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This Guide is for the television show "Battlestar Galactica" (2005 production).
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Written By: Steve Mount
Source: Episode Viewing

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Key terms and characters

Colonial Military

Commander William Adama
The commander of the battlestar Galactica.
Colonel Saul Tigh
Adama's XO (second in command).
Captain Lee Adama (Apollo)
Son of Adama, Galactica's CAG.
Lieutenant Kara Thrace (Starbuck)
A Viper pilot. Former love interest of Zak Adama.
Lieutenant Sharon Valerii (Boomer)
A Raptor pilot. Unbeknownst even to herself, actually a Cylon. Former love interest of Tyrol.
Lieutenant Karl Agathon (Helo)
Boomer's Raptor ECO. Left behind on Caprica after the attack, later found by a copy of the Boomer Cylon.
Boomer's Raptor ECO after Helo was lost.
Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol
In charge of the maintenance of the Galactica Vipers and Raptors. Former love interest of Boomer.
Lieutenant Felix Gaeta
Senior officer of the watch on the Galactica bridge.
Petty Officer Anastasia Dualla
Ubiquitous presence on the Galactica bridge, often in charge of communications. Love interest of Keikeya.
Sergeant Hadrian
Galactica's Master at Arms.
Dr. Major Cottle
Medical doctor on board the Galactica, treating President Roslin's cancer.
Specialist Cally
One of Tyrol's crew.
Specialist Socinus
One of Tyrol's crew.
Lt Joe Paladino (Hammerhead)
Viper pilot.
Lt. Louanne Katraine (Kat)
Viper pilot.
Viper pilot.
Hot Dog
Viper pilot.
Viper pilot.
Viper pilot.
Zak Adama
Son of Adama, killed during his first flight. Engaged to Starbuck.

Colonial Civilians

President Laura Roslin
Only member of the cabinet to survive the Cylon attack, sworn in as President. Dying of cancer.
Dr. Gaius Baltar
Unwittingly aided the Cylons in their final attack on humanity. Later elected Vice President.
Billy Keikeya
Chief Aide to President Roslin. Love interest of Dualla.
Tori Foster
Campaign Manager of President Roslin's reelection campaign.
Tom Zarek
Political prisoner in jail for the bombing of government building. Upon his release, member of the Council of 12.
Sam Anders
Former pyramid player, leader of resistance group on Caprica.
A high priestess whom the President consults when she has visions.
A survivor, rescued by Boomer off of Caprica
Ellen Tigh
Col. Tigh's wife


The Cylons
A race of beings first created by humans which eventually turned on their creators. Originally robotic in appearance, some Cylons have been adapted to look human (of which there are twelve known models).
Number Six
One of the Cylon human models. An engram of a Number Six also inhabits Baltar's mind and influences his actions. Also known as Shelly Godfrey and Gina.
Aaron Doral
Another of the Cylon human models. Other copies have wreaked some havoc on Galactica. Number 5 in the series.
Leoban Conroy
Another of the Cylon human models. Starbuck tortured and Roslin spaced one of these models.
Sharon Valerii
The Boomer model - one is a Galactica pilot, one was impregnated by Helo; at least one other was killed by Helo. Number 8 in the series.
Another of the Cylon human models. A Simon model tried to trick Starbuck while she convalesced on Caprica.
D'Anna Biers
Another of the Cylon human models. A D'Anna model posed as a reporter in the Fleet and was able to confirm that a Boomer model had a baby on board Galactica. Number 3 in the series.
Brother Cavil
A religious leader in the Fleet, and a member of the resistance on Caprica.

Tech, equipment, ships, etc.

A large fighting ship, analogous to an aircraft carrier, but more akin to Star Trek's Enterprise.
Cylon Raider
Cylon fighter - actually an individual cyborg adapted to spaceflight and combat.
Primary fighter vehicle of the human fleet. Comes in two versions, the older Mark II and the newer Mark VII.
Multi-purpose military craft, lightjump capable. Has two crew, a pilot and an ECO.
Mythical birthplace of humanity.
Mythical (?) planet where the 13th tribe of humanity migrated to.
The Colonies
Formerly the home of humanity, now desolate after the Cylon attack. Planets include: Caprica, Saggitaron, Picon, Virgon, Aerilon, Geminon, Tauron, Canceron, Leonis, Acquaria.
Equivalent to radar.
Equivalent to morphine.
Spacecraft fuel.

[The Pilot] [Season 1] [Season 2]

The Cylons were created by man.
The rebelled.
They evolved.
They look and feel human.
Some are programmed to think they are human.
There are many copies.
And they have a plan.

The Pilot (part 1)

It has been over 40 years since the Cylon Wars and since humans have seen any sign of Cylons. At the remote Armistice station, a Colonial representative is surprised to meet a beautiful young woman. As they meet, a Cylon base ship destroys the station. Something has started.

Aboard the Battlestar Galactica, which is scheduled for decommissioning into a museum, military and civilian visitors mill about while Commander Adama practices his speech. Starbuck, Boomer, Helo, and a few other pilots play cards while they await the ceremonies. Tigh spikes his drink and joins in the game - the animosity between Tigh and Starbuck is obvious as they taunt each other and then come to blows. Tigh has her put in the brig. Adama later convinces Tigh to drop the charges as Tigh comments that Adama has a soft spot for her.

On Caprica, Laura Roslin is informed that she has "massive malignancy," breast cancer, just before she heads to the Galactica to attend the ceremony. Also on Caprica is Dr. Gaius Baltar, a consultant for the Minister of Defense for computer issues. His house mate is the same beautiful young Cylon from the Armistice station. She is his assistant, and worked on some programming for him - he granted her access to the defense mainframe during a project.

Apollo arrives on Galactica in his Viper. Boomer and Helo also come in from a patrol - Boomer meets Tyrol in a maintenance room and begin to make love. Roslin arrives on Galactica and tries to convince Adama to allow a networked computer system to be installed, but he refuses to allow it. Apollo visits Starbuck in the brig - they have not seen each other in two years, not since the funeral of Zak, Apollo's brother. Apollo and Adama meet - Apollo blames Adama for Zak's death. He says that Zak didn't have what it took to be a pilot, and he was only there because Adama pulled strings to get him his wings.

Baltar's house mate/assistant sits him down for a chat. She tells him she's a Cylon. She says her mission was to infiltrate the defense mainframe, and with his help, she did. He realizes what he's done - he gave the Cylons a back door. As they talk, nuclear explosions start to go off. She tells him that if her body is destroyed, her consciousness will be transferred to another copy. She tells him there are twelve humanoid models of Cylon - she is Number Six.

After the museum dedication ceremony, Apollo escorts the Secretary Roslin back to Caprica. As he settles in to relax, Adama is informed that a priority message has arrived from fleet headquarters - a Cylon attack is under way. Adama tells the crew that they are at war. They launch an attack squadron toward Caprica. Adama pulls Starbuck out of the brig - he needs pilots and fighters. 30 battlestars, a quarter of the fleet, is already reported lost. Many ships are reporting massive systems malfunctions. The Galactica squadron encounters a pair of Cylon fighters, and they are decimated when the Vipers' computers all go down. Only Boomer's Raptor, which held back to direct the battle, survives.

Boomer's Raptor is fired upon and hit by a near-miss. Helo is wounded by shrapnel. They land on Caprica, and watch as mushroom clouds rise over the landscape. On Galactica, Adama announces massive casualties on all planets; Roslin announces the same to the press corps on her ship. Her leadership is questioned by Aaron Doral, but she ignores his concerns. She contacts the government and learns that an unconditional surrender was offered to the Cylons but ignored. Apollo saves the ship from an incoming missile but her Viper is disabled in the process. After Apollo is pulled aboard, he learns that Roslin plans to take the ship into the battle to pick up survivors. Doral lobbies against any such plan, but Apollo accepts her leadership. Later, Roslin hears an automated message that indicates that the President, Vice President, and most of the cabinet are dead. She is 43rd in line for succession, but she is now President. The ship is now Colonial One.

On Caprica, a crowd of survivors, including Baltar, converge on Boomer and Helo. They take on passengers - after all the children, they can only take three people. After they hold a lottery, Helo notices Baltar in the crowd and gives up his seat to Baltar. The future will need him, Helo argues. The Raptor takes off to head back to Galactica.

Galactica comes under attack and his hit by a nuclear near-miss. The port side take heavy damage. Tigh has to order several bulkheads sealed, trapping people in vacuum. 85 people are killed; Tyrol is incensed and blames Tigh. Adama rebukes Tyrol. Tigh and Adama find a munitions dump at Ragnar Anchorage, and Adama decides to use a hyper light jump to get there, a risky proposition. Adama gets a message that all the senior admirals have been killed - Adama takes command of the fleet. Roslin orders Adama to come to help with the rescue operations, an order Adama does not take well. Apollo launches his Viper to try to destroy incoming Cylon fighters. From Galactica, it appears Colonial One is destroyed.

The Pilot (part 2)

Thinking Colonial One is destroyed, Adama resumes jump prep. Galactica jumps to Ragnar and starts to prepare to rearm. Galactica docks with the Anchorage and starts to take on ammunition. As Tyrol inspects the place, he finds a lone person, Leoban, living amidst the ammo. He has not heard of the attack and is wary, but a few armed soldiers convince him to cooperate. Adama talks to Leoban and learns he is an arms dealer - there is an accidental explosion, which throws Adama and Leoban into a hatch, forcing them to make way through the station to get back.

Colonial One was not destroyed - Apollo set up an EMP pulse which looked like a nuclear explosion, but destroyed the incoming missiles. On Boomer's Raptor, Baltar sees Number Six, but assumes he is seeing things. The Raptor's distress signal is picked up and they are brought on board. Roslin asks to see Baltar; she asks him to serve as her chief science adviser. Roslin asks Boomer to use the Raptor's FTL drive to scout out to find survivors, to bring them to Colonial One to form a fleet of survivors. As Baltar reviews technical data, he sees Number Six again - she says that perhaps she implanted a chip in his brain that permits her to make him see her. She says that they had something special - she wants him to love her.

As a fleet of rag-tag ships assembles on Colonial One, a Cylon scout jumps into their midst and jumps away. Apollo warns they must leave immediately, but Doral warns that the sub-light ships will be sitting ducks. Roslin orders a jump be made immediately. As the FTL ships jump away, the Cylons arrive, killing thousands but, as Apollo notes, saving tens of thousands.

The fleet arrives at Ragnar and Roslin goes aboard Galactica to request, and later demand, help with the refugees. Tigh, in command while Adama is on the station, refuses. Apollo convinces him to give them supplies, and then Tigh tells Apollo to report to the flight deck - he is senior pilot now. Boomer and Tyrol have a happy reunion, and she introduces him to Boxey, whom she rescued from Caprica. He arranges for quarters for him. Apollo finds Starbuck, who is happily surprised to see him. Baltar goes to CIC to remove his programs from Galactica's memory, removing the back door the Cylons have been using. Number Six points out to Baltar that there is a piece of Cylon tech on the bridge. He realizes there is a Cylon on board the ship. Baltar plans to implicate Doral, who has been aboard Galactica for weeks planning the museum dedication. One problem - no one else knows that Cylons look human.

As Adama and Leoban make way through the station, Leoban gets sicker and sicker. Adama knows why - the storm the station is placed in has an adverse effect on Cylon technology. He warns Adama that the Cylons will catch up with them. He soon dies, but not before giving Adama a good ass-kicking. Adama makes his way out, and brings Leoban's body back to Galactica. The doctor looks at Leoban and finds nothing obvious to indicate he was a Cylon. Baltar says that unique chemical compounds were found following cremation. Adama says they need a way to screen for Cylons, and tasks Baltar to come up with a way. He implicates Doral, who is arrested, but maintains his humanity. Baltar also points out the Cylon device, which is removed.

Adama and Roslin meet, and he tells her he plans to fix Galactica, then leave to go back into the fight. She tells him that the war is over - she prefers that they run. There are only 50,000 people left, they need to get out, survive, and start rebuilding.

Starbuck reveals to Apollo that Zak failed basic flight, but she passed him anyway. She tells him not to blame Adama for his death - blame her. Starbuck goes out of the storm's protection to scout the surrounding area. She finds several base stars and hundreds of Cylon raiders waiting outside the storm. Adama sees Billy and Dualla talking and realizes Roslin is right. He starts plans to escape the station with the civilian ships behind them. They will jump to the Promar sector, beyond the red line, into uncharted space. They leave Doral on the station as the fleet gets under way. The Galactica peeks out of the storm and begins firing at the Cylons. The civilian ships all get away and the Galactica jumps just after Apollo and Starbuck get back on board.

Adama tells the survivors his plan - to bring the survivors to Earth. He says he knows where it is. The most guarded secret they have. Earth will become their new home. Roslin meets with him later to ask him about Earth; she does not believe him. Adama admits it is all a legend - but the people need something to live for.

Number Six warns Baltar that there could still be Cylons in the fleet, some of whom may not even know that they are Cylons. Adama gets a mysterious message that there are only 12 models of Cylon. On Ragnar, Doral greets a group of Cylons who look like Leoban, Doral, Number Six ... and Boomer.

Season 1


A very tired Galactica crew awaits a countdown, at the end of which, the Galactica and the rest of the fleet lightjumps away as Cylons suddenly jump into their space. Turns out, they are chasing the fleet, catching up to them every 33 minutes for the past five days, 237 times. Several ships, including Colonial One, are having trouble jumping as Cylon base ships appear.

Galactica starts firing all guns at the base ships and Vipers start to engage Cylon raiders as the base ships start firing. Then all civilian ships jump away and the Galactica escapes the fire fight.

Number Six tells Baltar that "god has a plan for you - a plan for everything and everyone." Baltar, however, tells Number Six that she is not rational - she is not even really there. Even so, he imagines getting into bed with Number Six. Number Six tells Baltar that procreation if one of god's commandments, and she wants them to have a child.

On board Colonial One, Roslin keeps a tally of the number of known souls in the fleet - 49,998. Billy tells the President that a Dr. Amarack wishes to speak with the President. Baltar, aboard Colonial One, overhears - he knew Amarack at the Ministry of Defense. Amarack, Billy says, has information about how the Cylons breached colonial defenses - this gets Baltar worried.

During the next cycle, the fleet gets away, but when they arrive at the rendez vous, one ship, the Olympic Carrier, is missing, with over 1300 people aboard. On board Colonial One, Baltar hears that Dr. Amarack was aboard the Olympic Carrier. "God is watching out for you," Number Six tells Baltar.

