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Click on any photo below to see a "blow up". More to come, as time permits!

January 1969 ... a little cutie at three months old. March 1969 ... six months old. May 1970 ... about 20 months old, with my mommy.

Learning to use the potty in January 1971 - by reading about it. Me and my Great Grandmother Sarah Holmes. February, 1971. A studio portrait from November, 1974.

A school photo from 1980, Secondary 1 in St. Thomas High School. A school photo from 1981, Secondary 2 in St. Thomas High School. A school photo from 1982, Sophomore at Missiquoi Valley Union.

A school photo from 1983, Junior at Burlington High School. Football photo from 1983, BHS Seahorses. A Polaroid shot of me relaxing at home in 1985.

Me, in my room, in about 1987. 1987, my induction photo, U.S. Army National Guard, Fort Knox. I took Tonya to her prom, South Burlington High School, 1988.

1989, UVM College graduation photo. July 2001, relaxing on Lake Champlain. February 2002, lounging by a tree.

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