn escape. Dead Narns are of no concern to the Centauri, so listing them as dead is as good as granting them freedom. Lindisty reveals she knows the Narn assassins; she is the target of the blood oath. Her family recently "culled the herds" of any aggressive Narns. As she relates the story, Vir's horror grows. She offers a Narn to him out of "love". He refuses. Vir's place as envoy to Minbar is lost over the Narn issue, and Lindisty goes home. Ivanova fleshes out Lincolni and continues his mission. Sheridan asks Delenn to dinner.

A Late Delivery from Avalon
Trade slowly resumes through B5. On one of the first transports is a man who comes aboard with a sword claiming to be King Arthur. With no papers or ID, Franklin has his DNA run. Arthur says he did not die in his last battle, but was taken and slept... until he was needed. Marcus suggests the Vorlons may have taken him, but Franklin dashes that notion. Arthur tries to right some wrongs and gains G'Kar as an ally. In their victory, Arthur relates a story of a bloody battle that started as the result of a misunderstanding. Franklin discovers his true identity, but Marcus wishes him to be able to continue his delusion. Franklin refuses and shows David McIntyre his military record - he was gunnery sergeant on the Prometheus, which is the ship that started the Earth-Minbari war. David blames himself for starting the war and for surviving it. He gives Delenn his Excalibur, returning it to his Lady of the Lake, as in the legend. This snaps him out of his delusion. Sheridan asks the League to help defend B5, and most agree to help.

Ship of Tears
Bester comes to B5 in spite of the blockade - he has information about what he presumes is a mutual enemy. Sheridan sends Ivanova to speak with him - she would be able to tell if he was scanning them. President Clark is under alien influence. Bester believes they are called Shadows. A shipment of Shadow weaponry is making its way through hyperspace, and he suggests snatching it. Sheridan and Bester take the White Star and destroy the transport's escort. The escorts' mother ship starts to attack, but breaks off quickly. Back on B5, the cargo is found to be telepaths in stasis. Franklin opens one up, but the woman inside seems crazed. Bester recognizes her and goes to talk with her - but when they arrive, she has taken over Medlab, interfacing with the computers. They have been modified to be pilots of Shadow ships. Franklin tranquilizes her and places her back in stasis. Bester reveals she is Carolyn, his lover who is carrying his child. He vows to help B5 in any way he can if they can help her. G'Kar insists on being brought into the War Council. Delenn finally tells him that they knew of the return of the Shadows, and knew of their involvement with the Centauri, but they had to keep quiet to keep the Shadows from initiating direct combat. They had to sacrifice millions to save billions. Garibaldi finds the Book of G'Quon describes how the last of the Narn telepaths drove the Shadows off of Narn 1000 years ago - they fear telepaths. That is why they are using them in their ships, to counter telepaths the Army of Light may use. Sheridan sees the use of teeps as a new weapon.

Interludes and Examinations
The Shadows are attacking openly now, and the loss numbers are staggering. Sheridan cannot pull together all the Non-Aligned worlds as they fight defensive wars of their own. Sheridan needs a victory. He confronts Kosh, who finally agrees to help in a battle. The battle is won, and several League worlds join the Alliance. Franklin's stim use escalates to where Garibaldi almost runs illegal tests on Franklin's blood - but Stephen beat him to it - the levels are definitely at addictive stage. He resigns his post. Londo awaits the return of Lady Adira. While he does, Morden appears to him and tells him to continue to fight minor races and border skirmishes, to keep the pressure off his associates. He refuses. Morden arranges to have Adira killed en route. When she turns up dead, Londo suspects Refa, and Morden reinforces the issue. In a rage, Londo agrees to keep helping the Shadows. As a result of the Vorlon attack, Kosh is attacked - he appears to Sheridan in a dream as his father. Though he appeared to put up a good fight, he is out- numbered and is dispatched.

War Without End Part 1
On Minbar, Sinclair is given a letter from Valen, and he leaves Minbar and arrives on B5. B5 gets a transmission from Sector14 - the voice is Ivanova's, calling for backup in an attack that has not happened. Garibaldi leaves to investigate. Delenn takes Sinclair, Sheridan, Ivanova, and Marcus to a White Star and then to Sector 14. En route, Delenn shows them that it was B4 that was a major base of operations 1000 years ago. It must be saved from an impending Shadow attack and sent back again, or the coming war will surely be lost. Garibaldi finds that a rift has been opened from Epsilon 3. He is able to view more of the transmission - the Shadows are launching an all out attack - the attack that will happen if the Shadows are not defeated in the past. A passenger arrives from Epsilon 3 - Zathras, who brings the materials needed to travel through time. As they arrive, a Shadow sabotage team is near B4. The White Star fires on the bomb and it explodes. In the shock wave, Sheridan is "unstuck" in time. The mission proceeds to B4. Sheridan finds himself in Londo's royal court, minutes from his own execution, years in the future. Londo tells him that the defeat of the Shadows led to the downfall of Centauri Prime.

War Without End Part 2
17 years in the future, Sheridan awaits execution on Centauri Prime. In his cell, Sheridan keeps fading in and out of time - Delenn, now his wife, tells Sheridan that their son is safe. Baffled, Sheridan tells her that the last he recalls, he was on the White Star. She tells him that many changes are coming for him, for them. At the execution, Londo is drunk. He has a "keeper" on him, a creature that controls him. He allows Sheridan and Delenn to escape and has himself killed by G'Kar before the keeper awakes. Delenn warns Sheridan not to go to Z'ha'dum. On B4, Ivanova is taken prisoner. Zathras has an idea to help pull Sheridan back into the present. It works, but he is unstable. They rig B4 for time travel, but the crew's efforts to fix the station send it into a time warp - forward to two years ago. As it does, Sheridan gets unstuck again. Sinclair begins to age, having been exposed to the time field before. Zathras tries to find equipment to fix Sheridan's time stabilizer and is captured. The B5 rescue team arrives, and Zathras sees Sinclair. B4 is evacuated. Delenn gives Sheridan her stabilizer and she appears to Sinclair and rescues Zathras from falling debris. Zathras says that Sinclair is the One that was; Delenn is the One who is; Sheridan is the One who will be. Sinclair and Zathras take the station back. En route, Sinclair changes his appearance as Delenn had, and he changes his name to Valen.

Walk about
Lyta tests the limits of the Shadows' newly-discovered weakness. Dr. Franklin goes on a journey to discover his place in life, and meets a singer in Downbelow. The new Ambassador Kosh arrives on the station.

Grey 17 Is Missing
The Army begins recruiting telepaths to help in the war. The Minbari are looking for a replacement for Sinclair to be Ranger 1. Delenn is asked to be Ranger 1. But an old rival, Neroon, appears to challenge her. Lennier asks Marcus to stave him off. Marcus confronts Neroon and keeps him away long enough for her to be inducted. Neroon, in admiration of Marcus's devotion, spares him, but just barely, and accepts Delenn as Ranger 1. A technician doing maintenance in Grey Sector is missing - Garibaldi goes to check it out. Though the schematics show 30 levels, the supervisor tells him there are only 29. Unbelieving, Garibaldi finds a "missing" level between 16 and 17. He is taken prisoner by a group of lurkers living there, led by Jeremiah. As Garibaldi tries to find a way off 17, Jeremiah's rantings drive him nuts. He forces Jeremiah to help him, but they encounter a Zarg, a dangerous alien. They are able to drive it off and escape. Ivanova goes to find Franklin, still on walk about, to ask if he has any information on the telepaths he helped escape PsiCorps. He helps, but insists that no one else come to find him.