The Cylons do not appear at 33 minutes, so the fleet waits. Adama and Roslin speak and he tells her that they will revert to alert condition 2 for the time being. Then the Olympic Carrier appears in the fleet's space, and Adama is immediately suspicious. Baltar is nervous - and Number Six tells him the reappearance is punishment for his lack of faith. She also says that the Cylons have been tracking the Olympic Carrier all along. When Baltar hears that Amarack wants desperately to speak with Roslin, to discuss a traitor in their midst, Baltar recommends that all communication with the Olympic Carrier be cut off. Adama agrees, and orders all commo with the Olympic Carrier be jammed. Boomer sends a signal to the pilots that they should not approach the fleet. The Olympic Carrier does not respond and continues to approach. Adama has the fleet start the next jump as Cylon base ships appear. Nukes are detected aboard the Olympic Carrier and Adama tells the President she should be destroyed.

Baltar is afraid the President will not agree - but Number Six tells him the decision is not up to her - it is up to him. He must repent of his sins. Baltar says that he repents, and the President authorizes the destruction of the Olympic Carrier. Apollo, Boomer, and Starbuck destroy the Olympic Carrier. 24 hours later, the fleet is safe and unmolested by more Cylon attacks. Roslin updates the head count one more time - 47,973, including a baby just born on the Rising Star.

On Caprica, Helo is being chased by Cylon centurions, though he manages to lure them into a trap, where he blows them up. Helo sees a copy of Number Six in the forest and is distracted, and is taken prisoner by a Cylon. Number Six goes to him and tells him she's a friend. She kisses him and then she dies in his arms - she was shot by Boomer. Boomer picks up Helo and they escape into the forest. As they do, another Number Six watches them.


Boomer is suddenly conscious that she is wet, but has no idea why. She opens a duffle bag full of her clothes and finds that the bag also contains a bomb - plastic explosive with a G-4 timer detonator attached. She takes the detonator to the small arms locker and discovers that seven G-4 detonators are missing. She tracks down Tyrol and tells him that six detonators are missing. He becomes visibly upset and tells her she has to go to the master at arms, but she is afraid she will be suspected to be a Cylon agent. He tells her that she is obviously being set up - she wakes up, unaware, she must have been drugged.

Apollo is having trouble dealing with his leadership of the attack on the Olympic Carrier. He asks Adama for some advice, but Adama just tells him that even though it was only three days ago, it is ancient history. What was done was what had to be done, and he had to live with the consequences.

President Roslin thanks the Galactica crew for its efforts since the exodus. After her comments, Roslin watches as the crew goes about its business. She tells Apollo that she thinks Adama puts on all the pomp and protocol to watch her squirm, but he tells her that Adama hates it all, but is doing it for her benefit, to make her feel presidential.

The Virgon Express maneuvers to the Galactica to take on water. Since Galactica is designed to be self-sufficient, and many of the smaller craft are not, this will be a common procedure. As the ships takes on water, an explosion rocks the Galactica. All of Galactica's port-side tanks rupture and begin to vent into space.

The President holds hearings later, and learns that 10 million jp's, or 60% of all potable water, was lost. New supplies are necessary to supply the Galactica and the other dependent ships - Adama and Roslin order emergency rationing start immediately. Survey ships are sent out to nearby systems, though Tigh notes that water is relatively rare. Baltar notes that he calculates that the fleet will need at least 2.5 jp's of water per week.

A survey team lead by Tyrol finds five detonation points in the tanks. Tyrol also reports that the master at arms found that six detonators are missing. One detonator is still unaccounted for. The master is also conducting an investigation into who had access to the detonators. Adama concludes that there is at least one Cylon aboard the Galactica. Adama presses Baltar on the screening tests, and Baltar says that there are problems - a lack of chemical resources, for example. Adama offers more staff, but Number Six warns him that staff means eyes and ears. Adama assigns him Lieutenant Gaeta. In an attempt to duck away from Gaeta, Baltar plays cards with Starbuck, beating her at her own game.

Roslin tells Adama that when water rationing was announced, some rioting broke out. Adama tells her that his crew cannot be used as police, but she insists over his objection.

Boomer and Crashdown begin their search for water, unaware that the sixth detonator is aboard their Raptor. They both report no water found in their sector, though Boomer's display clearly indicates water found. She sees the positive contact, but says "I'm having trouble saying it." She finally overrides something in her own head and announces positive contact as she fingers the plastic explosive. After informing Galactica of their find, Boomer realizes the bomb is with her and she disables it. Back on board, she asks Tyrol to take a look at her Raptor, where he finds the bomb. He returns the detonator to the master of arms, hoping to deflect suspicion from Boomer.

Roslin asks for a meeting with Apollo, where she says she knows he was in charge of the Olympic Carrier, and he notes he has to take responsibility. She relays a story to him about President Adar, saying that he said it was imperative for a leader to recognize his mistakes even if he cannot admit to them publicly. She asks Apollo to be her personal military advisor - not for military advice, but for advice about the military.

On Caprica, Helo and Boomer scout her Raptor, which she says she used to come back for him. It is overrun with Cylon centurions. Later, Helo asks Boomer why she came back for him. She says that she just couldn't leave him behind. They hear a military signal on their radio and celebrate by sharing an embrace.

Bastille Day

Tigh meets with Tyrol to discuss the water situation. The moon Boomer found has water, but what isn't too salty to drink is frozen solid. It must be melted before it can be transported aboard. Tyrol needs 1000 men to do the work. Adama tells Roslin that criminals aboard one of the ships should be used, since they have already been sentenced to hard labor, "and this is very hard labor." Roslin agrees, but only to put volunteers to work. Apollo suggests letting each volunteer earn points that could be used to eventually gain freedom, noting that they were on their way to Caprica for parole hearings when the attacks hit. Adama is not impressed with Apollo's suggestion, but Roslin likes it. Adama later tells Apollo that he is unsure about which side Apollo is on.

The Astral Queen prison transport ship has 1500 prisoners on board - they have no files, some of them won't reveal their names. Apollo announces the deal to the population, but prisoner Tom Zarek announces that they decline the offer.

Later, Billy explains that Zarek is a freedom fighter, a prisoner of conscious. Dualla, though, who is from Saggitaron like Zarek, calls him a butcher and notes that he does not speak for all Saggitarons. Apollo goes to Zarek's cell and asks for his help. He notes that he read Zarek's book in college, even though it had been banned. As Apollo and Zarek talk, a prison break starts. The prisoners take the visitors hostage and take control of the Astral Queen. Zarek contacts the Galactica and informs them of his conditions for the hostages' release: Roslin and the ministers must resign and new elections must be held. Adama tells Roslin that she should talk to him, but she refuses - she will not talk to terrorists. Starbuck and a team of Marines plan an assault on the Astral Queen. Adama talks to Zarek and asks him to stop, or an assault is inevitable; Zarek refuses.

Zarek and Apollo debate politics: no one elected Roslin, Zarek argues. Apollo counters that she was sworn in under the law - a leader is needed. Zarek says that the people need to be free or else they're no different than the Cylons. Zarek tells Apollo that he has to pick a side. Apollo realizes that Zarek does not really want elections - he wants the assault to happen. He wants to be in the public eye again, to be a martyr.

As the assault begins, a prisoner gets Cally out of her cell and takes her away. As Starbuck and the Marines move in, they hear gunshots and Cally scream. Zarek and Apollo run to the scream - Cally bit off a chunk of the prisoner's ear and he shot her. Apollo begs Zarek to stop him, but Zarek refuses. Apollo grabs a gun and shoots the prisoner, then turns the gun on Zarek. Zarek says he is ready to die, but Apollo has other ideas. He tells Zarek that he will convince the prisoners to help with the water - and eventually, he will get elections, too. He releases Zarek to tend to Cally. The standoff ends as the Marines move in.

Later, Apollo tells Roslin and Adama that he agreed to turn the Astral Queen over to the prisoners for them to run on their own. The prisoners have been disarmed and the ship is unarmed; work details for the water moon will be organized. He reminds Roslin that she is serving out President Adar's term, which ends in seven months, so elections need to be held one way or the other. Adama is not happy, and makes it no secret.

While Apollo is gone, Starbuck is in charge of the pilots and jokingly admonishes Flattop for "coming in too hot" on his landings. After they are dismissed, Tigh questions her style; but Starbuck shuts him down by noting she smells alcohol on his breath in the middle of a duty cycle.

Adama meets with Baltar, and demands to know where the Cylon detector is. Baltar hedges, saying it is taking longer than expected. Number Six warns Baltar that Adama can see through him, and then Adama asks point blank if he can do it or not. Baltar tells Adama he does not think he can do it, leading Number Six to get very angry with him. Adama tells Baltar that there is no one else - he has to do it. Number Six tells him what to say: what he needs to complete the job is a nuclear warhead - technically, the plutonium inside, which will react with the synthetic matter in the Cylon bodies. Adama is reluctant - the Galactica has only five warheads left, but he finally agrees to give it to him.

Tyrol tells Boomer that the master of arms has not found anything in her investigation. Boomer still worries about who took the six charges and planted the others. Tyrol tells her not to worry and embraces her just as Tigh walks in on them. He tells her that they are not fooling anyone about their relationship - everyone knows about it. He says it has to stop now - she must put a stop to it.

Roslin tells Apollo about her cancer, and her fear that she does not have long to live, let alone seven months.

On Caprica, Helo and Boomer walk into a big, abandoned city. The only people they see are dead, being eaten by rats. Number Six and Doral watch from afar. She comments that humanity are their parents, but Doral notes that even parents have to die.

Act of Contrition

Flattop is celebrating his 1000th landing, a milestone in the career of a Viper pilot. As the entire flight deck's attention is on Flattop, no one notices a drone come loose from its fittings in a rack. The drone hits Flattop, killing him and twelve other pilots. Sergeant Hadrian, Master at Arms, calls the release an accident, the result of old equipment. Adama addresses the remaining pilots, telling them to remain strong, as many are watching them, looking up to them.

As Adama speaks, Starbuck flashes back to the first time she met Adama. He introduced himself as "Zak's father." Zak is dead, and she had intended to come see him before the funeral. As the bodies of the pilots are given a burial at sea, Starbuck recalls Zak's funeral, and that she and Zak were romantically involved; not only that, but that they were engaged.

Later, Adama and Starbuck meet - he wants her to recruit and train new pilots. Though the fleet has a couple of flight instructors in it, she is the only person with experience teaching combat tactics. She demurs, but Adama tells her to forget about Zak - his death was not her fault. She recalls telling Apollo the exact opposite though; that she passed him despite his failings.

Later, at a card game, Starbuck is still distracted by thoughts of Zak. Crashdown asks Gaeta about the rumored Cylon detector, but neither he nor Baltar will confirm the rumors.

Starbuck gets eight recruits from across the fleet, all pilots of varying skill. Since the Galactica has no flight simulators on board, they will be flying Vipers at once. Starbuck starts to name her nuggets, starting with Hot Dog, Kat, and Chuckles. After watching them fly, however, Starbuck is disappointed, and dismisses the whole lot.

Apollo is not happy, telling her she needs to work with them more, but she refuses - "I will not pass another student who isn't ready," she says, and Apollo realizes that this is all about Zak. Apollo goes to talk to Adama. Adama says he agrees with Starbuck - if she says they can't cut it, they can't cut it. But Apollo says that her feelings are clouding her judgement. Apollo says that she is trying to work out her guilt about Zak, but Adama does not understand what he means. Realizing he said too much, Apollo says that Adama must talk to Starbuck.

Adama calls Starbuck to his quarters and asks her about what Apollo said. She's reluctant to say, but eventually reveals that Zak failed basic flight. He wasn't a bad pilot, but he couldn't handle a Viper. She passed him anyway. Seething, Adama orders her to reinstate the trainees, and then to get out of his sight.

Starbuck takes Hot Dog, Chuckles, and Kat out for combat training. While their flight is performing maneuvers, they encounter a group of Cylon raiders. Starbuck and the nuggets punch it for home while fighters are launched from Galactica. Starbuck send the nuggets home and stays behind to delay the Cylons. Hot Dog follows her and the two engage the raiders. Hot Dog is hit and pulls away. Starbuck engages the last raider and hits it, but her Viper is hit by the disabled raider. The raider is pulled to a nearby moon, and Starbuck's Vipers is pulled in right behind it. She punches out after the Viper hits the atmosphere.

Dr. Cottle sees Roslin, and chides her for waiting five years between breast exams. Cottle confirms her doctor's prognosis - her cancer is inoperable, too far advanced. He suggests radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She watched her mother endure chemo, and does not want it - she wants to try chamalla extract, which the doctor has disdain for, considering it snake oil. But he agrees to put out a fleet-wide request for any stores of it.

On Caprica, Helo and Boomer find the source of a signal - a basement in a restaurant. They find a bomb shelter with an automatic disaster beacon, and a fully-stocked shelter. Looking in from outside the restaurant, Number Six looks satisfied.

You Can't Go Home Again

Boomer brings Hot Dog home, but has no trace of Starbuck. Adama is convinced she is still alive, and initiates a search. Apollo goes out for a first look. They cannot find her in space, so they look for nearby planets - one gas giant has a solid-surface moon. Roslin offers the help of the other ships to Adama.

Number Six tells Baltar that the Cylons could come for them at any time - and he warns Roslin that they should not linger too long. Tigh tried to convince Adama to pull the fleet into a defensive position, but Adama is adamant - the search will continue with all resources brought to bear. Apollo suggests pulling in the defensive patrol and pulling the fleet in closer to the moon. Tigh says that it is a bad move and says that Starbuck would never agree to it. Adama overrides Tigh's objections.

Roslin calls Apollo to ask about the redeployment of the defensive patrols. She is concerned that the fleet is defenseless. The estimated clock of Starbuck's remaining oxygen runs out, but Adama insists they continue the search, going so far as to relieve Tigh of duty. Roslin asks Adama how long they will be searching, and he says when he says stop. Roslin goes to Galactica in person; Tigh tells her that these decisions are personal for Adama and Apollo, all because of Zak. Adama reluctantly decides to cut the search.

