Stephen Joseph John Mount

322 N Brownell Rd
Williston, VT 05495
(802) 860-3924

OBJECTIVE: To get a good-paying and challenging job programming or supporting programs using the C or Perl languages.

University of Vermont, Burlington, VT: 1985 - 1989. Degree: BAPS. Major: Political Science. Minor: Geography.

Army National Guard. Tank Gunner (MOS: 19D). Rank: SPC4. Stationed: Swanton, Vermont. 1988 - 1994.

Community College of Vermont. 123 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05401. Supervisor: Melissa DeBlois.

Instructor. In my time at CCV, I taught classes primarily in C Programming and JavaScript/Perl programming. I taught an advanced C course and a course in basic Windows 95 usage. 9/1998 - 12/2002.

Independent Contractor. 322 N Brownell Rd, Williston, VT 05495. Supervisor: Steve Mount.

Programmer. Worked to write programs in C, Perl, and PHP for several clients, including long-term relationships with Paradigm Consulting of Bethel, VT and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. Also designed the web site for the UVM Departement of Neurosurgery. 9/1996 - Present.

IDX Systems Corp. 100 IDX Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403. Supervisor: Brian Otley.

Senior Software Engineer. Wrote and designed products and modules in C and C++ for the GPMS product line. Maintained and administered WWW pages for support of internal clients. Wrote IBM3151 terminal emulator, which was sold as an IDX product. Primary developer on GPMS-Web project,expanding programming skills to CGI and Perl. 6/1993 - Present.

IDX Systems Corp. 100 IDX Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403. Supervisor: Mia Maxson.

Techincal Specialist. Assisted in problem determination and troubleshooting, in support of national client base and internal clients. Became expert in RS/6000 hardware and software, as well as AIX operating system. Became expert in C language and shell programming. Wrote several applications for internal use. 6/1992 - 6/1993.

Escalation Application Specialist. In charge of "escalated" client issue, such as hardware and software errors which continued for a prolonger period of time. Began Learning C language and wrote small applications in support of escalation process. 6/1991 - 6/1992.

Application Specialist. Managed national client load, helped clients with hardware and software issues. Wrote manual for internally-designed customer service database, for which I won an IDX Quality Award. 12/1989 - 6/1991.

Male. Age: 34. Married. Three Children. Free to travel, but not to relocate.
Hobbies: Computer Programming, Reading, Camping.

References available upon request.