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place
The Army sends telepaths out to help defend against the Shadows. Londo plots to get G'Kar back to Narn so he can be arrested. Londo sends Vir to tell G'Kar that Na'Toth has been found alive on Narn. Refa arrives with one of the emperor's ministers - the feud between their two houses must end. Refa takes Vir and has a telepath read Londo's plan from him. The ambush of G'Kar by Refa was planned, though - by Londo and G'Kar, to rid Londo of his rival and the Narns of the architect of the attack on the Narn home world. Londo uses the incident to discredit Refa's house. Vir was used, unaware of Londo's plan. Coordinated by Brother Theo, a group of human religious leaders arrives. Sheridan meets with them; they help by supplying him with reliable information about the situation on Earth. Reverend Dexter tells Sheridan he should look to Delenn to help him shoulder the burden of the war. Sheridan and Delenn think they discover the pattern behind the Shadows' seemingly random attacks - they're creating an unattacked zone into which millions of refugees are fleeing, preparing to kill them all in one stroke. Delenn shows Sheridan their secret weapon - a fleet of White Stars.

Shadow Dancing
Sheridan launches a preemptive strike against the Shadows. Franklin jeopardizes his life while trying to do a good deed.

G'Kar delivers a bunch of high explosive nuclear devices to Ivanova. John Sheridan confronts Anna Sheridan. She is here to take him to Z'ha'dum. Delenn tells Sheridan that she never knew for sure if Anna was dead or not - she could not tell him because he would have gone to Z'ha'dum. He is furious with her. He refuses to go to Z'ha'dum unless Anna tells him what happened to her. She tells him that the Shadow vessel found on Mars was planted with a homing beacon, which is how they found Z'ha'dum. The Icarus landed, and soon found the Shadows. She said there was an accident that killed most of the crew. They stayed to learn what their technology could offer Earth. Franklin tells him that she has or has had an implant just as the Shadow-modified telepaths had. Sheridan hijacks the White Star and takes Anna with him. At Z'ha'dum, they meet with Morden and another human, Justin. Justin describes the Shadows and Vorlons as motivators. The Vorlons advance change with order; the Shadows with conflict. The Vorlons created human telepaths 100 years ago to be used as soldiers in the coming war. They attempt to convince Sheridan to move over to their side. He refuses and attacks them hand-to-hand. B5 is surrounded by Shadow vessels, but they don't advance. G'Kar reports 2 of his devices are missing. Sheridan jumps into a huge hole in the ground after directing the White Star, armed with the missing devices, to explode in the Shadow city. The Shadow ships leave B5 space, though Garibaldi's ship is taken before they go. Sheridan is presumed dead.

Season 4

The Hour of the Wolf
A week after losing Sheridan and Garibaldi, Ivanova has taken command of B5. The League and the Babylon Defense Treaty begins to fall apart as the member worlds pull back to lick their own wounds. Vir tells Ivanova that Londo's Shadow contacts detailed the last minutes of Sheridan's life, of his fall into a great chasm. Delenn confronts the new Vorlon ambassador for keeping silent. The Vorlon refuses to do anything. Lyta also confronts the new Kosh, but to no avail. Lyta proposes a brief mission to Z'ha'dum; she may be able to sense him. They go, but they detect nothing. On Z'ha'dum, however, a battered Sheridan is alive and meets a strange alien. Molari has returned to Centauri Prime to serve in the royal court. Londo learns Cartagia has been negotiating with a badly burned Morden to place a Shadow outpost on Centauri Prime. Londo has been chosen to be their liaison. He watches in horror and wonder as dozens of ships arrive. Cartagia foresees millions dying as he is elevated to godhood; Londo is stunned. He summons Vir to his side. Londo proposes to assassinate Cartagia. G'Kar decides to embark on a quest to find Garibaldi.

Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?
Lennier confides in Franklin that Delenn is having trouble. He visits her - she is fasting in her people's way... but she is now part human. She blames herself for Sheridan's death. Franklin goes through Sheridan's personal effects and finds a log he made; he shows it to Delenn; he speaks of his love for her. She comes out of her funk and calls all the Rangers and the White Star fleet - in 7 days, they are to strike at Z'ha'dum. G'Kar continues his search for Garibaldi. He finds the salvager who found and sold his Starfury. G'Kar is captured by the police. On Centauri Prime, Cartagia presents G'Kar to Londo as a "gift". Londo laments to G'Kar that he should have stayed on B5. Londo asks G'Kar to help in his plan to dethrone Cartagia. He agrees if Londo will free Narn - Londo agrees. Garibaldi is in a small, colorless cell, being interrogated by a formless voice. On Z'ha'dum, the alien tells Sheridan his name is Lorien - Sheridan is preoccupied with a question he is asked in a dream - "Who are you?" Lorien tells him he is dead. Or, more accurately, in between the tick and tock that separate life and death. Lorien tells Sheridan that he is the very first First One. Sheridan is the first to make it this far. Lorien tells him that Kosh is in him - Sheridan and Kosh don't wish to surrender to "tock". Until he learns to let go, he will be stuck. Sheridan slips away, calling out Delenn's name.

The Summoning
Ivanova and Marcus take a White Star to search for more First Ones to prepare for a final assault on Z'ha'dum. While searching, they happen upon a huge Vorlon fleet. Delenn visits Lyta to ask if the Vorlons will be helping in the assault. Lyta tells her she thinks they have plans of their own. The Non-Aligned Worlds plan to rally against Delenn. As they gather, an unknown ship arrives at B5. As the crowd gets unruly, they are stunned as Sheridan arrives on the ship, Lorien at his side. They rally behind Sheridan to launch an all-out, unified attack on Z'ha'dum. Sheridan explains the roles of the Shadows and the Vorlons, roles that broke into conflict between them over time. The younger races have been caught in the middle ever since. Ivanova, Marcus, and Lyta report that the Vorlons are on a final assault on the Shadows, to get rid of them once and for all. Cartagia is using G'Kar as a court jester - his actions bolster Londo and Vir in their conspiracy. Londo implores G'Kar to abide Cartagia, so he will have a live ally instead of a dead martyr. Cartagia tortures him to near death, and G'Kar finally gives in to save Narn. G'Kar's information about Garibaldi leads to a solid tip on his whereabouts and Zack leads a mission to follow up. They find him aboard an other wise empty life pod. Zack is suspicious that they were a little too lucky. Garibaldi is uncharacteristically suspicious of everything.

Falling Toward Apotheosis
The Vorlons continue their assaults, destroying entire worlds to eliminate Shadow influence. Delenn and Sheridan speak alone for the first time since his return; he relates how her image helped him get through his ordeal. Garibaldi's behavior continues to be erratic, though Franklin lets him go back to work. Sheridan asks Garibaldi to have the Vorlon ambassador leave. Sheridan plans to have the Vorlon killed with help from Lyta, and the piece of Kosh still living in him. The two Vorlons clash and destroy each other. Lorien gives of his life energy to save Sheridan. Sheridan tells Delenn that because of Z'ha'dum, he only has 20 years to live. He asks her to marry him. The fleet continues to amass. Morden tells Londo that the Vorlons are moving against Shadow bases - Londo fears for Centauri Prime, though Morden predicts the Vorlons don't have the will to attack a target as large as that. Cartagia sees the impending attack and resulting destruction as his chance to be elevated to godhood. Londo suggests to Cartagia that G'Kar be brought to Narn and tried. Cartagia agrees, but has one of G'Kar's eyes plucked in the meantime.