On the moon, Starbuck awakens, hurts her knee, and is nearly pulled over a cliff by the winds. She tests the atmosphere and finds her only oxygen is what's in her pack. She spots the downed Cylon fighter - it seems dead. She notes that where her shots hit, it bled. She finds an access panel and finds what appears to be flesh inside. She gets inside and starts to try to figure out the systems. Her oxygen does run out, but she finds a supply line in the fighter. Sucking on the tube, she seals the ship. She starts the engine just as the fleet starts to leave.

Just before jumping, Galactica detects a Cylon raider incoming. Apollo launches to intercept. Piloting the raider, Starbuck tries to figure out a way to let him know it is her. She gets behind him and then flies in formation with him; the raider flips over and Apollo sees "Starbuck" written on the wings. Apollo and Starbuck land on Galactica.

On Caprica, Helo and Boomer are in their 15th day. Helo cannot pick up any signals on an emergency radio. As Boomer rests and he prepares food, a Cylon patrol comes in. They attack. When the attack is over, Helo is OK, but Boomer is missing.


A civilian transport arrives on Galactica and one of the arrivals is a copy of Aaron Doral. He is spotted by Tigh and Adama, and as they approach, he blows himself to bits. Dr. Cottle reports that three died and 13 were injured in the blast. Adama and Tigh inform the Master of Arms, Sergeant Hadrian, that the "man" was a Cylon, that they "look like us now." Adama orders an investigation, though she requests an independent tribunal, without command review. She recommends informing the rest of the fleet. Adama tells Roslin that he thinks they should tell the public, but Roslin is not sure it is a good move - it could start a witch hunt.

Roslin holds a press conference and reveals the human-Cylon secret, and displays a photo of Doral and of Leoban, and asks for anyone who sees another copy to inform security.

During the bombing, Tyrol and Boomer were together in a hold and his crew covers for him. As Hadrian investigates the bombing, her questions start to zero in on Tyrol - none of his crews' stories jibe, and she is suspicious. After Roslin's announcement of the tribunal, she takes Tyrol and Boomer in for questioning.

Hadrian asks Boomer if she and Tyrol are involved in a relationship - but Boomer denies it, saying that Tigh forbade the relationship. Hadrian is clearly targeting Tyrol - she informs him that his logs from the night of the bombing indicate that all hatches were locked, but Hadrian found one (which Boomer had used to get to Tyrol that night) which was not locked. That hatch leads to a small-arms locker where a guard was found dead. Tyrol admits he knows the code for the locker. Hadrian asks specifically if he was meeting with the Cylon. Tyrol refuses to answer any further questions.

Hadrian questions some of Tyrol's crew and Specialist Socinus admits that he left the hatch open deliberately. Hadrian calls Adama to the tribunal, and she asks about when he knew about the human-Cylon threat, asking him to speculate about how security procedures might have differed if she had known about the issue. She also asks she he allowed Boomer and Tyrol to continue their affair in violation of regulations. Adama refuses to answer any more questions and tries to close the tribunal - he calls that tribunal a witch hunt and orders the guards to place Hadrian into house arrest. Roslin announces the tribunal's end and Socinus's culpability in the tragedy - he has been stripped of rank and confined to the brig. Tyrol goes to see Adama and tries to defend Socinus. Tyrol admits to Adama the continued affair, but Adama is unshaken - Socinus lied under oath, and must pay the price. Tyrol must also pay a price, knowing that one of his men is in the brig because of his affair.

Tyrol meets Boomer and tells her that he cannot see her any longer - they're done. He loves her, but he cannot see her any more.

Baltar visits Starbuck in sick bay. Starbuck asks Baltar if he thinks the Cylon bomber was trying to blow up his project - his offices are on C deck, which is where Doral was headed. Baltar realizes she's right and demands of Number Six the reason why, pointing out that the only reason he was building it was because of her. "But I'm just in your head," she explains, they don't know about her. He offers to destroy the project himself, but that is not Number Six's plan, and she let's him know in no uncertain terms.

On Caprica, Helo is watched by Number Six, Doral, and Boomer. They try to judge his next move. Boomer predicts that Helo will continue to search for her, and he does. Doral and Number Six pound on Boomer to give her some injuries, evidence of a struggle. Helo finds Boomer in a sewer after destroying the centurion that was holding her. Doral and Number Six watch as they escape.

Six Degrees of Separation

Baltar is talking to himself, or to Number Six (aren't they the same thing?), babbling about not being able to find the hand of God while looking at a microscopic sample. She says that it is important that he form a personal relationship with God, whom she says is the one true god, only he can give himself over to his eternal love. Baltar is exasperated, telling Number Six that she is boring him to death. She says she is trying to save his mortal soul. Number Six walks out on him, and Baltar is called to the CIC. In CIC, he sees Number Six, but she does not seem to know him - in fact, Adama introduces her as Shelly Godfrey. Baltar acts as though she is not there, as she usually is not - but she is there, plain as day. She brings accusations against Baltar that he must answer. She calls him a traitor, and accuses him of letting the Cylons into the defense mainframe. She says that she worked with Dr. Amarack, who had demanded an audience with Roslin before the Olympic Carrier was destroyed.

Godfrey has a disk that Amarack gave her before he died. It contains photographic evidence that Baltar was with the defense mainframe the day before the attack, and that he set explosive charges on them. The photos are inconclusive - Adama tells Gaeta to work with the photos, to sharpen any image of the man's face, to determine who it is. Adama suspends work on the detector and revokes Baltar's security privileges while the investigation proceeds.

Tyrol and Cally work on Starbuck's Cylon raider, trying to decipher her notes on how to get it to work. Boomer sees Tyrol working on it and goes to talk to him. Boomer starts to caress the raider, saying that it was probably engineered to do a single task - you can't treat it like a machine, but instead like a pet.

Starbuck is fitted with a knee brace and crutches, and Apollo and Cottle try to get her out of bed to start exercising her leg, but she is a bad patient. Later, Tigh goes to see her and tries to coax her out with a little reverse psychology - every day she stays in the bed, he says, his opinion of her is confirmed. She drags herself out of bed and goes to the raider, and starts to help work out its systems.

Baltar calls Roslin to ask if he can come back to Colonial One, but she refuses, blaming his name's presence on a no-fly list. Desperate, he tells Roslin that Godfrey may be a Cylon. While he is speaking, Roslin collapses. Cottle rushes over and finds that she is taking chamalla, and that she took three times the recommended dose. The press learns that she is down, and she insists that Cottle figure out a way to get her mobile again, despite any unpleasant side effects.

Adama questions Godfrey about Amarack. She says that he gave her the disk and she left the Carrier before it was destroyed. He feared the ship had been infiltrated by Cylons. She admits she was in love with him, and then makes a pass at Adama. Adama is immediately suspicious, and orders that Godfrey not be allowed to leave the ship, and puts her under surveillance.

While Gaeta takes a break from his work, Baltar follows him into the head. He pleads with Gaeta to let him help in the photo lab, but Gaeta refuses. Godfrey enters the head and Gaeta ducks out. Baltar confronts her, but she sticks to her story; he accuses her of being a Cylon, and a copy at that. Baltar goes to Adama with his charge, and Adama rebuffs him, saying the photographic analysis must be completed before he can trust him with anything. In his head, Baltar searches for Number Six in vain, and begs her to return.

Gaeta's work progresses, and definitely sees Baltar's face in the photo. As he does, a fire is detected and he leaves the lab. Baltar slips into the lab and tries to erase the evidence, but he cannot. Adama and Tigh walk in on him just before he smashes the computer with a chair. Baltar is put in the brig. There, Roslin visits him and asks him why he did it. She says she has a feeling that he was involved in the attack, somehow. Later, alone, he kneels and prays to the one true god. He asks to be forgiven and Number Six returns to him. Gaeta walks into the bridge and releases Baltar - the photo was a fake, he found, once the analysis was complete.

Tigh reports to Adama that Godfrey has disappeared - her Marine tail lost her, and no other ship in the fleet can find her. All she left behind was a pair of glasses. In a public statement, Roslin exonerates Baltar, calling him a leader and a friend.

On Caprica, Helo and Boomer are being chased by a pair of warriors and barely evade them. Later, as they rest, Helo tells her that he knew what was going on between her and Tyrol, and that he had wished that he was him. She kisses him, and as they make love, Boomer, on Galactica, finds someone has written "Cylon" on the mirror in her locker.

Flesh and Bone

Roslin has a dream about the Cylon Leoban - he warns her of soldiers coming, then he disappears. Billy wakes her to inform her that the captain of the Gemenon Traveler has found a Cylon on his ship - a copy of Leoban. Roslin has Adama send over some troops. He suggests destroying him immediately, but Roslin wants to hear what he has to say. Adama chooses Starbuck to interrogate. She continues to rehabilitate her leg and work on the Cylon raider. He warns her that the Leoban model is cunning and not only lies, but mixes lies with truth. She will not know his agenda until he wants her to.

Starbuck goes aboard the Gemenon Traveler and goes to see Leoban. She notes with interest that he sweats. She asks him what he is doing, and Leoban replies "Praying." He tells her that he planted a nuclear warhead aboard one of the ships, and it is scheduled to go off at 1830. Though she does not believe him, she tells Adama, who orders radiological sweeps of all of the ships in the fleet.

Later, Leoban asks Starbuck about her religious beliefs. He notes that they are the same, except that he believes in one god, not many. Starbuck has a meal and Leoban asks for her leftovers. She notes that the programming makes no sense, but he says that hunger makes him more human. She has him hit and he bleeds and feels pain - a smart Cylon, she says, would turn off the pain software. Maybe he already has, he retorts. She threatens him with more pain unless he tells her what she wants to know. After a "session," she asks him about his nuke. He instead replies that he is God - everyone is God.

Leoban says that God blessed humanity and humanity sinned, so He created the Cylons. She reminds him that humans created the Cylons, and have regretted it ever since. He says that he could kill her in a matter of seconds. She asks why he doesn't, and he says it is not the time. Then he illustrates his strength by breaking his chains and choking Starbuck. A group of Marines pulls him off her. Now Starbuck is mad. The search for the nuke has found nothing - Adama orders all ships to spread out.

Starbuck dunks Leoban into a bucket of water, telling him if he does not reveal where the nuke is, he will drown. She does not buy the "transfer" story that she's been told - if it were true, why would a Cylon talk at all, why not just transfer and be done with it? He tells her that she has a different destiny, but she is not interested. She thinks he is afraid that they are too far from home for him to transfer - that when he dies, he will really die. Leoban tells Starbuck about her mother, how she made Starbuck suffer - but this just makes her more angry and she has him dunked again.

Roslin has another dream about Leoban. When she awakens, she demands to go to the Gemenon Traveler herself. Meanwhile, Leoban tells Starbuck that it is her destiny to deliver his soul to God. He tells her that she will find Kobol, and Kobol will lead to Earth. Roslin arrives and stops the interrogation. Starbuck reminds her that Leoban is a machine, she can use any methods or tactics. She asks if Starbuck knows where the warhead is, but she doesn't - Starbuck tells her what he just said about Kobol and Earth. Roslin orders him cleaned up and brought to her. She has his restraints removed and tells him that the conflict between humans and Cylons can end now, if they trust each other. He admits to her that the warhead does not exist.

Leoban takes Roslin in his arms and whispers in her ear - Adama is a Cylon. The bomb does not go off after his deadline, so Roslin orders him put in the airlock. Starbuck objects, but Roslin reminds her that he is a deadly machine, and you don't keep deadly machines around. Roslin orders him spaced.

Boomer goes to the Cylon raider to examine the ship and sees Tyrol. She asks if her suggestion to treat it more like a pet bore any fruit, and he says that it did. He asks how she came up with the suggestion, and she says "Because I'm a Cylon." Tyrol does not appreciate her humor, though she asks what difference it might make if she could prove she is not. He does not answer her. Boomer goes to visit Baltar. She asks him about the Cylon detector, and asks is she can be in the first batch of tests. Baltar hesitates, but she says that he owes her. Number Six encourages him to take her on - the results could be interesting. Baltar agrees to take her on as a test subject. While they await the test results, Boomer reveals that she is from Troy, a mining settlement that endured a horrible accident in which her entire family was killed. The results are in - she is a Cylon. Number Six congratulates him on his detector, and wonders what she will do when she is exposed. He lies to her, and tells her the test shows she's human.

On Caprica, Boomer is late for a meeting with Number Six and Doral. Number Six has taken to calling her model "Sharon," because they think and act more like humans than any other. Doral reminds Number Six that despite that, she is one of them. Boomer arrives and reports that she and Helo had sex. Doral says that a cabin is being setup with all the comforts, and that she is to try to convince him to stay. If she cannot, Number Six says, kill him. Boomer runs away and finds Helo, and tells him they have to go, now.

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Roslin is aboard Galactica when Adama is handed a report from Baltar - the Cylon detector is working. The system does have limitations, however: only one person at a time can be tested, and the test takes 11 hours. Roslin asks Adama to go first. He agrees and he sees her distrust in her eyes.

Billy and Dualla have a date on the Galactica's observation deck. She mentions to him that Adama has been making private calls from his quarters, calls he does not want logged in the system. She realizes he is pumping her for information and leaves him hanging. Billy reports back to Roslin and tells her Adama has been distracted. He says that she cannot seriously think that Adama has been replaced by a Cylon duplicate.

Baltar is in his lab, talking to Number Six, contemplating suicide at the thought of running over 47,000 blood tests. To ease his boredom, she offers herself to him, and he's enjoying her when Starbuck walks in on him, and he quickly pulls up his pants.

A Cylon raider jumps into the fleet and Apollo moves to intercept. Tigh asks where Adama is, and he is gone, left earlier on a Raptor, with no flight plan. The raider is damaged, and jumps away. Tigh prepares the fleet for an emergency jump when the raider jumps back, then away again. Tigh orders Apollo to trail the raider and for a Raptor to join him, gathering signals intel all the way. Starbuck and Tyrol analyzed the incoming data, looking for anything, especially regarding the FTL drive.

Adama returns to Galactica with a woman aboard his Raptor. Tigh meets him, and learns that Adama has found his wife, Ellen. Ellen explains to Tigh that she's been aboard the Rising Star since the attacks, but that she has no memory of the last month. Someone picked her up from Picon and put her on the last flight out, she doesn't even know who. She apologizes for the things she said and did in the past.

Roslin calls Baltar to ask that he call her the moment Adama's test is complete. Baltar says that Adama canceled his test and placed another sample in front of his own - that of Ellen Tigh. Roslin orders him to resume testing Adama's sample. Roslin summons Tigh and asks if he's noticed anything odd about Adama. She asks specifically about his disappearance and the coinciding of the Cylon raider's appearance, and he tells her about his wife. When he says her name, Roslin understands and has Baltar resume the testing of Ellen's sample.

Later, Roslin, Tigh, Ellen, Apollo, and Adama have dinner. They find Ellen to be very outspoken and free - free enough to play footsie under the table with a surprised Apollo. Adama asks her about her mysterious appearance on the Rising Star, and she has no further explanation. She asks Adama where Earth really is, but he cites secrecy and need-to-know, and the fact that anyone could be a Cylon. After they leave, Adama reveals that Ellen was known the sleep around, and Tigh only stayed with her because he loved her so much.

As drunk Tigh and Ellen try to find their way back to his quarters, they run into Baltar, who is taken by Ellen - before he is called away. Ellen tells Tigh that Adama was coming on to her, and touched her while she faked sleep on the Rising Star. Tigh calls her a liar and she pulls him away to prove it. Meanwhile, Baltar meets with Adama and Roslin, where Adama explains that he had been to the Rising Star several times to check up on Ellen after he learned about her. He wanted to keep her away from Tigh as long as he could - even if she is not a Cylon, she is trouble. Tigh and Ellen hear part of Adama's comments, and Tigh confronts Adama. He tells Tigh he suspected Ellen was a Cylon.

They're all called away because the Cylon raider is getting its act together, starting to fly less erratic. One outgoing transmission was detected. Tigh launches the alert Vipers, and they ready for anything. Starbuck suggests the raider was toying with them, trying to see how they would react. Adama orders the raider destroyed, but it takes off and heads for the Galactica - the alert fighters destroy it just before it impacts. Adama and Tigh have one more conversation, with Adama noting that he worries about Ellen's influence on Tigh. But his call to launch the alert fighters saved the ship.

Baltar's test finally reveals that Ellen is human. Number Six then reminds Baltar that these days, everyone passes. "No muss, no fuss," Baltar says.

On Caprica, Helo and Boomer elude Cylon patrols by running through the sewers and storm drains of a city. Later, Doral and Number Six note that they have searched every building and street, and they cannot find them. Number Six says that Boomer loves Helo, and that is making her more resourceful. She seems sad at the thought that Boomer is experiencing love.

The Hand of God

Roslin announces that there is a fuel shortage, and until more tylium is found, conservation is a must - in fact, there is only enough fuel left for two more jumps. During her press conference, she sees snakes crawling all over her and her podium. Boomer and Crashdown are on a scanning mission and find tylium on an asteroid - but they also find Cylons. Adama meets with his senior staff and decides the only thing to do is take the tylium from the Cylons. Adama goes to Starbuck to get help planning the mission, saying he needs her out-of-the-box thinking.

When Starbuck sees Tigh and Apollo's plan, she calls it textbook and doomed to fail. She plans a new attack, using freighters as decoys - when the Cylons move off to attack the freighters, Vipers will destroy the base and then wipe out the raiders. Roslin approves the plan. They ask Baltar for advice on where to plan the attack on the base, so that it can be destroyed without ruining all of the tylium. Baltar asks Number Six for help, but she says only God knows where to attack, to open his heart to hear him. He chooses a spot on the base seemingly at random.

Starbuck tells Adama that she will be ready to take part in the attack, but he is worried about her knee and tells her she has to sit this one out. Starbuck warns Apollo not to over think when he's flying. Adama give Apollo a lucky lighter, a gift from his father.

The plan is put into motion, and the humans wait for the Cylons to make a move on the freighters. Finally, Boomer reports over 90 raiders headed for the decoy. The strike team launches and 50 more raiders are sent out to intercept them. The strike force is heavily hit and turns back. The raiders sent to the decoys turn to Galactica. Baltar and Roslin are watching, and are horrified as they watch 140 raiders rush Galactica. Adama reports there are no reserves - everything is out. He tells Starbuck to implement her plan.

A cargo container jettisons from a decoy ship, revealing a flight of Vipers. They race to the planet and attack the mining base, which is well-defended. Chuckles is lost and they pull back. Apollo finds a small conveyor tunnel and flies into it. He emerges from the tunnel in the middle of the base. He finds the target Baltar chose and blows it up, and the base is destroyed.

Roslin meets with Elosha to discuss her visions. Elosha thinks Roslin is playing with her - her account is very much like that of Pythia, one of the oracles of the sacred scrolls. 3600 years ago, Pythia wrote about the exile and rebirth of the human race. Pythia also wrote of a leader who would take a caravan to a new home, though the leader was sick and would not complete the journey.

After the attack, Number Six asks Baltar about the Pythian prophesy. She thinks the serpents in the prophesy are the Vipers. In the prophesy, the few are victorious, it leads to a larger confrontation. She says God moved Baltar's finger so the base would be destroyed - it is all part of God's plan.

On Caprica, Boomer and Helo take shelter in an abandoned stable. While Helo prepares a meal, Boomer gets sick. They are headed for Delphi, where they hope to find a ship to steal to get away. They are awakened by a squadron of Cylons, led by Number Six. They run, but Helo is confused because he saw Number Six die before.

Colonial Day

Aboard the luxury liner Cloud 9, a meeting of the Interim Quorum of Twelve is preparing to meet on Colonial Day. Wallace Gray, one of Roslin's advisors, comes to meet with her, just as the Saggitarons announce that Tom Zarek is to be their delegate at the Quorum. Adama is particularly unhappy about it and threatens to bar him from traveling, but Roslin forbids it. Zarek makes a fleet-wide announcement that he plans to change the system - a new era is about to dawn.

Starbuck informs Baltar that he has been selected as Caprica's delegate to the Quorum, though he says he is too busy testing blood samples. Number Six appeals to his prurient side, and he decides to go. Apollo and Starbuck go to Cloud 9 to inspect it for security - over 500 people will be there, and she worries about snipers.

Apollo and Starbuck keep an eye on Zarek when he arrives on Cloud 9. Tigh gives Zarek the cold shoulder in the reception line, though Ellen plays to the cameras. Roslin also plays to the cameras, taking Zarek's hand when he offers it.

Inside the Quorum chamber, Roslin addresses the Quorum, including Baltar, who is bored. Number Six points out that a reporter has been eyeing him. She says that he can have her, as long as she still has his heart - which she can rip out of his chest at any time. Zarek rises to oppose Roslin's proposed agenda, saying that there is a critical item missing - the selection of a Vice President. At Number Six's insistence, Baltar seconds the motion. Zarek is quickly nominated.

Later, Roslin scrambles to figure out how to keep Zarek out of the office. She enlists Gray, who is reluctant but finally agrees. In an interview, Zarek says that the President is holding on to a fantasy - everything has changed, but no one has changed. There is no economy, no market, no business, no pay. Apollo has the interview turned off, and causes trouble with Zarek supporters in a cloud 9 bar. Apollo and Starbuck get into a fight, and tables get overturned. One man's briefcase contains a gun and it falls to the floor. Starbuck spots it and takes down the man. Later, Starbuck and Apollo question the man, Valence, but don't get far with him.

Apollo tells Roslin that she has to evacuate the Saggitarons from Cloud 9, but she refuses - it plays into Zarek's hands. Apollo worries that if Zarek wins the Vice Presidency, her execution would be close at hand. She assures Apollo that Zarek will not win. She authorizes Apollo to tap his communications, though.

Later, Ellen Tigh is in a bar and Zarek offers to serve her. She tells him that she is concerned about Tigh's place, and hence her place, in the future. He asks her to help him find Valence. Shortly thereafter, Valence is found dead in his holding cell. As they brief Roslin on Valence and their fears about Zarek, she hears Baltar speak on the wireless and gets a new idea - Baltar for Vice President. He quickly accepts her offer, and is narrowly voted into office.

At Roslin's victory celebration, Zarek seeks her out. He congratulates her, and says he will see her again in six months - when the presidential elections take place. He tells her that he did not kill Valance, and he wonders who did. Ellen tells Tigh that he needs to think about the future, and she gives Zarek a knowing glance.

On Caprica, Boomer and Helo reach Caprica City and decide to wait until dark to try to infiltrate the space port. Helo is thinking about the woman he spotted. Not knowing about the human models, he wonders why any one would help the Cylons. He guesses that perhaps the Cylons are cloning human DNA, and that may be how the attacks were so successful. Boomer gets upset when Helo degrades the Cylons and their human-clone allies. They approach a space port and prepare for an assault. Helo sees two Number Six models emerge from a building. Then he sees another Boomer model. It spots him and prepares to fire on him, but his Boomer shoots the other. He realizes the truth and runs off.

Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 1)

Starbuck and Baltar are in bed. As she climaxes, she calls out "Lee!" and Baltar leaves her, stunned.

Roslin meets with Elosha and tells her that Dr. Cottle predicts she has at most six months to live. Elosha tells Roslin that she is now a true-believer, and she knows that Roslin will lead them to Earth.

Playing cards, Baltar tells Apollo that he cannot win - because Baltar always wins. Apollo thinks he's talking about cards, but he's talking about Starbuck. Number Six says that the jealousy is disappointing, common. Starbuck walks in, and Baltar and she have an awkward moment, leaving Apollo wondering what's going on.

Roslin meets with Baltar to try to impart enough knowledge of the fleet that he can take over as President, should it be necessary, but he is distracted by Number Six's insistence in talking about Starbuck. He rants against Number Six, and clearly confuses Roslin, though he tries to cover both conversations at once. Number Six tells him she loves him, and he says he needs a break - both from Number Six and Roslin. Later, when Baltar is alone, Number Six expresses her jealousy toward Starbuck quite physically. She warns him not to stay on Galactica - it is not safe.

Boomer and Crashdown go on a recon patrol to look for supplies. The jump to a planet with oceans and continents, and Boomer says that the find is not Earth, but something just as important. Billy explains to Roslin and Elosha that the planet appears to have been inhabited, then abandoned. The major city spotted is about 3000 years old - around the time the 13 tribes left Kobol. When Roslin sees the photos, she first sees an inhabited city, but then sees the ruins. Elosha says that she saw the City of the Gods. This planet is Kobol.

Apollo goes to see Starbuck as she works on the Cylon raider. He asks after Baltar, and has words with her. Fists fly, and they both end up with bloody lips.

As Boomer again puts a gun in her mouth, Baltar walks in on her. He is suspicious of her, considering her test result and Number Six's warning. Number Six says that she knows she is a Cylon, though her conscious mind will not accept it. Boomer says she has dark thoughts. Number Six says that the model is weak, but it will carry out its mission. Baltar tells her to do whatever she thinks is right. As he leaves her quarters, he hears a gunshot.

Adama meets with Roslin, Baltar, and Elosha. He says that they should consider settling on Kobol, but Elosha reminds him that Kobol will point the way to Earth. Number Six suggests that Baltar should go with a survey party - he volunteers, but Adama says it won't be necessary. Baltar insists, and Roslin approves. Roslin meets with Adama: if they bring the Arrow of Apollo to the Tomb of Athena, the way to Earth will be revealed. He dismisses the scriptures as legend and myth, but Roslin persists. The Cylon raider can jump all the way back to Caprica and get the arrow and bring it to Kobol. Adama insists that the raider is a military asset and he will not order it to be used to return to Caprica.

Tyrol goes to visit Boomer in the infirmary. She has a bad wound to her cheek, but is otherwise unharmed. He's worried about her, and fears their relationship is the reason for the suicide attempt. She does not want to talk to him, and dismisses him.

Three scout Raptors jump from the fleet to Kobol, and are immediately under attack by Cylons. One Raptor is destroyed. One jumps back to Galactica, and the other is hit and goes down. On board are Crashdown, Tyrol and his crew, and Baltar. Galactica starts devising plans to rescue the downed Raptor and to destroy the Cylon base ship, including a plan by Starbuck to rig the raider with a nuke.

Roslin is alarmed by the plan, and meets with Starbuck. She asks Starbuck to consider bucking orders and returning to Caprica to retrieve the Arrow. Roslin reveals to her that she is dying, and quotes scripture about the savior of humanity. Starbuck is torn between her religious and military belief systems. Starbuck reminds her that Adama knows where Earth is, but she tells her that he lied for the benefit of the fleet. She asks Adama, and knows that he did lie when he evades her question. She flies the raider for a test, and jumps away - to Caprica.

On Caprica now for 50 days, On Caprica, Helo continues to run. Boomer steps out in front of him and he raises his weapon to her, and she tells him to just do it. He does, and she falls. He patches her up and brings her with him. She tries to talk to him, but he refuses to listen, saying that she's not even human.

Kobol's Last Gleaming (Part 2)

At the Raptor 1 crash site, Tyrol, Cally, Crashdown, and a few others survive the crash. Baltar is reluctant to step through the burning wreckage until Number Six coaxes him through the flames.

On Caprica, the wounded Boomer brings Helo to the Delphi Museum of the Colonies. She tells him it is the home of the Arrow of Apollo, the only clue to the location of Earth. Helo has no idea what Boomer is talking about, and tells her to help him get off the planet. They go into hiding to wait for dark.

Tigh is pissed at Starbuck. Adama in convinced she was coerced. Roslin calls, and Adama tells her what Starbuck did. She admits she asked Starbuck to take the raider to Caprica. Adama tells her that the loss of the raider puts the downed crew in great danger, but Roslin says that the pursuit of the Arrow is far more important to the safety of the fleet. Adama asks for Roslin's resignation, but she refuses. He tells her he is declaring martial law. She tells him that she's not giving up, and the press is listening to their conversation, recording every word. He hangs up on her.

Adama orders Apollo to have the CAP concentrate on Colonial One, and for Gaida to jam all transmissions in and out. He orders Tigh to organize a strike team. Adama says he will take care of the Cylons. Roslin vows that the fleet will survive Adama's machinations. Apollo and Tigh prepare to lead the strike team against Colonial One.

Adama still wants to implement his plan, but he needs a pilot. He meets with Boomer: he wants her to fly her Raptor, with a Cylon transponder aboard, to the Cylon base star. She will get inside the defense perimeter, fire a nuke, then jump back immediately. She agrees to do it.