The Long Night
The Shadows mount counter attacks against supporters of the Vorlons. Sheridan asks Ivanova to take Lorien and find more of the First Ones. Calculations show where the Vorlons will likely strike next - Coriana 6, inhabited by billions. Sheridan convenes the League. He plans to bring the Shadows and Vorlons together, to force the issue. He sends a White Star on a suicide mission to make the "invitation". Londo gathers support for his conspiracy on Narn and preps G'Kar on the plan. G'Kar will distract the guards while Londo stabs Cartagia with a poisoned dagger. Londo is not successful, though - Vir completes the job. Londo is elevated to Prime Minister, and calls for the Centauri to leave Narn and attend to their Shadow problem. Londo consoles Vir as he deals with his role in the murder. G'Kar is disappointed that he is offered the throne and the air of vengeance that pervades his people.

Into the Fire
Lorien and Ivanova search for an find a half dozen First Ones while the White Star fleet hits Vorlon targets before meeting for the big rendezvous. Lorien tells Ivanova that this war will not be won by force but by understanding. Just as Ivanova arrives, so do the Vorlons and the Shadows. Sheridan calls on the First Ones to save Coriana 6. Sheridan and Delenn are taken by the Vorlons and Shadows respectively and asked why they don't go along with their plans. They reject their arguments and tell them that neither of them are wanted, neither is needed. Sheridan tells them both to leave. Lorien and the other First Ones all leave the galaxy to the younger races. Londo rushes to rid Centauri Prime of all Shadow influence before the Vorlons arrive to purge the planet. Londo learns that it was not Refa who'd had Adira poisoned, but Morden who gave the order. Londo is furious and heartbroken. Londo blows up the island Cartagia gave to the Shadows and has Morden killed. A Vorlon planet killer is recalled to join the battle at Coriana 6 just before it strikes, saving the planet.

Londo leaves for B5 after appointing a Regent to sit on the throne until a new emperor can be chosen. The Regent later awakens to find an odd creature living on his shoulder. Franklin examines G'Kar's eye upon his return to B5 and suggests a prosthetic. Garibaldi gets a strange, encrypted message and immediately resigns as head of security. He offers little explanation, other than that he is tired. Sheridan appoints Zack to take his place. Bester arrives as well, just as President Clark blockades B5. Lyta is asked to sit in on when Bester meets with the command staff. Bester wants to go to Z'ha'dum to find technology to help his wife. In exchange, he will reveal Clark's next step. Sheridan agrees - a PsiCorps squadron will attack an Earth fleet, destroying it and blaming B5 for the losses. B5 must destroy the PsiCorps squadron first, which Alpha squadron quickly does. At Z'ha'dum, they witness a mass evacuation and the planet explodes. Lyta tells Sheridan that she knew that she would be detected by sensors on Z'ha'dum, and she predicted the explosion - all to exact a little revenge on Bester.

The Illusion of Truth
Sheridan worries about his family as the Earth embargo of B5 continues. Garibaldi continues to free lance and is still haunted by visions of his time away from the station. ISN arrives on the station to do a follow-up report. Sheridan balks at a report, but the reporter sweet talks his way in. Sheridan asks Lennier to show Dan Randall the station. Randall and his crew interview Sheridan, Delenn, and Garibaldi and explore the station with their cameras. The report includes details about the Committee on Anti-Earth Activities and the efforts to restore order on Mars. The report on B5 starts out badly and gets worse; the focus turns out to be the cryogenically-stored telepaths, whom the reporter portrays as troublemakers quietly tucked away until they won't be missed; or perhaps subjects in human-Minbari genetic experimentation. Randall also notes that the Sheridan estate burned to the ground and his father is missing.

Movie - see complete synopsis.

Delenn is summoned back to Minbar. There, Delenn's clan calls her transformation and romance into question. She goes into The Dreaming to purify her thoughts. There, she recalls her first Dreaming, with Dukat. She recalls when he asked her if the Minbari should establish contact with humans - she said "yes" and he made her his aide and thereafter as a member of the Grey Council. Then, the attack by the humans on first contact, Dukat's death, and it was her order that started the Earth-Minbari war. She tried to slow down the war, but it had taken on a life of its own. Is this why she loves Sheridan, to atone? She realizes something Dukat told her - she is a child of Valen. Valen's children, Sinclair's children, were part human - she is not pure Minbari anyway, so marrying a human is not against tradition. Rather than reveal the presence of human DNA in the Minbari people, Delenn portrays her relationship as a sacrifice to peace. Sheridan sends Marcus and Franklin to meet with allies in the Mars resistance to begin planning for their overthrow Clark. G'Kar is fitted with a prosthetic eye.

Racing Mars
Sheridan asks Ivanova to enlist the aid of smugglers and black marketeers to help keep the station running in return for a base of operations... which she does with her usual flair. Delenn and Sheridan perform another courtship ceremony -- one whose audience makes Sheridan a little apprehensive. Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his interview with ISN and his grudge against Sheridan. In the argument's wake, Garibaldi is approached by a group claiming to want to keep Sheridan from getting out of hand. After a second confrontation, Garibaldi agrees to work with them. Marcus and Franklin meet their contact with the Mars resistance, Captain Jack. The three arrive on Mars to start contacts the resistance, and find that few there know anything of the Shadow War. Captain Jack has been infected by a keeper, who almost kills Number One, the head of the local resistance cell. After being damaged, the keeper begins to regrow on Jack, and he kills himself rather than let it take over his body again.

Lines of Communication
Sheridan has an idea to start a new broadcast channel - the Voice of the Resistance, with Ivanova as the spokesperson. Franklin and Marcus try to convince the leaders of the Mars resistance to go along with Sheridan's plan to unseat Clark. The implore the leaders to attack the man, and not the position, that to attack civilian targets is counter productive. They agree to be patient and await instructions from B5. Delenn investigates a series of attacks on Minbari allies. The attackers, the Drakh, are allies of the Shadows, interested in gaining a foothold in Minbari space. But when they learn the Minbari emissary is Delenn, they drop their pretense and attack; the White Star fleet looses a ship, and in a rage, Delenn orders a counter-attack in which the Drakh mother ship is destroyed. Minbar begins to slide toward civil war, and Delenn tells Sheridan that she must return home.

Conflicts of Interest
Sheridan tells Zack to gather up Garibaldi's link and weapon. To Zack's surprise, he gives them up with little trouble. Wade offers Garibaldi a job smuggling someone aboard, the wife of a business man. The someone turns out to be his old girlfriend Lise. She married billionaire William Edgars. She takes possession of a drug that may help telepaths who are in danger of a genetic syndrome that affects only teeps. Edgars is trying to identify a cure. Garibaldi fights off some attackers trying to acquire the drug. Garibaldi realizes the attackers are telepaths, but they kill themselves rather than be captured. Edgars offers to give Garibaldi a job on Mars. Ivanova heads to Epsilon 3 to secure power for the Voice of the Resistance broadcasts. Planet side, she meets the brother of Zathras, Zathras. They set up a system to provide VOR with power, and they begin transmitting. Sheridan asks G'Kar and Londo to help him put the White Star fleet on patrol on the borders of the Non-Aligned Worlds by allowing them to patrol Narn and Centauri space, too - but they refuse.