Starbuck arrives at Caprica. Using a Cylon transponder, she slips by patrols and base stars and flies to the surface. On the surface, Helo and Boomer await darkness. She tells him she gets scared, has feelings, but he only sees the computer inside. She tells him the "thing" they had between them was important - it brought them closer to God. He is angry that she is appropriating the gods, a human belief. She says that despite that, he genuinely feels something for him. He tells her he does not love her. She reveals that she is pregnant.

Boomer and Racetrack prepare to jump to Kobol for their mission while Tigh and Apollo prepare for the assault. Roslin tells her advisors that they should take shelter with the civilians, but they refuse to leave her. Word comes that there are sounds of someone cutting through the hull. Her guards prepare for the assault while her advisors pray with Elosha. The assault force enters her office and the two groups have a stand-off. Tigh tells the President she is under arrest, but Apollo has second thoughts. Apollo draws his weapon on Tigh. Roslin intervenes, demanding everyone lower their weapons. Apollo is arrested and Roslin goes with Tigh willingly.

Starbuck lands at the Delphi Museum. She finds the arrow and breaks its display case. As she does, Number Six confronts her. They fight, with Starbuck just barely holding her own. Number Six has her on the ground as Helo and Boomer enter the museum. Starbuck rises and runs into Number Six, pushing the both of them over a precipice. Helo sees and goes to Starbuck, and finds her slowly rising. Number Six has been impaled on something, and is dead. Starbuck sees Boomer and tries to kill her, but Helo stops her, explaining that Boomer is pregnant.

Boomer and Racetrack approach the base star. They get inside the perimeter, but the bomb release jams, and it won't fire. Boomer decides to take the Raptor into the ship and drop the nuke inside. She lands and leaves Racetrack behind to set up the bomb. As she works, she hears someone whisper "Sharon," and she finds herself facing multiple copies of herself. She denies that she is a Cylon, and runs off, leaving the nuke. It explodes, destroying the base star. They return to Galactica triumphant.

On Kobol, only seven survived, and Socinus is seriously injured. Crashdown is a little overwhelmed and Tyrol suggests they take cover in case the Cylons send ground troops. Baltar thanks Number Six for saving him. She asks him to follow her, to find out why God chose him to be saved. She takes him to the ruins of a temple. As he enters, he sees the ruins in their former glory. She tells him he will be the protector of the next generation - a generation of Cylon-human hybrids.

Adama puts Roslin in a cell in the brig. He goes to the bridge where Apollo awaits, as do Boomer and Racetrack. Adama goes to congratulate them, and as her reaches for Boomer's hand, she shoots him.

Season 2


A medical crew works to save Adama and takes him away to sick bay. Boomer is taken away to the brig, suddenly unaware what she has done. Tigh has Apollo taken away, too, just as sensors detect a Cylon base star jumping into range. Tigh orders the fleet to jump to the emergency rendez-vous point, before Dr. Cottle is able to get aboard Galactica. The fleet jumps away, followed by Galactica. When Galactica arrives, no other signals are detected - the fleet is gone.

Tigh goes to his quarters to change his blood-soaked clothes and tells Ellen that Galactica updated its jump coordinates after the last jump, but the new coordinates were never transmitted to the rest of the fleet - they are at the previous rendez-vous point. The only way is to jump back and jump again, but the Cylons are waiting for them there, and the calculations will take 12 hours, far longer than they can resist a Cylon attack.

Roslin insists they have to jump back in case Starbuck returns with the arrow of Apollo, but Apollo isn't sure how he can get out of the brig coinsidering he put a gun to Tigh's head, and if he could, he's not sure he even wants to. Eventually, Tigh releases Apollo conditionally - when he is not on duty, he is to stay on the brig. Roslin asks to speak to Tigh, but he refuses, saying she lost.

Gaida, who was supposed to transmit the new coordinates to the fleet, is feeling guilty, and comes up with a way to cut the calculation time to ten minutes - but it means networking three computer subsystems, which Adama never allowed. Tigh approves the plan. When the Galactica jumps back, the base star is nearly on top of them and sends out waves and waves of raiders. Galactica launches Vipers as the new rendez-vous point is calculated. Gaida has firewalls in place on the network and the Cylons immediately start attacking them - it is a race between the light jump calculation and the firewall break-ins. The calculation is made and the Vipers are recalled - the fleet is found, to everyone's relief.

Before the jump, a Cylon ship manages to break through the Galactica defenses and lodges itself in the ship - and Cylon centurions pour out of it.

Adama's spleen is badly injured, and the med techs say he needs a doctor. Tigh tells the medic that she is going to have to help him - today, she is a doctor. He goes to see Boomer. Tigh is not up to chatting, and he interrogates her, and nearly shoots her, but thinks better of it and leaves her hurt and weeping on the floor. After the medics finish with Adama and stop the bleeding, Tigh goes to see him. He recalls years before when he had hit rock-bottom and Adama pulled him back to service. He tells Adama that he should have left him - he does not want command.

On Kobol, Baltar and Number Six discuss family life - the creation of a little girl. He is the father, she says, and she is the mother. He is incredulous - she is not real, she cannot be. Number Six insists she is... and then Cally wakes Baltar from his dream. They are moving out. Socinus is placed on a stretcher, and Crashdown leads them to shelter in a tree line. Suddenly they hear engine sounds in the distance and they bug out. They trudge slowly through a forest. Baltar keeps seeing a bassinet. Crashdown realizes they are missing a med kit and Tyrol, Cally, and Tarn head back to get it. The trio finds the med kit and return to the path. In the woods, they take fire and Tarn is shot. They never see their attackers, but escape with the badly wounded Tarn. They find a spot to rest, and Tarn dies. Tyrol takes his dog tags and he and Cally leave him behind.

On Caprica, Helo, Boomer, and Starbuck watch as Number Six dies. Boomer says that Number Six's memories are being downloaded to another body now. Starbuck does not want to hear from Boomer and pulls a gun on her. Helo pushes her away and says he is protecting his baby. Starbuck says that she is lying like all Cylons lie. He insists that Boomer is not like the other. Starbuck hears the engines on the raider spool up, and they realize Boomer is gone. Starbuck runs out to see the raider fly away.

Valley of Darkness

Billy meets Dualla in a corridor on Galactica, and they exchange pleasantries seem to have an epiphany about their relationship - it only happens when it is convenient. Tigh watches over Adama as the lights begin to fail. He calls CIC and learns that the Cylon computer virus has begun to affect ship's systems. They are working to clean it up. Light flicker in the hangar bay, too, while the pilots celebrate their apparent victory. Apollo reminds them that they let one through. Gaida reports that Cylons have been spotted in the museum pod. A group of pilots head back to their quarters and are attacked - Apollo is nearly killed before a Marine hits the Cylon with an explosive round, the only thing that seems to stop them.

With the explosive rounds all gone, Apollo leads a group to small arms lockers to find more.

Roslin asks her guard, Corporal Venner, to let her out of her cell so they can find a safer locale. Apollo finds them and directs her, her guard, and Billy to make their way to sick bay. Apollo gives Billy a sidearm; Roslin refuses to take one.

Tigh makes his way to CIC to learn the situation. The Cylons split into two groups. One is headed forward, one moving aft. Tigh is familiar with the tactic. They plan to hit two secondary systems that will allow them to vent atmosphere into spacing, killing all aboard. Then they will turn the guns on the fleet and wipe them out.

Apollo's party makes its way through scores of bodies to the small arms locker. There are only six explosive rounds left, for five personnel. Apollo gives each of them one, and takes two for himself. Roslin's party nearly reaches sick bay. They find Dualla in a daze - Roslin guesses she has a concussion. The way is blocked, so they figure an alternate route.

In CIC, the news is mixed. Teams have pinned down or destroyed most of the Cylons, but one team of two is still free, headed for the Aft Damage Control and the decompression controls. Apollo reports in to CIC. Tigh tells him that he cannot let the Cylons reach Aft Damage Control or it is all over. Roslin's group's route is cut off by a corridor open to space. The only other way there is via Aft Damage Control.

Apollo sets up a firing line in front of Aft Damage Control as the Cylons make their way there. Roslin's party also makes its way, hearing gunfire as it approaches. The Cylons break through and Roslin's party hides, but Billy's weapon discharges, distracting the Cylons. They fire towards Billy and Roslin pushes him out of the way - she is unharmed, but has bullet holes in her jacket. Apollo's group fires at the Cylons from behind. One centurion goes down. Apollo reloads and gets off one last shot as the last centurion leaps for him. The siege is over.

Later, Billy comes to visit Dualla in sick bay, where they decide to give things another go. Tigh and Apollo overlook Adama as they await Dr. Cottle. They have words, both of them calling the other's fitness to serve into question. Tigh has Roslin and Apollo both returned to the brig.

On Caprica, Helo and Starbuck make their way out of the city, but Starbuck has a pit stop to make - her old apartment. She finds an audio cassette of her father performing on the piano. Helo admires her walls, painted over with her artwork. Starbuck finds a stash of cigars and her old flight jacket - which also contains a set of keys. Tired of walking, the pair start up a military vehicle and head off again.

On Kobol, Baltar has a dream of the Raptor crew's rescue. Adama is with the team and sees Baltar holding the hybrid baby. Adama takes the baby from his arms and drowns it. He awakens in Number Six's arms amid a field strewn with skulls and bones. She tells him they are the result of ancient human sacrifice. Tyrol and Cally make their way back to the rest of the group with the med kit, but Seelix informs them that it is too late - she cannot save Socinus. She says with the morpha from her kit and the new one, they can kill him quickly, otherwise his demise will be long and painful. Tyrol gives the morpha to Socinus.


Dr. Cottle finally arrives on Galactica. On his way to see Adama, Billy tries to divert him to see Roslin, but Cottle plows on. He sees Adama and on hearing his treatment and vitals, understands that the medics have missed something and he continues to hemorrhage.

Tigh comes to CIC and sees Apollo working and snaps at him, wondering why he is not in the brig. Apollo says that he is on duty and thus out of the brig. He is planning a search and rescue mission for the crew on Kobol. Tigh appears out of touch and confused, snapping at Apollo, Gaeta, and Dualla.

A shuttle from the Zephyr requests permission to come aboard - the Quorum of Twelve is aboard demanding to see Tigh. Tom Zarek, in particular, demands to know what the next step is - was Adama planning on martial law? Tigh denies it, saying Adama didn't like the idea of martial law. The Quorum take a vote and unanimously decide to demand to see Roslin. Tigh says that he will take the demand under advisement.

Roslin is suffering from withdrawal from the chamalla, and asks Billy to see if he can find some. Her guard is a Gemenon, who believe in the literal truth of the scriptures. Roslin, in her cell and in delirium, is telling stories from the prophet Pythia. Billy asks Venner if he knows where he can get chamalla.

Ellen goes to see Roslin, but she does not recognize her. Ellen tells Tigh that Roslin is crazy - he should let the press and the Quorum see her. When the Quorum again demand to see the President, he allows them to see her, expecting her to be ranting. Before the Quorum arrives, someone slips Billy a vial of chamalla. They see her in a dizzy state, but she quickly recovers. She makes a statement to the Quorum. She announces what she has done, asking Starbuck to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo to open the Tomb of Athena and find the way to Earth. She reveals that she is dying, convincing several of the delegates that she is the dying leader foretold in the scriptures. Tigh has the Quorum removed. Roslin thanks Venner for his help.

Cottle is finished with Adama, and tells Tigh he has done all he can - he will wake up when he damn well wants to. He apologizes to Adama, for "frakking things up for him."

Tigh makes an announcement to the press. He announces Roslin's actions and says that she is under arrest. He announces the dissolution of the Quorum and declares martial law.

On Kobol, the Raptor group has a small funeral service for Socinus and Tarn. Number Six tells Baltar that the dead will find nothing but oblivion because they died on Kobol, a planet abandoned by God. Tyrol is visibly worried about Crashdown's leadership. They scout the edges of their field of view and finally spot the Cylons. They are building a missile battery, which explains to Tyrol why they are not being chased - with a battery, they can launch enough missiles to wipe out all living things in the valley.

Baltar ponders what to do, and finds himself talking to Number Six - we kill them, they kill us, we kill more of them ... where does it stop? He asks why God wants to bring a child into such a world. Number Six says that he has to be a father, a guardian. He denies he is able to be any of those things. She admonishes him - be a man! Be one, act like one.

They realize the Cylons are building an anti-aircraft battery when they see a radar dish. They will be ready to shoot down any ship that comes to rescue them. Crashdown organizes an assault mission on the launcher. Tyrol is not enthused by the idea, but it is Baltar who calls Crashdown out. Tyrol refuses to let Baltar diminish Crashdown's role as leader and the assault plan goes on. Number Six warns Baltar that one of them will betray the others.

Apollo launches a search and rescue operation as the Raptor group begins its assault. The two rescue Raptors find the downed Raptor's signal and move down. They ground group nearly decide to change their plan and attack the radar dish when they see more Cylons than they planned for. But Crashdown decides to stick with the original plan. Cally balks and says she cannot carry out her part in the plan. Crashdown orders her to but she still refuses. He holds a gun on her and again gives the order. Tyrol pulls his gun on Crashdown, but before Crashdown can fire on Cally, Baltar shoots him. The gunfire attracts the attention of the Cylons and they come under fire as the Raptors fly overhead. They rush for the radar dish under fire. Seelix and Tyrol are both shot. Baltar turns on the Cylons and fires at them madly. Tyrol blows up the dish and they face the squad of centurions. Just before they are overrun, the Cylons blow up - they turn and see a Raptor hovering behind them.

Number Six says that she is proud of him. He asks why - murder is his heritage - is that what he is to pass down to his child? Apollo asks how Crashdown died, and Tyrol and Baltar both agree that he died leading the assault, a hero. The group board the Raptors and leave Kobol.


Tigh is interrogating Tyrol about Boomer. When Tyrol refuses to answer questions, Tigh, who has been drinking, accuses him of being a Cylon himself. Tyrol is placed in the brig in a cell with Boomer, but he wants nothing to do with her and even threatens to kill her.

Cally pleads with Baltar to help clear Tyrol. She tells him he owes Tyrol one for not telling what he did on Kobol. Though he does not like being blackmailed by Cally, he does go to Tigh. Tigh asks why the Cylon detector did not work, and Baltar says that Boomer's test was part of his beta testing process. He assures Tigh that a test of Tyrol will be definitive. Baltar tries to flex his political muscle, but Tigh tells him that he has declared martial law, and if he'd like to be Vice President, he can join Roslin in the brig.