Rumors, Bargains and Lies
Sheridan hatches a plan to get the League worlds to allow White Star patrols in their space. First, he asks Londo to deny the White Stars are in Centauri space (and when the Drazi ambassador asks Sheridan and Londo if there are White Stars in Centauri space, they both deny it). He has Marcus take a squad of White Stars to blow up asteroids in a remote sector. He has Ivanova broadcast on VOR that nothing interesting happened in another sector. Finally, Franklin asks each ambassador to send for a large supply of blood, in case it is needed. These rumors all lead to great fear in the League, and they practically demand that Sheridan put the Fleet in their space. Delenn is headed for Minbar and rendezvous with Neroon of the warrior caste. She tells him that she respects him even though they have not seen eye-to-eye. Neither the religious nor the warrior caste can win this civil war, or it will tear Minbari society apart. He agrees to help her. Some members of Delenn's crew plant poison in the air system believing Delenn is planning their surrender, but Lennier finds it and turns the poison off, wounding himself. Neroon clandestinely leaves the ship, appearing to betray his agreement with Delenn.

Moments of Transition
Lyta faces financial difficulties when her rogue status loses her business - she is forced to make a deal with Bester to get a good reference from Psi-Corps. Delenn and Neroon act out their plan to stop the Minbari civil war, and Neroon sacrifices himself to save Delenn. Delenn restores the Grey Council, to be dominated by the worker caste. An unprovoked attack by Earthforce on civilian targets prompts Sheridan to call for an all-out war on EarthGov.

No Surrender, No Retreat
Sheridan demands that the non-aligned worlds break diplomatic ties with Earth in exchange for the continuing protection of the White Star fleet. The Fleet attacks the Earth forces around Proxima 3, destroying some Earth ships, but also gaining some allies in the fight. Londo convinces G'Kar to issue a joint Centauri/Narn statement of support for Sheridan's actions. Garibaldi leaves the station to go to Mars and fight the war in his own way.

The Exercise of Vital Powers
Garibaldi goes to Mars to meet Edgars, and learns of Edgars plans - to stop Sheridan so that his and other mega-corporations, which Edgars says really run EarthGov, can handle Clark themselves, before Clark brings Psi-Corps into the fray. Edgars fears that once Psi-Corps is involved, they'll never let go of their power. Sheridan asks Franklin to step up the cure for the Shadow-enhanced telepaths, and Franklin gets some unexpected help from Lyta. We find Edgars is working on a virus of some sort, which seems to kill only telepaths.

The Face of the Enemy
Franklin and Lyta arrive on Mars with the Shadow-enhanced telepaths, but they are not heartily welcomed. Garibaldi arranges for Sheridan's father to be caught by EarthGov, and he sends Sheridan a message to meet him to work out a plan to rescue him. When Sheridan arrives on Mars, Garibaldi slips him a drug and he is captured. Ivanova takes over the rebel fleet. Delenn returns to B5. When Garibaldi learns of Edgars' plans for the telepaths, he contacts Bester. We learn that when Garibaldi was taken by the Shadows, Bester had him altered to his specs - made more suspicious, more belligerent, more untrusting; he also instructed Garibaldi to contact him when he had information for him - the telepath virus qualifies. Bester restores Garibaldi's memory, but when he goes to find Edgars and Lise, he finds Edgars dead and Lise missing. Ivanova places a "shoot-on-sight" order on Garibaldi's head.

Intersections in Real Time
Sheridan is interrogated by Earth forces. The interrogator expects him to sign a confession that he was influenced by alien forces, but Sheridan refuses to the last, despite physical torture, sleep and food deprivation, and psychological manipulation.

Between the Darkness and the Light
Sheridan continues to be interrogated. Garibaldi makes contact with the Mars underground, and is taken prisoner. Lyta does a deep scan on him and learns that his story about Bester is true. He formulates a plan with Franklin Lyta to get Sheridan out of Earth hands; they do, but Garibaldi is injured in the operation. Meanwhile, the White Star fleet is warned that a new class of destroyers is awaiting them at the next rendezvous point. Ivanova has the White Star ships only confront the new ships, which are incorporating Shadow technology. Despite being outnumbered, the White Stars are victorious... but Susan is mortally wounded in the battle. Sheridan goes to see her; Susan is told she has maybe a week to live. The League of Non-Aligned Worlds votes to aide in the attack on Earth forces.

Ivanova is sent back to B5 while the White Star Fleet, the fleet of the Non-Aligned Worlds, and the fleet of defectors from Earth prepare to attack Mars. Garibaldi and the Mars resistance take aground unit and allow a small set of ships to open jump points in the Mars atmosphere, and destroy much of the defender's reserve fleet. They also were able to place Shadow-modified telepaths on each defending destroyer, with the hopes that when Lyta wakes them, they will merge with the ships and disable most of them. The rest are disabled or destroyed by the attack fleet, which then moves on to Earth. Marcus, learning of the alien healing machine that saved Garibaldi a few years ago, abandons the fight and returns to B5. The attack fleet begins to destroy the Earth defense systems, but President Clark, in a final act before he kills himself, turns the weapons on Earth. The attack and defense fleets are able to destroy the planetary grid before too much damage is done. On B5, Marcus gives Susan his final goodbyes as he hooks she and himself to the healing machine.

Rising Star
Ivanova mourns the death of Marcus, as Franklin arrives too late to do anything more than comfort Susan. Sheridan agrees with the new EarthGov President to resign his post in exchange for amnesty for his crew. Delenn proposes the dissolution of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and the formation of a new Interstellar Alliance, with peace provided but the multi-racial Rangers. Earth agrees to join the new Alliance, but the President and her generals are blind sided when Sheridan is elected President of the Alliance. Mars is declared to be a free planet, pending Senate approval, and all other Earth colonies are given the chance to declare independence. Delenn and Sheridan marry, and Londo learns of the inevitable death of the Regent on his home world, which will leave the door open for him to become Emperor. Garibaldi finds Lise; he now has to choose between B5 and a life with her running Edgars Industries. Ivanova is promoted to captain, and asks for a transfer to a new destroyer, so she can get her bearings back. The new Alliance will be based on B5. Bester learns that his lover was not one of the telepaths used by Sheridan's forces in the Trojan horse attack on the Earth destroyers.

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars
Told from the perspective of an historical record. Immediately after his election President of the Alliance, humans debate the future effectiveness of the Alliance and Sheridan's hope of holding it together. 100 years later, another debate calls Sheridan and Delenn's icon status into question. Sheridan died 80 years earlier. There was a telepathic colony on B5, and a Telepath War. Garibaldi appears to have died in a terrorist incident. B5 no longer exists. Delenn interrupts the debate to defend Sheridan. 500 years in the future, some factions on Earth wish to break from the Alliance, and they wish to deconstruct history to justify the break. A holographic Garibaldi is able to access the outside world and transmits the plans to the Alliance; a war ensues. 1000 years hence, the Earth is a wrecked shambles, 500 years after the Great Burn. The founders of the Alliance have taken on Biblical status; but the Rangers walk among the people of Earth, waiting to bring her back to the Alliance. The viewer of the record is archiving it one million years from now, just before the sun goes nova. He leaves Earth, in a Vorlon-like encounter suit.