Gaeta tells Tigh that there is civilian unrest, and the tyllium refinery ship is refusing to refuel Galactica until the civilian government is restored, and several other ships are also refusing to resupply. On his way to the brig, Apollo meets Dualla, who fills him in on the situation, and tells him that Tigh is hitting the bottle while on duty. Tigh tells Ellen that he plans to talk to the ships' captains about why he declared martial law. She says that he should just handle the situation the way he wants - he sends a fleet-wide message that resupply of Galactica is not optional and refusal is subject to stern measures.

Tigh sends a Marine party to each ship that continues to refuse to resupply the Galactica. On the Gideon, a riot breaks out when the Marines arrive, and four civilians are killed. Tigh goes to Adama and tells him that if he ever needed him, he needs him now.

In the brig, Roslin is delivered her chamallah, and Apollo notes that she still has a lot of support in the fleet. She laments that things are bound to spiral out of control, and when they do, the fleet will be easy pickings for the Cylons. She tells Apollo that she needs to get off the ship, and he agrees. He says he can get them to a Raptor, and she says she can get clearance to depart.

Tigh complains to Ellen that he cannot do this command - his deal with Adama was that he and Adama would always be side by side. They nearly get into a shoving match, but end up making love.

Roslin asks Cottle for help getting off the ship, and Billy asks Venner for a favor. Dualla requests that some corridors be closed off, telling Tigh that they need repairs. Gaeta tells Dualla that he's noticed a lot of encrypted traffic calls from CIC lately, but Dualla denies any knowledge.

Apollo visits Adama and says goodbye. As he leaves, Adama moves his hand. Apollo is called away to help work on a Raptor; Venner allows himself to be overtaken by a small "kidnapping" force. Roslin is intercepted on her way, but the sentry allows her to pass. Billy says that he will not go with her - he cannot cross the line that she is asking. She wishes him well. Apollo and Roslin leave with Elosha. When Tigh realizes that Roslin is gone, he asks if anyone has seen anything suspicious. Gaeta nearly speaks up, but stays quiet. Galactica tracks the President's Raptor and Tigh has warning shots fired across her bow - but in the end, he cannot bring himself to shoot down Apollo.

They land on Cloud Nine, and are met by Zarek. Apollo asked him to help hide the President. Though reluctant, Roslin accepts his help.

Ellen is incensed that Tigh let Apollo go. As he explains that he could not kill Adama's son, Adama himself shows up at the door and asks what's going on. Ellen leaves and Adama and Tigh speak. Tigh says that he screwed things up, but Adama says that command is hard - making calls that could affect the lives of thousands, the pressure is enormous.

Tyrol and Boomer sit in the brig and she tells him that he never meant to hurt him, but he does not want to hear her. Baltar visits them and says he needs to draw some of Tyrol's blood for the test. Instead he injects him with something that stops his heart. He tells Boomer that unless she tells him how many Cylons are in the fleet, he will let Tyrol die. She resists but finally says that there are eight. He revives Tyrol and Boomer goes to him and holds him as he awakens. Later, Baltar clears Tyrol and Boomer is shackled. As they lead Boomer away for study, crowds gather and shout "Traitor!" at her. Cally rushes her and shoots her. Boomer dies in Tyrol's arms, after whispering "I love you, Chief."

On Caprica, a small band of survivors is scoping out the woods - they are following Helo and Starbuck, whom they assume to be Cylons, and are ready to take them out. They hear them and prepare for an attack - both sides thinking they are looking at Cylons. They begin firing at each other and Starbuck and Helo scramble for cover. Eventually, the two armed bands come face to face and muzzle to muzzle.

They come to an agreement to at least drop their weapons. The group of five is the Caprica Buccaneers, a pyramid team that was training in the high mountains when the Cylons attacked. They all return to their headquarters, a high school, where there are 53 survivors. They raid hospitals for anti-radiation meds and ammo dumps for weapons. Starbuck says that 53 isn't an army, but it is a start. She and the group's leader, Samuel Anders, play pyramid on a makeshift court.

The Farm

Adama returns to CIC with a resounding welcome. He expresses how much he appreciates the crew and what they do. Gaeta explains to Adama where Roslin was last known - on Cloud Nine. Adama implements a quarantine, where ships are searched one by one and set aside if they are clear of the fugitives. She can hide, he says, but she cannot run.

Tyrol meets with Adama and asks for mercy for Cally. He gives her 30 days in the brig. He asks Tyrol if he loved Boomer. He says he thinks he did - Adama says that means that he did - love is a thought. He asks how he could love a machine - when Adama realizes that he loved Boomer, too, as a part of his Galactica family. He tells Tyrol that he will see Boomer again.

On the Kimba Huta, Zarek finds Roslin, Elosha, and Apollo hiding and says that the best move would be for Apollo to denounce his father. Apollo tries to tape a message, but he cannot bring himself to do it. Roslin decides to play the religion card and tapes a message calling for ships to jump away to Kobol, where they will meet and find the way to Earth. Zarek says that the Astral Queen will be the lead ship. Roslin goes aboard the Astral Queen and greets a room full of the prisoner/crew. They ask for her blessing and she is reluctant, but Elosha tells her the gods have chosen her path, and so has she. She embraces this path and blesses them.

Adama speculates that only a few ships will be lead by the religious drivel - and says that any ship that wants to make a suicide run to Kobol should be allowed to go. When Roslin sends her message, however, 24 ships, almost a third of the fleet, leave. Adama goes to the morgue to see Boomer's body, and he asks it why - he agonizes over her loss, and is angry about it at the same time.

On Caprica, Starbuck wakes up with Anders. She wakes up grumpy and they joust verbally, but finally call a truce. A small force heads into the woods to find a Cylon refueling point where the resistance has seen raiders. Starbuck says if they blow the tyllium, the centurions will be destroyed, but the raider will be OK, then she can get inside and rewire it. Before they can proceed, they come under fire and Starbuck is shot.

She awakens in a hospital bed, where a doctor named Simon tells her she was brought in and patched up. Anders brought her in, but he was wounded and died. She is suspicious, but decides to trust him - for now. Simon says that the rest of the couple hundred patients in the hospital are dying of radiation sickness. Later, Simon gives her a pelvic exam and says she has a cyst on her ovary, something they can treat. Simons says that she, as a fertile female, is precious to the resistance. Many women have been made sterile by the radiation, and all fertile women will be expected to have babies. He asks her about her childhood, noting that her x-rays show many healed broken bones, including all of her fingers. She becomes defensive and he leaves.

The next time she awakens, she has a new scar and Simon tells her that she had to have a last-minute procedure in the night. He attempts to sedate her again, but she has pulled her IV and follows him out of the room. He sees him talking to Number Six, and she realizes she's been duped. She awaits the doctor in her room and attacks him with a piece of broken mirror and kills him. She leaves her room and knocks the Number Six model out. She finds a room with several women in it, including one of the resistance fighters, who tells Starbuck to turn off the machines they are all hooked up to. She shuts down the machines and the women all die.

Meanwhile, the resistance searches for Starbuck, and they instead find Boomer, who tells them she knows where she is. Helo tells the group they can trust her.

Starbuck runs out of the hospital and Simon is waiting for her. He is ready to take her back in, but he is shot - the resistance is rushing the facility, guns blazing. Centurions start to fire back - then a heavy raider flies into view and fires on the centurions. The raider lands, and Boomer is inside flying it. The resistance all rush onto the raider and fly back to their base. There, Boomer explains that the Cylons have many such farms, where they are trying to breed Cylon/human hybrids. She guesses there are several thousand people in the farms. Boomer tells Starbuck that there is something special about her - earlier, Leoban told her as much.

Starbuck wants to stay to liberate the farms, but Anders tells her she needs to fulfill her mission. He gives her the Arrow and she, Helo, and Boomer leave for the Galactica.

Home (Part 1)

Dualla reports that 24 ships and 18,000 people left for Kobol. Adama writes them all off, saying that he does not care who joined with a religious fanatic and a terrorist. Tigh says that some of the ships are indispensable; morale is down; families are tearing apart. Adama says he does not want to hear about broken families.

Lt. George Birch is chosen by Adama to be the new CAG, replacing Apollo. Tigh is not happy with the choice, but vows to support him. Birch takes a group of Vipers out for some training runs and in the confusion of bad radio connections, authorizes both Kat and Hot Dog to make runs against the same target. Kat is nearly killed. Adama listens to the confused melee on the wireless. Later, Birch directs a refueling operation from a Raptor, while the CIC crew watch from Galactica. Gaeta fills Adama in - for four hours, the CAG has been making a mess of the simple operation. Adama calls off the refueling operation, but not in time to prevent a collision between a ship and a tanker.

Adama meets with the press, who have many questions about the split in the fleet. Adama's remarks make it clear that the loss is just that - a loss, and he intends to continue without them. Nothing and no one has been lost, he says, that cannot be replaced. When he is asked if Earth is real, he threatens to imprison anyone circulating that kind of rumor.

Baltar watches the events unfold and tells Number Six that he is seeing humanity as fish swimming upstream to spawn. She says that he is seeing humans as they do - as self-involved and unaware. She says that he is not like the rest of the humans - he has a path and will be spared their fate, if he lets destiny take its course.

Adama calls Dualla to his quarters. He talks to her about betrayal, how it has a powerful grip on the mind, squeezing out all other thoughts, leaving just rage behind. She says that his problem is not betrayal, but that he feels helpless. She tells him that he broke their promise to them - that they would find a way to Earth, to a new home. Kobol is there - yet he will not go there. He broke his promise. It is time to heal the wounds.

Adama tells Gaeta to get all recon material on Kobol in his quarters - he intends to put the fleet, the family, back together.

On the Astral Queen, the Quorum of Twelve meets and tries to decide what to do. First on the agenda is where Apollo's loyalty lies, but Roslin says she supports him completely. Zarek suggests arming all ships against Cylon attack or attack from Galactica, but Apollo notes that arming against Galactica would be fruitless. Apollo warns that there are likely still Cylons on Kobol, and Elosha warns that the scriptures say that any return to Kobol has a cost - in blood.

Zarek's aide, Meier, tells Zarek that something has come up and they go to the bridge. Apollo and Roslin follow - an unidentified ship has appeared around Kobol. They have only a small window of time to shoot it down, and Roslin is on the verge of deciding when Starbuck's voice calls out from the ship. Starbuck has returned.

Starbuck and Apollo have a brief but joyful reunion. Then Apollo spots Boomer and rushes her, holding her at gunpoint. Helo raises his gun to Apollo and the two have a stand-off. Apollo quickly relates that Boomer nearly killed Adama, and that Helo and Starbuck have missed a lot. Roslin negotiates all the guns withdrawn, then orders Boomer spaced. She struggles and calls out that she can tell them where the Tomb of Athena is - Kobol is a big planet and without help they will never find it. Starbuck pulls out the Arrow of Apollo and Roslin tells them to hold off. Later, in a cell, Boomer tells Roslin that she can find the path to the Tomb, but it must be traveled quickly, as it is dangerous.

Helo goes to see Boomer - he apologizes to her for what's happened. Later, Apollo goes to see her and she says that she knows how he is feeling, but she did not shoot Adama. He pulls his gun on her and Starbuck steps in to stop him. They have words, with Apollo is angry about her stealing the raider and returning to Caprica, but she brings up his recent actions against Tigh and the fleet. They separate, both wounded.

Meier and Zarek discuss how to get Zarek into a position of power in the new fleet - Zarek wants to be the military power. He has no intention of harming Roslin, her power over the myth of Earth is powerful and he can use it to deliver the fleet the liberty his revolution promises. But Apollo stands in his way. Meier reminds him that scripture says that some will die on Kobol, and they can protect Roslin, but don't have to protect Apollo.

Apollo speaks with Starbuck, who is playing absent-mindedly with a pyramid ball. He asks if there is anything she wants to talk about, but she says no. He empathizes with her, seeing what she saw on Caprica. Tomorrow, one way or the other, this will be done - they will have the map to Earth or they won't. He is her friend; he loves her; he is there for her.

A landing party arrives and Elosha reads from the scriptures. As she does, Boomer points out a path along a rocky ridge, which they follow. Elosha says that the path to the Tomb is supposed to be marked by gravestones. She sees one and goes to look at the engraving on it. As she does, she steps on a land mine and is blown away, triggering other mines and gunfire from centurions. They trade gunfire, but not until Boomer shoots at the centurions do the humans defeat the Cylons. Roslin mourns the loss of Elosha before they push on.

Home (Part 2)

On Kobol, Roslin's party blazes trails through rainy forests as they follow Boomer along the course she has plotted. On Galactica, Adama, Tigh, Gaeta, and Tyrol pore over the satellite images of Kobol and the Gospel of Pythia to try to determine where Roslin is. Tyrol adds his own experience from his time on the planet. Adama decides that he will send just a Raptor with himself and only the people he needs - he will leave Galactica behind to defend the fleet. He has to go to Roslin - the dispute has always been between the two of them.

On Kobol, Boomer spots twin peaks in the distance - she thinks they are the Gates of Hera, where the Tomb of Athena would be. Starbuck warns that it is too far to reach by nightfall, but Roslin is anxious and has them push on.

On Galactica, Baltar is ruminating is the cell designed to hold Boomer. Number Six appears to him, sitting in a chair, stark naked. She tells him that their child will be born in the cell. He scoffs at her, obviously tired of hearing about their mythical baby. He sees the silliness of a baby born of him and a fantasy women he only sees in his head. She says she will not give birth to the baby, and this makes him even more incredulous. She calls his bluff - next she appears totally casual, not dolled up for the first time. Her hair is up and she's wearing sweats. She tells him there is no Cylon chip in his head. In fact, she is a figment of his imagination, a manifestation of his psychosis. She challenges him to get a brain scan to prove there is no chip.

En route to Kobol, Adama has with him Tyrol, Racetrack, and Billy. Adama asks how Billy is feeling, and he is apprehensive. She and Roslin did not leave on the best of terms. Adama reassures him that she values his counsel, and, in fact, she thinks he will someday be President of the Colonies. They jump away from the fleet on a course that drops them directly in to Kobol's upper atmosphere.

On the planet, Apollo and Starbuck watch Helo and Boomer interacting. Apollo is amazed at his feelings for her - but Starbuck explains that Helo is in love. He knows Boomer is a machine, but he doesn't care. He says they should keep an eye on him, but Starbuck says she knows him, Helo is one of the good guys. Apollo reminds her that Boomer was a friend of her's, too. Boomer tells Helo that she feels like she's at home, back with the fleet. Helo reminds her that she was never with the fleet - that was the other Boomer. Yes, she says, but she remembers all of it.

Meier and Zarek talk about eliminating Apollo again. He is Roslin's only remaining close confidant. Meier is afraid Zarek is losing the stomach for their next move. He's not, he says, but it has to be done right. Meier suggests getting Boomer to kill Apollo, somehow.

On the hike to the twin peaks, Helo and Boomer talk. She tells him that the baby is a girl. Starbuck tells Roslin about the survivors on Caprica, and suggests that once they find the Tomb, they go back to rescue the survivors. Roslin asks Starbuck not to mention it again.

On Galactica, Baltar is getting a brain scan, while Number Six torments him. She says that she is just the latest version of the "little voice" he has always heard in his head. He reacts by moving too much in the scanner, much to Doc Cottle's chagrin, as he has to reset the scan. Later, Cottle shows him the results - nothing unusual is going on in Baltar's brain.

Meier talks to Boomer, and tells her what happened to the other Boomer - she was murdered on the Galactica, and the same will happen to her when the find the Tomb. He warns that they will not let her child be born. The entire group is startled by noises in the forest. They prepare to defend themselves, and Apollo comes face to face with Adama. They embrace, Adama obviously happy to see Apollo safe. Adama even has cordial words of greeting for Roslin, who is especially happy to see Billy. Adama is also happy to see Starbuck, but neither he nor Tyrol is happy to see Boomer. Tyrol remembers Adama's prediction that he would see her again. Adama attacks her, but as he chokes her to the ground, his heart gives him pains and he stops. As she stands back up, Meier gives her a knowing look.

Later, Adama and Roslin talk. He says he forgives her for breaking her word to him. She says she did not ask for his forgiveness - but he forgives her anyway. She tells him about the survivors on Caprica - maybe his impulse on the day of the attacks, to stay and fight, was right. He says they cannot second-guess their decision. It was the right one to make. He tells her that if they'd stayed, he would surely be dead, and so would Apollo. His life is a gift, from her, because she convinced him to leave. Helo tells Boomer he is surprised by Adama's reaction. Boomer tells him how the other Boomer was killed. She says she has to protect herself, but she does not go into details. She tells him to trust her. Tyrol goes to meet Boomer, who says that though they have not met, she remembers him. She embraces him, but he is cold, confused.

Meier and Zarek discuss the latest turn of events. Zarek says that there is nothing to be done, but Meier thinks that once they have the map to Earth, there is no need for any of the others to even return to the Fleet. Zarek says no, it is over - for now.

As they near the Tomb, Meier approaches Boomer and asks if she's thought about what he said. She says she will take the father if he takes the son. She calls the group to the tomb, which appears to just be a hole in a mountainside. As they all gather, Boomer draws a gun on Adama and Meier raises his weapon to Apollo. Boomer turns, though, and shoots Meier. Zarek goes to him and Meier dies in his arms. Boomer tells Adama that she is not the other Boomer, she makes her own decisions. She hands him her gun. When they ask where Boomer got the gun, she says Meier gave it to her.

Starbuck brings the Arrow to the Tomb door, trying to find a place to use it. They decide to force the door to the Tomb open - inside are several graves and shrines, each with the icons of different colonies. Fish for Picon, a ram for Aerilon, an archer for Saggitaron. The archer's bow has no arrow. Starbuck puts the Arrow in the bow and suddenly Apollo, Starbuck, Billy, Adama, and Roslin find themselves in the middle of a glen, with twelve monoliths surrounding them.

On each is a representation of a constellation, and in the sky above it, the constellation itself. Roslin recognizes the patterns as those on the original flags of the colonies, and she calls them by their ancient names: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Virgo... This is the map to Earth. Starbuck realizes that this is how the tribe that went to Earth saw the other 12 colonies. They are on Earth, and when they get there, this is how the sky will look. Starbuck wonders how this will help them find Earth. Apollo notices a familiar nebula in Scorpio - the Lagoon Nebula. This gives them a direction to head.

Later, on Galactica, Adama addresses the crew and the fleet. He announces that Roslin has been restored to her position as President. As she takes the podium, she gets tepid applause. Adama begins to clap loudly, however, cuing the crew to respond in kind.

Helo goes to see Boomer in the holding cell, and she assures him that she's OK. Baltar watches from an observation room, and hears Helo tell her that he does not want their baby born in the cell. Number Six comes to him and reminds him that she said their child would be born in that cell. Boomer is going to bear Baltar and Number Six's child, an honor, she says, which Boomer is hardly deserving - but it is God's will. He asks that if she is not a chip in his brain, and he's not imagining her, what is she exactly? An angel of God, she says, to guide him to the end of the human race.

Final Cut

Reporter D'Anna Biers reports on the Gideon Massacre, showing video footage of the Marines firing on the civilian crowd. She is "invited" to Colonial One, where she meets Roslin and Adama. Adama demands to know where the tape came from. Biers complains that she has not been able to speak with any of the Marines to get their side - Roslin grants her permission to take a film crew aboard the Galactica, and top be given "unlimited access." Biers says that she won't do a propaganda piece, and Roslin says she does not want one - she wants to put a face on the people who guard the Fleet from the Cylons every day. Biers and her cameraman, Bell, are taken to Galactica.

In CIC, Ellen calls Tigh - something is wrong in their quarters. He rushes down and finds a verse written on the mirror: "From the darkness you must fall." Later, in the locker room, Apollo and Starbuck discuss the graffiti - she knows the poem the verse if from, by Caprican poet Kataris, and wonders why she was not called in for questioning.

Dualla takes Biers and Bell on a tour, and they find themselves near the pilots' quarters, where pilots in various states of undress and relaxation are found. Apollo unceremoniously kicks them out. Later, as she interviews Dualla, Baltar sees Biers and wonders why he, as Vice President, is not being interviewed. Number Six encourages him to push himself, as it will serve their purpose. When Biers does ask, Baltar plays coy and puts off an interview.

Later Biers talks to Apollo on camera, and she asks if he thinks his pilots should be treated specially - and he says they should be, considering that they put their lives on the line for the Fleet.

In the maintenance bay, Tyrol is inspecting Kat's Viper and finds a loose hydraulic fitting, delaying Kat's launch and raising her ire. The two argue in front of Biers's camera, and Starbuck steps in to break it up. She tells Apollo she wants to pull Kat off the rotation, but he says they can't afford to lose a pilot. Biers interviews one of the Marines from the Gideon, and he is vocal in blaming Tigh for the killings, and lets loose that Tigh's life has been threatened.

In CIC, Tigh and Adama talk in front of Biers, and Adama tells Tigh that he wants him to be Galactica's representative at a session on Cloud 9. Adama says it will be a good chance for Tigh to show that he is not afraid, and a chance for him to get some R&R. As Tigh prepares to leave for Cloud 9, his Raptor has a problem that causes a fire - Tyrol says that a main bus was hacked with a hammer, and if it had blown in space, the cabin would have vented into space.

Helo goes to see Boomer and finds her sweating in bed, incoherent. He watches as she reaches into the blankets and raises her blood-soaked hand. Helo summons Dr. Cottle.

Ellen worries that Tigh is being set up as the fall-guy for the Gideon incident, and she encourages him to talk to Biers about it. Later, he does just that, though Biers first offers him a drink to "make it painless." She quickly brings up his acts during the week of Adama's recovery. He realizes what she's done and quickly ends the interview. Biers shows the tape to Adama and he apologizes for Tigh's behavior. She says that a lot of people have been apologizing for him over the years. Four people are dead, how can Tigh and the Marines take a walk? Adama says no one takes a walk - they all have to live with it.

Kat is having trouble landing her Viper, having been waved off three times. Starbuck tries to talk her in, but she lands hard and misses the landing trap - her Viper skids and careens in the landing bay. When they take her out of the cockpit, Kat is delirious and ranting. Starbuck finds stims on her and they rush her to sick bay. As Biers follows Kat to the sick bay, she sees Cottle trying to help Boomer, but the camera is not allowed to see Boomer. Adama comes to see Biers, who is being held in sick bay. He wants her tape of Boomer, and Biers questions what she is doing there and why a Cylon would be harbored on the Galactica. He tells her that telling Fleet about Boomer could be devastating to the morale of the Fleet. Telling them, or not, is in her hands. He takes the tape, but Biers gave him the wrong one; she kept the tape of Boomer in her bra.

Biers interviews Baltar, and Number Six encourages him to tell her why he deserves to lead the Fleet, but before he can, alarms begin blaring and Biers and Bell rush off to film. Two Cylon raiders have been detected and the Vipers scramble. The raiders are on a collision course with Galactica and the CAP is out of range. Adama launches the alert fighters and they dispatch the raiders quickly, with no casualties, giving Bell and Biers lots of good footage.

After the engagement, Tigh heads back to his quarters and finds Ellen bound and gagged on the floor. As he goes to her, he is hit over the head and knocked out. Biers and Bell review footage and see a book of Kataris's poetry on Paladino's bunk - Paladino had been in command of the Marines on the Gideon. Paladino stands over Tigh and says that he cannot sleep any more, he sees too many faces. He raises his gun to Tigh, who dares him to pull the trigger.

Later, Roslin, Tigh, and Adama watch Biers's final story, which focusses on Kat, who says she used the stims to try to keep up, but in the end, she let everyone down - and now she feels ashamed. Tigh doesn't like the story, saying it makes them all look bad, but Adama likes it. She did what they asked her to, put a human face on the guardians of the Fleet. Adama approves the broadcast.

Among the viewers are Cylons on Caprica. They see the footage that was cut, of Boomer having her baby. Number Six, Boomer, and Doral are visibly happy. Biers says that two raiders were destroyed getting the footage out of the Fleet.

Flight of the Phoenix

Tyrol inspects Viper 289 - as he does, he recalls tender moments with Boomer. He is dismayed to find 289 beyond repair. He marks her good only for scrap. Helo tries to introduce himself to some Viper pilots playing cards with Starbuck, but they all give him the cold shoulder. Starbuck defends him, and gets into a shoving match with Racetrack. Cally has a "welcome back" party. Tyrol grabs a jar of moonshine and heads for the maintenance bay. He finds Helo sitting in Boomer's old Raptor. He tells Helo that they had planned to run off together after they got out of the service. A shoving match ensues, followed by an all-out fight.

In CIC, things start to go wrong: Dee's headset begin emitting a high-pitched screech, then her panels explode on her. Gaeta says that the Galactica is transmitting an automatic signal, which, Tigh points out, the Cylons can trace. Gaeta blames the Cylon virus that nearly got into the system weeks ago. Tigh orders him to examine the systems' source code, line by line, to find the problem. Adama and Tigh agree, the crew is on edge.

Apollo comes to Tyrol looking for 289, which he needs for some practice runs. Tyrol tells him the ship is grounded, permanently. Apollo is disappointed, but tells Tyrol that no one is expecting miracles. Later, in his bunk, Tyrol resolves - why not? He calls his crew to the maintenance bay and tells them they are going to design and build a new fighter. The crew is not enthused and he tells them to go away - he'll do it himself.

Doc Cottle shows Roslin some test results that visibly shake her. She asks how long she has - a few weeks, a month at most. She asks if she can work and he says yes, as long as it does not spread to her brain.

Apollo, Hot Dog, and Starbuck are in the firing range. Apollo is criticizing Tyrol's "hobby project" as they shoot, but soon they all start acting odd - Hot Dog collapses and Starbuck giggles uncontrollably. Apollo realizes the oxygen in the range is near nothing. Starbuck and Apollo have to shoot out a window to a corridor to get air back in. Later, Gaeta explains that the computer decided to vent the air from the range - the problems in the computers are getting worse. Baltar speculates that a Cylon logic bomb is causing the problems - it is learning the computer system, and waiting to be activated.

Tyrol has trouble getting a wing into place on his ship by himself, and finally gets help from some of his crew. Slowly, everyone is seeing what Tyrol is doing and taking an interest. Even Adama. Tigh says that he should stop Tyrol from going any further - it is a waste of time. Apollo and Dee spar in the training room, and nearly have an intimate moment, until Billy comes to the door and Dee runs over to him.

Apollo comes to see the fighter, and complains that the cockpit is too far back, but Starbuck says that the ship is built for speed, not maneuverability. Tigh comes down to find the Chief and finds him filling bottles full of moonshine. Tyrol explains that he trades the booze for parts. Tigh takes a jar and tells him that the XO of the Baal Pakal has a few obsolete engines in his hold that need to be moved, he'll arrange it.

Helo takes the virus code to Boomer and shows it to her. She is overwhelmed by what she sees and tells him she has to see Adama, now. He goes to see her and then consults with Roslin about his next step. He worries he is being manipulated by Boomer. She says she doesn't know, but there may be common ground between humans and Cylons - this may be that point. Boomer wants him to wipe the hard drives and do a cold restart, reloading the software from the pre-war backup.

Adama allows Boomer into CIC, and then allows her to be unmanacled. She has Gaeta give her a fiber optic cable. She cuts her hand open and inserts the cable into her arm. She tells them to wait for a short window where the hard drive wipe will be effective. The Cylons jump into dradis range and she has the wipe the drives. As Vipers approach the Cylons, they see them assemble into an odd, massive formation.

The Cylons break formation and begin their attack while the Galactica's systems are still down. Adama gets fed up with her and aims a weapon at her head. Tigh urges him to shoot. Boomer suddenly collapses and when she does, the Cylon raiders and transports start to careen out of control. Adama realizes that Boomer sent a counter-virus back to the Cylon fleet. Tigh orders the Vipers to fire at will. As they destroy the fleet, Adama orders Boomer back to her cell.

The new ship is nearly done, and is missing only a skin. All metal plating is reserved for the Vipers, so Helo suggest carbon composite. After the ship is covered, Starbuck takes the Blackbird in a tube for a test launch. Apollo flies along side her as she gets used to the controls. Suddenly, Starbuck guns the engines and disappears. Apollo is afraid she's been lost, but she slowly appears at his front, black as space, flying her "stealth" ship.

Later, in the maintenance bay, Adama and Roslin come to congratulate Tyrol on his Blackbird. She tells him it is more than just a ship - it is an act of faith. Tyrol pulls a flag off the nose, where the name "Laura" has been inscribed. Roslin, obviously choked up, thanks him, and then christens the ship.