Delta squad, under Ivanova, find a half-mile wide alien artifact floating in hyperspace and have it towed back to B5. As soon as it arrives, Lyta starts to have telepathic visions, which quickly intensify. Dr. Elizabeth Trent of IPX arrives soon after to request that IPX be allowed access to the artifact (regardless of the split between Earth and B5). Sheridan reluctantly agrees, with the condition that he be kept apprised of IPX's progress. Lyta's visions compel her to send a small fleet of maint bots to the artifact, intending to destroy it. Security finds her in the bot control room after all the bots are shot down, and she collapses - in Medlab, she has no recollection of the past few days. Trent asks Sheridan to keep Lyta away from the artifact - they are aware of her time in Vorlon space and suspect her P-rating is now much higher than her rated P5. She suspects the Vorlons may have implanted a desire in her to destroy any technology too advanced for humans. As IPX continues scanning the artifact, inhabitants of B5, including crime boss Deuce, start to have visions and become belligerent. Even Ivanova and Vir see a beautiful, dark city with a huge monolith in the center in their dreams. Trent theorizes that the artifact is a gateway to another space; not normal space, not hyperspace, but a third space, which would allow instantaneous travel, making it a perfect weapon, both militarily and in business. They attach a huge power cell, and the artifact comes to life. Hundreds of fights break out on B5, overwhelming security. Sheridan and Delenn pay Lyta a visit -- she has changed, speaking with a Vorlon "race memory" of a great mistake the Vorlons made. After millennia of influencing races, they began to think of themselves as gods and built the artifact to open the gates to (in human terms) heaven. But waiting on the other side of the gate was a great "Anti-Life" race, intent on killing all life in its space, and all in ours, too. The Vorlons barely closed the gate - those under the Anti-Life's influence sent it into hyperspace where it has been lost for a million years. She tells them how to destroy it; it must be done before the Anti-Life fleet can enter our space. Delenn heads a Minbari fleet and Ivanova heads the White Star fleet to fend off powerful scout ships while Sheridan dons a space suit and takes a nuclear bomb inside the artifact. He sets the charge and narrowly escapes the artifact. The bomb explodes just as the large main fleet begins to pull through the gate. When the gate closes, all fighting on B5 ceases. Trent gives Sheridan her notes on the artifact, in case they will come in handy some day. Lyta laments that the artifact was just one mistake of many.

Season 5

No Compromises
Captain Elizabeth Lochley comes on board as B5's new commander. A member of Earthforce, she quickly and decisively takes command of the station. Lochley asks Sheridan, who is preparing for his inauguration ceremony, why he picked her. He says it is because of her reputation - B5 needs continuity, someone from Earth at the helm. He will handle the political decisions, but the rest is up to her. B5 is to remain independent until the Alliance can work out a deal with Earth to buy B5. Sheridan asks G'Kar to write the oath of office and a statements of principles for the Alliance. Sheridan gets a death threat, and the body of a dead Ranger to back it up. He refuses to cancel the ceremony over all objections (except Lochley's). A group of rogue telepaths asks Lochley for asylum on B5. One of the telepaths, Simon, is a tunnel rat and sees the assassin prepare his weapon, and is fatally wounded as he tries to get away. Simon struggles to warn Sheridan in time; he does and the assassin takes a hostage and escapes. He later tries to blow out the ceremony chamber from the outside with a Starfury, but Garibaldi chases him down and he is killed. Lochley denies the telepaths asylum, but Sheridan speaks to their leader, Byron, and overrules her. Garibaldi is made head of the Alliance's covert operations division.

The Very Long Night of Londo Molari
Londo suffers a heart attack and in his coma-like state, sees and speaks to several people in his life - Delenn, Sheridan, Vir. He wants to live, but to do so, he must face G'Kar. When he does, the G'Kar image tells him that he must utter one word, must atone for what he has done in his life - G'Kar's beating at the hands of Cartagia and the bombing of Narn, among others. He finally tells G'Kar he is sorry, and he awakens from his coma. G'Kar is there in Medlab, watching, and Londo tells him sorry, too. Delenn learns that Lennier plans to leave B5. He tells her that now that she has Sheridan, there is no place for him. He leaves to join the Rangers.

The Paragon of Animals
A Ranger in contact with a race called the Enfili barely reaches B5 alive - Sheridan has to ask Lyta to scan him to find out what caused his injuries. The Enfili are asking for Alliance protection from raiders operating in their space near Drazi territory. Sheridan sends the entire White Star fleet to free the Enfili with an overwhelming show of force. Meanwhile the Drazi and others refuse to sign the Declaration of Principles drafted by G'Kar. Garibaldi goes to Byron to ask for his telepaths' help in his new group, but he refuses. Lyta goes on Garibaldi's behalf, and they agree to help the Alliance; Byron tells her that he has read the Drazi ambassador, and it was clear that the Drazi are behind the attacks on Enfili and other nearby worlds. Sheridan gives the Drazi a single chance to change their ways and stay in the Alliance. Lyta goes to Byron to learn more about his group. G'Kar drafts a much shorter, vaguer Statement, and all the ambassadors sign.

A View from the Gallery
Technicians Mack and Bo give a different perspective on the operations of B5. While the White Star fleet is still way in or returning from Enfili space, the Gaim warn that a large assault fleet is headed to B5. First, a group of scout ships arrive, and scan B5's defensive capabilities; secondary targeting systems are down, so the station's aim is not as it should be -- until Mack fixes the system and the last scouts are blown away before they can report back to the main force. Still they come, though, and B5 defends herself as best she can with fighters and defensive weapons. Assault ships also land, and hand-to-hand fighting ensues. Sheridan asks the passing Mack and Bo to get Delenn to an escape pod, though she tactfully escapes from the pair. Soon, the first wave of White Stars arrives and the hostile fleet is driven away.

Learning Curve
Two instructors and two students, all Minbari, from the Ranger school on Minbar go to B5 to meet with Delenn. She wishes a status report and to hear of any trouble in the school. She helps the instructors find a role for the Pak'ma'ra, who are generally shunned and ignored, the perfect couriers. While these meetings proceed, the two students explore B5. Tannier hears a woman being threatened by a new gang leader in Downbelow, and he goes to her aid. He is outnumbered and beaten down. During his recovery, he must undergo the Mora'Dum, or the application of terror, to overcome his loss of confidence and to defeat he who had defeated him. The ceremony, of sorts, goes on over Captain Lochley's objections. Tannier defeats the hoodlum, and drives him from the station. Delenn learns that Sheridan and Lochley were involved in some way in the past. Garibaldi begins to train Byron's reluctant telepaths. Garibaldi confronts Lochley about her stand during the war.

Strange Relations
Bester comes aboard to gather up the members of the telepathic colony. Garibaldi finds out and attacks Bester; Lochley has him put in the brig. Sheridan tries to get Lochley to get rid of Bester, but he is there legally via EarthGov, and the Alliance has agreed to respect internal laws and policies, even Earth's. Lyta helps shield the group from Bester's bloodhound units, but she can only hold off so many at once. Soon, a massive round-up gathers all but a few of the telepaths. A transport about to carry Londo back to Centauri Prime explodes; Delenn asks G'Kar to be Londo's body guard, in a show of unity. Londo and G'Kar agree to the arrangement. Delenn asks Dr. Franklin to head up an effort to study cross-species contagion and he quickly agrees. When Franklin mentions the new duties to Lochley, she has him draw up a policy keeping the telepaths on B5 for a 60-day quarantine; Bester promises to return then. Garibaldi confronts Lochley about her status with Sheridan - is she black mailing him? She confides that she a Sheridan were married briefly out of the academy, and he knows he can trust her. Delenn also confronts Lochley about her past, and tells her she knows, and is fine with the past she had with Sheridan.