Later, Roslin notes to Adama that none of this would have happened if he had not trusted Boomer. He says that they met on common ground: they both wanted to live.


The Galactica detects a large object at the edge of dradis range. Roslin and Adama, meeting in his quarters, go to the CIC to see what it is. The object is large and launches fighters - Gaeta detects Colonial signals, making Adama wary. He holds weapons and the emergency jump. He transmits a challenge and gets a response - the Battlestar Pegasus. Adama recognizes the voice of Admiral Helena Cain.

The Admiral comes aboard with a group of her staff, and is greeted by all of the Galactica crew. He introduces her to President Roslin. Cain welcomes the crew back to the Colonial Fleet. Later, Roslin, Adama, and Cain have a drink in his quarters. Cain says that they have been following Cylons baseships, and figured out their pattern of searching near systems with lots of resources. They did the same, and happened upon the fleet. The Pegasus was docking at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyard for an overhaul when the attacks began. She ordered a blind jump away from the shipyard. Roslin is a little shocked when she sees Adama defer to Cain, until he reminds her that Cain is his superior. Cain tells Adama she has no plans to interfere with the internal workings of the Galactica.

Tigh talks with Fisk, the Pegasus XO, and learns a few things. He says that at one point, the Pegasus was doing a quick strike on what it thought was a Cylon communications relay - but it turned out to be a staging area with 15 squadrons of raiders. Cain ordered an attack, but her XO refused, so she shot him, and Fisk replaced him. When Tigh tells Adama about the conversation, he said he needs to keep it in context, and reminds him of when the Olympic Carrier was destroyed.

Later, the Viper pilots look over a Pegasus Viper. Starbuck mocks the fact that they marks kills on their hull. Later, the Pegasus CAG, Captain Taylor, tells Apollo they should track kills - it is Cain's policy, and now it is Apollo's policy. The Pegasus Deck Chief, Laird, likes the looks of the Blackbird. He was an engineer and actually designed the DDG-62 engines Tyrol used.

Adama tells Roslin that the Pegasus has been resupplying the Galactica; Roslin wonders when the same will happen for the civilian ships. Roslin complains that Cain won't return her calls. She asks Adama how he is doing - he says that he is used to taking orders.

Adama informs Cain that they have a Cylon prisoner on the ship, and she informs him that she has one, too. Cain speaks with Baltar, and tells him she'd like him to examine their prisoner. He agrees. Number Six wonders who it could be - stranger, familiar face, trusted friend? Lieutenant Thorne brings Baltar to the prisoner, and Number Six accompanies him. She becomes distraught when she sees the prisoner - it is her. She is battered and broken, passed out on the floor. He tells Number Six that if he is to help her, she needs to leave. Later, he tells Cain that the Cylon has been broken psychologically, not just physically, which is telling. He tells her the stick has been used - now it is time to use the carrot. Baltar brings her food and talks to her. He tells her that he fell in love with a girl on Caprica, a Cylon - who looks exactly like her. He promises to help her. She reaches for the food and sheds a silent tear.

Cain reviews Adama's logs and is impressed by what they've accomplished. She says that comparing the Galactica's movements and those of the Cylons, it is obvious they are following Galactica. The Cylon fleet is composed of two baseships and a huge ship of unknown purpose - perhaps a command and control ship, perhaps a raider factory. This ship is her goal, and Adama agrees. She then tells him she has crew reassignments. Apollo and Starbuck will come to the Pegasus; Adama seethes silently, and takes the orders.

Apollo and Starbuck protest, but Adama tells them to take their rank seriously and follow orders. On the Pegasus, they listen to Taylor's briefing of a recon mission to photograph the large Cylon ship. Starbuck is openly critical of the plan and is scrubbed from the mission. Taylor assigns Apollo to fly a Raptor with him. Apollo gives her some photo equipment and tells her to take the Blackbird on her own.

On Galactica, Laird tells Tyrol that Starbuck took the Blackbird out. Some of the Pegasus crew are having a nip at the still's product and start talking about Boomer. They say that on the Pegasus, everyone had their turn with their Cylon prisoner. Helo is also listening and nearly gets into a fistfight, but they realize that Boomer must be getting a visit from Thorne. They rush down to find him with two armed guards - they have knocked Boomer around and Thorne was getting ready to rape her. Tyrol pulls Thorne off her and bashes his head into a bulkhead. Helo attacks one of the guards, but the other draws his weapon on them and gets them down. Thorne is dead. They are transported to the Pegasus.

Adama tells Cain that they should be tried on Galactica, but she overrules him and insists on conducting the courts martial. Adama is informed that Tyrol and Helo were tried and sentenced to death for murder and treason. This is the last straw for Adama - he orders a Marine strike team into a Raptor and a squad of Vipers to be ready. When Cain refuses to given him back Tyrol and Cain, he orders the launch and demands that Cain hand over the men to the Marines. Cain launches her ready fighters, saying Adama has left her with no choice.

Resurrection Ship (part 1)

Resurrection Ship (part 2)


As she is rushed to she Doc Cottle, in a stupor, Roslin recalls the days before the Cylon attack, as she was just informed that her breast cancer would likely be fatal. She recalls meeting with a member of the Educational Alliance on Caprica to help resolve a strike. In the public square, she sees Baltar meeting with a woman - Six. She suddenly realizes the role Baltar played in the attack. Adama comes to see her, and Cottle tells him she's dying, and she knows it. In her memory, Roslin recalls an argument with President Adar about the striking teachers - he is ready to send in troops, but she urges him to talk. She tells Adar that the Alliance is ready to talk, but he is not ready to talk - he wanted to provoke a conflict. He asks her for her resignation. She tells him to wait for her return from the Galactica museum dedication.

She calls a meeting with Cottle, Adama, and Baltar. Cottle has learned that the Cylon fetus Boomer is carrying has some startling genetic abnormalities. She tells them that for the safety of the fleet, the Cylon baby must be aborted. Later, Baltar tells Adama that he needs to have the baby to continue his studies. Adama tells him to pull it together and leaves him. Startling him, Six appears to Baltar - he has not seen her in weeks. She tells him she is concerned about the baby. She tells him he has a bargaining chip - his nuclear warhead.

Billy takes Baltar aboard Colonial One and shows him around the Presidential offices. He gives him a letter Roslin left for him - tradition is that the letter is read in the first days in office, but because of circumstances, Billy gives it to him early. Baltar goes to Cloud Nine to visit Gina, who is now working with the resistance. He tells her he cannot stop thinking about her - he kisses her but she says she is not ready. She wants him to turn against Adama once he is President.

Adama tells Helo what the President has decided. Stricken, Helo says he wants to tell Boomer himself. When he does, she is distraught and angry. She challenges them to try to take her baby and has to be restrained. Later, she is sedated and brought to medical for the abortion. Baltar stops them and tells Adama he thinks the fetal blood may be of some use: since it has no blood type, it is highly resistant to disease. The fetal blood may cure Roslin. They take a sample and inject it into Roslin. 48 hours later, she is recovering, in remission.

On a routine patrol, Cat fires her Viper's weapons to clear the tubes, and has an explosion that nearly takes her and Starbuck out. Back on Galactica, Cally finds that several of Cat's rounds are hollow and brittle - sabotage. Apollo, to Tigh's chagrin, orders all Vipers on both the Galactica and Pegasus to stand down while ammo is checked. They track the sabotaged rounds to an armory and arrest the person responsible, Asha Janik. As she is lead away, she yells that the true enemy is not the Cylons but the military.

They find pamphlets in her quarters which read, "Demand Peace." Adama agrees to meet with the leader of the movement, Royan Yahee. Yahee attacks Adama's methods of attack and retreat. In response, Adama has him arrested. Apollo and Starbuck look through Janik's things and find reference to the Daru Mozu, a refinery ship. Apollo takes a tactical team to the Mozu, but as they approach, it explodes. Adama interrogates Yahee, who says the attacks will continue - Adama takes him by the throat and vows that it will end.

Baltar opens the letter Roslin wrote him. In it, she tells him that he is a great mind untempered by compassion. The letter enrages him. After her recovery, Roslin goes to see Yahee. She tells him she will listen to them, but if they betray her trust, she will hunt them down. Yahee leaves Galactica and goes to see Gina. He brings a package Baltar left with him: the nuclear device.

Black Market



The Captain's Hand


Lay Down Your Burdens (part 1)

Lay Down Your Burdens (part 2)

On Caprica, the humans are under heavy attack. They fall back to an old bunker of sorts and hunker down. After they reach it, the attack abates. Boomer says that they are likely calling for non-lethal weapons so they can have prisoners to interrogate and fodder for the farm. Starbuck and Anders agree to kill each other rather than end up in the farm. There is no further attack, though, and after overnighting in the bunker, they scout the scene. They find it abandoned. The group is wary, but Brother Cavil praises the gods for their good fortune.

Cottle sends Callie back to work, her jaw wired shut. Tyrol comes to see her and apologizes. She tells him she forgives him - and reveals that she loves him.

Roslin laments the rise of Baltar's polling numbers, calling his issue of "the planet" bad policy and designed to play on the fleet's fears. Tori tells Roslin that she has a back-up plan for victory, but a meeting with Brother Cavil stops the conversation short.

Roslin calls Baltar to a secret meeting aboard Galactica. She proposes taking the issue of "New Caprica" off the table, and resolving it after the election. Baltar refuses, and says that he now sees just how desperate her campaign is. She reveals her trump card: she asks him about his meeting with Number 6 on Caprica. The question stuns him and prompts her to appear: "She knows," Six warns. But he doesn't take the bait, and warns her off.

Tigh and Ellen argue about moving to New Caprica. She wants to move down, but he's adamant he needs to stay. Their argument is interrupted by news - Starbuck has returned. In the maintenance bay, Tigh and Adama meet her and some of the resistance. Adama recognizes Anders and welcomes him. Starbuck tells Adama the the Cylons abandoned Caprica - the occupation is over. Cavil appears from a Raptor, and Tyrol sees him. Quickly putting two and two together, he pins him and accuses him of being a Cylon. Cavil does not deny it and says he has a message. Adama has Cavil thrown in the brig - and Boomer, too.

Starbuck and Anders drink themselves silly in the crew quarters. Apollo arrives to see Starbuck and sees them kissing. Starbuck behaves badly, mocking Apollo's relationship with Dualla before throwing herself on Anders. Apollo quietly leaves them, clearly hurt.

Helo speaks to Boomer in the brig. She does not deny that she knew about Cavil. She is despondent over the baby - she says she even hoped Cavil's mission was to destroy Galactica. Roslin meets with the new Cavil and has the old one brought to the brig, too. They tell her, Adama, and Tigh that the occupation was an error, as was the pursuit of the Fleet, errors pointed out by the War Heroes (a 6 and an 8). Humanity has been given a reprieve - Cylon and man will go their separate ways.

Later, on Election Day, returns come to the Galactica for tabulation. When the race appears to be clearly headed Baltar's way, Roslin signals Tori, who places a call to Tigh. Tigh and Dualla intercept a box of ballots from the Zephyr and redirect them. When the ballots are counted, the Zephyr's votes are overwhelmingly for Roslin, swinging the vote to Roslin. She wins by just 1000 votes. Zarek tells Baltar that the election had to be fixed, but Baltar says that this is a step Roslin would not have taken. He concedes. Later, though, Gaeta reviews some of the Zephyr ballots and realizes they are fake. He tells Tigh, who tells Gaeta he will take care of it. Unbelieving, Gaeta informs Adama of his suspicions of Tigh's involvement in a conspiracy to rig the election.

Adama later tells Roslin that Tigh admitted to the conspiracy. Though Adama agrees with Tigh's fears about Baltar, he told him his actions were illegal. Roslin tells Adama that she authorized Tori to do something, though she knew not exactly what she had planned. Baltar cannot be President - he is working with the Cylons. She tells Adama about his rendezvous with the Six model, but she has no proof. He says there is no choice. The election result needs to be repaired. He tells her that if she steals the election, she'll die inside, even though it is the wrong choice. He later informs Baltar that there was a mistake, and that he was elected. He immediately orders the Fleet to New Caprica.

Baltar goes to visit Gina. He tells her he won't be able to see her much any more. She tells him she is not going to New Caprica. He begs her to go, but she refuses. Before he leaves, she invites him to stay, and they have sex. After, Baltar is sworn in. Gina opens the nuclear warhead he gave her, and sets it off, destroying Cloud Nine and several other ships. Adama tells Baltar that the warhead must have come from his lab. Adama fears this is the first step in a new Cylon attack. Baltar refuses - the colonization plan must move forward.

A year later, Baltar is planetside, aboard Colonial One. The fleet still orbits the planet, but it is manned only by skeleton crews. The rest of the people are also planetside. Gaeta is Baltar's aide, and tells him that the union is awaiting his answer. He wonders why the people complain so much when they have been free of Cylon attack for so long.

On Galactica, Adama meets with Tigh and tells him it is time for him to go - Ellen is waiting for him on the surface. Adama says that they've orbited New Caprica longer than it took them to reach it. He doesn't think the Cylons are coming back.

Planetside, Starbuck pulls a sick Anders out of a pyramid game and drags him back to their home. Cottle tells Starbuck that Anders needs antibiotics, but he has none. He suggests she contact Galactica for a favor. She sees Ellen and Tigh enter a tent to watch a union meeting, where the union leader, Tyrol, and his pregnant wife Callie are speaking against Baltar, calling for a strike. Starbuck asks Tigh if he has access to medicine. He suggest she call Apollo. Roslin is teaching classes with Maya, who is tending to her baby. Starbuck calls Apollo to ask for the medicine, but their conversation is interrupted by a hit on dradis - a large Cylon fleet appears. Apollo recommends the fleet jump away, and Adama reluctantly agrees. Gaeta tells Baltar that the Cylons have arrived and the fleet has left. Over New Caprica, Cylon raiders and carriers fill the sky.

Six appears to him and utters, "Judgement Day." The humans watch as centurions fill the streets. A Leoban model asks a bedridden Anders where Starbuck is. A Doral model and the War Heroes walk into Colonial One and confront Baltar. Six is visibly shaken to see Baltar alive. Boomer tells them that as long as they offer no resistance, they won't be harmed. They tell him they detected the radiation from a nuclear detonation. Seeing no choice, Baltar surrenders.

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