Secrets of the Soul
While Franklin investigates the Hyach for his catalog of Alliance races, he encounters some troubling news. The Hyach planet was inhabited by two races up until 800 years ago, the second called the Hyach-doh. The Hyach turned on the Hyach-doh and killed them all, tracking down stragglers for centuries. Now, the Hyach race is beginning to die out, slowly. It is their belief, and that of Franklin's, that the breeding between the Hyach and the Hyach-doh that took place a millennia ago kept both races whole - with one half gone from the gene pool, the Hyach are being affected. He agrees to help find an answer, but not until the Hyach publicly announce what they had done to the Hyach-doh. Byron's group continues to grow, and tensions mount between the teeps and the others in Downbelow. Attacks are traded, culminating in a few deaths, upping tensions even further. Lyta and Byron share an intimate encounter, and while her guard is down, her experiences with the Vorlons are transmitted to all the telepaths - she saw experiments and manipulation of dozens of races. Byron decides to use the fact that telepathy was forced on humans by the Vorlons as a card to play to demand reparations and possibly a home world.

Day of the Dead
Comedic performers Remo and Zooty come aboard to entertain and announce they are leaving show biz for politics, but Sheridan and Delenn are able to convince them that what they do is important, too. The Brakiri celebrate the Day of the Dead, a once every two hundred years holiday, by buying a square mile of B5 for a day. Though Lochley thinks the purchase is metaphorical, soon all inhabitants of that section are seeing the dead. Londo sees his dancer lover Adira, and confesses he would give up the emperorship to be with her again. Lochley sees an old friend, Zoe, whom she used to live with in her younger years, before the military. Garibaldi is visited by old Marine buddy Dodger, and Lennier is visited by Morden, who predicts he will betray the Rangers and die relatively soon. After the festival ends, so do the visitations. Lochley gives Sheridan a mysterious message from "someone named Kosh".

In the Kingdom of the Blind
Sheridan notes that raiders are attacking all members of Alliance, but the style of attack is not that of raiders. Delenn notes that it appears that there is a new enemy. The attacks have all member races rattled. Prime Minister Londo Molari and G'Kar arrive on Centauri Prime. Londo's friend Janno reports that the Regent is not doing well - acts erratically, particularly when he is drinking. He recently was told to "lose" a report on odd goings-on in the Centauri military. He says a darkness has fallen over the palace. Lord Janno is found dead. Londo is attacked by a political rival and a creature of some sort protects him. Londo goes to see the Regent. "They" saved him, the Regent says. "They" want him to forget about the military question Janno was working on. Spooked, Londo has a change of heart about staying in the palace and wishes to leave. Byron asks to address the Council. He asks for a home world of their own, demanding one based on how the Vorlons used them in the Shadow War. He has had ambassadors followed and recorded their secrets. If they give them a home world, the recorded secrets will not be revealed. Violence ensues against the teeps, and Sheridan decides that the telepathic colony must be disbanded. They decide to resist.

A Tragedy of Telepaths
Lochley calls Bester to help with the telepath crisis. The telepaths are using their powers and diversions to thwart efforts to break through their barricades. Lochley goes in through the duct work. Garibaldi notes that it is not the teeps in their self-made cell who worry him - it is the ones who escaped and are now on their own. Lochley speaks to Byron and tries to get him to surrender. They refuse, and Byron uses the opportunity to say goodbye. Bester arrives with an "I told you so" for Lochley. He helps block the trapped telepaths so the workers can cut through. Meanwhile, the escaped teeps seize an armory and a battle ensues. Bester's bloodhound units arrive to start finding the rogues. G'Kar and Londo find Na'Toth in a nearly forgotten cell in the palace on Centauri Prime. She was taken there after the attack on Narn, and forgotten. Londo says that he cannot release her, since it would countermand an imperial order, and the Regent cannot be counted on. G'Kar is livid, but they devise and execute a plan and get her off the planet and back to Narn. The Drazi find evidence that the Brakiri have attacked their ships. The Gaim found pieces of Drazi ships... The new enemy is attempting to divide the Alliance. The White Star fleet is dispatched to keep the Drazi, Brakiri, and Gaim away from each other. Londo finds evidence that Centauri war spending is increasing despite this time of peace.

Phoenix Rising
The telepath crisis degrades as Bester's bloodhounds track them down, leading to shooting battles. Garibaldi demands that Bester record a confession of what he'd had done to him. When he refuses, Garibaldi tries to shoot him, but Bester has conditioned Garibaldi to never hurt him, further enraging him. Byron reveals to Lyta that he and Bester were PsiCops together, his protege, until Bester forced him to destroy a transport full of "mundanes". The rebels overtake Medlab and take Garibaldi and Franklin hostage. They demand safe passage off the station, or they will start killing hostages. Byron asks Lyta to help him get to Medlab to stop the killing. As they arrive, Sheridan tells the rebels that they will not negotiate. Just before Garibaldi is shot, Byron fires on his executioner. He, Sheridan, and Lochley agree to let all the teeps go as long as those responsible for the violence are arrested. Bester is livid. As Byron says his goodbyes to his people, Bester tries to convince him to go back to PsiCorps. He refuses, so Bester and his troops try to take them by force. Byron forces Lyta to leave before he blows up all of the prisoners, himself included. Byron gave her his memories, which she gives to the departing telepaths. Garibaldi hits the bottle.

The Ragged Edge
The members of the alliance boycott council meetings until the Alliance leadership has a plan for dealing with the ongoing raider attacks. A potential witness pops up, but the fact that he is probably a human smuggler working for the Drazi complicates matters. Garibaldi goes to Drazi to see what he can find out. The pilot has gone into hiding and is looking to escape his employers, out for blood over the lost cargo. Garibaldi helps his contact finish a bottle of alcohol, and Garibaldi sleeps through the death of his contact and almost gets himself killed when he goes to meet the pilot, who is himself dead. He calls for assistance to escape. Back on B5, he has only one piece of evidence with him, something one of the attackers dropped - Londo recognizes it as a button from a Centauri palace guard. The Centauri must be behind the attacks, but Londo does not know... and must not know. Franklin comes to a decision. He has taken a position to replace Dr. Kyle as head of Earth's xenobiology department, effective at the end of the year. Londo and G'Kar return to B5, with the Narns greeting G'Kar with more reverence than normal. Ta'Lon is on B5 and G'Kar asks what is going on. G'Kar's book was taken and published, in the fear that he might not return from Centauri Prime. He is now a religious icon! The adoring crowds are too much for him, but Ta'Lon convinces him, reluctantly, to speak to his new followers.

The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father
Bester takes a couple of new PsiCop recruits, Chen and Loren, through headquarters. He takes them along as word gets out that a rogue trainee, Jonathan Harris, a P10, killed his roommate. He was being trained to be a mind shredder, and is very dangerous. He is destined for B5, Bester's favorite place in the universe. Harris appears to be suffering from schizophrenia and kills a Lurker after beating him at poker. Chen is killed by a mysterious man who's been following Harris. The man, Bryce, is working with Harris, to help him earn enough to leave B5. Bester determines that Harris has multiple personalities - one is a P10, the other a P12. Bester and Security trap Harris and take him and Bryce into custody. Loren looks up to Bester as a hero. They space Bryce on the way through hyperspace.

Meditations on the Abyss
Delenn summons Lennier to B5. She suspects the that Centauri are behind the raider attacks, and she needs Lennier to go out on a White Star on patrol near the Centauri border. He agrees. Aboard White Star 27, dubbed the Maria by her captain, Montoya, Lennier helps weed out a Ranger, Findell, who joined for all the wrong reasons. In doing so, he gains skills in meditation and intervention. Londo promotes Vir - when Londo ascends to the throne, Vir will become the new ambassador to B5. The Drazi try to bug Londo's room, but he foils the attempt with a bug detector. Vir attacks the Drazi who attached the bug to some groceries, raising the mood of Londo. Franklin installs a new Narn-like artificial eye into G'Kar's eye socket; in return, he asks that he be allowed to attend G'Kar's discussions of the Book of G'Kar. Garibaldi slips further into an alcohol trap.

Darkness Ascending
Lise arrives unexpectedly, awakening Garibaldi from a nightmare. She has not heard from him in a while and wants to spend some time -- but she finds his stash of booze, and is quite angry with him. Garibaldi tells her that he is under control, but he promises to not drink while she's there. He us unable to keep his promise, though, after telling her that he has not yet decided when he is returning to Mars. Lennier, on the Maria on the Centauri border, continues to try to determine if the raiders truly are Centauri. When Sheridan learns of this, he has the ship recalled, but Lennier takes a fighter and heads off on his own, conserving resources by going into a meditative state. His ship awakens him when another ship comes near - he attaches to the Centauri vessel and replenishes his life support system. The ship emerges from hyperspace at a huge Centauri base; attached, he tags along as a small flotilla attacks a defenseless convoy; he records the attack to prove the raiders are Centauri. He sends out a distress call after the Centauri leave and he is returned to B5 with the evidence. Lyta reminds G'Kar of their conversation six years earlier - she accepts his offer to give the Narn her DNA in exchange for money and ships for the rogue telepaths. She says the other teeps will donate DNA, too. Londo gets a message from Centauri Prime asking him to provide supply ship convoy schedules and routes. Another message warns him that the Centauri are being set up as being behind the raider attacks. Sheridan tells Garibaldi that he'll be needing him soon, more than ever. Michael tells Lise to leave before a war between the Alliance and the Centauri breaks out.

And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Sheridan and Delenn reveal to the Alliance their evidence that the Centauri are behind the raider attacks - Franklin gives forensic evidence and Garibaldi gives the results of his investigations. G'Kar reminds Londo of the doubts he'd had on Centauri Prime about war-like build-ups and communiques. Londo, however, refutes the evidence to the Alliance. Lennier shows his vids of the battle he witnessed, and Londo is taken aback. The official Centauri response is that the attack is a hoax, staged to implicate the Centauri. Sheridan imposes a blockade around Centauri space. The Centauri respond by escorting all cargo flights with warships. Londo makes plans to leave B5; G'Kar accompanies him, giving Delenn the latest chapters of his book, should he not return. Zack confronts Garibaldi about his drinking, but gives him one last chance. Sheridan asks Garibaldi to coordinate the Rangers and the White Star fleet, hoping that as the Centauri break the blockade, the fleet can be quickly deployed to buffer Alliance worlds from the Centauri. But Garibaldi falls asleep, drunk, on the job, and the Drazi and the Centauri have it out first. The Alliance worlds demand the White Star fleet be used to attack Centauri blockade runners. On Centauri Prime, Londo is not able to see the Regent. When war breaks out, G'Kar is placed under arrest; Londo refuses to let him go, and he is imprisoned, too.

Movements of Fire and Shadow
Lochley considers putting all Centauri on B5 in quarantine for their own protection. The Centauri begin to destroy jumpgates, akin to a war crime. Sheridan authorizes the White Star Fleet to engage any Centauri in combat with an Alliance member. Sheridan asks Delenn to go to Minbar to propose a new class of White Star, to be spec'ed by the Minbari but built by Earth, to help replace ships lost in the various battles over the last year. Vir asks Franklin and Lyta to go to Drazi, where he suspects Centauri KIA's are being held for some nefarious reason. When they arrive on Drazi, they are attacked - Lyta reads their contact's mind and they force him to take them to the Centauri - but what they find, what was in the ships, was not Centauri bodies, but Shadow technology used to pilot the ships remotely. The Vorlons gave Lyta the power to detect the technology. G'Kar and Londo wait in jail; they are knocked out and Londo is taken and examined by aliens who deem him sufficient. Back in the jail cell, Londo awakens as if from a dream and with a sense of dread - he leaves G'Kar in the cell and tries to organize a coup against the Regent; he is not successful. The Regent meets with him and speaks in riddles. A few things he makes clear, though - he will be dead by morning and Londo will be emperor soon thereafter; the Regent will be "free", and Londo will no longer be. The Regent tells Londo that he'd been instructed to send away all defensive ships and to turn off the defensive grid. Garibaldi tells Sheridan that he's detected that sizeable numbers of Drazi and Narn ships have left for Centauri space, probably planning an attack on Centauri Prime, against Sheridan's orders. He takes a dozen White Stars to intercept the fleet, which soon arrives at a defenseless Centauri Prime. Franklin and Lyta theorize that the Drazi may be controlling the Shadow/Centauri ships. En route to Minbar, Delenn's ship is attacked and severely damaged.

The Fall of Centauri Prime
The Narn and Drazi fleets begin bombardment of Centauri Prime. With the defensive grid down and all ships away, the damage is severe. The Regent summons Londo, and introduces him to a Drakh. The Drakh are looking for a new home, and have chosen Centauri Prime, in part because of Londo's destruction of the Shadow base there. The Regent shows Londo a keeper, living on his shoulder. He tells Londo that he is to blame the attacks on the other races on him. The keeper detaches and the Regent dies. The Drakh tells Londo that if he does not cooperate, they will nuke sizeable portions of Centauri Prime. Londo goes to say goodbye to G'Kar, not sure he'll ever see him again. After, the Drakh put a keeper on him. Sheridan arrives with the White Stars and stops the bombardment. The Narn and Drazi refuse to leave, wanting to fight the recalled Centauri fleet. Sheridan does not want to prolong the fighting, but waits it out. Londo calls the fleet and has them stop their advance. He contacts Sheridan and surrenders. Sheridan begs Londo to send ships to find Delenn - which he does, and they do, just before they drift into hyperspace. Londo's inauguration speech is full of fire, and he announces the Centauri withdrawal from the Alliance. Franklin worries who else has had access to surplus Shadow technology aside from the Centauri, said to have bought the control pods on the black market.

Wheel of Fire

Objects in Motion
Dr. Franklin sees a woman he recognizes being hassled at customs; his old flame, Number One, is now Tessa Haloran, of the Mars Provisional Government. He gets her through customs and straight to Lise and Garibaldi, where she warns them that they have been marked for death. Garibaldi explains that he and Lise have been learning of and shutting down some of Edgars Industries' black projects, and someone doesn't want some of them uncovered. Sheridan arranges for them to stay in unregistered quarters while Zack works to find the assassin. The assassin kills a security guard and takes his link. Zack arranges for Lise and Garibaldi to have only one public appearance before they go back to Mars. Haloran tells Sheridan of the troubles on Mars, and he vows to do all he can to make things better, including the establishment of an embassy on Minbar. He asks Haloran to stay on a his new Alliance Chief of Security - she agrees. G'Kar gets ready to leave with Lyta, to the dismay of the Narn on board. He goes to Lyta in jail and tells her he's packer her things. At the going away ceremony, for Garibaldi and G'Kar, the assassin strikes, but is subdued - a disgruntled Narn tried to kill G'Kar, but hits Lise instead. Garibaldi brings the assassin to Lyta who reads him - the Edgars Board sent him. In Medlab, recovering, she and Garibaldi marry. G'Kar and Lyta leave on their mission. Haloran and Garibaldi demand the Board at Edgars resign lest they release damaging personal information about them all. Delenn returns just in time to see Garibaldi off.

Objects at Rest
Franklin chooses Dr. Hobbs to be his replacement after he leaves. G'Kar sends a message to Ta'Lon that he is to be his replacement as Narn ambassador. Lennier arrives unexpectedly to help Sheridan and Delenn move to the new Alliance HQ on Minbar. Sheridan decides that Tessa Haloran should remain on B5 to help her gather intelligence. Garibaldi convenes a new Board at Edgars Industries. B5 bids farewell to Sheridan and Delenn. On the way to Minbar, their White Star develops a coolant leak. Despite the deadly gas, Sheridan tries to save a crewman trying to stop the leak. Isolation doors close around him, and Lennier sees them behind the doors. Sheridan calls to him to break the doors down, but instead, Lennier runs away. Sheridan eventually breaks down the doors himself, as Lennier has a change of heart and runs back to help. Too late, Sheridan glares at Lennier as he runs off, and steals a fighter. On Minbar, Sheridan and Delenn are greeted by Londo, there to share in a meal and to offer a gift to their unborn child - a Centauri urn, millennia-old. Inside is a Keeper. Delenn senses Londo's keeper, but is unsure what she is sensing. Lennier contacts her - he will be away until he can figure out a way to atone for his sin. The Drakh tell Londo that he has done well, that now they wait. Sheridan tapes a message for his child, knowing that within 19 or 20 years, he will be dead.

Sleeping In Light
20 years after his resurrection on Z'ha'dum, Sheridan tells Delenn that it is time - the time Lorien predicted has come. Invitations go out to Ivanova, now an Earthforce General; Garibaldi, still running Edgars Industries with Lise and their daughter Mary; to Dr. Franklin, still head of xenobiology on Earth; and to Centauri Emperor Vir. All travel to Minbar where they share stories and honor their dead - Londo, G'Kar, Lennier, Marcus. Delenn tells Ivanova that their son David is off on Ranger training - she assumed the presidency of the Alliance two years ago, when Sheridan gave up the post to head the Rangers full time. Delenn asks Susan to be the new head once John is gone. Sheridan uses his last few days to go out alone, into space. He stops on B5, now empty and ready for decommissioning. He meets Zack, who tries to get Sheridan to stay a while, but he cannot. He goes to the Coriana system where his life slips away. He sees Lorien, who says that they have been waiting for him. The old crew of B5 returns to the station to see it blown up (lest it be a hazard to navigation); the Alliance member races pay the station one final respect as the lights go out.

River of Souls
Six months after Sheridan leaves B5, all is peaceful until Mr. Garibaldi returns to meet with one of the people Edgars Industries has been funding. Dr. Robert Bryson has just returned from an archaeological dig where he found a vast cavern of glowing spheres. He took just one, and some other equipment, and escaped as a ship killed his digging crew. He tells Garibaldi that he is searching for the fountain of youth, for immortality, for Life Eternal. Garibaldi insists on an accounting of his progress, but instead, Bryson examines the sphere with the stolen equipment and releases a spirit, obviously in agony. He increases power, releasing spirits into the infrastructure of B5. Meanwhile, a Soul Hunter arrives on B5, and tells Zack and Lochley that he is there to get something stolen from his people, by Bryson. The sphere contains all the souls of a world called Ralga, a race of poets and philosophers, about to be destroyed by some unknown planetary phenomenon. Lochley and Zack also must deal with Jacob Mayhew, owner of a holobrothel, and his lawyer James Riley. Zack tries to get Mayhew to leave B5, but he refuses and Riley slaps a lawsuit on them. The souls of the Ralgans begin to direct Bryson; he plans to destroy B5 to release the souls and punish the Soul Hunters. As Lochley and the Hunter discuss the Hunter's race and task, some of the escaped souls attack - Lochley throws herself in front of the Hunter and is hit, seriously hurt. She is rushed to Medlab where she dies. When she does, her soul in pulled into the sphere, when she sees one of the Ralgans. He tells her that half the souls in the sphere have gone mad over time; the other half are headed that way. Their race was not doomed, but on the verge of an evolutionary milestone, where they would leave their bodies behind and become pure energy. The Soul Hunters prevented that. Lochley is revived and tells the Soul Hunter what the Ralgan told her. He believes her, but has no luck convincing the rest of his race. A large fleet of Hunter ships surround B5 and prepare to attack to get the sphere back. Lochley and Zack track the souls to the holobrothel, where they use the hologenerators to create a diversion - but Lochley sees through it and they head to B5's reactors. They find Bryson and try to convince him to stop his plan, to no avail. The Soul Hunter speaks to him and the souls and apologizes, sacrificing himself to save the station. The holobrothel is destroyed in the melee, but Mayhew has no recourse, since it was destroyed as a result of military action.

A Call to Arms
Five years after Sheridan left Babylon 5, he accompanies Garibaldi to a secret shipyard where the Alliance is constructing two new prototype destroyers, using a combination of human, Minbari, and Vorlon technology. Martian Samuel Drake is in charge of construction, though highly recommended, Garibaldi is frustrated with his over-attention to detail. He insists the ships, Excalibur and Victory, be ready for testing. While they wait, Sheridan gets an odd, scrambled message; later, he has a vision of a technomage named Galen, on a planet named Daltron 7. The planet is dead - Galen tells him the destruction is a test, and shows his three faces. He must go on a mission, to prevent more such destruction. Galen again appears to Sheridan and tells him that the Drakh intend to take the place of the Shadows and exact revenge on the Alliance. Sheridan and Garibaldi rush to B5, where they ask Lochley to help them find the people; Sheridan provides drawings. One, Dureena Nafeel, is on B5. A member of the Thieves Guild, she is taken by security; when she sees Sheridan, she attacks him - she blames him for the destruction of her world, Zander Prime, destroyed by a Shadow Death Cloud. He reasons with her and asks her to join him. A second face, that of Captain Anderson of the Charon, arrives on B5 - they all leave for the shipyard, without telling Lochley or Garibaldi. Sheridan has Drake prepare the two destroyers and they take them with Anderson captaining one, Sheridan the other. They go to Daltron 7, and find a Drazi emergency beacon on the surface. They find Sheridan's last face, dead, on the planet. Dureena finds a data crystal on him; they view it and see that the planet was destroyed by the Drakh, as a test. As they orbit, a Drakh patrol spots them and they exchange fire. The Excalibur finds a huge invasion force, ready to strike somewhere. Based on their course, the destination appears to be Earth. Sheridan calls Lochley to have her alert Earth; meanwhile, Garibaldi picks up Drake to help track down Sheridan. They later learn that Drake is a Drakh spy, and confirm Earth is the target, of the last Shadow Death Cloud the Drakh have. A fleet of ships, including the new destroyers await the Drakh, who arrive at Earth bent on her destruction. The battle wages, and the Victory and the Excalibur attack the Cloud. They detect its infrastructure and attack its main control area. Damaged, Anderson rams the Victory into the Cloud, setting off its weapons array early; it essentially self-destructs. The Drakh have a back-up plan, though, and the fleet watches as they seed the Earth's atmosphere with what is later learned to be a virus; not yet adapted to humans, it is expected to have a five-year delay before it begins to kill all life on the planet. With the new shipyard destroyed, only the Excalibur has the power to go out into the stars in search of a cure. (The story of the Excalibur continues in the new series "Crusade".)

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